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What To Wear To The Beach In Spring

It was fun spending a few days at the beach, but I need time to recover now. Isn’t it funny how a vacation can wear you out? I’m horrible at remembering to take photos of what I’m doing or wearing, and I even took a small tripod with me. I did manage to get a few photos, so here is what to wear to the beach in spring.

Traveling To The Beach In Spring

You might live at the beach, but for those like me who have to travel several hours to get there, here is what I wore on this trip.

Our car ride to the beach was only five hours, but that can seem like an eternity when traffic is terrible. A five-hour trip quickly turns into a seven-hour one when you get caught in a traffic jam, stop for food, and take a bathroom break. I wore this Black Short-Sleeve V-Neck Romper, which feels almost as soft as the SPANX Air Essentials line.

This romper is soft, casual, comfortable, and flattering. I loved it so much when I bought it that I immediately ordered it in deep teal.

I always travel in my jewelry; it makes me feel put together. I love the Black Leather Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace and Wrap Bracelets from the Freshwater Pearl Company. The lariat necklace only has a few in stock, so if that is something that you like, put it in your cart now. Use the code Tania15 for 15% off your entire purchase.

What To Wear To The Beach For Breakfast

The beach is casual and laid back. Many restaurants are on the beach, and you will see people in swimsuits and coverups. Since breakfast is usually early, I try to dress in a casual and comfortable outfit.

Joe wanted to grab breakfast, so I quickly threw on this European Linen Square Neck Jumpsuit with a white Washed Linen Jacket. Makeup was optional, but clothing wasn’t. Lol!

The linen jumpsuit is from Quince. Quince is quickly becoming one of my favorite retailers to shop. The products are of excellent quality, and the prices are reasonable. They also have free shipping and a 365-day return policy!

What To Wear To The Beach For A Night Out

I’m not a spring chicken anymore, so staying out until the wee hours of the morning isn’t on my to-do list. However, I do like to go out and eat while I’m at the beach. This gives me a chance to dress up and put on some makeup.

I wore this blue Short-Sleeve Shirt Dress to dinner one night, and I was shocked that Joe loved it. He likes me in shorter dresses, but since this one is loose and doesn’t touch me anywhere, I didn’t think he would like it. While we were at the restaurant, a lady and her husband were leaving, and she walked over and complimented me on my hair. They were so nice, and we talked for a long time. Yesterday she emailed me to ask about the shirtdress I was wearing. I was surprised that she and my husband noticed such a simple dress.

The Cork Tote from Lilly Pulitzer is beautiful. I love the gold trim around the edges and the bamboo handles. It’s very lightweight, and I think it is perfect for spring and summer.

What To Wear To The Beach For Lunch

When I’m at the beach, I often opt for something from the pool bar. They usually have sandwiches, burgers, and hotdogs, but if you want something different, you need to go to a restaurant,

I was surprised that I liked this fun, whimsical jumpsuit. You can adjust the straps to fit you, and I love how the mocked top stopped at the thinnest part of my body. This is similar to an empire waist which is usually flattering for most people.

The back has smocking so that the jumpsuit fits nicely.

It was extremely windy, so I made sure to wear my Modern Utility Jacket from J. Jill. I did a J. Jill Try On Haul Of Spring Styles, which featured this jacket, and I couldn’t decide if I needed it. Finally, I ordered the jacket, and I’m so glad I did.

The jacket is lightweight, and I wore it with almost everything while I was at the beach. It was just enough protection from the wind and kept me warm without being hot and heavy.

What To Wear To The Beach For Date Night

I asked for recommendations on where to eat at North Myrtle Beach, and Snooky’s was the response with the most votes.

You can tell by the look on Joe’s face that he loved the food. This was all his food, PLUS he also had a dozen Oyster’s Rockefeller. Lol! Snooky’s was great but very loud. The only other issue was that the kitchen closes at 9 pm. Joe and I are late eaters, and we barely got our order in before they closed.

This is the only photo I got of the two of us. Joe was trying to take a picture of me, but it wasn’t going well. I told him to strike a pose and took a few photos of him to show him what I wanted. A lady came running over and said, “Here, let me take y’alls photos.” She was so sweet, and I appreciated her getting one of us together.

What I Wore To Meet One Of The Gurls

I met up with Dawn, one of the Gurls living in North Myrtle Beach. She was so gorgeous and sweet as could be. She laughed and told me you would have thought she was meeting George Clooney since she was so stressed about what to wear. I told her it was just as stressful on my end since everyone expects me to look like I stepped out of a fashion magazine.

I wanted to look nice but comfortable. These Linen Blend Cuffed high-rise suit shorts came in right before I left for the beach, so I decided to wear them. I love these shorts! They fit so nicely and look gorgeous. They are dressy since they have large cuffs but can still be worn casually.

I wanted to add dressy accessories, and the Pearl Dangle Earrings, Freshwater Pearl Stretch Bracelet (Black), and the Black Stretch Raffia Belt elevated the look. I also added the lightweight, washed linen jacket since restaurants can be chilly. We ended up sitting on the patio, and the weather was nice and warm.

Honestly, I rarely carry a black handbag, but this Black Italian Leather Woven Tote from Quince might change my mind. You have probably noticed that woven handbags are a big trend, but most are faux leather. I don’t mind faux leather, but the prices of these bags can still be crazy high. This one is Italian leather and is less expensive than most of the faux ones I’ve seen.

I knew the diagonal stripes would be flattering; everyone else must have thought so too. This tank is completely sold out, so I’ll link to other tops I would wear with this outfit.

The last night we were at the beach, I wore this AirEssentials Jumpsuit with the Modern Utility Jacket. We were hurrying to leave the condo, so I didn’t get a photo. It was too dark to get a picture when we returned home from eating. You’ll have to use your imagination, but I think you have a good idea of how it looked.

Traveling home always seems to go faster. I guess you are so anxious to get to the beach, etc., that time seems to stand still. I wore the deep teal romper on the way home. It is like the black one I wore to the beach in the first photo. As you can see…makeup was optional.

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  1. Linda Reed says:

    I’m not familiar with blogs. Could you tell me how to get on your gurls list?
    Thanks, Linda Reed
    Knoxville. TN
    I noticed you wear a lot of linen. But I don’t usually buy it because it wrinkles so bad and I hate to iron especially on vacation .

    1. Linda, I’ll email you.

  2. Cathy Baird says:

    I really like the short sleeve shirt dress you wore on your date night, so I ordered it and it came today. I love how it fits. It’s roomy and a bit short but not too short. not only can I wear it this spring/summer, but I’ll wear it with leggings in the fall too. I just ordered the two strap wedge sandals too. not sure about the height of the wedge. we’ll see how I do walking in them.

  3. Donna Hoffman says:

    Thanks for all the great outfit ideas. Where did you stay in Myrtle Beach?

    1. We stayed at the Avista Resort. We used to own a condo there, an we love it.

  4. Hey Tania I love your blog! I do have one question, your arms and legs are so toned do you have exercises you do to keep them looking good? Thanks!

  5. Jayne Finkbohner says:

    I loved the European square neck jumpsuit so much on you, that I ordered it in black. I’m praying I love it as much on me as I love it on you! You look so darn beautiful in all the outfits, but especially the jumpsuit.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Carolyn Shaw says:

    Please tell me about the necklace you’re wearing with the black jumpsuit. Thanks!

    1. Carolyn, it was from Chico’s, but it has sold out.

  7. I love your outfits, especially the white/black diagonal stripe top with white shorts. It is extremely slimming on you. All the jumpsuits are also flattering. How are they when having to use the washroom? I also like Joe’s shorts. They would be great I think for my spouse. Can I ask where they are from?

  8. All looked cute but I wouldn’t choose linen to take in a suitcase. Did you iron?

    1. No, I didn’t iron it, but I had it hanging on a clothing rod in the car.

  9. Kathleen McDermott says:

    Very charming outfits. Clicked over to ON and bought the adorable shirt dress in all 3 colors. I just love wearing short dresses as tunics with capri or 7/8 leggings. P.S. Joe is a very appealing man – quite adorable. You must keep him.

  10. I am new to your blog and think you are adorable. Your relatable style and affòrdable choices are very encouraging.

  11. Cathy Baird says:

    I really liked the white linen shorts with the black and white diagonal stripe. I’m going to look for a similar one. the romper is cute too. is it easy to get out of restroom stops? that would be a good thing for me. thanks for all your inspiration.

  12. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    All of the outfits are beautiful!! As always you look great!! Have a wonderful Saturday!!

  13. Joanne W. says:

    Cute, cute outfits! Great post.

  14. I ordered the Linen jumpsuit. Loved it since I got where I wear a lot of jumpsuits. You kept talking about the fresh water pearls and it hit me that I have a set that I have n ver wore going to have to get them out and start wearing them. Thanks for the ideals. As always love you post

  15. Lynne Yavaraski says:

    Bought the cleat strap wedge and the blue dress from old navy! Thanks for the inspiration! Love the jumpsuit too but not sure it would look god on me! You look great.

  16. You look so pretty in all the photos, even without makeup. You inspire me to dress better. I really love the v-neck striped tank outfit and the black and dark teal romper. I know the v-neck tank is sold out, but you did not leave a link for similar tops. Happy Birthday to you!! Oops! and Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Janet, the similar tops are linked, they might be a few photos down though.

  17. Susan Kreidler says:

    My friend and I (two teachers in our “active and don’t look like it” sixties) going to North Myrtle Beach in August (to celebrate her retirement from teaching) and would like a recommendation of where to stay. We are flying in from Minnesota and would like things to be in walking distance with a nice beach. Where did you stay? Any other restaurant recommendations?

    Thanks much,


    1. Susan, we love staying at the Avista Resort. It is within walking distance to Main Street, and there are lots of nearby restaurants.

  18. Everything is so cute on you. I wish I looked that good without makeup! My favorite was the jumpsuit that looked mint green in the photos but that color is not available on the site so assume it must be the olive. So many jumpsuits for one trip – you must have the bathroom thing down! The length of the shorts looks great on you but I think I need longer…not that brave at this age.

  19. Deborah Evers says:

    Glad to see you feel comfortable at the beach without makeup. Vacation is about taking a break from the norm.

  20. Tania: Love the jumpsuit! But….how hard is it to get in and out of for the bathroom?!

    1. Haha! I refuse to wear jumpsuits that are hard to get in and out of. The rompers are super easy since they just slip over your shoulders. The Air Essentials have one tiny button, so it isn’t bad either.

  21. Carolina Gomez says:

    Awesome outfits Tania! Seeing these on you have inspired me to try some. I especially liked the floral jumpsuit. And how that wind waved your hair about!
    Glad you and Joe enjoyed your dinner and some together time.

  22. All of your outfits are wonderful! May I ask where the beautiful multicolored necklace that you wore withe navy blue jumpsuit is from? Thank you!

    1. It was from Chico’s, but it has already sold out.

  23. Cute outfits, you looked great in all of them. Those high waist shorts look like a must.

    1. I bought them in tan and pink too! Lol!

  24. Great beach outfits. You looked wonderful in all of them. Hope you and Joe had a grand time.

  25. Love that jumpsuit! I’ve always been afraid to wear one but you have inspired me to give it a try!

  26. I adore all of these outfits and they look great on you! Glad you had a good time 😊

  27. Tania. You are not good for my shopping habit!!!! I can’t tell you how many clothes I buy because of you! I didn’t see a link to different black and white angled tops. Really liked yours. Also I purchased a blue jumpsuit that you wore a few weeks ago. Can’t remember from where. I wore it this week and oh my gosh it’s the best! I love your posts.

    1. Cathy, the black and white top was sold out, so I linked to similar ones that I would wear instead.

  28. Love all these outfits, and I am looking at the most of them. And may I say that your skin is so lovely that makeup optional is a great look for you!

  29. I like the look of rompers but haven’t tried any since college, lol. I may have to break down and try though! Cute outfits today!

  30. So many cute and comfy outfits.
    Happy birthday month, too!

  31. Grandma judy says:

    Good morning! It looks like the 2 of you had a great vacation! I am reading this while sitting on the balcony of a condo at Destin, FL. Our grandson is getting married on the beach this evening so we flew down on Monday to enjoy some R&R. I do have to say that I wish you had posted this a couple of weeks ago. I might have packed some dessier clothes. lol! I will save the ideas for next time.

  32. I enjoyed this post so much, Tania! Thanks for taking the time to share your vacation with us gurls! I especially appreciate that you took the time to meet a follower! So very generous of you. Lots of cute outfits. I recently purchased the Air Essentials jumpsuit from Spanx but haven’t worn it yet other than just trying it on. It feels amazingly comfortable.

  33. Michelle Maddox says:

    What styling products do you use on your hair? I also use R & F skincare, but struggle with eye shadows. Do you wear neutral eyeshadow?
    Where do you have your hair done ? I love the cut and style!

  34. Love all of the outfits you wore! I am headed to Florida in June for some beach time. Will be flying (not looking forward to that part) since i live in Texas and it is too long of a drive for us.

  35. HAPPY SATURDAY! Loved all the pics and getting to live thru you, a vacay! Sounded like fun and relaxing….but there’s no place like home, right?

    Have a great weekend!


    PS–love all the jumpsuits, its going to the bathroom that is a problem!

  36. I love the v neck black and white stripe top very pretty. I also am a fan of the Talbots outfit, the only thing I’m not crazy about is the large pineapples on it. I wish they could make some dresses with small print or even just a solid color . Glad you made it home safely.

  37. can you show ideas how travel with jewelry and make up?

  38. Linda Thompson says:

    I’ve been following you for almost a year now and look forward to your posts every morning. I’ve made several purchases I’m so happy with. Thank you for all your fashion help! I’m 63 so your tips on fashion after 50 have been fantastic. Still wearing shorts too it’s too hot here in SC.😊