I love him with all of my heart, but buying a gift for the man in my life is like trying to find the needle in the haystack. Of course, I am talking about my husband, Joe, but my guess is that your husband is equally hard to buy for. WHY? What makes it so hard to buy for men? I think my husband is hard to buy for because he buys what he wants himself. He doesn’t have the “wish I had” mode like me, he has an “I see, I want, I buy” mode instead. Are any of you nodding your head with me?

I can’t buy Joe things for his airplane unless he gives me a specific description and the place to shop. So, what is the use in that? If he is going to have to go to all of that trouble, he should go ahead and buy it himself…and he does. Lol!

When I am thinking about buys gifts, I sit down and list out keywords about that person — their likes, hobbies, etc. An example would be: pilot, golfer, father, likes to grill, fishing, motorcycles, sunglasses, watches, etc. Joe had a “thing” for watches and sunglasses, so I know to watch for clues about those things.

Here is a gift guide of items that I know the men in my life would like:gift guide for men

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine // Ten // Eleven // Twelve // Thirteen // Fourteen // Fifteen // SixteenFishing fanny pack

  1. The Piscifun fishing fanny pack is great for the fisherman in your life. It is lightweight and has lots of pockets for all of their lures, etc. Some other cool gifts would be a fishing rod organizer travel bag, a waterproof dry bag, a digital fishing scale, and a fishing filet knife.BBQ tool kit
  2. The 27 piece BBQ grill set is perfect for the backyard griller in your life. I especially like the digital temperature probe and the silicone basting brush. I thought these gifts were also perfect for your guy: the NFL propane/water cooler cover, the butane torch lighter, Weber no-flame grill spray, and a cast iron 7 qt. Dutch oven.YETI tumbler with handle3. The YETI 14 0z. tumbler with a handle is great for ANYONE. It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, and it is dishwasher safe. It comes in several colors, so you can pick one to match their personality. Some other gifts to think about would be the YETI Jr. for the child in your like (my grandkids will be getting these), the wine tumbler (that might be for me), and the water bottle cooler. My daughter has a large one of these, and she takes it everywhere.Survival kit4. The 11-in-1 survival kit is a  nice gift for men or boys who are interested in adventures, camping, hiking, or boy scouts. It is an all multi-tool-kit, that’s also cheap enough to buy several for your car, backpack, office, etc. Carhartt hat5. The Carhartt men’s hat is great for the cooler mornings, and it makes a great stocking stuffer. Almost every man could use this, and it comes in a wide variety of colors. I would probably also grab the Carhartt driving gloves, the insulated boot socks, and these fleece-lined jeans. You gotta keep our men warm!Star wars gift 6. This gift is for the Star Wars man in your life. This would be something for my brother-in-law. He LOVES anything Star Wars, and can almost quote you word for word ALL of the movies. If you man already had this (and who doesn’t), then you might like these items instead: a Darth Vader cutting board, a pair of lightsaber salt and pepper shakers (these are cool), or a What I Learned From Star Wars coffee mug.Beard kit7. Whose husband participates in the “no shave November” challenge? Joe can’t stand to grow a beard, so this would not work for him at all. But, for those of you who have a man with a beard or a mustache, then this grooming kit could be for you.Dewalt tools8. Tools are something that I do know. I can tell you from working in the lumber company, that all of the contractors swear by DeWALT tools. This tool kit would be great for the car, truck, boat, camper, etc. It is easy to carry with you, and it has a great selection of tools. Need some more ideas? Then how about the 20V 4-tool combo kit? That kit has a lot of the most asked-for tools, and they can share a battery pack. Some single item tools that are on most men’s wish list is the Compact Drill Driver, the 3-speed Hammer Drill, and the Reciprocating saw + battery pack.9. The Marlowe Bar Soap is another great stocking stuffer gift. I bought Joe a 3-pack of the Sandalwood and Agarwood scent, and he loves it. And, guess what, so do I! Yep, I use a man’s body scrub soap. This exfoliating body soap for men helps to scrub away dryness for smooth, clean skin. It is a great way to invigorate your skin, and it gets rid of all the dead skin. I love that it is paraben and phthalate-free, glycerin-based, cruelty-free (not tested on animals), and made in the USA.10. A weekend duffle bag that looks manly if a perfect gift. This one has leather trim for the masculine style,  and the shoulder strap to make it easy to carry. Joe hated it when he had to go somewhere overnight and only had my luggage to carry, which had my initials monogrammed in bright pink. I bought him a bag similar to this, and he was thrilled. He now also has a spinner carry on to make it easy to navigate the airport and a hanging toiletry bag for all of his personal items.11. A nice man’s watch will make your husband look spiffy and maybe even on time! Lol! Joe has a “thing” for watches, so I can’t go wrong when I buy him something like this. I love the slim design and the stainless steel strap on this Michael Kors watch, plus it is plain gorgeous!12. This is my favorite kind of clothing item. It combines a sweatshirt and a sweater to make a great casual and dressy item. This pullover would look fabulous with jeans or khakis, and you would be proud to be on his arm in this. This shirt comes in a lot of different colors, and you can even get it with a hood, or in a pattern. This is a slim fit style, so consider that if you decide to make the purchase. 13. A portable Bluetooth speaker is great for men as well as teenagers. These little gadgets pack big sound, and they are great for the pool, the lake, camping, etc. We have a Bluetooth speaker system on our back patio and throughout the lumber store, and we even used the system at my son’s outdoor wedding. This is the system that we bought, it comes with the dock and 2-speakers, (Here) and you can also add on as many speakers as you want. (here)14. You might have seen me talk about the Blackstone griddle that we bought over the summer. I love it, and so does Joe. I actually like the taste of the food better on the griddle than I do the grill. If you already have this grill, then you also need the cover, accessory kit, and a cleaning brick which I am going to order.15. I don’t know a single man that doesn’t want a YETI cooler. But, if you have ever picked up one of these babies, you know why I picked one with wheels. These coolers are fantastic at keeping things cold for days or maybe even weeks. But, they weight a ton, even when empty. I can’t imagine trying to pick one up and it fully loaded. 16. This is a lighter weight portable cooler. It is by RTIC and it is 100% leakproof, puncture-resistant, and has an antimicrobial liner that resists mildew. It is tough as nails and keeps ice for up to 5 days. This cooler holds up to 30 cans of your favorite beverage plus ice.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide for men. It should give you a lot of ideas to get you started for Christmas. I have also added a header at the top of the blog named BLACK FRIDAY, and I have linked to all of the sales, and pre-sales that I have seen so far. Some of these sales have already started, and a lot will be starting on Monday. Sit down, make out your list, put down a target spending amount, and then start checking off the gifts one by one. I will also be doing more of these gift guides and I will make a header for those also. I won’t be doing a blog post on each one, so be sure to check the header often for more guides.

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  1. Hi I typically never comment but have to say your men’s gift guide is awesome!

    • Tania Reply

      Linda, that makes me soooo happy!!! I worked hard on this, and I was worried about how everyone would receive the guide. Thanks for making the excpeption and commenting!

  2. Sally Freitas Reply

    Good Morning Tania! I love the duffle bag. When I tap the link it takes me to the soap (previous item). Can you tell me the name of the overnight duffle bag so I can google it? Thank you <3. Sally

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Sally, for letting me know that the link was incorrect. The link worked on the collage photo, and I now fixed it on the large single photo. Let me know if it still doesn’t work.

  3. These are all great ideas for men Tania. Thank you for researching them for us.

    • I’m leaning on buying the soap for all the sons and sons in laws and hubby for Christmas. A little bit pricey but a treat for the guys!

      • Tania Reply

        Gwen, I thought it was pricey also. But, I am not sure why, but it seems to last forever. I bought 3 bars back in early July, and we just opened the 3rd bar. That is even with both of us using the soap.

  4. Great ideas. Thanks! I find shopping for my husband so tough for the same reasons!

    • Tania Reply

      I normally buy Joe things that he has asked for, but then I buy him a couple of things that he has no idea is under the tree. It is so much fun to watch his face when he opens the “surprise” gifts.

  5. I like the fishing fanny pack, it might work for my husband’s photography, (the stuff he has me packing around in my purse or backpack). And he loves bar soap. He’s terrible to buy for. When we got serious, he told me, no watches, I have one. No wallets, I have one. Etc…. Sometimes, he tells me what to get, I buy it and wrap it up and we are all happy. I might get him that pullover, that’s a very handsome sweatshirt.
    I love all your jewelry, if I wear all that, I feel like I’m drowning, but it looks so great on you. I might have to force it a little.
    Thanks for the ideas, good list.

  6. Nancy Onorato Reply

    Thank you, Tania, for this great gift guide! You’re right – men are SO hard to buy for, but I got several great ideas from your post. You’re the best!

  7. Cindy DeBenning Reply

    I just ordered the duffle bag for my hard to shop for husband. Thank you for all the great gift ideas.

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