How To Wear A Vintage Coat

DSC_0020You can close your mouth now. Haha  Do you like this coat as much as I do? The minute I saw this coat, I fell in love.  This was one of the outfits in the vintage fashion show that was held in Atlanta. Since the coat was being worn by a model in the show, it would be priced, and then open for bids. Sometimes, you are lucky and no one else bids against you. I was not that lucky with this coat. The model wearing it really wanted it, and kept telling me to be quite. Like that was going to happen. Lol!  Well, you can see who came home with the coat 🙂DSC_0018_2I was just thrilled to actually get to wear this coat, or any coat for that matter, Sunday morning. It has been so warm lately, it hasn’t felt very much like Christmas. Well, this morning it was 26 outside, and felt VERY much like Christmas. DSC_0023My husband tolerates my vintage finds. He is not the biggest fan of vintage clothing, but he could not quit bragging about this coat. The fur around the coat and hat is fluffy and really, really soft. My husband even had to feel the fur. He didn’t believe me when I told him it was vintage.DSC_0025_2So, I of course had to show him the label. DSC_0025Warren of Stafford was  a textile mill that was in business for 160 years. The tweed material is beautiful. I bet the next time I tell you that we are having a vintage fashion show, you will want to come. As long as you don’t bid against me, your invited. Lol!DSC_0022I had on gloves, black with brown fur cuffs, but I could not work the camera while I wore the gloves. You will just have to use your imagination. My coat for church, and a huge fire in the fireplace all day, was how I stayed warm. Well, that and a big glass of eggnog.

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  1. Beautiful coat! Loving that collar! I promise I would not bid against you on the coat – even though I’d be tempted to – but can’t make any promises about the hat! Ha! – Glad you brought home such a great find for yourself! WTG!

    1. Thanks, Betty. I think the hat is what cost me so much. After I got the coat, I HAD to get the hat. Hahaha

  2. I love vintage too, so this coat really rocks my boat! You look so happy which isn’t surprising as you look fantastic in this. Well done with your bidding – it was definitely worth it (whatever “it” was).

  3. Well, I hope this comment makes you laugh but I have a picture of my GRANDMA wearing a coat like that! It is a black and white photo that is quite faded but it is definitely the same look. I am over 60 and Gram has been gone for 45 years so wow! that look was IN a long time ago. I agree about coats not being the same now but they are also lighter in weight. I have a coat from Talbots that has to be over 30 years old that I only wear to the gym. That wool coat is so heavy that I get a workout wearing it in and out of the gym! 🙂 Love the fur on that coat. No animal rights activists have come after you yet?

    1. Well, since I am a grandma, I guess I fit in that category! I am, what they call, an old soul.

  4. I inherited a couple of those coats from deceased gramma’s and great aunts but don’t have the hat to match! I always felt like I was a generation removed from getting to have all that fun with coats and hats like that, but I guess you’re proof now that it just doesn’t matter cuz you are STYLIN it! 🙂 Merry Christmas beautiful lady!

  5. Love the coat and hat- reminds me of the 40’s and “as the shoppers rush home with their treasures”. 🙂
    Now if we could get some Christmas weather….. predictions of 80 on Christmas day here in TX. (blech)

  6. I have a camel hair coat (Marvin Richards brand) that I purchased in 2001. Won’t be long and it will be considered vintage. I own a lot of coats. but none is warmer than my camel hair. It doesn’t have any fur on it, but I still love it and will NEVER sell it, even though it no longer fits me well due to my weight gain. They just don’t make coats like they used to, so I understand you wanting this great looking coat. The collar is totally da bomb! Love it!!

  7. Gorgeous coat and you look fabulous! Good find!

  8. Sue Olson says:

    I just love seeing your smiling face and fun outfits. This is one classy coat! Merry Christmas and thanks for brightening our days with your posts.

    1. You were warned, Monica???? Amy, I agree that somewhere cold for Christmas is nice. And, Sue, you are so sweet. I agree, this is one classy coat????

  9. Looks so cozy!! I picture a Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village Winter scene. I want to vacation somewhere cold enough at Christmas time to wear a big furry coat. My son was in shorts and a tshirt yesterday here in AZ.

  10. Beautiful coat I love vintage coats. The quality of the material is so much nicer than all but the most expensive coats today

    Looks great on you

    1. Your right, Mary Jo. You can’t beat the quality of a vintage coat.

  11. I almost spat out my coffee when your image popped up this morning and you said to close your mouth,! What a hoot. I can vision those gloves though.