Colorful Sweatshirts For An Easy Spring Transition

I keep acting like spring has already sprung, but the outside temperatures keep laughing at me. My shopping carts are full of short sleeve tops, swimsuits, and shorts, but it is still really cold here in Virginia. So, today, I’m showing you how to use colorful sweatshirts for an easy spring transition.

I like bright colors, and these colorful sweatshirts are sure to put you in the mood for spring. If your weather isn’t cooperating, then grab several of these tops that will keep you warm and cozy. Adding color to my wardrobe is a surefire way to have an easy spring transition.

Pink Oversized Pullover Sweatshirt For An Easy Spring Transition

Pink is one of my favorite colors, so this Pink Loose fit Soft Oversized Pullover Sweatshirt will be on repeat when I’m lounging around the house. I love the chunky oversized look around the house, but when I venture out, I usually choose something more fitted. I recently styled this pink hoodie in a medium, so you can check that out to see which style you like the best.

Each of these sweatshirts are available in multiple colors. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect color for you if you can’t see yourself wearing pink. All these sweatshirts seem like great quality, but a couple of them are thicker weight while others are more lightweight. This one is one of the thicker ones, and it is extremely soft and comfy. I’m wearing a large, but you can size down it you want to tighter fit.

To make an easy spring transition outfit, I start with color. I don’t usually wear a lot of pastels, which are generally associated with spring. Instead, I pick more vibrant colors, but it doesn’t matter if you prefer soft or vibrant as long as they make you happy.

Easy Spring Transition with a Purple Quarter-Zip Pullover

This Purple Drawstring Loose Quarter Zip Pullover is more lightweight than the pink one above. It is still warm and cozy, but the pink one would be great for colder climates. I love the zip feature of this pullover, and the drawstrings add a casual vibe.

Here is how the sweatshirt looks when zipped. I actually like the funnel neck look, which is kind of surprising since I prefer a v-neck look over everything else.

I’m wearing a large, and you can see that it is nicely oversized without looking sloppy. I think it looks great with leggings and jeans, and I’ll wear it with shorts later also. I like something on my arms at night since I tend to get chilled quickly.

An Easy Spring Transition With A Green V Neck Hoodie

If this bright green hoodie doesn’t scream SPRING, I’m not sure what does. While writing this post, I found myself smiling at the photos. Honestly, colors make me so happy!

This sweatshirt pullover is thicker than the purple one but not as thick as the pink one. So, I’ll call this one a medium weight. This one is also the most oversized of all the sweatshirts, but once again, I like this look since it isn’t sloppy. You can tell the difference when an item is oversized for style versus just being too big.

Here you can see the dolman sleeves and dropped shoulders. The snap closure is a cute style design, and I love the side pockets. They are a little higher than pockets usually are, it took me a minute to locate them. Lol!

Here is the side view so you can see the hoodie and its length. I’m warning you, the next sweatshirt isn’t long enough to cover your bottom, but I wanted to show you how they all looked with the same leggings.

You Can Have An Easy Spring Transition Using White

The White Cropped Fleece Lined Collar 1/2 Zipper Sweatshirt is my favorite! It is such good quality; it and the pink one are about the same weight.

The style and design of this sweatshirt look similar to one by Lululemon but with a smaller price tag.

I love this sweatshirt, and although I probably won’t be wearing it with leggings, I’ll definitely get a lot of wear with it and jeans. If you don’t like the cropped look, just add a longer t-shirt underneath, and your problem is solved. I’m wearing a large, but this one isn’t as oversized as the others.

The leggings that I wore with all of the sweatshirts are the 28″ Lululemon Align™ Ribbed High-Rise Pant. I like the Align line in Lululemon since they aren’t compression leggings. Like most Lululemon items, they are great quality with an expensive price tag. This try-on haul post gives you some alternatives at a more affordable price point.

The Nike Air Max Dawn Sneakers are a pair that my DIL wears all the time and raves about. So, I ordered myself a pair because they look so good with black leggings, which is what I tend to wear the most. I was amazed at how cushy they were, and from day one, they felt great. I knew I would be doing a ton of walking in the airports on my recent trip, so I gambled and wore these going and coming back home. Woohoo! My feet were happy, and so was I. These run TTS, and I’m wearing my usual size 9.

That’s all for today. I hope these colorful sweatshirts will make an easy spring transition for you. I found a couple of others, and I’ll include them below. All you have to do is click on the photo to be taken to the item.

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  1. Love a good sweatshirt!

  2. Love the green sweatshirt! It’s adorable!

  3. Loved the purple on you! I’m very small so I just can’t with the oversized look…looks ridiculous on me so thanks for showing so many options, now I need to narrow it down and order a couple. Have a great week! Does Lucy Lu need a new sweatshirt😊

  4. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I just ordered the pink and purple one.

  5. Jayne Finkbohner says:

    Your post made me laugh about weather in Miami, because I had the same predicament in reverse, in Palm Dessert and had to buy several items because forecast ahead of time had it unseasonably cold, not!
    I love all the sweatshirts. Each one looks adorable on you, but the green one really caught my attention. So darn cute!

  6. Love a good, comfy sweatshirt! These are all great options! Thinking I might get the last one.

  7. Diana VanWinkle says:

    Thanks, Tania! Could you please do a post on the perfect t-shirts? I love to layer them under blazers for work, love long ones under a short sweater or over jeans. But I can’t spend $50 on a tshirt! Love your blog! I share it with lots of my friends and coworkers.

  8. Sheilah Brock says:

    I love these choices. nothing like leggings and cozy sweatshirt for at home days this time of year. I especially love the pink with the navy and the green with the navy. Great color combos.

  9. Debbie Leggett says:

    I live in sweatshirts in the fall to spring. Central Illinois weather in winter is just too chilly for me.
    Love a good sweatshirt!!!

  10. I have been looking for a pink sweatshirt in that exact same shade as the one you are wearing. That is going to be my next Amazon purchase.

  11. So many nice colors it’s hard to choose. I really am looking forward to spring and wearing brighter lighter clothes. Now back to your pictures and making a decision.

  12. Mary Ruth Harden says:

    pretty sweatshirts. I like the feel of an oversized sweatshirt but feel they look sloppy on me if I wore them out and about.
    You were wearing mostly medium sized clothes + –
    but now I see you are wearing more large. I usually based my size on yours. Are the larges the new mediums?

    1. Mary Ruth, I sized up to a large because I wanted the oversized fit. A medium would have fit me fine.

  13. Love the spring colors!

  14. Linda Dearman says:

    Great choices and colors. Thank you. Already put the oversized one in my Amazon cart!

  15. Tammy Roark says:

    Love the purple sweatshirt!

  16. Cheryll Sampson says:

    I wish there were more sweatshirts available without hoods or half zips, just plain old fashioned shirts with a crew neck and long enough to wear with leggings. I like the bright pink one in this post.

    1. Cheryll, I’m sure there are. I prefer ones with a v-neck, so those are what I gravitate toward.

  17. I love the sweatshirts! Pink is definitely your color.

  18. Deborah Titus says:

    Love the colors!

  19. Love the purple and white sweatshirts from Amazon! I might be ordering both, hard to choose. Love seeing Lucy Lu in the background!

  20. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    Love the spring colors! Sweatshirts and leggings are pretty much my standard wardrobe. I love the pops of color you chose.

  21. Glad to see some without hoods. Love those colors.

  22. Roberta S says:

    I love a big oversized sweatshirt.

  23. Recovering from a vacation takes another vacation LOL
    Love the leggings and the colors of the sweatshirts!

  24. Lynda Brown says:

    insert ‘now’ after right.Lol!

  25. Lynda Brown says:

    The pink is a beautiful color, but crew necks make me feel strangled🤣The purple is my favorite. The green made me laugh,(in a good way).The white is nice too. I’m off to purchase the purple right. Thanks for a great post, you and your little dog too😂.

  26. Connie R. says:

    Love these! I am with you in wanting spring things and colorful tops. In Savannah, Ga. this morning its 38, Thursday we had highs almost 80. Roller coaster trying to dress like Spring! These tops will work perfect. I really liked the pink one best. I know even though you were tired from trip you had a fun time. Girlfriend trips are the best!

  27. Lynda Brown says:

    Love the purple one. The green made me laugh(in a good way). The white is nice too. I’m off to purchase the purple right now! Great post. Thanks!😙

  28. Melissa Palmer says:

    I just have to tell you that I love when your little dog ends up in your pics. Always makes me smile. 🙂