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What To Wear To A Wedding Other Than A Dress

It is that time of the year. Wedding bells are ringing, and blushing brides are walking down the aisle. Some of you might have a wedding or two to attend this year, and you might be looking a something to wear. You can check out my Simple, Elegant Dresses for Wedding Guests Over 50 if you’re looking for elegant dresses and accessories. But if you’re looking for something to wear to a wedding other than a dress, this post is for you.

Where Is The Wedding?

The venue will give you lots of clues on what to wear to a wedding. If the venue is in a barn or someone’s backyard, then you might assume that the attire will be casual. A sundress or a dress that you would wear to church would be fine. However, if the wedding is in a fancy hotel or at a swanky country club, a formal or semi-formal dress code would be the safest bet. Look at the invitation to see if a dress code is listed.

Is There A Color Theme?

Some brides like to do a theme for their wedding, and you will usually be told ahead of time. One bride asked everyone to wear white, and she wore a different color. It was a beautiful wedding! Some weddings have asked everyone to dress in black, and that looks so pretty and classic.

What NOT To Wear To A Wedding

Unless mentioned on the invitation or by the bride, there are a few things you should NOT wear to a wedding. Don’t go too casual, even if the wedding is casual. Stay away from t-shirts and jeans, flip-flops, etc. This is the bride’s wedding day, and it should be respected as something they will want to remember fondly. Don’t wear white! I’m sure most of you already know this, but I’ll mention it again. Remember, the bride is the star, so we don’t want to be wearing the same color as her or outshine her. Unless you are told otherwise, don’t try to “match” the wedding party. If the invitation doesn’t specify a color theme for the wedding, look for clues in the invitation. Or, message the bride and ask. I’m sure she will appreciate you trying to make her day special.

Jumpsuits Are Great To Wear To A Wedding Other Than A Dress

Don’t roll your eyes at wearing a jumpsuit. Lol! A jumpsuit is great to wear to a wedding other than a dress since it is a one-and-done item. Of course, it depends on the style of the jumpsuit and the accessories! Even with the jogger hem, this is perfectly acceptable to wear to a wedding. I love the flowy sleeves and the tie belt. Pair it with your favorite high heels and elevated jewelry, and you’ll be a hit!

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing 3 outfits to wear to a wedding other than a dress 3
Sleeveless Wrap Jumpsuit (Large) || Vionic Round Heel Mule (TTS) || Maggie Large Hoop Earrings || Kendra Scott Chain Necklace (Similar) || Cable Bangle Bracelets (Similar)

Here’s another gorgeous jumpsuit that would look amazing. I chose a solid navy faux wrap jumpsuit since I can accessorize it with almost anything.

Since the jumpsuit is sleeveless, you could wear the jumpsuit with kimonos, wraps, or ruanas to add warmth and hide your upper arms.

The v-neckline is flattering, and it allows you to show off a statement necklace or a string of pearls. The v shape draws your eye downward and helps to make your neck look long and lean.

The back of the jumpsuit is just as pretty as the front. It features a deep V opening, but you can still wear your regular bra. Here is the bra I wear daily.

Yes, You Can Wear Black To A Wedding

Black might seem somber and a color that you wouldn’t normally associate with a wedding. But black is also elegant, dressy, and appropriate for most occasions, even weddings. This is very elegant, and I love the coverage. I know most of us don’t want our arms to show, and it’s also got a very modest neckline, which I like.

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling things to wear to a wedding other than a dress24

These Palazzo pants are a game-changer! These are the type of pants you can wear to a variety of upscale events. Pair it with the top above for a complete wedding look, or try it with a black bodycon top for cocktails out with friends.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing 3 outfits to wear to a wedding other than a dress13
Off The Shoulder Tie Waist Wrap Top (SOLD OUT) | Wide Leg Long Palazzo Pants (Medium) | Black Wedge Sandal (9.5) | Tania Pearl Necklace | Pearl Bracelet | Maggie Large Hoop Earrings

This top is sold out, but I found a similar one HERE

You can see that this is very similar to the one I have on. Click the link to see the showstopping back! It would be perfect for an evening wedding, but if you want a different color, you’re in luck. It’s available in hot pink, red, orange, and pale peach.

These Wide Leg Long Palazzo Pants would be perfect for a wedding. You can wear them with any color and dress them up or down. I paired them with a black wedge sandal since a lot of weddings are held outside. Walking in grass or gravel with high heels can be a pain, but a wedge shoe works great. If I were wearing these shoes out to dinner, then I would probably wear a pair of heels to make the outfit dressier. Here is what I use for my heels when I need to wear them in places that could damage the heels.

Choose a 2-Piece Set/Suit To Wear To A Wedding Other Than A Dress

A one-and-done option is always the easiest choice. For those who don’t want to wear a dress or a jumpsuit, a “set” or a “suit” would be the next best thing. This pale blue is very pretty and would look great for a summer wedding. It looks like one piece, but it’s actually two—a tank top and a jacket.

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling things to wear to a wedding other than a dress13

The Pull-On Maxi Skirt is made from soft fabric with a lightweight crinkle texture. Wrinkles are built into the fabric, so you don’t have to worry about them. It features a pull-on waistband with shirring and a comfy chic maxi length. It pairs nicely with the 2-pc set and is sure to get you noticed its unique look.

Here’s another two-piece set that will turn heads as you enter. In a good way! lol

Can you wear bright colors to a wedding? The jury is out on this since bright colors might look like you’re trying to steal the spotlight. However, summer and beach weddings are ones where wearing bright colors is acceptable. I love wearing bright colors, so this outfit is one that I would wear to dinner, a play, or a celebration event, but probably not to a wedding.

I love bright colors, so this Wide Leg Pants 2-Piece Set is my favorite. I’m wearing the purple version, which looks brighter and more magenta in these photos than in person. However, it isn’t as dark as it appears on the website. This set would be great for a wedding; however, I would choose one of the other available colors.

The Tweed Double Breasted Blazer has been a favorite purchase for me this year. I’ve worn it with everything, and it makes everything look polished and put together.

Here Are More Ideas On What To Wear To A Wedding Other Than A Dress

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  1. Marie Farris says:

    the jumpsuit looks so good not sure I could pull it off for me

  2. Nice ideas! Love the jumpsuits and palazzos!!

  3. Tania, beautiful options for a wedding. Actually my daughter gets married in 2 days! We are so excited for the BIG day!
    Paula K.

  4. Roeli Lutz (Canadian) says:

    No weddings coming up. Lovely outfits for sure.

    Looking elegant as usual. Blessings!

  5. A question about the daily Spanx bra you mentioned–any comments on the modesty of the bra? Does it have enough coverage to comfortably wear tee-shirts? I typically look for bras with more padding and often find they don’t have enough. Thanks!

    1. Deborah, I wear mine with tees all the time. It has plenty of coverage for me.

      1. You always look great, so I will go with your suggestion and give one a try!

  6. sue koren says:

    Love all the fun options!

  7. Pam Bowling says:

    Beautiful options!

  8. Jumpsuits are cute but the whole taking it all the way off to use the bathroom makes it a no for me…

  9. Like the jumpsuits best. I wore one on formal night for a recent cruise and was very comfortable and received compliments!

  10. Love the ideas for wedding dress… but I’m needing ideas for graduation.. one is in the evening (5:30) and another mid morning (11:00).. what would you suggest?

    1. Connie, I’ve done a lot of posts on dresses, you can search for those.

  11. Madge Wienke says:

    Love these options!💕

  12. Mary Carol says:

    I love the blue jumpsuit on you…you look smashing!!

  13. Roberta Schwandner says:

    Beautiful outfits. These are some nice choices.

  14. Love these outfits! It’s always difficult for me to choose something for weddings and other semi-formal and formal events. These are great suggestions. And as always, you look amazing in everything! You are a wonderful inspiration!

  15. Now I’m wishing I had a wedding to go to this summer!! Beautiful choices.

  16. Love the blue green jumpsuit! Wouldn’t look as nice on me as it does on you but l still like it.

  17. The palazzo pants look wonderful. I will keep these in mind!

  18. I went to a wedding over the 4th of July last year and on your recommendation of what to wear to a wedding I purchased the Roylamp 2 piece wide leg pants outfit in a Peafowl Green. I also purchased the white blazer. It did not disappoint. I got lots of compliments. Its was comfortable and I had a blast.

    1. Be sure to watch for tomorrow’s blog post…I think you’ll find it interesting.

  19. I don’t have any weddings soon but beautiful outfits!

  20. I have owned those exact palazzo pants for several years and pair them with a sparkly top or jacket. Perfect for cruises and easy to pack. You showed some very nice choices.

  21. JoanneMcMurray says:

    Hi Tania,

    I love the black outfit with the embroidered top. It looks so nice on you.
    I’m not big on dresses, I’ve lost my waist to age. I’m 73 so have to be careful
    what I wear. The jump suit or 2 piece looks so nice.

    Thanks for sharing

  22. These are GORGEOUS options!! If only I could look like you in a jumpsuit. I love those and the others!!

  23. Terrie Sullivan says:

    GM Tania, loving ur site. I recently miss placed my favorite sunglasses. They were the best ones that I ever had, payed a high price for them, so needless to say I’m not very happy about it😡. Do u have any recommendations as to where I could purchase a new pair? Thx ❣️😘❣️Terrie

    1. Terrie, I buy a lot of sunglasses from Amazon. Most brands now sell on there, and I love the Prime shipping.

  24. These are great suggestions Tania! Thanks for helping me think outside the box.

  25. Linda Shearer says:

    Thank You Tania! I have a wedding to go to on June 1 and because I wear a leg brace I need pants! So these are some great possibilities!

  26. I don’t have any weddings to go to but if I did I would try to find a jumpsuit with wide flowy legs. I just can’t wear black to a wedding. Navy is my choice. I have a Talbot’s navy eyelid dress that I call my summer wedding/funeral dress. It’s appropriate for both.

  27. These are all beautiful. Thanks for the clarification on wearing black, also.

  28. Elizabeth Ty says:

    My favorite is the very first one. Great color. I didn’t even think of wearing bright colors as a controversy. It is a good point and one I will consider in the future.

    And I can only imagine how tiring it is to try on the clothes and to take all the pics. I know how tired and bored I get after a good haul at the store. And I need to try on a lot of old clothes but it is just too daunting!

  29. Linda Neveu says:

    I love all of these outfits!
    I wish I had seen the first jumpsuit earlier for company employee appreciation banquet. 😃

  30. Carol Ann Jablonski says:

    When I see a woman wearing the Alex Evenings Top and Jacket Set, I think it screams “old lady”, but with the skirt you chose, I may have to rethink this. Regarding Wide Leg Pants 2-Piece Set, is it really purple or magenta? I put it in my cart because I have an event that asks everyone to wear purple.

  31. Very timely as we are going to an outdoor wedding the end of the month. I’d like to try to find a jumpsuit. I remember wearing them in my twenties, oh so many years ago. Loved them.

  32. Jenniffer Groski says:

    We have a few weddings this summer so perfect timing! I love the jumpsuits.

  33. Love reviewing the options, as a women who is 58, I find myself stuck in what to wear. Thank you for the number of options you present, it is uplifting and inspiring. Along with including scripture in your work! Praise God, thank you

  34. The jumpsuits are very pretty

  35. I ordered the last outfit (the one with the white jacket). I am attending a wedding in June (outside in GA!). Fingers crossed this works. 🙂

  36. Is that your home in the background? It looks beautiful.

    1. No, that is a country club where we live.

  37. Susan Mckenzie says:

    This wedding post is great!!! I love the jumpsuit idea— not to mention the great price and color selections!!!