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Beautiful Ways to Incorporate the Trending Color Yellow In Your Wardrobe

I’ve had so much fun with these trending color posts. If you haven’t seen them, check out my previous posts on cobalt blue, red-orange, magenta, and sage green. Today, we’re going bright! I’m showing you beautiful ways to incorporate the trending color yellow in your wardrobe.

I recently did a post about pullover sweaters, and I styled a navy sweater that was part of a 2-pack with this mustard yellow sweater. The sweaters run small, I bought them in large first, but I had to send them back for an XL.

Here is a simple way to style the mustard yellow sweater for fall. My favorite denim jacket is this one by Wrangler. I love it so much that I bought this olive version, and this is the first time I’ve worn it this year.

LOVE this sweater from Talbots. The ruffles at the cuffs and neckline are a nice detail as is the gold buttons on the yoke. I’m a huge fan of the color, even though it’s called Golden Maize. Who wants to be called corn, lol? I think I’ll call it Golden Sunset. It’s pretty no matter what it’s called, but if you want something different it comes in a gorgeous deep moss, rose, and plum.

This is so cozy! Love the oversized cuffs and the ribbed hem. I’d pair it with my favorite pair of jeans and wear it to the ball game or out with friends. Or even better, some yoga pants and curl up on the couch with a great book. It comes in a ton of other colors, and the reviews give it 4.4 stars. It’s a great, casual fall look for just $35 dollars.

Look at how gorgeous this coatigan is! If you are wondering what a coatigan is…it is a coat and a cardigan combined. I love the bright pop of color and the cozy style. I think it looks great with these wide-leg jeans, which aren’t overly wide and oversized.

You know I love Chico’s! This shirt is a classic and would look great dressed down with jeans and a nice brown leather jacket. Of course, it looks great paired with black pants like what’s shown on the model if you want a more polished look. It comes in other gorgeous colors, and obviously, I’m not the only one who likes it as it has a 4.9-star rating.

Fall isn’t just for sweaters. This dress is beautiful and would be perfect to wear to autumn events. The split neckline is very flattering, and I love the smocked waistline. If it’s too bright for you, good news. It’s also available in black. The dress does not have a zipper, however, so if you have shoulder issues getting it on and off could be an issue.

Pleated skirts are IN, and I haven’t seen one prettier than this! It’s also comfortable with an elastic waistband and practical – you can throw it in the washing machine to wash. With a rating of 4.3 stars and an affordable $36 dollars, it’s a great buy.

This show is trending on two levels, both in color and style. Ballet flats are having a MOMENT, and I’m loving it. These suede slippers with a top bow are a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. They are only $32 dollars, and of course, they come in several other colors.

I’m obsessed with the sneakers by Cariuma. I blogged about how these are a favorite brand of Helen Mirren months ago. I still wear my green pair all of the time, and they are very comfortable. They have over 9000 reviews and a rating of 5 stars, so you know they’re doing something right.

If you don’t want to make a huge investment in a trending color, a scarf is a great option. There are a lot of yellow scarfs available, but I just really loved this navy/yellow version. A large scarf can be worn so many different ways. This beauty is only $16 dollars!

This is such a pretty bracelet and a great way to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe. Even my sister, who wears black daily, could rock this trend with this. It looks lovely alone, but it would really be nice as part of a stack.

What do you think, Gurls? What’s been your favorite trending color so far? Let me know in the comments how you’re incorporating them into your wardrobe!

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  1. Heather Boyet says:

    I absolutely love your wardrobe selections! This is the one influencer page where I can easily click on what I want to buy. Love your style Tania! At 57, I can truly say 50 is not old!

    1. 57 is definitely not old!!! I’m 63 now, and I still feel like I’m 35.

  2. sue A koren says:

    The dress from Talbots is so pretty.

  3. Sue McKamely says:

    Love the addition of yellow in some form to my wardrobe. The coatigan is very pretty as are the ballet flats with bow and the navy/yellow scarf. Thank you for keeping us current on the latest trends. You look gorgeous in all of the outfits!

    1. Sue, we don’t have to dress in head to toe trends, but adding a few keeps us looking modern looking.

  4. I had my colors done years ago and was told that I am a spring. The color yellow that I can wear is gold. I do love yellow in most any shade and have been trying to get a pair of yellow espadrilles but the ones I wanted were sold out in my size. So I will wait until next year. Love that navy and yellow scarf; it is so pretty. Thanks for all you do Tania.

  5. You look great!! Love that color on you!

  6. I like mustard yellow and find maize is a much nicer decrypting, lol! The Chico’s top is lovely!

  7. My favorite color so far is red orange. I also like mustard in the fall. The bracelet is really nice.

    1. Both colors look great in the fall of the year.

  8. I use to have a bright yellow blazer that my late husband always said made me look like Big Bird!! He’s been gone two years today. Wish I could hear him call me that again.😥

    1. Ahhh. It is great that you have that memory, and now you need to find that coat and wear it again.

  9. I absolutely LOVE the coatigan and this yellow is definitely my favourite! You’ve influenced me to purchase it along with the white shirt as you wore them. Thank you for sharing these amazing finds, Tania!
    BTW, a CA follower! I’m thrilled to be able to have a chance at your draw now 😀

    1. Deborah, I’m crossing my fingers that the fix actually works! If not, I’ll be disappointed, and someone in Canada will be too.

  10. I’ve found mustard yellow to be surprisingly neutral. It goes well with greens, browns, and navy. I love that pleated skirt!

  11. I like yellow and navy the best, but black looks great too.

  12. Juanita Sacco says:

    Great ideas! Thanks Tania😊

  13. Laura Crenshaw says:

    Love all the yellow! Yellow is a great fall color!

  14. Love how these styles look on others. My coloring does not go well with this shade of yellow. It has to be much cooler. An icy yellow works but is hard to find in the fall. Thank you for your posts!

  15. Thanks for the idea, to add yellow with jewels or even shoes. Its a happy color

  16. Roeli Lutz says:

    I have never like yellow on a blonde, it makes their face look yellow too.
    Yellow skirt would be perfect. Not around the face.

    Also, not on the black ladies neither. Not to offend anyone.

    I am new here, love your suggestions.

    God Bless!

    Roeli (Canadian)

  17. Ginger Hiller says:

    Thus far, my two favorite colors are the magenta (bright pink) and the royal blue because those are two good colors for me. While they are pretty, I won’t be adding the green or yellow to my wardrobe since they just aren’t good colors for me. Instead of having lots of different colors in my wardrobe, I am focusing on the colors that suit me best, which makes mixing & matching much easier.

    1. Yes, every color won’t work for everyone. It’s great to go with what suits you best! 😊

  18. Love the color yellow, especially the darker fall color of yellow. Thanks for sharing. You are so good at putting outfits together.

  19. My favorite is that coatigan and the bow knot flats. And, of course, the Chico’s shirts are a basic go-to for me. All the choices are beautiful on you. Thanks, and happy Monday!

  20. Ordering those yellow flats!

  21. Love the shoes and scarf! I have to incorporate yellow into my wardrobe in small batches!

  22. I’m 80 today and truly blessed by God❣️ I’m still of sound mind (at least I think so), still gardening and “living the dream!”

  23. Definitely cannot wear gold or yellow! My favorite color for the season is the sage green.

  24. Roberta S says:

    Some pretty fall clothes in nice fall colors.

  25. Love love all the Yellow!!

  26. Sherli Morgan says:

    Cute options!!

  27. Hello from Canada. I can say that most yellows don’t look great on my fair coloring, but I can pull off the darker mustard yellows and I do own a couple pieces. I wear lots of black and the yellow accents would add a pop of color.

    1. That sounds awesome. Accessories are a great way to add some color! 😊

  28. So many cute things! I LOVE the cardigan and the flats!!! Happy Monday ❤️

  29. I love yellow, but it doesn’t love me unless it is a deeper shade and further away from my face. The coatigan would be perfect! Also love the yellow shoes and sneakers!!

  30. Tania, love your style! I also love the coatigan but afraid it will be too long in the length and sleeves. I am 5’4″ and it does not come in petite. How much would I have to roll up the sleeve? I don’t mind a couple of inches. Do you think this would work for a shorter person?

    1. Hmmm, Judy. I honestly don’t know about the sleeves. I didn’t roll them up any, but I do have fairly long arms. I’m 5’6″, so not much taller than you.

  31. Hello from sunny California! Love yellow 💛 thanks for the post!

  32. I’ve been wearing a yellow (ginger) colored tunic this summer. First time I’ve purchased yellow clothing.

  33. Tania,
    You have the most beautiful skin and those eyelashes- oh my!!
    Even though yellow does not work well with my coloring, I always think of sunshine and
    happiness when I see it.
    Thanks for being so loyal to your readers, always with helpful information.

  34. I love the yellow too, but I have to find the correct shade in order to make it work. It is difficult to be sad when you are wearing such a happy shade!

  35. Louise Logan says:

    The yellow bow flats are inspired. Also, love the leopard ones just like them. Great blog! I’ve always loved yellow shoes. They go with everything and really pop!

  36. I look kind of sickly in yellow tops. When it becomes a trend, I try to do things away from my face. The coatigan is tempting (in any color!).

    1. That is a great strategy, Sheli. You can always use accessories!

  37. Love the color yellow 💛 but it is not the most flattering color on me.

  38. The golden sunset sweater is very pretty! Like your ideas for incorporating yellow into a wardrobe- thanks!

  39. Yellow really look good on you!! Will have to try on a yellow sweater.
    I am a CA follower. Love all your fashion ideas. I always look forward to your daily finds. Thank you!!

  40. Nancy Worthy says:

    Love the long sweaters.

  41. Cathy Anderson says:

    The buttery yellow is one of my favorites!!

  42. Barb🇨🇦 says:

    Fun that we 🇨🇦 can have a chance to win! Also appreciate when feature Talbots, old navy, gap, banana and the factories as there is a chance we can get in Canada. Amazon sometimes too!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you are here.

  43. Love these falls colors!

  44. Marilyn Norman says:

    I love this color. And the puffy sweater is probably my favorite. Hi from Canada !

  45. Ann Seely says:

    These are great – put yellow looks ghastly on me 🙁

  46. I’m really drawn to this golden color this season, it’s so warm and comforting!

  47. Cobalt blue has always been one of my favorites, and I’d love to see you style that scarf in different ways!

  48. Yellow is a favorite color of mine. Thanks for sharing all of these fun options!

  49. My favorite color is yellow, love it all

  50. I have only recently found your blog and signed up for emails each day. I so appreciate how you show different looks and different price point options! My favourite thing though, is the bible verse you include each day. Thank you for what you do! Also, thrilled us Canadian gurls can now get in on the draw!!

    1. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog post, but I especially love that you appreciate the Bible verse. Have a blessed week!

  51. Jan Walther says:

    Loving the bright pop to add to fall wardrobe.

  52. I don’t have yellow in my closet and these are such beautiful options. Thanks

  53. My name is Lisa from Ontario Canada. Yellow is not a colour I wear very often but I really do like the oversized cuff sweater you showed. Perfect for fall but trying to keep a bit of the summer sunny feel!

  54. Tia sterkel says:

    Yellow does not look good on me but I can see me definitely picking up some accessories in yellow.

  55. I love the yellow and blue scarf and the dressy yellow flats.
    I can see wearing them many different ways.
    Thanks for keeping us looking stylish.
    Newmarket, Canada 🍁

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post! Thanks for commenting.❤️❤️

  56. Thanks for posting about my fave color! While I don’t feel it always looks best on me, I do have yellow skirts, shoes, bags. jewelry, and a couple of cardi/kimonos. This post makes me want to experiment with tops a little more! 💛

    1. Cindy, I’m glad to see that there are more yellow lovers out there! A lot of women shy away from yellow, which is a shame since it is such a beautiful sunny color.

  57. Bright and cheery !!

    1. I’ve been wearing yellow a lot this year, including a pair of espadrilles.

  58. The coatigan and scarf are stunning!

    1. I thought the scarf was gorgeous.