50 IS NOT OLD | NO SURGERY NEEDEDI answered the telephone today at work and heard words I never thought I would hear. “Have you had Botox done?” Lol!!! This is the REALLY funny part, it was my MOM! Hahaha! I answered the phone just like normal and she asked me that. I at first thought she was teasing me but she was dead serious. I told her that she knew better and that she knew exactly what I had been using. She then said, “it is changing your face.” 50 IS NOT OLD | NO SURGERY NEEDEDMy mother is a hoot and will say the most outrageous things, but that little remark took me by surprise. You would think that the woman who birthed me would know if I was using injections to alter my looks. I, of course, had to call my sister and tell her what mom had said and my sister said she had called and asked her about my face. Thanks, mom, for believing what I told you! LOL!!!! I am going to take it as a compliment, even though she never actually said I looked better, just different. I told you she was a hoot.50 IS NOT OLD | NO SURGERY NEEDEDDo you think this looks a lot like yesterday’s post? I think the outfits are similar but completely different in a number of ways. The red plaid shirt I have on is cotton and not flannel. It is a shirt that I bought from Cato Fashions a couple of years ago. The only thing I don’t like about this shirt is the arm cuffs. They just hang loose and are not fitted like most button-up shirts. I must have liked it pretty good since I have it in the blue version also. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | NO SURGERY NEEDEDHow do you like the way I have my Believe necklace on today? I took the necklace and doubled it around my neck then I put the pendant through the loop to create a short necklace. In the past, I would never have done this because I didn’t like drawing attention to my neck but it is starting to improve and the problem area is shrinking. YAY!!! I paired my Aggie earrings with the necklace since they both have a few rhinestones of them. 50 IS NOT OLD | NO SURGERY NEEDEDSomeone asked me today about the Wanda bracelet and they wondered if it made noise. No, it doesn’t make noise, it might jingle a little but it is nothing that you even notice. I am carrying my Aimee Kestenberg satchel again today. I thought I would stay in the gray tones instead of adding a pop of color. There are days when I just don’t feel like popping, I just want to blend. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | NO SURGERY NEEDEDI haven’t worn these black jeans from Old Navy in forever. I bought them last year and to tell you the truth, I have not been in love with the knee patches. They looked really cute on the mannequin but I just never really like the look on me. Maybe I don’t like them because they are black instead of blue. NOPE, I just don’t like them period. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | NO SURGERY NEEDEDNow for the vest. I am not a huge vest fan, I think I have mentioned that before, but this vest is one of my favorites. It is lightweight and has a more casual feeling. Maybe it is just the puffer vests that I don’t really like, they add bulk and I don’t need any extra bulk added to my body. This is from Old Navy and I like that it is soft and the pockets zip closed. This is more like an active performance vest than it is a fashion stylish vest.

50 IS NOT OLD | NO SURGERY NEEDEDGuess where my little black booties are from? Yep, Old Navy. I wish I had noticed that my vest, pants, and shoes were all from Old Navy before I started writing this post. I would have changed shirts and put on one from ON so that my entire outfit would have been from them. That would have been cool.

50 IS NOT OLD | NO SURGERY NEEDEDI am thrilled to say that I have had 9 ladies sign on with Plunder this month!!! That is so fantastic. I know they are all going to love their jewelry. I don’t know that they will all “sell” jewelry, some of them might have just signed on for the great January deal or for the discounts. I have now gotten a great idea! I want to have a Plunder stylist IN ALL 50 states. That is a pretty big undertaking and I am going to have to go through all the ladies and check out where everyone is from. I’ll let you know what state I am missing and maybe you will want to jump on board.

If you want injection free results then you need to try Rodan and Fields. I have been using Rodan and Fields since the end of February last year. Results didn’t happen for me overnight, but they did happen. Someone asked me what I noticed the most and I will say a couple things. My age spots are almost gone (not completely), the pores on my cheeks have shrunk (dramatically), fine lines around my eyes and lips are almost gone (not the deep ones) and my skin has gotten really soft. My results aren’t perfect and I wouldn’t tell you they were, but I am very happy with them. If you are interested in the products you can take the solutions tool and see what it recommends for you. My energizer bunny friend will host the ZOOM call on Saturday if anyone is interested. I’ll post tomorrow what time and the number you will need to call.

I am going to do a little contest. If you have never tired Rodan and Fields and would like to be entered in a drawing for a mini eye-cream then comment below. I will give away 4 free mini eye-creams that will probably last you a week or two. I like this size because it is great for traveling.

Part of my 2017 goals is to grow my subscriber list on the blog. If you are not a subscriber PLEASE take the time to sign. Also, if you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol!

The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. Love that vest and you look great in red!
    Would also love an eye cream that makes me look as uf I’ve had botox! Lol

    • Debra Shepherd Reply

      I would love to try the eye cream from Rodan and Fields! I enjoy your blog daily, but this is my first time commenting.

  2. Shari Jordan Reply

    I’ve wanted to try their products but have been hesitant because of the price if I don’t like it. Winning a sample would be a great way to try it to see if I like it! Thanks for a chance to win!! Love your blog!! 🙂

  3. I’ve been noticing your eyelashes #beautiful!!! I would love to try a sample of the eye cream… never used R & F, but would love to try

  4. Oh, I looooove this outfit, Tania, but I think I’m with you on the knee patches …don’t know if I really like it!!!! The vest is fabulous!!!!! What i love most is your earrings – simply WOW!!!!! And the believe necklace looks stunning so short!!!!!! Another outfit that I will totally love wearing!!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!

  5. Have a great weekend Tania! Hope you have the time to linkup on Fancy Friday linkup!

  6. I live really close to Old Navy and love it. You look great in this outfit and I will be joining Plunder this weekend.

  7. With being new to your blog I want to let you know how I look forward to it everyday. Love your style and it is helping me style myself. Being in my mid-fifties I am looking for something to slow down the aging process on my face. Would love more information about your face products. Enjoy your Friday.

  8. Tania, I LOVE this outfit, especially the vest! I’m going to copy this look today sans the knee patch jeans… I’d also like to be entered for the eye cream. Thanks for entertaining me daily.

  9. Sandy Norris Reply

    Your skin does look great, and I would love to try the eye cream. It’s also nice to wake up to your emails every day.

  10. I’ve never shopped at Old Navy, but I will now. Thank you for the chance at winning a free sample of the R&F eye cream.

    • Tania love your outfit and would love a sample of the eye cream.

  11. I enjoy your blog – you represent “over 50” very well😊 I am definitely interested in the Roden and Fields products!

  12. I am using Clinique laser eye repair at the moment and, although nothing will cure all wrinkles, it seems to help a bit. I bought the lip serum from R&F through you and split the contents with my sister. Wow! That has made noticeable improvements for both of us!! A little pricey, but cheaper and much more comfortable than lip injections. Am I the only person who thinks the “stiff upper lip” looks looks atrocious? Have a good day Tania!!

  13. Love this look Tania!!!! I agree with you about the patches on the jeans. (They do not look bad though). You know my absolute favorite part of your outfit….your BELIEVE necklace.
    If you ever get tired of it, you know who to send it too. 🙂 ~Lisa~

  14. You really do look fabulous! I generally only buy things for my grandchildren at Old Navy – perhaps it’s time to expand my horizons…

  15. Lilly DePalma Reply

    It’s funny, but the first thing that caught my attention when I saw your outfit today was the knee patches on the jeans and that’s because I LOVED it! I thought it made the outfit look real hip. Wear them more often; they are super cool. You look great…as always!

  16. Love the entire look! I have the ON jeans that are blue with patches, they are growing on me, just need to find the right look to go with them!
    Would love to sample the RF eye cream!
    Have a fantastic Friday!

  17. Love the vest, Tania. I have been on the fence about whether or not to spend the money to try R&F. I am turning 60 in April and I can see it really showing around my eyes. Yikes! Would love a trial size of eye cream for both of these reasons. Look forward to your blog everyday.

  18. Hey Tana, love your blog and your sense of humor! I have never tried Rodan and Fields but would be very interested in the eye cream.

  19. I actually like the jeans on you. I have been on the fence about them but now I may have to try a pair. I would love to try the eye cream, at 60 my eyes really are showing my age now.

  20. Susan in SC Reply

    Your mom is indeed a hoot! (I thought I was the only one who used that term, lol!)
    I love the whole look you have on today – not sure I would have bought the patched jeans either, but the way you have style them is perfect!

  21. Such a cute outfit but don’t think I personally would feel comfortable in the knee patches. Maybe because I’ve sewn so many on my husbands work jeans! Red is such a pretty color on you. I love the chance to be able to win R&F eye cream.

  22. I am not a vest fan either but I love this vest. I am a little interested in trying R&F but have no time to sell. I have slight roscea so I hesitate because some things irritate it. I have very few winkles at 62 but inherited age shots from my mom and would love help with these. – Pat

  23. I haven’t tried Rodan & Fields but I am interested in it! I was thinking of getting a side job in direct sales and I thought of R & F but since I haven’t used it I wasn’t sure that was the way to go. You’ve got me thinking though, maybe I need to check it out! BTW, you look amazing!

  24. Boy do I need eye cream with Botox results! Love ya! –Angie

  25. Morning. I agree, not a fan of the patch jeans but you can pull them off. Haven’t shopped Old Navy for some time but plan on stopping in because I love the jeans you’ve worn in past posts. It’s fun to sit with coffee every morning and see what you are wearing. Happy Friday!!

  26. Glenda Gordon Reply

    Love the colors in this outfit! I have to agree with you about the knee patches- they kind of visually shorten your legs. I would love to win the eye cream – it would be fun to give it a try. 😊

  27. I love the look and especially the red plaid shirt. I need an eye cream to give these tired ole eyes a boost.

  28. You do look good in red. I like the outfit. I don’t know if I would try the jeans with knee patches. It is difficult for me to get out of my comfort zone. I would love to try the R & F eye cream. I have been considering ordering but haven’t taken the jump yet. Have a great day!

  29. This is an outfit I would love to wear. I like what you have done with your hair this time. It is so cute! I would love to try the eye cream.

  30. Kaye Jenkins Reply

    I have never tried Roden and Fields and would be interested in trying the product.

  31. I love your style! It’s fun and cute. I have never heard of R & F until reading your blog. You look great!

  32. I have those boots in black and light brown. Wearing the brown today with jeans and wine colored shirt. The boots are very comfortable and give me a little extra height for a 5’2″ girl.

  33. I love your look today! I have fallen in love with Old Navy’s pixie pants and those swing dresses, so glad I read about them on your blog. Definitely would love to try your R& F eye cream! Have a great weekend!

  34. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    Well leave it to our mother’s to say the darnest things—-and they say kids do that!! Well where do you think the kids learn it? LOL!!
    I like the knee patches, Tania!! And my guess is that patchwork is going to be hot soon after the distressed trend dies down—so you’ll be right on track!

  35. Patti hendrix Reply

    Cute outfit!! I have been using r&f for a while and am starting to see results. I hope it continues to be as good as yours!!! I also love plunder jewelry and have the red leather cuff bracelet that I wear often!! Have a great day!

  36. I love old navy clothes. I wear there jeans all the time and their cozy sweaters. I would love to try eye cream.

  37. I love the red on you. I really like the jeans too. And your face does look good. Your blog is probably the best one out there. At least for me because we seem to have a comparable style. Thanks!

  38. Sheila Glaspy Reply

    Would love to try Rodan & Fields!!! Need my mother to call me also!!!

  39. I agree the patches in the jeans arn’t the best. Love the best with the plaid shirt.

  40. I love the shirt and vest. The red and grey look great together. The outfit looks so comfortable. I’m not crazy about the jeans. I don’t shop at ON, but that’s going to change. I live in Arizona, but I’m from Florida. I’m going home in February to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law 50th wedding anniversary. I need to go shopping for a few new outfits! Thanks for sharing your style!

  41. I just ordered R&D products you were using. I wanted to try them because you look great!

  42. Connie Edwards Reply

    Hey there Girl. I recently “liked” you on fb and I am enjoying the styling tips. I have been pondering Rodan & Fields for awhile now and would love a sample.

  43. Your Mom is a hoot! And…you look fantastic. Would love to try the eye cream

  44. I am not a vest person either, but I have begun to reconsider because of your posts.

  45. Mary Beth Culpepper Reply

    Good Morning, I have been budgeting to save and put toward an RF purchase. I would love to try bebfore I buy and sounds like the eye cream would be perfect.
    I love the blouse and vest and agree with you about the jeans. Thx so much for always being so down to earth.

  46. I would love to try the eye cream. I’ve been curious about R&F for a while but just haven’t bit the bullet.

  47. I just recently found your site. I love it! Would love to be in your drawing for the eye cream I have been wanting to try the product for awhile now.

  48. Hi Tania,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. I live down under and was not sure if I have a chance at entering the competition to win the eye cream. Would love to give it a try.

  49. I am new to your posts and I’m loving it!!! I’d love to try a sample of the eye cream…

  50. Patti Karshis Reply

    Tania this is a great outfit! Love the Plunder Aggie earrings and Wanda bracelet! I’d love to try the eye cream 😊

  51. Hi Tania,
    I have to agree – you always look great, but I can see the change in your skin. I’ve been on the fence about trying the R&F due to $, but after your results…..
    Love the outfit – I thought at first glance you had tall boots on – very cute!!!!

  52. Michle Machala Reply

    I would love to try the Rodan and Fields but the cost concerns me because I had never stuck with a regime in the past. Maybe winning a sample will hook me.

  53. I am very interested in Rodan&Fields and would love to try an eye cream! Very cute outfit! Can I get details about calling in tomorrow?

  54. Margarquet fortunato Reply

    LOVE this look on you!! I’m going to have to visit my local old navy soon!! for whatever reason, I didn’t think they had such stylish clothes!! I’m curious about Rodan and Fields products… might have to bite the bullet and give them a try too! have a blessed day!

  55. You look cute in this outfit. The necklace looks better shorter as you have it..skinny patched jeans with that grey vest match the patch..you mat hed up the outfit adorable..never tried Fields and Rodan..would love to win! I am 59 and love trying new face products!

  56. Love the outfit except for the patches on the jeans…the vest and shirt are great. I would love to try the Rodan & Fields so put my name in that drawing.

  57. Tania….from your pictures, you do see a glowing change in your skin! The cost has been holding me back, but I think RF would be so worth it! I would love the chance to try the eye cream since that is a problem area for me! Love your look today!

  58. Tania-love the red and gray pairings today, and the vest is cute. Recently bought a beautiful red cable sweater at Old Navy, and have some of their Pixie pants, which I love. Since reading your blog I am more interested in ON! Your face does look great! Would enjoy a sample of R+F!

  59. Tania, you don’t need to bribe me into commenting but I don’t mind if I might get a little reward for doing so (LOL). You might have called this post “variations on a theme” but it’s still a great look. Same concept but different color palette and shapes. The pants look fine and the knee patches actually helps create a vertical line that is slimming. ON for the win!


  60. I like the outfit, even the jeans. Looks good on you. Thanks for sharing your phone call yesterday! So funny. 😀Your mom reminds me of my grandmother…called it like she saw it. Loved her dearly! Never have used Rodan and Fields but have been hearing about them from many and the story with your mom yesterday makes an impression! Would love the chance to try a sample. Have a wonderful day!

  61. Velvet Hobson Reply

    Thanks for the inspiration! Would love to try R&F and see if it works for me.

  62. Those jeans look cute…. shows you have confidence and not afraid to deviate from the norm. At least that’s how I feel when I wear mine!

  63. Melanie W. Reply

    You should do a side by side pic of when you first started blogging and today. You’ve always been gorgeous but the Rodan and Fields is making a difference. You definitely look younger. I’m turning 40 in a couple months and I think it’s time I start some anti-aging products. Rodan and Fields is definitely what I’m going to use.

  64. I am very interested in the R & F line — but truth be told, difficult for me to spend that kind of money on skincare. Anyway, I really enjoy your blog — and please don’t pay attention to the people complaining about the advertising. You are entitled to make some money from your blogging — it is a lot of work, and a daily pressure — so enjoy your rewards. I will keep reading because I sense your sincerity, and that is what’s important to me.

  65. Kirstin Cortelloni Reply

    Your mom sounds just like mine! You look great. I love that you wear Old Navy. Thanks for styling different looks. Who couldn’t use the eye cream?!!

  66. I’d sure love a chance to try the eye cream! That’s one area on myself that I really see changing, as I age! Love your blog: )

  67. These two posts with plaid shirts has me yearning to add a plaid shirt to my wardrobe, They are adorable with the different vests! As a 6′ tall woman, I shop Old Navy often as they carry many items in tall sizes. LOVE their jeans!! I’m thankful you showcase clothes that are affordable to most women 🙂 Thank you, Tania!

  68. Love your outfit today. I actually like the leggings as well! I tried and fell in love with R&F about 6 months ago after following your blog. I also started using their lash treatment about 6 weeks ago. I was keeping eyelash extensions which were too costly and time consuming. I knew I needed to stop and when I had them removed, my own eyelashes were worse than ever. In the past week maybe 2, I have seen such a difference. I also use it on my eyebrows. Love, love this product! Thank you!

  69. The patches kind of tie in with the gray vest…looks great to me…cute outfit for this great Inauguration Day. I would love to try the eye cream.(Lord knows I need it these days).

  70. I love your blog. You’re so witty and it’s fun to read. I also love your style, even though I’m much older than 50! Ugh!
    I would love to win a sample of Rodan and Fields. I’ve read your praises about it, and I have no doubt it works but like some of the others, the price has stopped me from purchasing.
    I hope to enjoy your blog for a long time to come!

  71. Always looking for something to improve my eye area. Love to try the mini eye cream.

  72. Charlcy Green Reply

    I love this whole outfit! The jeans look great on you! I have a similar pair & always get comments when I wear them, except mine are blue. I LOVE the plaid shirt & soft grey vest. And the Believe necklace adds just the perfect amount of bling to your classy outfit! I plan to style this type outfit this weekend!

  73. I would love to start using R&F but have no idea what I need to start with!! You look fabulous!

  74. Charlcy Green Reply

    PS Sounds like something my Mama would have asked me! One time she told me the reason I didn’t have a husband is because I wore blue eye shadow (in the ’80’s)! What a hoot they are! But love her while you have her!

  75. I would like to try the eye cream. There are so many products out there, and they are not inexpensive. I would love to find one that does what it promises so I could stop trying them out, but then being disappointed and moving on to the next . I feel like I have to use them up since a considerable amount of money was involved.

  76. You are so fun to read. I have a feeling I would adore your mom. I love it when people aren’t afraid to speak their minds. 🙂 I love my R+F. Best skincare I’ve ever used (and I’ve used A LOT.)

  77. Cynthia Kendrick Reply

    I love these jeans on you. I love this look. And yes I’ve noticed the care in your look. You look more vibrant and you are glowing. You look GREAT! BEAUTIFUL!

  78. I have never used your skin products, but you do look great! Really like the plaid shirt and vest. Probably by the time I get a plaid shirt, they will be out! Always happens too me!

  79. You have peaked my interest! I would love to try a new eye cream

  80. I am looking for an eye cream and would love a sample! I am BRAND NEW to your blog and am enjoying your style suggestions!

  81. Love the vest, could live without the patches and definitely need the eye cream!

  82. I would love to have a chance at that eye cream. Thanks for your blog and the time you take with it.

  83. Ellen Fryer Reply

    Would love an eye cream also!!! And…youre cute as always!

  84. I’d love to win also. I can use some help! Your outfit is cute, I like the jeans on you.

  85. Love your blog. I have heard a lot about Rodan and Fields Skin Care, and I would love to win the eye cream.

  86. I love Old Navy! Great outfit.
    Winning a sample of R&F would be a great way to try it to see if I like it! Thanks for the opportunity!! Love your blog!!

  87. Would love to try R & F. I think the pictures of your lashes looked awesome! Thanks for the give away.

  88. Janie Flores Reply

    I really like this outfit and your hair looks great I would also like to know more about your skin care routine.

  89. I am 46 and have been following you since I’m rounding up to 50! I need outfit ideas and I love the way you put yours together. Just curious if you ever wear Stella and Dot jewelry? Just got some for Christmas and the pieces are great.

  90. I like the jeans! And I have black booties from Old Navy, too — the flatter ones that you linked to. And I would love to try Rodan and Fields eye cream!

  91. I love new hair and the outfit! I could definitely use a little Botox miracle eye cream!

  92. Love, love the casual outfit. I am with you….not a fan of the jeans. I was so glad you said it first. My eye goes right to the patches.

  93. Hi Tania! I read your blog every morning and enjoy it so much. I would LOVE to try the R&F eye cream.

  94. I love this outfit!!
    Your skin looks fantastic! Please put me in the drawing for the eye cream!!

  95. Please include me in your draw for a free eye cream! You do look great! I like your outfit but feel we need to honour our true self. If it isn’t a favourite for you than move on.

  96. Judi Fortino Reply

    Of your 2 plaid looks prefer the previous over this look but you still look cute! This look is to me more casual. When I check back to old posts that you link to I have definitely noticed a difference in your looks. You are looking prettier and prettier! Like you are reverse aging! Would love to win some eye cream! Thanks for all the great posts. You are always a breath of fresh air!

  97. Love the vest. Enjoy seeing your outfits. I need to check out Old Navy because you mention them often. Would love to try R & F but don’t know where to start. You look great!

  98. Lauren Slone Reply

    I really enjoy reading your blog! I haven’t tried Rodan & Fields but I would like to give it a try.

  99. I just found your blog and I am so happy I did! 46 year old gal avoiding the frump! Haha.
    By the way, I’ve thought abt R and F skin care a lot and I’d love to try the eye cream! Pick me!

  100. I always look forward to reading your blog! Growing older isn’t always fun, but your sense of humor and adventure has given me a much needed new perspective! Thank you!

  101. Jeannie Aun Reply

    I like this outfit & I would also like a call from my Mom, asking if I too had Botox! Love your blog!

  102. Just discovered your blog via Pinterest! Love it! Would love an eye cream sample…my eye area is my biggest trouble spot.

  103. Your outfit looks fantastic! I would love to try The R & F eye cream. I have been interested for a while but hesitated to spend the money.

  104. I have been looking at the products and trying a sample would be wonderful!! BTW, I LOVE the red plaid and vest!! THANKS

  105. Kelly Fender Reply

    I would love to try the eye cream. I look forward to your posts first thing every morning!

  106. Haven’t tried R&F but would love to try the eye cream.Love your blog!

  107. I would love to try the eye cream. I could really use some help.🙄

  108. Love the outfit and the blog! Would love to try the eye cream.

  109. You are such an inspiration! I would love to turn back the hands of time and try the eye cream!

  110. Frances Brumfield Reply

    Love your blog, I am new and can’t get enough. Would love to be entered in the give away.


  111. Love your blog! I use the eye cream now and like it. I used to live in Dryden, VA ( in Lee Co.). I went to a friend’s wedding in Grundy – so I know the area when you talk about it.

  112. Hi Tania, I’m definitely interested in being included in your R&F drawing. Thanks for being so generous with ‘us girls’!

  113. Sandy Butler Reply

    Your skin glows. Would love to try the R and F skin care products.

  114. Michelle Castagne Reply

    I would like to be entered in the drawing for the mini eye-cream that you are offering. Botox results without the price sounds great!

  115. I would like to try the eye cream. I love your hair and enjoy looking at your blog every day!

  116. Kimberly Noonan Reply

    Put my name in for the drawing. I would like to try the product. I love your blog. You look amazing in all your outfits. You muse have a huge closet.

  117. Vicki Chunn Reply

    Look forward to your posts everyday. I would love to try the eye cream.

  118. I’ve just discovered your blog and I am lovin’ it!! Would love to try a new eye cream!

  119. Love reading your blog every day! I’d like to try the eye cream.

  120. I commented on this post a few days, but didn’t know I could try to win the eye cream. I would love to try it. I live in Arizona and the dry air is so hard on my skin. As I posted below, I loved your outfit.

  121. Would love to be entered into the drawing for the R and F eye cream. Thanks!

  122. Oh yes, I would love to win one of the R & F eye creams. And I love the vests you have been modeling.

  123. Lisa Simmons-Yarbro Reply

    Love all the red outfits!! Would love to win the R&F eye cream!!!

  124. I also would like to try the eye cream. Putting on my red too

  125. Mary Boyum Reply

    Love the red plaid and gray combo! I’m thinking my dark circles may need a little extra help…here’s hoping I’m one of the 4 to give it a trial…nothing else has worked so far!

  126. Crystal Tingle Reply

    I really would love to try the eye cream. The wrinkles seem to be coming more quickly since I turned 50.
    Love your blog and love your outfits.

  127. I have wanted to try R&F and would love to try the eye cream! I love reading your blog each morning. Thank you for all your hard work.

  128. Sheri DeLugt Reply

    You look like you’re in your early 40’s! I’m 55 and my skin looks no where near yours! I too shy away from R & F because of the price. Who knows, if I win some I might just go for it! Love your blogs/outfits! Thank you!

  129. Cinthya Reppond Reply

    Love reading your blog everyday! I also sell Plunder & would love to try the eye cream!

  130. Love the shirt with the vest! Would love to try Rodan and Fields. Keep on inspiring me! 😁

  131. I LOVE your style! Just wish I had started following you sooner. I am 44 yrs old but feel as if I am still 20. Loving how you put outfits and colors together. Can’t wait to start getting your emails!

    • Tania Reply

      Tara, I still think I am 20 too. I have a hard time understanding that my children don’t want to “hang out” with me. Lol! Thanks for subscribing!

  132. Tania, I just started following your blog and I love it. I’ve shared it with my BFFs. Can’t wait each day to see what you have on and what you have ti say.

  133. Love your clothes etc. Very cute. Do you have a relative named Emersynn? I caught this in a blog. My g randaughter is expecting her 2nd child & I wanted to mention the name to her. I love it!! I’m 76 & I like to wear cute clothes too!!

    • Tania Reply

      Yes, Emersyn is my granddaughter. SHe just turned 4 this past year.

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