I am trying something new today. I am not sure how you will like the change, but you never know until you try. Usually, when I do a try-on session, I take a couple of photos of each item to put on the blog. Then I will write a description of the item and give you the link. I also do a short video of the item, and I upload that to Instagram stories. Today, I decided to bring the videos to the blog instead of still photos. The description of the product is more thorough, and you can see how the items stretch, etc. I will still put the links under each video to make it easier for you to find the items. I look forward to hearing which version you like best. Have fun watching the videos, and I might have saved some of the best ones to the end. Lol!

//Brigitte Back-Slit Ankle Pants in Black //

//Bootcut Jeans in Ladybug Indigo //

HUGE Sale on these.


//Bi-Stretch Abstract-Print Slim-Leg Pants//

//Textured Wave Stripe Ruana//

The Zebra scarf is not on the website, but this Leopard one is available.

//So-Slimming Brigitte Back-Slit slim Ankle Pant in Camel//

//Tie-Front Cardigan in Dockside Blue//

Huge Sale! I already own this in neutral (here), and I might buy the gray one also.

//Reversible tank in Deep Rum Caramel//

//Side-Tie Pullover Sweater//

Huge Sale on this, more colors to choose from

//Animal Print Bishop-Sleeve Blouse//

I tried to find her outfit to link to, but there are just too many items that have a Unicorn on them.

This is NOT a paid advertisement. Lol! When she started talking, I cringed. You never know what children are going to say. Then, when she said her NeeNee was pretty, I thought she was going to show you how to put on makeup. I have a drawer of makeup that is just for her, so she plays in it when she comes to visit.

R+F decided to waive all of the enrollment fees for becoming a Preferred Customer until the end of the month. I have also decided to continue giving a 20.00 discount. But, instead of the discount being on Lash Boost only, it can do on any order placed as a new PC.

Step 1, go to the website and put any product that you are interested in in your cart. If your order totals 250.00, then R+F will also gift you a FREE Micro-dermabrasion Paste jar. Step 2, go to your shopping cart to checkout. For Step 3, be sure to check the box that says JOIN PC PERKSStep 4, fill out your billing and shipping info and continue the checkout process. You are done!!! I’ll be sending out all of the reimbursement money once the special is over.

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  1. Kathy wrote:

    This was great. I always love the try-on sessions but it was particularly helpful seeing details and fit as you moved about. Emerson is adorable! She clearly loves her NeeNee. What else could you possibly ask for?

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  2. Bonita Schroeder wrote:

    For me, I like the photos instead of videos. And not to be rude….? the brown, black and white pants remind of cow hide. Not as flattering as others you chose.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  3. Carol wrote:

    I love the videos!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  4. Claudine Womble wrote:

    It was nice to hear your voice. I think the videos are a great idea. Keep them coming.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  5. Cindy wrote:

    Loved the videos, always enjoy the try-on sessions and honest commentary!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  6. Monica Ercanbrack wrote:

    Great try on session l feel like we could get more info this way.
    Keep them coming and it was great to hear your voice, feels even more personal.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
    • Pam wrote:

      I like the video try-on sessions. It shows more of the clothing details.

      Posted 2.20.20 Reply
      • Lori wrote:

        I like the pictures and text rather than videos so I can read your blog anywhere.

        Posted 2.21.20 Reply
    • Sandy wrote:

      Thanks so much for the videos!!! This helps me tremendously,plus, now I know what your voice sounds like and you sound like a friend ?.

      Posted 2.23.20 Reply
  7. Mary wrote:

    super fun!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  8. I love the video’s in your IG Stories but for me, these were harder to see…smaller. Personally, I think I’d prefer to just see video’s in your stories of your try-on sessions rather than here. I’ve loved your format all of these years. You’re an excellent writer and have some pretty funny stories and incidents from real life to tell us. I will miss that if you switch totally to video’s. So I guess what I’m saying is….don’t mess with a good thing! Lol

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  9. Rhonda wrote:

    Loved the videos. Enjoyed your comments and details about each piece and outfit and enjoyed the length as my attention span is short! Emmy was adorable as well!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  10. Ann H Pavlicek wrote:

    I like the pictures better. Many times I only have a couple of minutes to go over the styles and I like having the links below each picture.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  11. debbie8947 wrote:

    I did enjoy the videos so much! For the blog though, I think a combination of maybe more pictures and possibly one video would be better.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
    • Jeni wrote:

      I liked the videos because it did help demonstrate the fit and describe the fabric more fully. I agree a combination of pictures and videos would be great. I am not on Instagram so the videos are fun, especially when your Mini me is with you but I like the pictures showing the complete outfits since I can scroll back and forth more easily. Love the stories though so NEVER give those up!

      Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  12. Donna wrote:

    Loved the videos! Emersyn should be a great salesperson when she grows up!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  13. Lori wrote:

    Love Chicos! Thanks!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  14. Kathryn wrote:

    I prefer scrolling through photos and reading the info over videos but I did so enjoy hearing Emersyn….ADORABLE and quite the R&F rep!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  15. Debbie P wrote:

    LOVE the new format. I don’t have instagram so I love any chance I get to watch your sweet personality shine. I also love your little partner!!! I see her following in NeeNees footsteps!!!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  16. Janet wrote:

    Tania- I LOVE and live for your daily posts. I have those cute sweaters from Walmart (doggies on front and back…along with the giraffe). But I didn’t enjoy this format. Just thought I’d let you know. Best, Janet

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  17. Joanne wrote:

    It was great to see you however, don’t have time to watch videos….please take pictures of outfits for those of us that cannot take the time to watch…you rock!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  18. Nancy DeVoe wrote:

    I like the photos better. It’s great to scroll through quickly and to also keep for future reference on an outfit I really liked. Unfortunately for me, sometimes the sound doesn’t work on videos and it also takes longer to view.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  19. Jen wrote:

    The videos are great but I still need the photo for those days I don’t have much time and just want to quickly see what cute outfits you put together!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  20. UMZ wrote:

    Love your blog! If we lived in the same town, I feel like we’d be friends! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t change the format to all videos. I read the blog at work, and there’s no way I can watch a video at work. Your granddaughter is the cutest, and I love your sweet relationship with her. Thanks for your efforts! They are appreciated!!!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  21. Maryblair Svarverud wrote:

    Awesome try on videos! I love your style and being of similar age and build, it so helpful to see and here what works and what doesn’t.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  22. Mary Craig wrote:

    I enjoyed the videos but they do take much more time to watch so maybe a combo would work? That was a lot of videos at one time. Seeing and hearing Emersyn was so fun!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  23. Jill wrote:

    LOVE the videos! Keep them coming!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  24. Sue Epling wrote:

    If I had to.choose, I prefer the photos as it’s not as time consuming during my morning coffee session! We turn on the local news and get caught up on social media then. I appreciate you trying different formats for us though since we all learn differently! I LOVE your blog, your style and your family stories too♡

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  25. Mary McCoy wrote:

    I liked the videos but I think I would rather have pictures. Sometimes I don’t have time to watch a video.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  26. Debbi Tidwell wrote:

    I enjoy the videos, but I would rather see your finished outfits. We all love to see what shoes you’ve worn and what jewelry you put with it. So perhaps you could do the video of the specific item, but then finish off with a complete look.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  27. Celeste wrote:

    Personally I don’t watch videos, too much noise in my life. But then I am old and much prefer reading.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  28. Betty wrote:

    Will we be able to see the outfits once you have accessorize each outfit such as the beginning when you were at your door? I’m not on Instagram—–Love your blog!!!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  29. I loved the videos! You and Emersyn are adorable! It was great to hear your voice! I really liked the clothes. You especially look great in the bootcut jeans, camel pants, black pants and light blue tie sweater. Please keep the videos coming ?

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  30. Tina Butler wrote:

    Emmy is adorable! My grandmother name is NeeNee, also. Don’t you love it?! I really like the videos for your try-on sessions.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  31. Nadine wrote:

    I loved the videos too – great to see you moving in the clothes and hearing your voice!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  32. Elizabeth wrote:

    Loved hearing your voice but honestly this format doesn’t work for me as it takes longer to listen to the videos and I can’t listen to videos while at the office.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  33. Judy Broderson wrote:

    I really prefer the photos instead of the videos, which take a long time to load. I like your photos very much.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  34. Penny Jo wrote:

    A nice change of pace. I like the still shots with the full outfit and descriptions on a more consistent basis. It would be way too time consuming for there to be videos each day. So maybe video Thursday and then still finished pics for the rest. I do love your style and your comments. Your granddaughter is gorgeous and so poised. I don’t really do IG but maybe I should. Thank you for all your words of wisdom on style.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  35. Sheri wrote:

    Tania, I loved the Chico’s try on session videos! Very helpful to hear your impressions of the clothes and see them on an actual person! Felt like I was shopping with a friend! Thanks for posting!! Would love to see maybe JJill or Talbots, too? Maybe, could you show some of these items you are trying on in a capsule format, to show outfit ideas to mix and match?

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  36. Debbie wrote:

    Love the videos. It feels more personal and I like to hear your comments!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  37. Lynne Witcher wrote:

    i like the videos but i honestly prefer the still pictures of your whole outfit ensemble. I steal sooooo many wonderful fashion ideas from you and am always getting great compliments of how “put-to-gether” I always look…. even in casual wear. I’m 62 years old and have always been afraid that I might be dressing too “youthy” but seeing all of your daily posts with the various fashion ideas you have really helps keep me “in style” and looking FABulous!!!! I love your style and the way you accessorize…. i love love love BLING!!!!!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  38. Karen from Como wrote:

    I agree with many of the other gurls. I prefer the photos rather than the videos.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  39. Sandra Vise wrote:

    Love love the try on sessions! Being about the same size as you, it truly helps in purchasing! Thanks so much!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  40. Joni wrote:

    Thanks for trying something new, but I really like the photos only. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of free time to watch all the videos (I watched Emerson’s from beginning to end!), and I like seeing the finished look. I know this has to be a lot of work for you, so I’ll take what I get and I’ll enjoy it either way. I think Instagram is better for videos, but I know they have to be shorter.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  41. Kelly Palmer wrote:

    I loved the videos and hope that of do more of them! I think the highlight was Emersyn’s video. My favorite part is probably how she was telling us if we ever wanted to know how you get so pretty 🙂

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  42. Sharon Mulliken wrote:

    I love your perky personality and love to hear your southern drawl (I was raised in Nashville) but I do prefer the pictures. Maybe a video once in awhile? Thanks for all you do for us struggling to put outfits together and accessorize. I love your ideas and your comments that come with the pics!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  43. Johnna Boyack wrote:

    Love, love, love the videos and all of the information that you share regarding material, fit and softness. Thank you for all of the work. These were great!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  44. gayle wrote:

    I didn’t have the patience to read all of the comments but this post reminded me of when we would ask customers what they preferred…it was always half and half, no clear choice. Do what works best for you but I like the photos, I was distracted by the way your face looked before the video started! ha.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  45. Elizabeth wrote:

    I love the videos! It would also be helpful to hear you talk about how you put your outfit together.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  46. Catherine F. wrote:

    Really liked your new format. These are all my favorite colors (camel, black white). All the neutrals. Especially loved your assistant and her detailed outfit. So cute.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  47. Mary Lou H wrote:

    Love the videos

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  48. Barb wrote:

    I enjoyed your videos but perhaps continue to keep on with your usual written format. I was somewhat surprised I enjoyed the videos more than I thought but you definitely give more info about the items and how it looks on a real person, so continue perhaps once a week would be great.

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  49. Donna Wood wrote:

    Emersyn made my day….she is precious <3

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  50. Carole wrote:

    Love the videos. Really shows more than a still picture. Thanks!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  51. Suzette Gore wrote:

    Tania, I really enjoyed the videos of all the different pieces!
    Your granddaughter is so cute, mini you! Lol!
    One thing…the videos are tiny and I had to hold my fingers on the pic. to enlarge.
    Maybe if it could be closer. I don’t know, just a suggestion.
    Thanks! I know that was a lot of work!

    Posted 2.20.20 Reply
  52. Chris Falk wrote:

    I love the try-on videos! I especially love Chico’s! Those Brigitte pants with the back slit (10 times fast!) are really cute,. I just added them to my Chico’s cart along with that animal print blouse. I have a few leopard print tops/blouses this season but I really like those bishop sleeves. Emerson is so stinkin’ cute! Tell her I thought she did a wonderful job on her video try-on session. ❤️

    Posted 2.21.20 Reply
  53. Alison wrote:

    I like the videos, but they do take longer to watch, and as someone else mentioned, I tend to read blogs at work during my lunch break and don’t like the sound to bother anyone else (although, I’m self employed so can read blogs any old time I like with no boss standing behind me, but lunchtime is usually when I end up doing so). Plus, I’m on Instagram, so I can watch the videos there if I want. I could see maybe sticking with your usual format, but posting videos once a week or every other week for those who aren’t on Instagram. After all, it is nice to hear and see our favorite bloggers in action!

    Posted 2.21.20 Reply
  54. Sharon wrote:

    Videos are perfect for “try on sessions”. You can give more thorough opinions and details. Viewers are able to see how the clothes really fit as you move. Still photos are better for complete outfit/styling ideas. They can be viewed quickly, saved, and studied for those who want to “copy” the look..

    Posted 2.21.20 Reply
  55. Mary B wrote:

    I LOVED the video try on session!! So fun! Thank you!

    Posted 2.21.20 Reply
  56. Michele wrote:

    I really liked the videos! I usually read your blog as part of my morning routine. I knew I wouldn’t have time to watch the videos in the early part of my day so I went back to look at them after work. I enjoyed hearing you describe what you liked (or didn’t) about the individual pieces.

    It was a nice change up to see you debating whether or not something was going to work for you versus seeing you all put together perfect like we usually do.

    Posted 2.21.20 Reply
  57. Jill Kerns wrote:

    You’re fantastic & brave doing try on videos ! Love it.

    Posted 8.3.20 Reply
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