Stylish Thanksgiving with velvet and jeansThanksgiving is right around the corner, and I am busy making a grocery list so that I can have the family over for dinner. Joe’s sister and her family will be coming, along with my son and his family who live next door. My daughter will be spending Thanksgiving in Alaska, and even though we will miss having her here, I know that her extended Alaskan family will be welcoming to her.
skinny jeans and heels for a stylish thanksgivingWe are creatures of habit and we seem to have the same items on our Thanksgiving menu every year. I would love to change things up a little, but I am always afraid to try new things for the first time when I have company coming. So, I stick to tried and true foods like turkey and dressing, sweet potato crunch, cranberry salad, corn, green beans, rolls, and then a few desserts. Is that too boring? Do I need to add something crazy like broccoli casserole or pasta salad? Lol! What is YOUR favorite side dish?
black velvet tee for a stylish thanksgiving
I don’t know about you, but I want to be comfortable at any holiday event. So, jeans are my go-to choice when comfort is my goal. However, who doesn’t want to look fashionable and stylish when the family is all gathered around the table for Thanksgiving? I will be adding this black velvet smocked tee by Gibson for a casual style that looks elegant. Velvet is one of those materials that add elegance and opulence to anything else that you are wearing. This tee enhances your best assets with the pleating in the material, and it hides my least favorite part of my body, the tummy. The top runs true to size and I am wearing a medium to give you an idea of the fit. Because I am wearing the top indoors, the short sleeves will be fine. But, if you have to drive to your dinner location, then adding a jacket or coat will keep you plenty warm. I know that you will love this top, and you will wear it in lots of ways. Here is the link to the tee, and below are a couple of tops that I like.
smocked velvet tee for a stylish thanksgivingThis photo gives you a better look at the smocking on the tee and how cute it looks. I am wearing silver jewelry with this top, and even though the cross pendant has pearls and crystals, it still gives you a casual vibe. The next time that I style this top, I will go for a dressier look, and add jewelry that will reflect that style. The earrings that I am wearing have both silver and gold metals, and they can go with any casual style outfit. My circle Tiffany’s necklace is always in style, and I normally keep it on with everything. The clasp is tiny and it is hard to remove, so I find it easier to leave it on all the time. The long pearl-encrusted pendant is one that I have had for years. I love it, and I wish that I could find similar ones for you. My best suggestion would be to check on eBay and Etsy because they have lots of cross pendants.
animal print heels for a stylish thanksgivingLet’s talk about these heels! These shoes are by Jessica Simpson, and they up the WOW factor by 100% when you put them on. I love the mixture of animal prints like the tiger, cheetah, and giraffe on the heels. It is like taking a walk on the wild side in these babies. They are not for the faint of heart since they also sport a 4″ heel. If you can tolerate a heel that high, then you will love this shoe. They run true to size, and I am wearing my normal size 9. Here is the link to the shoes. And, a few more to choose from if these are not your cup of tea.

elegant style for a stylish thanksgivingA lady commented on the blog that if skinny jeans go out of style, just don’t tell her. Haha! I have to agree with her statement because I love wearing my skinny jeans. I know that they might not work for every body type, so you need to experiment to see what looks best on you. In order to show off my gorgeous heels, I am wearing the jeans cuffed. You can buy jeans that already have the cuff sewn in, or you can cuff them yourself. For this look, the jeans are only rolled up one time, and it is a smaller cuff. Some times I will do a larger cuff, but that is for a casual look, and normally it is when I wear sneakers or ankle boots. Here is how I wore jeans to Thanksgiving back in 2015, it was a little different look.

black velvet and skinny jeans with heels for a stylish thanksgivingBe sure to visit me tomorrow. I have worked for a couple of days to bring you some gift ideas, and I should have that post ready before all of the Black Friday sales go live. I have a Splurge gift guide and a Practical gift guide that have lots of items that you won’t see on most gift guides. Also, I have already started my Black Friday Sales Event on Rodan + Fields. If you would like to see those deals, then click here.
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  1. Tania you look great in those heels! Have a wonderful holiday. Be careful what you add to the holiday menu, about 10 years ago I threw in a 7 layer salad and now it has just been added to the must have list.

    • Tania Reply

      Mary, I love a 7-layer salad. We occasionally add that, so I might add it again.

  2. A great casual yet taking it to the next level look! The shoes and the velvet look great.
    I had to come to your web site as I have not gotten emails in several days! Miss them but I would not miss a post so I come to the web site!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Rhonda! I loved that velvet top, and the shoes are to die for. They might be for walking, but they are great for looking at. LOL! BTW, I looked, and you were not on my email list, so I added you. You should get the notifications again starting tomorrow.

  3. A great look for Thanksgiving! I had to go to your web page to read todays post because the email I received was the post from your 2015 throw back. Lol!! Anyhoo….hope your new server gets the kinks worked out soon. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Tania! Xoxo

    • Tania Reply

      I messed up and sent the wrong link out. I sent out a new email for those who haven’t already figured out the issue. I wish I could blame this one on the server, but it was all me. UGH! Hang with me…I’ll get everything worked out…eventually.

  4. My email sent me to the 2015 post, too. I immediately noticed how different you looked, and knew it was older! Your emails come to my “promotions folder” now. Love the top, jeans, and necklace, but I don’t think I could do those shoes!

    • Tania Reply

      Linda, you can fix it so that my emails go to your primary folder. You open the email and then drag it to the primary folder. After it understands that you WANT to see the email, it will put it in the primary folder from now on. Or, at least I hope it will.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving !! Love your casual but very cute outfit!! I’ve long given up any shoes with a high heel. Feet issues ..heels definitely dress up any outfit.
    I cook way too many different dishes for Thanksgiving but it’s a once a year feast and we all love having all the choices!! And, lots of leftovers !! We love leftovers!!
    There’s always mashed potatoes and Mac and cheese
    And Green Fluff ( pistachio salad) to go along with everything you mentioned. Then there’s all the desserts! I do the majority of cooking but I do have help with some of it!!

    Have a great time with your family!!

    • Tania Reply

      Cindy, all of that sounds amazing. I’ll probably add mac and cheese for the grandbabies also. I do a lot of the cooking, but my sister-in-law and daughter-in-law will also bring dishes, and they are both great cooks.

  6. Sherry Jackson Reply

    Those shoes !!!! LOVE them !! You look great!! Happy Thanksgiving Tania!!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Sherry! I loved them also. Maybe not for long periods of walking, but definitely for a night out to dinner.

  7. Love how your velvet top dresses up the jeans outfit! It’s perfect! My Thanksgiving dinner is always the same too, and honestly my kids would complain if I switched it up!

  8. Those shoes definitely have the WOW factor but they certainly don’t look comfy. Do those go on after dinner is prepared and you’re ready sit? Those would definitely be sitting shoes for me! Yes I have a category of shoes that I only wear if I know I won’t have to walk or stand very long in them ?.

    • Tania Reply

      Kathryn, these are definitely shoes for sitting. I fix the dinner, and then I put on my outfit for eating. I don’t want to get my “wearing” outfit dirty with all of the cooking items.

  9. So glad I saw your new post. Ha Ha. I was thinking I was losing my mind and had lost track of the days. I thought for sure it was tuesday not thursday. I like your outfit and saw one out of your choices that I like and ordered it. You have given me several good ideas and at reasonable prices. I like velvet also so ordered the long sleeve top with the ruffle. It might actually look good with the teal brushed corduroy slacks that I bought after seeing your post on those. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,

    • Tania Reply

      I bet the teal corduroy pants will look great with velvet. Both are very rich looking materials.

  10. LISA CASTRO Reply

    OMG love the outfit.. Your menu sounds perfect. Would love the recipe for sweet potato crunch..Enjoy your family.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Lisa for the comment about the outfit. As far as the menu goes, thanks to Mary, I have added 7-layer salad to it also. Lol! I send you the recipe for the sweet potato crunch.

  11. Jennifer L Hamilton Reply

    No worries about the earlier link, I was up early at 4:30am (California) Pacific time and was able to find my way to the right post. You look great in both pics. But you look amazing in the heels.

    Have a blessed Tuesday,

    Jennifer Hamilton

  12. Cute outfit. You have aged backwards!!! Lookin’ good, lady! Happy T-day with the family.

  13. If skinny jeans go out of style, I don’t want to know either. I cleaned one of my closets Sunday and donated a bunch of my stuff to Goodwill. I kept one pair of flare leg jeans and all of my skinny jeans. The rest got donated. Lol, so if they go out of style then I don’t want to know.

  14. Monika Fenyves Reply

    LOVE those shoes! Our group dresses in Colorado casual, so I always feel overdressed at my own Thanksgiving table! Oh well, I’m 60 now and don’t care, so I’ll wear something cute from now on. (Actually started that last year) Do you know anything about the website Noracora? They advertise some really cute stuff, just don’t know if they’re legit. Also, have you tried Color the World lipsticks? Like the premise but don’t want to buy one more lipstick that won’t work.
    You keep inspiring me 🙂 Have a great Turkey Day!

    • Tania Reply

      Monika, I would rather be overdressed as underdressed. Lol! I haven’t heard of either of those websites, so I am afraid that I am of no help to you. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  15. Hi Tania – gosh, I just LOVE this outfit! Love the black top with the jeans (always my favourite combination), the cross, and those drop-dead-gorgeous shoes! Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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