50 IS NOT OLD | ALWAYS BE FLEXIBLE IN YOUR PLANS | FASHION OVER 40I knew that I was going to busy yesterday but I had no idea how hectic it was going to get. I made the mani/pedi appointment at 10:00 with ease. I didn’t have an issue when it came to getting to the hairdresser at 12:30 either. But, after that, everything else fell apart. It all started with an alert that came through on my phone while I was getting color on my hair. It was from American Airlines giving me a heads up that I might want to change my flight which was scheduled for this afternoon. Hurricane Florence is heading for the east coast rapidly and the rains and winds are starting to come on land ahead of the storm.
50 IS NOT OLD | ALWAYS BE FLEXIBLE IN YOUR PLANS | FASHION OVER 40 I called my Energize Bunny Friend and had her and her husband look to see what our options were since I was stuck in the hairdresser’s chair. We ended up changing our flight’s and are flying out at 7:00 this morning. I am probably already in the air before some of you even read this. The problem was that I wasn’t prepared to leave on Monday night but since I needed to be at the airport by around 5:30  in Charlotte which is over 4 hours away, we had no choice. So, I am writing this while EBF drives Miss Daisy down the road. 50 IS NOT OLD | ALWAYS BE FLEXIBLE IN YOUR PLANS | FASHION OVER 40Don’t you love all of the lace on this top? I especially love how the hemline is and the effect that it creates. It is hard to believe but this top can be hand washed which was a surprise to me. I know this top looks redder but it is a deep pink. They call this color Fuschia on the website. The lace does not go all the way around the back but I still think the top is super cute. I am wearing a size large which is my normal size. You can go here to see all of the different colors that this comes in. 50 IS NOT OLD | ALWAYS BE FLEXIBLE IN YOUR PLANS | FASHION OVER 40I love all of the Plunder that I have on but unfortunately, every piece that I have on is already retired. But, I spent all night last night looking over the new Fall line of jewelry that launched yesterday. I am already a fan! Go here to check everything out or if you would like a catalog just let me know. I only have 10-15 catalogs but I can mail you one next week when I get home. I am celebrating by offering a free piece of jewelry with every 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) made this entire month! Make sure that you pick a party with my name in it so that I can track the purchases. 50 IS NOT OLD | ALWAYS BE FLEXIBLE IN YOUR PLANS | FASHION OVER 40The distressed look and the frayed hem jeans are still in style. This pair is one that I bought at a local boutique a year ago but I will reach for them all the time. They look casual but still very much in style. Jeans like this show others that you care enough to keep up with the current trends and fashions.

50 IS NOT OLD | ALWAYS BE FLEXIBLE IN YOUR PLANS | FASHION OVER 40I can’t wait to come on Facebook live from the Big Easy. If you are not friends with me then send me a friend request so that you can catch all of the fun. I am super excited to find out what the new product is going to be from Rodan + Fields. They are going to be announcing it on Friday. What do you think the product will be? Take a guess and if anyone guesses correctly then I will gift you the new product. If more than one gets it correct, then I will do a drawing. Some of you might have not gotten your weekly newsletter on Saturday. One of the issues was that when you signed up the system was not asking if you wanted weekly or daily. I have gone in and marked everyone, who did not have an answer to the question, as weekly. Next week I am hopeful that it will work better. But, if you want to see Saturday’s edition, then go HERE. I would love for you to subscribe to this, all you have to do is click HERE!

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  1. DQuick wrote:

    Hope you have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Hoping the new product is something for our eyebrows!!

    Posted 9.13.18 Reply
  2. Julia Purtill wrote:

    Pretty lace too! I like non distressed jeans, but it’s a personal preference. Good job for speeding up the departure process, always a hassle! Safe travels!

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  3. cjpeterso wrote:

    “Jeans like this show others that you care enough to keep up with the current trends and fashions.” Really???? Tania, I have been a faithful reader of your blg since you started, but I find this comment offensive. Surely jeans like these are one of many choices that stylish people can make. If I wear non-distressed jeans, does that mean I don’t care about or keep up with current trends?

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  4. cjpeterso wrote:

    I love the lace top — so pretty. While you look great in those jeans, I personally won’t wear the distressed look. I can be stylish without those.

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  5. Dana Buckingham wrote:

    I love this top although I would like it to have short sleeves since I don’t wear sleeveless tops any more.

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  6. Theresa wrote:

    Hey Tania, could you please send me a catalog? I have looked at the one on line & seen some things I liked. However my biggest beef with the site is when you magnify an object to look at it. It then makes you wade back thru all the images you’ve already looked at to get to the net one. It makes me most frustrated as I have little patience when I first wake up. lol So a paper one would be most helpful. I love the top on you it is lovely.

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  7. Connieo wrote:

    Love, love, love the top! Please do send me a Plunder catalog. For some reason, when I look st the on line catalog on my computer the jewelry photos are so light that I can’t even see some of them. Even when I adjust the brightness and adjust the computer screen.

    Have a wonderful time at convention!

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  8. Kirst E Brenman wrote:

    Love every bit of this outfit!

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  9. Sharon wrote:

    Hope you have a great trip. I would like a catalog please. Thank you.

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  10. Annie L. wrote:

    ❤️you! Have a safe and happy trip! I sure would love a catalog if you have some left! XOXO

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  11. Sandyw wrote:

    Cute top but I would have to wear a cami under it as I wouldn’t be a fan of my bra straps showing through on the shoulders…that’s just me…and I love the higher neck as it seems like everything is so low cut anymore. Hope you arrived safely and that you didn’t forget too much in your hurry to pack.

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  12. Johnna wrote:

    Like this look a lot. And I’m not a big fan of ripped jeans but this has a young vibe and top is so pretty. You look younger in every post. Safe travels. And I agree with previous comment that R&F might come up with a BB or CC cream for the face.

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  13. Mary wrote:

    that necklace really shows off well with that outfit! so great. safe travels

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  14. Connie r. wrote:

    I hope your travels are going smoothly. I wonder if they will be launching some kind of make up since they haven’t ventured into that yet. Maybe foundation with treatment in it. Have fun on your trip.

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  15. Bonnie wrote:

    Beautiful top and jewelry. You always look so nice.

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
  16. Plans are made to be broken. Certainly in our house this happens all the time however, in your case it had to happen for your safety. Love the top it is super cute and such a vibrant colour. Safe journey everyone and I am looking forward to reading your news.

    Posted 9.11.18 Reply
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