DSC_0010I’m sure most of you are in full Christmas mode about now. Planning Christmas dinner, wrapping packages, and doing last minute shopping. Thank you for taking a few minutes to join me.
DSC_0009I figure the one thing I might need to survive this weekend is wine. This sweater is just too cute. I think this is the only clothing I have ever purchased from Rue 21. The only thing that makes this shirt even better, is it is 50% off. I am wearing the sweater over a flannel plaid shirt I bought last year at Bass Pro. Here is one similar.DSC_0006_2_2DSC_0005The quartz necklace is from Mountain Primadonna. This was the only piece of jewelry I wore. DSC_0006_2The jeans are Vigoss, and I purchased these from Maurices when they were are on sale. I have had these riding boots for years, but here is a similar pair. I wear these all the time. They are comfortable, and they don’t have a high heel. DSC_0004I know, I know, I need to change my purse. I guess you are all growing tired of seeing me carry it everyday. Sorry, it is a pain in the rumpus to constantly change purses. I’ll see what I can do next week, but I am not making any promises. Lol!DSC_0003So yesterday I was adding a picture to Instagram and I happened to see a picture of a lady with one of my pictures, and her take on it. I thought how cool. Someone is actually using one of my pictures as an inspiration. However, I didn’t know that there was a hashtag called, #decemberpinneditspinnedit. On December 14th, those who wanted to play along, could remake my outfit. LOL!!! Who would have thunk it!

Everybody please be careful this weekend.

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  1. Your clothes always look so great. Love the sweater and I will have a glass as I wrap presents tonight. Have you had your colors done? They always match you so well. Love your purse it goes well with so many colors. I love when I find one I really like and it works so well!

  2. I love that I am not the only one who buys clothing at Bass Pro! My daughter and I always go there when we take a ride out to Ikea. I go for the clothes and she goes for the different salsas they sell. And we all like to climb on the boats and pontoons they sell. We could be in there for hours and come out with nothing fishing or hunting related!

  3. Well, I guess wine is better than eating cookies while you wrap. Hopefully less calories if you don’t overindulge. As far as changing purses, I have made this easier by carrying 3 things: wallet, small, narrow makeup bag and another pouch for things like pen, paper, Kleenex, gum etc. This makes it easy to change purses. Isn’t it great to get a compliment or have someone copy your look? Two ladies complimented me on my haircut yesterday and it made me smile all day. Happy wrapping.

  4. Great outfit! I’m inspired to wear my Quartz necklace ( if I can find it), and my tall boots! The necklace reminds me of ice icicles! Merry Christmas!

    1. I love the idea that the quartz necklace looks like icicles???? I am so jealous that I did not think of that first????

  5. Cute outfit and I love the sweater! Winesday indeed! That’s great to be an inspiration. Who inspires you?

  6. Melanie W. says:

    Oh I’m loving me this shirt!!!! Thank you for reminding me to pick up a bottle of wine before I head out to my family Christmas today! Have a great weekend!

  7. You have a knack for finding such cute, unique items! I love how you styled it with the flannel underneath. It’s 5 a.m. and I’m catching up on emails and having my coffee before heading to the mall (opens at 8!). Wish me luck! 🙂