Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a lemon yellow button up shirt with a pair of skinny crop jeans and leopard print flats The other day, I uploaded a YouTube video from a pulmonary doctor who practices at Cornell medical hospital in New York City. I loved the doctor’s calm manner that he used while explaining about the COVID-19 virus, what we can do to prevent getting the virus, and what we can do if we get the virus. I appreciate all of the workers in the medical field right now who are putting their lives on the line trying to help all of us.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a lemon yellow shirt with a pair of skinny crop jeans and leopard print flats In the video, the doctor said that wearing a mask, bandana, etc. on your face would help to remind you not to touch your face. He suggested that you should start wearing one around the house to show you how many times you touch your face without even thinking about it. I know that the minute you think that you shouldn’t touch your face that your eyes itches, you feel like you are going to sneeze, or you feel like something is stuck in your teeth. Lol!

So, I called my sister and told her that I wanted a mask. Her daughter has been making the masks, but elastic is not easy to find because so many people are making masks. Making masks is a great thing that everyone is doing. If I am going to wear a mask, I want it to be pretty. Lol! My niece is into horses and Star Wars, while I am into florals, leopard print, and sparkly.  I am not sure that her taste and my taste is going to be the same. So, if any of you happen to have a sparkly leopard print mask lying around somewhere, send it to me so that I can style the latest in COVID-19 apparel. Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a sparkly mask In case you needed some inspiration. Lol!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow button up shirt I forgot even to put on any earrings with this outfit. Lol! I was talking on my phone as I got ready, and I had my AirPods in my ears so that I didn’t disturb Joe. When I got finished dressing, I took pictures right away and completely forgot about the earrings. At least my mind remembered the Fallyn cuff bracelet and the Rue long gold necklace. I went back for my earrings after I saw the photos, but I was too lazy to retake the pictures. Lol! You’ll just have to take my word for it that I added the Sophee drop earrings.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a lemon yellow button up shirt with a pair of skinny crop jeans

Y’all, I woke up singing, “I’m walking on sunshine.” I couldn’t tell you where that song came from in my mind since I don’t think that I’ve heard that song in YEARS! But, I took it as a sign to keep up my sunny attitude, so I put on this sunny button-up shirt to spread a little sunshine in your life too. This shirt is not a daffodil yellow or even bright sunshine yellow. Instead, it is a light lemon color that is more subtle instead of bright and in your face.

This shirt is soft and lightweight, and I would describe it as easy going. It looks like the type of shirt that you put on for an effortless look that looks fabulous. It has long sleeves, but the first thing that I would do is to roll those babies up for a 3/4 sleeve look. The shirt is machine washable and tumble dry, and it can be worn with almost anything since it is a solid color. The only draw-back for some will be the large pockets with flaps on the chest. I am not large chested, so these don’t bother me, but I have several of you post that you hate chest pockets. I am wearing a medium in this top, and it is plenty roomy on me. If you need a little sunshine in your life, then here is the link to the shirt that is on sale for $20.00.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a lemon yellow shirt with a pair of skinny crop jeans and leopard print flats I have loved these Mavi skinny jeans since I got them. They are super comfortable, and they fit me like a dream. They are soft, so they are easy to wear all day long without feeling like you are being cut into. I love jeans, but they are not always the most comfortable item in my closet. I have become a huge fan of Kut From The Kloth, Wit & Wisdom, and Mavi Jeans. There are a few others also, but these rank among my favorites.

These are a crop jean, but since the inseam is 27″, they are still reasonably long. They are like a crop/ankle mixture. I am wearing a size 30 in these jeans, which is the same as a size 10. The jeans fit me great, and a 10 is my usual size, so I think that they run true to size. Here is the link to the jeans.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a lemon yellow button up shirt with a pair of skinny jeans and leopard print flats Remember when I said (here) that I wasn’t sure that I would be able to wear these leopard print flats all day long? Well, scrap that because I find myself wearing these flats all the time. I love that they slip on quickly and that they have a fashionable and stylish print. These are considered neutral, so they go with anything and everything. I am wearing my usual size 9 in these flats, so they run true to size. Here is the link to the cute leopard print flats that you’ll thank me for telling you about.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow shirt with a pair of skinny crop jeans and leopard print flats I am hoping that you are feeling like you are walking on Sunshine also. Spreading as much sunshine as I can is my goal, and I would love to make a stressed-out, overworked health care worker’s day. I have an Active Hydration Body Replenish that I would love to surprise them with, so if you have a healthcare worker in your family, shout them out. That way, we can all cheer for them, and maybe they will be the lucky winner of this luxurious cream.

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  1. Sherry B wrote:

    I look forward to reading your posts each morning. I would like to cheer on my beautiful daughter., Taylor. She is a dedicated and caring RN in Annapolis, MD. I am so proud of her everyday but even more so during these uncertain times. I am so thankful for her and all the other frontline workers. It would be awesome to recognize her with your R&F giveaway especially since she has made several comments about how wearing her PPE is so discomforting to her face by the end of a long shift. Thank you Tania for kindness and inspiration.

    Posted 4.6.20 Reply
  2. Charlcy Green wrote:

    I love this cheery yellow top w those fitted jeans and leopard flats! And it is so sweet of you to offer a gift like this to a health care worker. My sister is a nurse in Ft. Worth and would be excited to get this! Thanks for being you!

    Posted 4.6.20 Reply
  3. Traci Major wrote:

    I would like to nominate my daughter, Caitlyn. She works at a Denver Hospital in the Command Information Center where communication between the hospital and patients, government officials, and news media is dispersed. I am so proud of her. Thank you for the opportunity and I love your blog!

    Posted 4.6.20 Reply
  4. Vicky F. wrote:

    Hi Tania – I love the blue lace-up hoodie in today’s *Monday 4/6) post. Just the color alone makes me happy. I know several overworked healthcare workers but I would love to surprise my dear friend Summer with your R&F product giveaway. She is working long shifts at a major hospital in our area ,then turns around and helps anyone she can in any way she can. Take caree!

    Posted 4.6.20 Reply
  5. Pat wrote:

    My daughter is a cardiac ICU nurse ( heart transplants and congenital surgeries)at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Her skin could sure use it because of the N95 masks! These are our warriors!

    Posted 4.6.20 Reply
  6. Marie wrote:

    I do daycare for a RN nurse at a health care facility. She has four kids and is trying to stay up with the king days at work and then have to be a mommy on top of it and make sure her child are safe from her brining it home. Many prayers . Thank you so much this is so sweet of you.

    Posted 4.6.20 Reply
  7. Teresa Benda wrote:

    I would like to nominate my daughter Paige. She is only 24 and is a nurse working in the Covid unit at Fairfax hospital. Because she is working in this unit she can’t be near family and of course her friends. All anyone wants to talk to her about is the virus so she is surrounded by it all the time. She and all of the nurses and tired and overwhelmed.

    Posted 4.6.20 Reply
  8. Kathy wrote:

    You make my day brighter!! Your blog is one of my favorites!! Thanks for everything you do to keep us stylish and positive!!

    Your Carolina fan!!

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  9. Eve wrote:

    You can always cut an old bra in half , use one of the cups and attach elastic to the sides. There you go. Pretty in lace. LOL I’m afraid my cup would cover my face though.
    This style of shirt fills my closet. It’s what I wear every day in the spring and summer. I need pockets like I need lids on skillets. I love yellow and right now it is so nice to see. I was wearing a yellow blouse a few years ago and my SIL said my top half looked like a bright yellow school bus. LOL. I trust her judgement so I avoid bright yellow now but I love ths shade of yellow. Mellow yellow. Very pretty.

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  10. Julia Purtill wrote:

    Darling outfit! On the shirt, I am busty but i LIKE i pockets as it gives an extra layer of fabric over the bra area!
    Would you say the Mavi jeans are mid rise or high rise. I looked at the description but couldn’t tell. Also on masks- I ordered some cute ones for myself and 2 grown daughters on Etsy.

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  11. Becky wrote:

    Funny that you like your sparkley masks! I have lots of material in my closet bc I sew blingy tutu’s for Disney Marathons. I was thinking of making a mask but thought my material would be too scratchy on my face! Lol!!! I’ll look like I’ve been making out w a scruffy guy!!!

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  12. Jodi Dembeck wrote:

    You are so funny! Some of the things you write about just make me laugh out loud!!! Bring it on Gurl!!!!!

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  13. LTrivett wrote:

    My daughter, Payton, works at Henery Ford hospital here in Michigan. The unit she works on has become a COVID-19 unit. I not only worry about her physicall wellness but her mental wellness as well.

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  14. Janet Brooks wrote:

    Thank you so much for being so upbeat on your blog. I feel a little better every time I get on here. My sister Sherry is a nurse working at an urgent care in Virginia. This is a stressful time for all, but especially health care workers.

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  15. Debbie wrote:

    I love your sunshiny attitude! Our granddaughter is an ICU nurse working with Covid19 patients everyday at KU Medical Center. We pray for her safety and those she cares for. She only graduated two years ago and is already in the biggest health care battle in the world.

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  16. Christi Domingue wrote:

    That color looks beautiful on you!

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  17. Brenda wrote:

    Pardon me please but A brief change of subject. I have missed several months of your daily blogs and I immediately noticed you appear much slimmer in current pics. What’s your secret?

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  18. Tawni wrote:

    Thank you so much for always being real and keeping me smiling through this time! I thought I would share a great website that is selling beautiful face masks. It is glorywraps.com They have so many stylish prints to choose and most are $12 each.

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
    • Cindy wrote:

      Thank you . I just ordered one ?

      Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  19. Michelle Flanagan wrote:

    Love the sunshine yellow shirt and your Sunny outlook on life! If your sister needs elastic I saw that I’d you cut open a bungee cord there’s elastic inside that is usable.

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  20. Michele wrote:

    My daughter is a pharmacist and is deemed an essential worker within the medical field. She was describing her exhaustion as more of the mental kind, and thankfully has a few days off to refresh and rest. She has her own family to care for but checks in regularly with us to see if we need anything. I SO appreciate all of those who are working SO hard to help SO many at this time. I think I will find some yellow to wear today to help add a little sunshine to my day.

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  21. Lynn wrote:

    Yours is the first post I read every morning and I have been reading you for years. Our granddaughter works as an ER nurse in a large Connecticut hospital working the front line. I would love for her to receive a treat like the Body Replenish. God bless them and thank you to all fellow health care workers.

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  22. falkchris wrote:

    I have 2 family members who are health care workers. My sister-in-law, Barb, is a labor and delivery nurse in Wisconsin (although she has been pulled in to help with ER patients). And I have a nephew who is an ER doctor. He works for a rural hospital in Illinois and they only have ONE ventilator! I pray for them both every day!

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
  23. Haven t even thought of a Leopard print maak! Haha, that’s a good one! Happy weekend!

    Posted 4.4.20 Reply
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