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What To Wear Walking When It’s Cold Outside

What To Wear Walking When It’s Cold Outside

Walking outside is honestly one of the best things you can do for your overall health and well-being. Not only does it improve your cardiovascular fitness, but it also helps to strengthen your bones and muscles, especially in the legs, hips, and core. But, I will use every excuse in the book not to go walking, even the old “I have nothing to wear walking when it’s cold outside” nonsense.

This year, I’m determined to get in better overall health, and walking outside and trying to eat more healthily is my plan. So, to take the I have nothing to wear walking excuse off the table, I ordered a few items from Nordstrom.

This Zella grey Luxe Pocket Sweatshirt Is perfect for a nice walk on a chilly, windy day, and since it is 60% off, it is also very affordable. I love the thick scuba-like material and that it has a lovely sheen to it. The sweatshirt is also very soft and comfortable, and it is a huge plus that it has front pockets just in case my hands get cold.

The back is slightly longer than the front, but only about 2″. I’m wearing a medium which fits me great. The Luxe Pocket Sweatshirt is available in a couple of different colors, but the darker slate grey is what spoke to me.

What To Wear Walking In Cold Weather – Layering

When walking, when it’s cold outside, it’s important to dress in layers to trap heat and keep warm. I usually have on a base layer tee for added warmth, and here are a few I have and wear often.

If you live in a colder climate, you might want a base layer of fabric that’s fabricated for extra warmth. Here are several that look like they would work perfectly. These cost quite a bit more, but they are worth it if you are in extremely cold temperatures for long periods.

When the temperature drops, I add this Hybrid Puffer Jacket in a light tan/taupe color. I love the diagonal quilting, but the large oversized pockets blow this jacket out of the water. They are large enough for a phone, glasses, a hat, keys, etc.

The length is also great since it covers your backside quite nicely. The quality of this jacket is good, and it’s stylish and comfortable. It is a great layering piece for after a workout or a casual walk outdoors. I’m wearing a medium, and it is definitely oversized, so you might want to size down.

I love my leggings to walk in, but I’ve lately been drawn to joggers and flare pants. The High Waist Pocket Flare Pants by Zella are so comfortable, and I love how they look. These pants can be used for walking or working out, and they are wonderful to do yoga in. The fabric is a little thicker, so they are great for the cooler months. These run a little big, so I sized down to a medium instead large. I hate feeling confined, and the medium fits great.

These HOKA Bondi 8 Running Shoes go under the heading, “if you know, you know.” Most people love HOKA running shoes because of their thick, cushioned soles. The shoes are also known for their stability and support and are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for long runs. They come in many styles and very colorful designs, but I wanted a black pair to wear with all my black leggings and pants. I’m sized down to an 8.5 instead of my usual size 9, and they fit great.

Other Items For Walking When It’s Cold Outside

There are several other items you might need if you’re walking outside, and I’ll link to some of them below.

I love shopping at Nordstrom because they offer a wide range of products from a variety of brands. And, they carry high-end luxury and designer brands, as well as more affordable options. This makes it so easy for everyone to find something in their budget range. Nordstrom is known for its excellent customer service, and they have a generous shipping and return policy, which is free.

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  1. Joanne W. says:

    Tania…I am so proud of you and your goal setting!

  2. MaryCarol says:

    Love the sweatshirt. It’s almost too pretty to workout in. Puffer jacket is very stylish.
    My husband and I were walking two miles every morning before the cold weather hit and we really need to get back to it. I always feel better when I walk.

  3. I love walking but living up north in Michigan has definitely discouraged me with the cold and ice. Thankfully, this past weekend we moved down to fla for the winter and I am a happy camper. Getting up walking every morning when its still brisk, but not overly hot is like a dream come true. I wish everyone could be here and enjoy the beautiful weather. Your post was spot on with cute walking clothes!!

  4. I am so gladbit rarely gets too cold where I am in Sourh Louisiana. That means I can usually walk comfortably all year. I enjoyed your post today.

  5. Linda Burniski says:

    I don’t love walking but try to make myself just do it. I think cute walking clothes would help!

  6. I love that you shared a key item about goal setting. You mentioned that “it boiled down to self management on my part. I wasn’t holding myself accountable in a lot of areas, so I created a daily schedule to try and keep me focused.” I try to set goals at the beginning of the year, but that is usually as far as it goes. I need to hold myself accountable as you mentioned. Also, I love the styles you chose for outdoor walking.
    Thank you.

  7. I got another “Looks
    Like you’ve already said that” message (when I know I haven’t. I’m putting that comment 1st bcz I know I’ve never said that before!

    I truly like the hybrid puffer jacket. When I walk outside, it’s usually fairly early in the morn. No one could ever say I’m stylish with my winter duds on( but, they might if I buy that puffer jacket. I usually just wear layers and layers and sunglasses, so know one will know me!

  8. I truly like the hybrid puffer jacket. When I walk outside, it’s usually fairly early in the morn. No one could ever say I’m stylish with my winter duds on( but, they might if I buy that puffer jacket. I usually just wear layers and layers and sunglasses, so know one will know me!

  9. CyndeeKay says:

    Thanks Tania,
    This post is just what I needed to remind me of my goals of:
    Water(drink more)
    I’ve been in a post holiday fog, and I need to stop making excuses !

  10. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Walking is so good for you. Last year I walked 10,000 steps a day. Since I’m in Texas we do not have brutal winters. I’m falling behind this year because I have knee problems. I’m so bummed because I enjoy walking and visiting everyone in the neighborhood.

  11. I needed some incentive to get back to my walking routine. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I love that coat!!! And thank you for the wonderful idea of scheduling day. I am really lax with trying to get in exercise as I have major bad hips so even small walks are painful but I know I have to get the exercise.
    I am on my 4th different pair of sneakers to try to alleviate the walking pain so going to try the Hokas.

  13. Great post. I’ve been organizing the last few weeks. I’m trying to walk every day but the rain in California has been crazy. Today was the first day in weeks I’ve seen the sun.

  14. I’ve been organizing the last few weeks. I’m trying to walk every day but the rain in California has been crazy. Today was the first day in weeks I’ve seen the sun.

  15. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    Beautiful ideas for keeping warm while walking and working outside! It’s a great idea to schedule your day I have a hard time sometimes getting stuff. Thanks for this idea! Have a lovely Tuesday!

  16. NATALIE K says:

    HOKA’s are wonderful tennis shoes!!! I love New Balance but I love HOKA”S because they have a larger toe box!! So comfortable!!!

  17. I too am trying to put away, it really does make a difference.
    As for working out. I love to go to the gym and take classes.
    That way you know what time you have to set aside, nice way to meet people.
    Keeps me from stopping mid way through. Feel great after completing the 30-60

    1. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

      Beautiful ideas for keeping warm while walking and working outside! It’s a great idea to schedule your day I have a hard time sometimes getting stuff. Thanks for this idea! Have a lovely Tuesday!

  18. Love the coat, its adorable! I’ve still not loving the flare legged pants. My favorite are joggers with a cuff at the ankle.

  19. I’m intrigued by the sneakers

  20. My husband and I go for a walk everyday after work. Helps us decompress and we share our day with each other. Fortunately (other than a few days around Christmas) we are having a mild winter here in IL and have been able to keep up our daily walks.

  21. Ginger Hiller says:

    Zella is a brand that I was introduced to a few years ago, and I love every piece that I own. Good luck with your walking and eating healthy! You definitely look stylish and warm in that outfit.

  22. Lori Gorenflo says:

    I need some good layering shirts so like the options you gave us. Thanks.

  23. Thank you for the $50 Amazon gift card Tania! I received it yesterday and decided to treat myself to something special. So I ordered the Lululemon everywhere belt bag that you showed us before Christmas! I love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday. Also love your style and eye for fashion!! You encourage me to take a little more time and effort. Thanks again for the gift card and for all you do for women over 50!

  24. That coat is amazing!

  25. These are all great ideas. I love the Zella brand. Thanks for all your work.

  26. Connie R. says:

    You are inspiring. Got to start exercising even if just a walk around neighborhood. Winter warmth keeps me cocooned inside. Love the jacket. looks so warm!

  27. Roberta S says:

    I love these cold weather options.

  28. Teri O’Brien says:

    Great ideas. I also have a hard time getting motivated to move! Maybe having something nice and comfortable will help!

  29. Tania, I love walking & walk my dog everyday cause she LIVES for her walk! I wish we could join you for a walk in that beautiful scenery. As always, you look cute & I appreciate you sharing w us about how to keep warm!

  30. Sheila Eddy says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. I struggle with the in-between temperatures. Most of my wardrobe is from Nordstrom because their selection, service, and shipping cannot be beat. Can’t thank you enough for the clothing detail so I look to you bloggers to sift through it all.

  31. Retired Registered Nurse here.
    Walking is the BEST! I’ve been a walker as long as I can recall and the health benefits are amazing. I would encourage every person that is physically able to get out and walk, a little or a lot. If your area is too cold, consider a treadmill. Just move!!

  32. Jacque Abell says:

    We are a little colder here so would add a headband ear warmer. Keep up your walking. Take different routes if you get bored. Walk anywhere for a period of time instead of a route to break your routine up.

  33. Linda Conner says:

    Thank you for another great blog with cute and functional clothing. I love Hoka shoes for long walks. They have saved my feet. I would love some options for walking in the rainy PNW. Thank you!

  34. very cute outfits and clothing pieces.
    I love to walk and since I live in the rural countryside, walking along the road, it is important to wear bright colors so that you can be easily seen.
    so I would likely swap out for a bright blue or pink puffer jacket.

  35. I walk outside everyday, keeps me sane. In Kansas walking can be an adventure, never know the weather you will get day to day!

    But I never look as cute as you do when I walk!

  36. I think I’ll start walking, great excuse to buy more clothes! 🙂 Love the coat!

  37. I think I’ll start walking, a great excuse to buy more clothes! 🙂

  38. Laura Long says:

    I make every excuse in the book too, to not exercise! Your blog is going to help me to not do that. Thanks so much!!

  39. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    I’ve run for years and love Hoka shoes. So great, especially for older feet. Definitely checking out the Zelle sweatshirt too!

  40. Debbie Monroe says:

    Hi Tania,
    I work from home so it is convenient for me to take a break every so often and take a walk. I get in 5 miles a day, every day. Not only does it break up my day, but it reduces stress and I get in my daily exercise.

  41. Super cute outfit – I want it😂! I guess it might motivate me to walk. I love to walk, but boy can I talk myself out of it!

  42. Lori Connor says:

    I need to do more walking! Thanks for inspiring me.

  43. Leslie Bizzell says:

    Thank you for the encouragement! All these items are part of my daily wardrobe since I work from home and then since I am already dressed to work out / walk it takes some of my excuses out of the picture!

    Love the first sweatshirt from Nordstrom’s gonna give that a try!

  44. I live in a cold climate and find it hard to get outside and walk. It is a goal of mine to loose a few pounds. Thank you for the ideas of what I can wear to make it easier. Good luck on your goals. Have a Blessed Day!

  45. I can identify with your top goals and am going to hold myself more now accountable in areas of slackness. Cute workout/ walking outfits. Now to get started!

  46. Love all these items. Especially the pants and the jacket. I own 2 pair of Zella leggings and would love to try these flare pants. Love to walk outside but you do need to dress warm here in NJ.

  47. Thanks. I love walking outside but have to be warm!!!!

  48. I have to agree that waking always makes me feel better.

  49. Looks comfortable and stylish!!

  50. ❤️ the fresh air says:

    I had to chuckle over this post.
    Minnesota cold is: base layer,
    Sweatshirt and thicker sweat pant layer, my “-20” long winter coat layer,
    Neck warmer, hat, and thick mittens. 😁

    1. Ummm, I would probably walk indoors. 🤣

    2. Oh yes, and don’t forget boots with traction or some kind of chain track etc..

  51. Great ideas, I would have loved if you mentioned if clothes protected against wind. I don’t mind the cold but the wind gets me. A lot of jackets and sweats let the wind go right through. I really like the puffer jacket.

    1. Susan, it was plenty windy that day, and I stayed nice and cozy.

  52. I didn’t realize Nordstrom was selling more affordable clothing now. It’s been a long time since I have shopped there. Back then it all seemed rather expensive.

    1. Janine, I understand since I thought that too. It is a matter of choosing certain brands and filtering by price.

      1. Thank you for the tip. I am going to give them another look.

  53. Mary Anne Merritt says:

    Great advice and ideas! I’m also trying to exercise more and eat healthier. I take it 1 day at a time, it’s a struggle a lot of time! Keep up the good work!

  54. I love getting outside and walking. Where I live there are plenty of hills to walk and honestly even in the cold weather I feel great getting outside and moving! Good luck with your goals this year!

  55. Shelly jackson says:

    Great ideas! Thanks shelly

  56. Janice Wooldridge says:

    I love soft comfy sweatshirts/pants.

    1. Good luck with your goals.

      1. Sorry. I didn’t mean to post this comment here.

  57. That’s my goal…walking daily! I feel so much better when I do! You’ve got this!

  58. Bethany Blanchard says:

    I love the idea of writing 10 goals down, and narrowing it down to 2! I’m only 5’4”, so the length of the workout pants might work for me!

  59. Joan Henry says:

    I love seeing workout clothes!

  60. Joan Henry says:

    I love seeing workout clothes, please show more workout clothes!

  61. I may need to upgrade my walking wardrobe!

  62. Looking stylish and warm. I appreciate the clothing ideas and tips for cold weather walking.

  63. I wanna be a better ME.

  64. Thanks for ideas for getting outside more. I bought those Zella pants a while back and just love them.

  65. Marygrace Miles says:

    Aren’t you the cutest!