This is the time of the year for giving. Of course, that also means that it is the season for buying, and buying, and buying. I can’t help it, when I shop for others, I always seem to find a few things that “I” can’t live without. During the Christmas season, I have two sides to me, and they sometimes fight to see which side will win. I have the practical side that wants to buy socks and pajamas for everyone, and then I have the splurge side that wants to buy an iPhone 11 and Airpods.
I don’t mind spending money on the ones that I love if I know that the item will be used. But, I hate buying something and finding it still in the box a year later. With my dad, I look for things that have to do with warmth. He is fairly easy, but my mom is a horse of a different color. She is picky, practical, and she also will let you know if she doesn’t like her gift. Lol! I have two gift guides below, one for each side of me. Lol! The links are below each guide, I tried to add a large photo of each item, but it kept breaking the site. Instead, I did add a description and another link in the description. Also, the Black Friday ads that I have found are above at the top of the blog. Just click on it and you will see all of them in one spot. I am anxious to hear which guide you liked the best, let me know your favorite item.
Gifts to Splurge on for Christmas
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————————————————————————————————————– Practical Gifts for Christmas One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine // Ten

Splurge – Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer w/stand

Okay, I admit that Dyson products are fabulous! I love the technology behind the products, and they have performed better than I ever expected. But, this hair dryer is seriously expensive. So, why would I want to pay that much for a hair dryer when I can buy one for WAAAAAY less? That is the question that I have been asking myself, so I talked to a few people who own these dryers, and I asked them for the 411. According to what they told me if you have curly or frizzy hair, then you are going to love this. And, if you have thick and coarse hair, you are going to love this. The only one they thought might not “need” this dryer was people who had straight hair with no frizz and plenty on natural shine. All I know is that I found it for 20% off, so if you want to give it a try, this will save you around 80.00.  Here is the link to Dyson Hair Dryer.

Splurge – Ring Door Bell + Echo Show

I was shocked when my mother said that she bought the ring doorbell…and she loves it! My parents don’t live in a populated area, and they don’t get a lot of traffic to their door. So, this was not a gift that I thought she would like. But, she likes being able to see who is at her door, if packages actually get delivered, and who is around her house. Now, that makes sense. Here is the link to this combo set, which gets you the Echo Show for just 10.00 extra.

Ninja 7-in-1

Surprisingly, this is on Joe’s wish list for Christmas. This has 7 functions which include pressure cook, air fry/air crisp, steam, bake/roast, slow cook, yogurt, and sear/saute. What I like is that it is only one product and not several different things to clutter up my counter. It doesn’t need any help in that department. Here is the link to the Ninja.

Vitamix Professional Grade Blender

This is one of those things that you don’t think you need until you get one. I bought this a couple of years ago and Joe rolled his eyes because of the expense. But, I used it every day to make my smoothies, and it chopped the ice with ease. I even used this to make banana ice cream using bananas and dates each night, and then he was hooked. Once you get used to this, you will even take it with you on vacation. Don’t ask me how I know that. Lol! Here is the link.

Bose Wave Music System

Do you really need a Bose to listen to music? Absolutely not! Will your music sound waaaay better on the Bose? Absolutely!!! I have had a Bose radio/cd player/clock for ten years on my nightstand. Joe and I are not people who listen to music, so don’t ask me how we ended up with this radio. But, at the same time, we love it. If you are a music lover, then you will love this as a gift. Here is the link. But, if music is not your jam, then this might be one gift to leave on the shelf.

Dyson V8 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum

Here we go again with Dyson. My daughter and daughter-in-law both love a Dyson vacuum, and my daughter especially loves the cord-free version. She likes not having to tussle with the cords, and she said the battery lasted long enough for her needs. I have yet to try a Dyson, so I have no experience with these vacuums. But, if they are on your wish list, here is the link.

Schlage Smart Deadbolt

This is something that I have, and I love it! With this, there is no more locking yourself out of the house. You can have different codes for people, and you can erase those codes also. These are easy to install, and these new ones can also use Alexa, etc., to lock and unlock them by a smartphone. Here is the link to the lock.

Cookperfect Smart Meat Thermometer

This is a gadget for the person who loves to cook. It has multiple sensors on the probe to ensure that your meat is cooked perfectly every time. I would have to see this in action, but it looks cool. Here is the link.

Medify Air Purifier with Medical Grad Filtration

This is for those who “need” all of the impurities out of the air. The medical-grade filtration says that it removes more particles from the air than a true HEPA. Here is the link.

Roomba Robot Vacuum

This is another one of those products that people love! I have never used one, and I have never seen one in action. But, I know a couple of people who have these and they say they are a lifesaver. If you hate to vacuum, then this is for you. You can program the robot to run at specific times, and it will even clean under your furniture. If anyone has this, let me know what you think. Here is the link.

Express Water Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Whew! That name is a mouthful! Alkaline water is the latest “must-have” and this is an affordable alternative to systems that I have seen that can cost up to 4,000.00 or more. I watched the installation video, and it is something that even I could do, but you have to run the water through several cycles before it is ready to be consumed. If you are concerned about what is in your water, then this could be a gift you would like. Here is the link.

Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

This is another product that my daughter loves. She gets lots of fresh meat living in Alaska, and she uses this to make sure that it doesn’t get freezer burn over the winter. She uses this to seal fresh Salmon during the summer, and then deer and elk in the fall. This also comes in handy when supermarkets have things on sale that you want to purchase. Buy in bulk, repackage in these freezer bags, and save a lot of money. Here is the link.

Now for the Practical Gifts:

1. Password Organizer

I can’t live without one of these password organizer books. Everything has an account and they all have different passwords. How in the world are we supposed to remember them all? I keep two of these books, one is in case I lose the other one. Lol! This is super inexpensive but extremely valuable. Here is the link.

2. Inverted Umbrella

I love the inverted umbrella, and so does my granddaughter, Emersyn. I can’t keep these umbrellas because she packs them off every time that I buy one. Lol! I am grabbing me this leopard print one, and daring her to put her pudgy little paws on this one. Here is the link.

3. Power Bank

We all are on our phones, iPads, or laptops all day long. That is fine if you are at your house, but if you are out shopping or running errands, your phone can lose its battery charge. These power banks are great to slip in your handbag, and they will charge your device in no time. Practical and smart! Here is the link.

4. Rain Boots

Into everyone’s life, a little rain must fall. Rain makes mud, and mud makes for messy shoes. You can purchase inexpensive rain boots that will keep your feet dry, and they can also be super cute like the one above. Here is the link.

Coffee Mug

I think Joe needs to put this in my stocking. Lol! You can’t go wrong with a mug, especially if the saying sounds just like them. You don’t have to drink coffee, to use a cute mug. Here is the link to this mug.

Face Socks

Socks are practical. How many of you remember getting socks from your Grandmother? I got socks, and underwear too from Granny when I was young. I came across this website where you can send them a photo of a person or pet, and they will put them on a pair of socks. How cute for a stocking stuffer or even an office party gift. Here is the link for the socks.

Tile Item Finder

Who hasn’t lost their keys? What about your phone or maybe your purse? This wonderful item can be applied to any device and you can have it “ring” so that you can find it, even if your phone is turned off. I wonder if this works on husbands?!? Here is the link to a 4-pack.

Erasable Ink Pens

I ordered some of these about six months ago, and I am hooked on them now. No more having to strike through or having your notes look like a kindergartner wrote them. Just don’t use these to write checks. Lol! Here is the link to the erasable pens.

Custom Photo

I know as a mother and grandmother, that I like getting photos of the children for Christmas. My daughter-in-laws both had custom canvases made for me, and I loved them. I am sure that there are lots of places that can do these for you, but here is a link to one that looks nice.

Weighted Blanket

I really want to try the weighted blankets. They are supposed to help you get a good night’s sleep, even though I am not sure exactly how that works. I know several people who have them and they wouldn’t trade them for anything. Joe has put his foot down and said NO. He barely tolerates a sheet, so I don’t see one of these in my future. But, if you are interested, here is the link.
If you are still struggling with what to get for the hard to buy for man in your life, then check out this post (here).
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  1. I work at an elementary school. I I know teacher are always wanting colored pens or makers.

    • Tania Reply

      Jane, I hadn’t thought about how teachers would love these pens, but you are right.

      • Tania, Hubby bought me a rumba and I did the “eye roll” thing, but have to admit now that I love it! Works great on carpet, rugs, and wood floors and picks up pethair too. Like having a maid!
        Also have the cordless Dyson and love it too! Very lightweight and handy for little messes, stairs, and cleaning out the car!
        Great lists!
        Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I want that Dyson hairdryer. Why does it have to be SOOO expensive!!!!!

    • Tania Reply

      I know, Debbie. At least on the one that I linked to you can save 80.00! Don’t think about how much you spend, think about how much you saved. LOL!!!

  3. how thoughtful that you have done such an organized and wonderful post, Thank you!

    • Tania Reply

      Aww, thanks, Mary. This took me forever, especially since the website kept crashing because of all of the photos.

  4. Monica Ercanbrack Reply

    I have a weighted blanket it’s not that big you could just put on your side of the bed they very warm though. FYI

  5. Susan Roberts Reply

    I love the practical gift guide! I am especially fond of the face socks! LOL!

  6. I have a roomba vacuum and love it. Set the schedule and off she goes. Her name is Rosie at our house, like the Jetsons maid. She’s kinda “ space age”!

  7. My daughter has extremely curly hair. It’s beautiful but hard to care for. When she got a Real Job (aka can’t go to work with wet hair and let it dry naturally which takes a couple hours) I bought her an old fashioned bonnet on a stand dryer. She says it’s changed her life. I think it was $100.
    My SIL thought of this, she used to be a hairstylist.

  8. Sherry Jackson Reply

    I have the Dyson vacuum on my Christmas list !! My son & DIL have one & I love it !! Great lists Tania !!

    • Cheryl Peffer Reply

      Haha. I think I’m too old to want or need any of these. The Dyson hair dryer would never do. My hair is short and it’s like cat hair.

  9. Karen from Como Reply

    Hoping you can make some tweaks. I do not like the font or font size on this new websit. In fact I skipped most of this post when I normally read every word. And I miss the “teaser” sentences on your emails. Now all I get is a button to push. Without the teaser, I don’t have a reason to push the button. I used to love getting and reading every post.

    • Tania Reply

      Karen, today’s is the first time that I tried a new font. Some said that my normal font was too small, so I went one size larger trying to make it easier to read. Because I have so many new people to the email, I think that there was some confusion about what to do to get to the blog post. So, today, I did a simple HERE is where you go to get the post. I will be going back to my “teaser” once everyone is used to getting the email from me. Whew, trying to get better is sure hard work!

  10. Practical side of course. p.s. can your font be made any larger? Thank you!

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