50 IS NOT OLD | A FALL STAPLE FOR YOUR WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40 I am making a small tweak to the blog today. Instead of doing my personal stories at the beginning of my blog, I am now going to put those at the end of the blog. I realize that some people only want to see the fashions and hear about what I am wearing. So, I will post that first, and for those who enjoy hearing about my life, I will continue to post those stories at the end of the post.

50 IS NOT OLD | A FALL STAPLE FOR YOUR WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40 A lightweight quilted vest is a fall staple for those of us who live in milder climates. If you live in colder regions, then you will want to purchase the heavier quilted versions. I love a vest because it helps to keep your core warm without adding lots of bulk. This vest has a standing mock-neck collar, and it has a full-length zipper.  The diagonal pockets are perfect for keeping your fingers toasty when the temperatures dip. The vest has a taffeta lining and is a 100% polyester, so you can throw this in the washing machine and dryer. I am wearing a large so that I can add this over the top of sweaters later. Here is the link to my mustard-colored vest, but this also comes in five other colors if mustard doesn’t suit your complexion.
50 IS NOT OLD | A FALL STAPLE FOR YOUR WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40 The plaid shirt that I am wearing is not something that would have normally caught my eye. But, I had already picked out the quilted vest, and I knew that this shirt would look great with the vest. The shirt has a split v-neck and a mandarin collar with attached strings. The shirt is soft and drapey, and because it is made from Rayon, it is also machine washable. I made the mistake of purchasing a large and it is way too big. I will take this one back to exchange for a smaller size. This shirt also comes in navy and pink plaid. Here is the link to the top. 50 IS NOT OLD | A FALL STAPLE FOR YOUR WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40 I had to add my candy corn earrings to this outfit. These are a pair of earrings that I have had for years, but since I only get to wear them for a short period of time, they look almost new. I love adding holiday jewelry to my outfits, but just a tiny bit. I don’t like wearing head to toe pumpkin attire. The colored wooden bracelets are part of the Wilkinson set, and the large wooden bracelet is part of the Randee set.
50 IS NOT OLD | A FALL STAPLE FOR YOUR WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40 I like wearing bootcut jeans in the fall, but I love the flare leg jeans even better. The flare jeans are between and bootcut and a bell bottom jean. They are the baby bear of jeans; they are just right. To me, the flare style jeans balance out the size of my thighs, and they create a more pleasing look. I bought these jeans back in the summer, and I can’t find them on the website any longer. Here are some very similar in style.

50 IS NOT OLD | A FALL STAPLE FOR YOUR WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40 I hope you stayed with me long enough to get to the “personal” portion of my blog. I wanted to tell all of you how proud that I am of my younger sister and the latest trip in her life. My sister, Lisa Lewis Tyre, is a writer of Young Adult books. Both of her books have done great and have won several awards, including being picked as Book of the Month books by Amazon. She was in New Orleans over the weekend because she was chosen to speak on a panel at the International Literacy Association Conference. WOW! Just typing that makes me nervous for her. She had a dinner to attend before she spoke the next day, and she was telling me about talking to her publisher. Nancy Paulsen Books is her publisher through Penguin Randon House. I asked my sister about talking with Nancy at dinner, and she said that she wanted to tell me a funny story. She said that when she and Nancy first started talking, Nancy said, “I just want to tell you that I love your sister’s blog.” Oh my goodness, that is crazy! I know that she only found me because my sister has shared a post or two on her social media channels, but still…a New York publisher has followed my blog. My sister confided to Nancy that when she sent me a photo of what she was planning to wear to the conference, I told her to add some color. Lol! I don’t think that Nancy was surprised. Hahaha! I, however, was shocked that I hadn’t heard from Nancy by now offering me a book deal. I crack myself up sometimes.
50 IS NOT OLD | A FALL STAPLE FOR YOUR WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40 Some of you have messaged me asking what R+F products you need. It occurred to me that it might be helpful if I had an “event” on Facebook to show you the products and tell what each one does. This would be an information-only type of event, and I would love for you to join me on Tuesday night at 8:00 PM ET. Here is the link where you can request to join the event.

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  1. You picked a fine time to start putting the personal at the end of the blog. You should have led with my award. Lol.

  2. I like the new blog format. Also love that this vest is Old Navy and comes in both tall and petite sizes! I need a tall size and it is hard to find affordable options.

  3. I am not surprised at all that your sister’s publisher is following your blog! You, my dear, are the Erma Bombeck of blogs!! Hahah! And that’s a compliment!! So impressed with your sister’s accomplishments AND yours! Wish I could join the FB session you’re going to give on Rodan + Fields but I’m not on FB anymore OR Twitter! I’m sure it will be very informative. Xoxo

  4. I was one who liked the personal stuff first. I’ll get used to it though. I do have to say that I like to be able to click on links to clothes or jewelry that you are wearing and purchase. So when an item you’re wearing such as the jeans is not available it is upsetting. I know you out a link to a similar pie but you haven’t tried those on and worn them. So I am
    Not interested in buying. I like buying things that you recommend because you’ve worn them and cared for them and know the item is quality. I maybe the only one that feels this way.

  5. Shannon Scott Reply

    I am over 70 and have followed your blog for several years as my fashion go to. I appreciate your decision to add family stories at the end of your fashion news. I know many that read your blog enjoy hearing all the bits and pieces that make your life. I enjoy it for the fashion info. Please keep that up and assist us Seniors to stay fashion forward.

  6. Because of your blog, I have been more interested in fashion and dressing “put together”. I’ve found that dressing according to my body shape and my coloring really helps. For example, I felt like I had a really cute outfit but when I tried to belt it like the model, it just didn’t look right. Now I know that it’s because of my body shape. What a difference that has made! I was wondering what body shape and coloring you are? BTW I’m an Autumn and a Rectangle.

  7. I love your blog and love the personal things you share! Please keep doing so! Highlight of my day!❤️

  8. Sally Senior Reply

    I love your blog and I love reading about you and your family and all the personal things that you post. I love your fashion tips and it has truly helped me get out of my rut. It doesn’t matter which order you post on your blog, I’m still a faithful fan and follower!

  9. Hi Tania, I love your personal stories first!! Congrats to your sister and I can see why her publisher follows your blog…you do a fantastic job!? By the way, I bought the same exact top you are styling today….love the colors and looks great with your vest!

  10. Like this outfit. I just got a mustard colored puffer vest myself. Now I think I need that top to go with it. Happy Monday!

  11. Barbara Caster Reply

    Personally I love reading about your life, family , travels. I save some of the fashion ideas, but enjoy the other as much as anything!

  12. I love your blog Tania and read it every day. I’m glad you include the personal part of your life. It makes me feel like I know you. I ordered the shirt and vest from Old Navy and am looking forward to wearing them this fall. I know you have posted where you got your boots before but I can’t remember where it was. I’m sure that book deal will be coming to you soon. Haha

  13. I have to dress in layers this time of year. We start chilly and end up hot so things start coming off during the day, I love this vest and the beauty of a vest is it can be any color. You don’t necessarily have to have a basic color. I hope this comes in a pretty blue.

    • Tania Reply

      Layering is a great way to deal with cool mornings and warmer temps in the day. I think the vest comes in Navy, so be sure to check that out.

  14. Yes dear, you are the only one who is surprised by the publisher knowing you,! All of us sing your praises and consider you our good friend, even tho you are famous! I too love those vests! And I can’t wait to read your blog everyday for the fun stories of your life, as well as the cute clothes!

  15. I love your fashion and your personal tidbits. It’s really funny because many times I have repeated your funny stories to my husband. They always start with, “Tania said….” you are part of the family and we haven’t even met!!! Lol!

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