50 Is Not Old | Add Color To Your WardrobeLast week I did a post that asked for comments about what were some of your favorite things about 50 Is Not Old. Notice that I didn’t say leave a comment about 50 Is Not Old, I said your FAVORITE. Haha! That way I didn’t receive any negative feedback. It may take me a while, but I am figuring out this whole blogging game. Anyway, I had a lot of nice comments, thank you very much, but one of the prevailing thoughts was color. Several of you commented that you liked that I dress in different and bright colors.  50 Is Not Old | Add Color To Your WardrobeSince I am colorful by nature, this comes as second nature to me. I didn’t realize that wearing colors was not something everyone did. I have even had comments that said most other bloggers only wear forms of black, white, and gray. I would go crazy, or at least crazier! I NEED color. My moods NEED color. So I guess my questions is, Are you afraid to add color to YOUR wardrobe?50 Is Not Old | Add Color To Your Wardrobe

Did you know that corporations spend a ton of money analyzing what color they should use for their product packaging? The color of your favorite restaurant is probably by design, some colors make you want to eat more. The hospital waiting rooms and emergency rooms are probably painted in a color to help soothe your nerves. Color affects our bodies and our minds. Let’s look at a few examples, starting with the colors of the rainbow:


Red is associated with power, that is why you will see many politicians wear a red tie. It is shows energy and strength. It is also the color of love, desire, and passion. If you are going on a date, you might want to wear a little something red.


Orange is not as easy a color to wear. I LOVE orange, only because it is the color of my favorite college football team, the Tennessee Vols!!! Go Peyton? Do you think they picked the orange and white theme by chance? Orange brings the emotions of success, enthusiasm, and creativity. Those are not bad attributes for a football team. It is also a color of attraction, so if you don’t have red for that date, look for orange. Lol!


Who doesn’t think of sunshine when you think of yellow? Yellow brings joy, energy, and happiness to our lives. It communicates warmth and intellect. This might be a color to wear to a job interview, I wouldn’t mind being portrayed as energetic, warm, and intellectual.


Green is closely associated with growth. I know we all are aware of the green grass that seems to double in growth overnight. It is also associated with harmony and healing. Think “green” products, I am sure there was a reason behind the name. BUT, be careful if you wear this color on a date, it also is associated with fertility. Lol!


You probably are aware that blue is one of my favorite colors. You probably think that it is because it makes my eyes look more blue (which it does.) BUT, it packs some pretty powerful emotions. Wisdom, loyalty, stability, depth, confidence, and truth, are some of the emotions just to name a few. I think of cleanliness, like in the air and water. Can you think of any situations where you need to portray these emotions?


Purple has long been associated with royalty and wealth. It is a jewel tone, and many luxury items will have purple in their themes. It also portrays mystery and magic. I can see a large purple curtain on a stage, being drawn back for the magician.


White is an easy color to guess it’s meaning. Purity, virginity, and innocence, are all conveyed with white. I immediately think of a wedding gown, and I bet you did too. It also is used to show cleanliness. It seems a very romantic color to me. I think of long, flowy, and lace.


Black is another power color. It shows reserve and elegance. I assume that is one of the reasons you will see so many bloggers wearing this color. It also is associated with mystery, BUT be aware it is also associated with evil and death. NO THANK YOU!!! I suppose it would depend on the style of clothing, as to what signal you would be sending out.

Next time you reach in the closet for a dress or a top, you might want to consider what message are you trying to convey.50 Is Not Old | Add Color To Your WardrobeI bought this top on my way to Tennessee a week or so ago. I think I bought it at either TJ Maxx or Ross. I really can’t remember which store, but the top is by Fig & Flower. I loved the colors, but was not sure how it would look on me, but I bought it and I am glad that I did. 50 Is Not Old | Add Color To Your WardrobeNot the most flattering of pictures, but I wanted you to see the different print on the back. The colors, the tiers in the front, the different print in the back, and then throw in a cold shoulder style, sure sets the top apart.

COLD SHOULDER TOP: Similar | Similar | Plus
50 Is Not Old | Add Color To Your WardrobeI bought this pool blue crossband stretch wedge shoes at Catos. I bought them to replace this pair, but I am not really loving them with this outfit. My thought was that they would look good with the turquoise patent leather Dooney & Bourke satchel, but I was WRONG! There, I said it.

50 Is Not Old | Add Color To Your WardrobeOn to shoe number 2. I bought this pair at the DSW warehouse in Atlanta. Yes, they just match the pants, and no I don’t like them either. That makes strike 2, my batting average is going DOWN…..50 Is Not Old | Add Color To Your WardrobeOn to pair number three. When in doubt, go for a neutral. But guess what? I don’t like them either. They are too blaaaah. All of the shoes “go” with the outfit, but none of them “make” the outfit. I finally quit taking pictures, but I ended up wearing a pair of Marc Fisher brown wedge shoes with the gold circles. See them here.50 Is Not Old | Add Color To Your WardrobeSince I didn’t like any of the shoes, I am leaving you with just a head shot. Lol! BTW, I wear sleeveless tops, and short sleeve tops, but there is something different about wearing the cold shoulder top. People commented, and Joe even told me I was looking a little bit on the floozy side. It “feels” sexy! Weird, huh?

The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. Just out of curiosity how many pairs of shoes do you own? You must have a very large and awesome storage room. I have limited space and as much as I love shoes, I do limit the number in the wardrobe.

    • Tania Reply

      Debbie, I have more shoes than I probably need. I don’t actually have that much space to store them, so I move the winter shoes to a storage building when it comes time for summer. We converted the space on the backside of our fireplace (in the laundry room) for shoe storage. So it is about 7 ft long and we put a shelf about every 10-12 inches high. So I ended up with 11 shelves. The ones on top are so high, that I use those for storing items I don’t need very much, and those are not shoes.

  2. Helen Rounce Reply

    Tania, This is the first time I’ve commented although I have been reading your posts for several months now. You look adorable in that outfit and that color certainly brightenes up your whole face. I love seeing your outfits and am always amazed at how you put them together every single day!!! Your closet must be well organized. That might be an interesting post….. Your creative approach to combining pieces of clothing are an inspiration to all of us even if we are a LOT older then you!!!?

    • Tania Reply

      The only organization I do with my closet, is by color. I hang all the red together, then orange, yellow, etc. The pants and blazers are on one side of my closet, and the tops are on the other side. That way when I pull out a pair of pants, I turn around and decide which color I want to put with it, and then start going through the tops in that color. I have dresses in a different closet, because my main closet has double rods, so a dress won’t hang.

      • So organizing by color makes more sense. I organize by type of garment…short sleeved, long sleeved, capris etc….I am going to at least organize those by color and let the magic happen. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I think that blouse looks very good on you. I tried an of shoulder tee last week , but it does not look good on me at all. Are you doing a linkup every week now?

    • Tania Reply

      Yes, I am going to try again with the link-up tomorrow. I am going to send out an email this morning to those who participated reminding them. Thank you for joining me last week in my test run.

  4. Like the top-interesting with the different patterns. Thought about trying the cold shoulder myself. I like the look with the neutral shoes better but understand the dilemma. I bought a pair of ankle length jeans with zippers and haven’t decided what shoes I like best with them. Anyway color definitely makes me feel better (favorite is blue too), so you’re right don’t be afraid of it. Maybe this summer make it a time to find your happy☺color. I always enjoy seeing what you put together. Hope you have a great day.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks Michelle! Time to find your happy color, I like that?

  5. Vanessa Powell Reply

    I always enjoy your blog. I love that you are a Christian and share the word of our Lord and Savior! The support and promotion of other women is an admirable trait. With that being said, please stop letting negative comments bother you, let it roll off your back like water runs off a duck.

    • Tania Reply

      Vanessa, thank you so much. It is hard to let a negative person not get you down, but I am doing better. I saw something on Facebook, (the place where all philosophy is found) that struck a cord with me. It was that a negative person is like a garbage truck, spewing garbage every where. You ca either choose to let them dump garbage on you, or smile and say something nice, and carry on with your day (garbage free).

  6. I think the cold shoulder blouse looks great! I think I need to add one to my summer wardrobe! Have a great day.

  7. I need color, too. Your outfit is definitely something I would wear. They are my favorite colors!

    My job is on the boring side, dealing with numbers and auditing, so most days need to dress on the conservative side with colors. When not working, my soul says to brighten it up and if you looked in my closet, play clothes are coral, aqua, yellow…. Like you, they make me happy, too.

    The cold shoulder look is very nice. I may need to add something like that, too. That style is something I’ve missed. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Love the blouse too! Good example. No garbage on me today! Shoes are something hard to change for me since I have issues with my feet but your blog is making me think more about color in my shoes. I might start out with a little pop. I am looking for flats in color. I have the same purse in a bright blue that I bought and you wouldn’t believe all the compliments I get when I carry it. That’s a thank you to you for nudging me that way! Enjoy all that this day brings.

  9. Staci Braun Reply

    Tania~ I just started following your blog about 3 weeks ago and I am addicted!! I am 46 and a teacher in Iowa. I get a lot of inspiration from your words of wisdom in your blog post. I love to look at your outfits each week!! You have great taste and style!!! You have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and to try new outfit options. I bought a pair of Old Navy distressed jeans this weekend and I love them. My husband thought they looked amazing and fun! My kids have even started noticing how hip mom is becoming. Thanks for your post each week. Looking forward to following you over the summer ,as I can now relax and enjoy my summer for a few months. Happy Shopping!!!

  10. I love this top on you. The colors are fabulous. I think I may have shared in another comment that I wore only orange for over 20 years. (I’m a Va Tech grad and big fan.) Just last year or so, I realized I was tired of it. I’ve been wearing more neutrals, but I love to add aqua and that pretty shade of green.
    I had to laugh at your shoe dilemma. I had the cutest pair of sandals on for church Sunday, but I ended up changing them for a comfortable pair!

  11. Absolutely LOVE the top! Both style and color a hit! I tend to wear the black, grey, ivory during the winter, but love color as soon as Spring arrives!

  12. That was a great post. Have you ever heard of “Dressing your Truth’? You should google it! It is a way of dressing and living to who you truly are. I love color as well and never wear black. I am what the call a Type 1
    and believe you are as well. Look into and see what you think. Enjoy the day.

  13. Super cute outfit! I love color. How do you like the cold shoulder top? I’ve been looking for one but have not found the right one.

  14. Love the outfit on you. That top is wonderful… trendy cold shoulder and mixed print…plus, your cold shoulder does not have spaghetti straps, so you can wear a regular bra. That is something I look for in a top! I have a colorful cold shoulder top from a couple years ago from a local/Ft. Wayne IN co. called that does art shows (I am not sponsored by them or anything) that I will be breaking out to wear this summer. Two ladies run the company… you may want to check them out for some collaborative effort. Best wishes to you!

  15. Happy happy! That’s what your colors say to me! I’m always interested in how you combine color in your outfits. I actually liked the blue shoes and purse combo. I’m glad you write about the reasons you choose things to go together. That helps me in my own decision.

  16. Love the top ! Beautiful colors ! I enjoy reading your post each day for the inspiration.

  17. Well, Tania, you have all of the colors of the rainbow in that top… you have all of your moods covered. 🙂

  18. Colors are fun! To be honest, I can’t do it though (yet). If the cold shoulder trend sticks around, I may have to try it! At least my shoulders are presentable! ha! – You look so darned cute today! – Those turquoise shoes just scream for navy or black capris! I’d wear that top with my black capris too! Great find on the shoes! I too sort my clothes by colors. So many pretty shades of one color!- Men don’t get it! lol 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      That is the great thing about a top like this, you could wear it with navy, black, tan, white, etc, etc…..

  19. Elaine McCollum Reply

    Tania, since I’ve been seeing grey hairs I’ve been highlighting my hair and over the years that has led to me becoming more and more blond in color. My beautician started putting low lights in which looks really good, and I really loved that! But now she is saying that I really should try red as my base color with blond highlight! That scares me to death! I see how cute your hair is, but I just don’t know if I could pull it off. I’m in my sixties, I keep up with fashion and take care of myself. Do you have any advice. I love your style!

    • Tania Reply

      I say go for it!!! The WONDERFUL think about hair is that it grows out, and if you don’t like the color then you can change it easily. Let me know how it turns out.

      • Elaine McCollum Reply

        Thanks, Tania. You’re fearless! I need more of that in my life. You only go around once, right. My husband won’t know what hit him!

  20. Very cute outfit. Looks wonderful. I am trying to experiment with color. I always thought bright colors screamed “little old lady” but I now think it is a look enhancer and quite sophisticated.

  21. Shelley C. Reply

    So glad to see you in this blouse, Tania! I just bought a navy sack dress with cold shoulders because it felt flowy and sexy and fun. Up until your post, I planned to wear it only on an upcoming cruise and had no plans to wear it at home. I worried that it may look a little too young for a woman in her forties…like I was playing dress-up with clothes from my daughters’ closets. But you look absolutely lovely and stylish. Thanks for helping grow my fashion confidence. 🙂

  22. Love color! I used to wear lots of black. While I still wear some black, I add a bright scarf with it. For those trying to add color to a very neutral wardrobe, buy scarves to add color. Much less expensive than starting over with a new wardrobe. That is what I did. It worked well and got me into color slowly until I grew more confident. Thanks for your bright spirit and your colorful zest for life.

    • Tania Reply

      I wear LOTS and LOTS of scarves! They are great for changing the look of an outfit, and also bringing color to your face.

  23. I’m with you. I LOVE color. (Copying your take on navy w/mint today.) I like the top above a lot. I finally ordered a cold shoulder top this weekend. Literally cannot wait to wear it!

    I have a pair of neutral TOMS with a cork wedge that are a “go to” shoe…but my absolute favorites are my platinum Jack Rogers. When in doubt, I wear my Jacks. They are a little more expensive for a sandal, but will last several summers.

  24. I truly enjoy reading your blog each day! In fact, I look forward to it. I live just down the road from your hometown and enjoy it when you write it. Love Center Hill lake! I am in the 50 category but dress at least 50ish or older. I love color but am not brave enough wear it. I shop and purchase younger, colorful clothing, get it home and then decide I better not wear that. I do not want to draw attention to myself or want people to think I am trying to be someone I am not. I really struggle with this. I work in an office setting, so it is an everyday thing. My body shape is thick in the middle and I am always trying to cover it up by wearing baggy clothing. I am 5’6″ and weight around 170 lbs. Any advice?

    • Tania Reply

      Cindy, we are our own worst critics. I worried and worried years ago about wearing a dress to work. I was just sure that the guys would give me a hard time. But guess what, no one said one word. My friends worried about wearing leggings, but once again no one said a word. Go for it!

  25. Love the top, both color and style!! I like the cold shoulder blouse because it’s shows the top of my shoulder and arm, which are still in pretty good shape, and covers the lower and underside of my arm, which is like a flag!! Have a great day, Gurl!!

  26. HI Tania!
    Love your looks as always. I like the wedges with the outfit today. I too like this blog due to your beatifully colored outfits. It lifts my mood to wear colored clothing also. I so love spring and summer for that reason. I decided this fall and winter I’m going to go for more brights. The dark stuff just doesn’t lift my mood. Keep up the great work??

  27. I am so enjoying reading your update. you are a beautiful woman inside and out . Love the color

  28. Tania – I love your blogs – in fact they are the 1st thing I read after my devotion! I love your take on fashion and style. I tend to be a basic person (jeans) with an affinity to purses and bracelets! LOL. I love your top and love how you wore it and to be honest I loved the pool blue sandal with it. It gave it a contrast from the orange & coral! Keep inspiring and have a wonderful day!!!!

  29. Just found this blog and I like your style. I’m 64 and Love to wear color. May fave is orange and I wear whatever fits my style and retired pocketbook. I will be back to read more very soon. . .

  30. I l9ve love the cold shoulder tops. Especially this one with so much color! You always look perfect

  31. Not only are the colors in your outfit beautiful, I’m really crushing on the mix of patterns in your blouse. Thank you for adding your post to the Up, Down, All-Around link-up. I hope to see you again this week.


  32. Ok, just have to say you look wonderful in the off the shoulder style! Do it again! AND YES, color & the way you put different colors together is my fav part of your style! Gives me great ideas on how to pair things I already have together to look better. I’ve bought several items that I’ve seen you wear or similar! And TO ME this outfit looks best w/those blue stretch wedges! You go girl!’

  33. Janene Walley Reply

    I have just found you, and I love your colorful style and just as much, your honest, casual way of writing. I smile after every post.

  34. Melanie Schaffer Reply

    Hello Tania,
    I love colour,too! This outfit is great, and I find the combination fresh and cheery. I have been studying your outfits for a while now in hopes of figuring out how to layer necklaces properly. You are always so polished. Do you have any rules about how much is too much? I am not a less-is-more type of person! I look forward to all your posts.

    • Tania Reply

      Melanie, I don’t have any set rule about how to wear necklaces. I have been known to take off a necklace at mid-day. Weight is more the factor for me.

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