Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a cropped denim jacket with a paisley print maxi dress


Happy Friday Eve! This week is flying by, and I only have a few more days to spend here in Tennessee with my family. It is always a struggle trying to fit everything that I want to do into a couple of days. I am already making plans to come back and visit again soon, if only for a few days.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old has a denim jacket thrown over her shoulder of a paisley print maxi dress


If you have been following me for any length of time, you might remember me traveling to West Virginia to pick up a puppy for my son.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is holding a Newfoundland puppy


This is Koda, a Newfoundland puppy who was 3 months old in this photo. Look at the size of those paws!!!


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is petting a large Newfoundland dog


2 years later…he is still a pretty boy! But, dang does this dog slobber. Lol! I would say that he has grown into his paws. Lol! (BTW, the jumpsuit is over 2 years old, and is not online. However, you might be able to find it here)


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a cropped denim jacket


Have you tried the cropped denim jacket trend? Since all of the jeans are going high-waisted, they are cropping the jackets. I think that I kind of like this trend, and I love this lighter color denim. I have several denim jackets that are medium or darker colored, but this is the only one that I have that is this light color.

I am wearing a size 1 in the jacket which is equivalent to a size 10. This is the size that I would normally wear, so I think that the jacket runs true to size.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a paisley print maxi dress


This dress! I love this paisley print maxi dress! This is one of those items that look so nice and polished looking, yet it is comfortable at the same time. It is part of the Travelers Collection which means that it would be great to pack on a trip since it is wrinkle resistant. However, I learned my lesson about wearing a maxi dress and flying on an airplane…don’t do it!

I thought that a maxi dress would be great to fly with since it would be comfortable. However, when I went through security, they pulled me aside and brought a female TSA agent to pat me down. I asked them why they did that, and they said that I could have been hiding something under the skirt. I won’t make that mistake again. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a cropped denim jacket with a paisley print maxi dress


However, traveling in a car would be just fine. This dress feels like you are wearing your nightgown, but it looks like you really went all out. I am wearing a size 1 in the dress and it fits great. It is stretchy, so it has a lot of give to the material. I was afraid that it would cling to my bumps, but it skims over them instead.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a cropped denim jacket, a paisley print maxi dress, and a long necklace


I added a single strand necklace of genuine amazonite stones with a faux-patina finish. It is a beautiful pale turquoise color, and it is gorgeous in person. This necklace would look great all summer long, but it will look good in the fall also. I love wearing turquoise in the fall of the year.

The matching hoop earrings would look great with this necklace, but I chose a slightly different pair instead. Since the pair that I picked are already sold out, the matching hoop earrings are the best choice. Lol!


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a cropped light-wash denim jacket with a paisley print maxi dress

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  1. Lynn Watson says:

    Love my Jean jackets. Cute dress. Your new haircut is very flattering

  2. Kelly Ann Casey says:

    This is my favorite outfit ever! Colors are beautiful on you, the jacket is so cute with the dress. Just beautiful!

  3. Really don’t want to be negative but your blog is so cluttered with ads it makes it hard to focus on what your trying to show. There are ads on the bottom, on the side and all through the body of the post. I understand bloggers monetize through those ads but this is overkill.

    1. I will pass your feedback along to the Ads Manager. I do not place the ads on my site, and I actually allow fewer ads than most blogs.

  4. Absolutely love this outfit!

  5. Ann Ruble says:

    I love this OOT on you – the colors are gorgeous and the fit of the dress and cropped jacket are spot-on! It’s a winner! I’m also SO delighted to see you posing in different settings. I was really tired of that “Welcome” sign on your front porch. But more important, the different settings give you a chance to show off your great personality and style in a more uninhibited way. The windblown shot of you in the wrap dress was priceless and so real! Love you Tania!!

  6. Love the whole outfit! Yes, I would wear a cropped jean jacket. Very cute. I like the light wash jacket with the pastel dress. Even though the jacket color isn’t in the dress, it looks so nice with it. Wish that dress came in petite! Oh well!

  7. I love the dress. Looks great on you.

  8. Koda got so HUUUUGE! What a beautiful boy!!!!! Love the outfit!

  9. Great outfit! I especially like the lighter wash and clean, uncomplicated lines of the jacket without the usual pockets. And cropped anything is a boon to us petites. It means it will fit me without any altering needed.

  10. Christine Binnendyk says:

    I think you do a better job modelling this one than the Chico’s site! Love how the cropped length on the jacket gives you more curves in this dress…think I need to grab one for myself.

  11. Love this look! It makes you look so young! So glad you are having fun with family!!!! So good for the soul ❤️

  12. Carrie Kujath says:

    Beautiful outfit! Love the dress on you (and your hair!!!!)….you look so great, Tania! I don’t love the cropped jacket with pants, but I don’t think I mind it with dresses — then again, I don’t have any cropped jackets, so haven’t really tried it. Looks great on you. For a casual dress, this is above my preferred price point, but it is beautiful!

  13. My daughter who is tall like you and slender (size 4) wore a jacket like yours on Mother’s Day. Hers was unfinished hem. It looked great on her. Me, I’m short with linebacker shoulders and I look very dumpy and frumpy in anything that doesn’t have long lean lines. But you look amazing in it!

    I was LOL at the TSA deal. I was accosted by a TSA agent wearing an underwire bra. She pulled me aside and asked me to unhook it to prove I had nothing in it. Since I can’t re-hook a rear fastening bra while it’s on my shoulders I had to slouch my way onto my plane and then go into the tiny cubicle toilet to take off my top, take off the bra, turn it around, hook it in the front of me, wrestle it back around and then shove my arms back through the straps all the while yelling at whoever was pounding on the door to wait an effing minute! Thank goodness they now make front closing bras!

  14. Beautiful dress and it looks great on you!

  15. Hi Tania,
    I like the cropped denim jacket. It’s very 70’s. Also the wideness of the silhouette makes my waist look more shapely. I have the perfect pair of bell bottoms for this jacket, and with my “fro and some hoop earrings I’ll channel my high school self.

  16. Lee Rosenthall says:

    Define “cropped” lol. MOST denim jackets are “cropped” on me, because I’m long-waisted and have a large bust. Discovering a regular-length basic denim jacket at Chico’s a few years ago was like finding manna from heaven because it was long enough, and I’ve bought several more since then. I paid full price for the first one, which was also the perfect color for me, and was happy to do so! I do like the look of a cropped denim jacket with a dress, but it still looks odd to my eye with anything else. Perhaps my reaction will change after it gains in popularity. Your outfit looks great on you, but I think your length is mostly in your legs? I also wish Chico’s offered denim jackets in half sizes. I normally buy a 2 so I can button it over my bust without feeling squashed, but I prefer the way a 1 fits everywhere else. Chico’s denim jackets are nice and stretchy, so I think a lot of women size down in them, especially if they never button their jackets. (Newfoundlands are AMAZING dogs. What a good mom you are to allow a dog that size in your home! 🙂 )

  17. Sharon E Burkhardt says:

    No I would not weat the cropped denim cjacket – I am not falling for that trend. The paisley dress looks fantastic on you!

  18. Wow this is a beautiful outfit! The colors are perfect! And that dog – I wish I could crawl through the screen and snuggle him!

  19. Beautiful dress. The jacket looks great with the dress, too.

  20. Love the beautiful paisley print dress and it doesn’t wrinkle…bonus! Good advice about not wearing a maxi dress to fly. I have several denim jackets and one of them is a white cropped version that I bought many years ago. Time to get it out and start wearing it again. Enjoy the rest of your time in Tennessee!

  21. Love the outfit and Koda just gives you more dog to love! I am busty and not a fan of the crop jacket. But I do like the light denim look with your dress!

  22. I love the denim jacket look with a dress. This is a great outfit and love the colors in the dress. The necklace looks perfect with it also. Cute “puppy”!! So happy for you having a nice visit with your family. Time always flies by too quickly when you are on vacation. Have fun and save travels back home!

  23. That whole outfit on you is gorgeous! Koda is adorable! Love big dogs .

  24. Love this outfit! It looks fantastic!

  25. This outfit is amazing on you! The colors fit and style are perfect. I’m not sure about the crop jacket for me, but it’s perfect here! BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy the family time.

  26. Love Koda! I’m a dog woman and he is absolutely adorable. The outfit is gorgeous on you. I have a cropped denim jacket and wear it regularly. I really like the light blue so will have to consider a lighter denim.

  27. Love the outfit Tania I have a couple of crop denim jackets love them over a dress especially a maxi my go to outfit in holidays lovely you got to see your family 💖 love the “puppy” adorable enjoy the rest of your break with the family

  28. Love the outfit! Enjoy your trip!

  29. I think the cropped jacket looks VERY cute with your dress. I will likely stick with the classic length, of which I have four…white, black and two shades of blue. I only have so much room in my closet😀

  30. Tania
    Love the paisley dress, crop Jean jacket & turquoise & gold necklace. I saw a real cute crop Jean jacket in white from Soft Surroundings that you would love too!