Fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old shows us how a classic black sweater dress looks updated with the addition of the leopard print scarf and suede knee boots. I was glad to hear that Joe and I aren’t the only people who love sweets. I am in awe of you who said that you could only eat one Oreo, dang you’ve got will power. So, since we are all friends here on the blog, and I am sure that you won’t tell my secrets, I am going to tell you a story about what happened this week. Remember, you can laugh with me, but not AT me. Lol!
Fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old shows us how a classic black sweater dress looks updated with the addition of the leopard print scarf and knee boots. As I mentioned yesterday, Joe loves his Oreos, but he ate too many of them one night. The next morning, he walked through the kitchen and saw the closed bag on the counter. He walks over and picks it up; then, he chucks it in the garbage. “There, I’ll not have to worry about eating those tonight!” I nodded my head in agreement and kept right on working away. Later, once he left, I went over, plucked the bag out of the garbage. I took all of the cookies out of the bag and put them in a ziplock bag. Then, I hid them in another cabinet. Just because “he” didn’t want the cookies, didn’t mean that “I” didn’t want the cookies.

That afternoon, I walked into the house from work, and Joe was already home. “What did you do with the Oreos” was how I was greeted coming into the house. I smiled as I said, “don’t you remember; you threw them away.” After I aggravated him for a few more minutes, he confessed that he went to get them out of the trash, but found that the bag was empty. Hahahaha! He thought that I would hand them over to him. What do you think that I did???
Fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old shows us how a classic black sweater dress looks updated with the addition of the leopard print scarf Some of you mentioned in yesterday’s post (here) that you would prefer to have smaller amounts of leopard print in your outfit, instead of larger amounts like a dress, pants, or a top. This scarf if the best-case combination since it is a smaller amount of leopard, but it is a LARGE scarf. Lol! I love this scarf, and at only $25.00, it is an affordable way to add the leopard trend to your wardrobe. Here is the link to this scarf, and I’ll link to a couple below if you would like a smaller scarf.

Fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old shows us how a classic black sweater dress looks updated with the addition of the leopard print scarf and silver jewelry Here is a close-up view of the scarf. Look at all of the rich, beautiful colors in the scarf.  I only wore my rhinestone circle necklace and my Avi earrings for jewelry. The necklace is a vintage one that I found on Etsy, and I loved the design. I love the simple design of the circle, and I am drawn to items with this design.

Fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old shows us how a classic black sweater dress looks updated with the addition suede knee boots. This classic knit sweater dress is old. It is a St. John dress that I bought years and years ago, but a classic never goes out of style. You can combine your classic and modern clothing together for an updated look.  This dress has a crew neck with long sleeves, and it hits me below the knee. The dress has a small knit belt that I could have worn also. However, I cut off those annoying loops for belts, and I never wear the belt. I am long-waisted, so most of the time, those loops hit me in my ribcage, so I get rid of them.

Fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old shows us how a classic black dress looks updated with the addition of the leopard print scarf and suede knee boots. We have had a few snow flurries flying around today, so I added the knee boots for warmth. We’re not supposed to get any accumulation, so it wouldn’t matter that the boots that I am wearing are suede. I love this soft fawn color, and these boots have been one of my favorites ever since they arrived on my porch. These are by Vince Camuto, and I purchased them back before Thanksgiving. They aren’t online anymore, so I’ll see if I can find some similar ones for you.

Fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old shows us how a classic black long sleeve sweater dress looks updated with the addition of the leopard print scarf and suede knee boots.

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  1. Sondra wrote:

    The Oreo Saga……I LOVE it!! Hahaha!! Been there done that except the person throwing them away was ME and the person retrieving them out of the trash later….was ME!!! Can totally relate! I also LOVE your black knit dress with the leopard scarf! Glad you’ve hung on to that dress and I’d keep hanging on to it!

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
  2. MIchele wrote:

    Love this look. I don’t wear dresses so I would wear the boots and scarf with black skinny pants and black sweater. P.S. I’ve been known to pull something out of the garbage can after changing my mind ?

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
  3. Elizabeth wrote:

    Oh my gosh! I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown sweets away, only to go get them out of the trash later. Hahaha.
    Also, Tania, you look fabulous! The entire outfit is a win! Gorgeous!

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
    • Monica Ercanbrack wrote:

      Gorgeous dress !! I would never get rid of that either.
      Love your stories, I may have done this too lol.

      Posted 2.29.20 Reply
      • Lunette Rawlin wrote:

        I would definitely not be able to throw the Oreos out!

        Posted 2.29.20 Reply
  4. Mary wrote:

    I must be a freak because once the sweets hit the garbage they are dead to me. I would get more though.

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
    • William wrote:

      Awesome Outfit. Love those Boots! My weakness is those chocolate muffins. The ones with the semi-sweet morsels through, and through. One is plenty, but I have been known to eat two at one sitting! Lol

      Posted 2.29.20 Reply
  5. cynd wrote:

    Your Oreo story is hilarious- it sounds like something I would do?. Your outfit is darling and I would wear it in a heartbeat. I love that scarf, as a matter of fact, I own a similar scarf I got years ago in the airport in Johannesburg- I wear it a lot…it’s so versatile and just the right amount of animal print for me. I’m copying your look???

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
  6. Leslie Handal wrote:

    I’m obsessed with Oreos. I use to hide them from my kids! That’s pretty bad.??‍♀️The problem is my husband doesnt like sweets like I do, so he makes comments. “Your going to get fat eating Oreos and milk every night! ? BTW your outfits are always adorable!

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
  7. Elizabeth wrote:

    That is one of my favorite outfits you’ve posted. You look amazing. A st. John dress is on my bucket list and I almost bought one similar but I didn’t because it didn’t have the iconic buttons.

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
  8. Rory wrote:

    Love your look today! I really enjoy your stories. You are so human. I love it.

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
  9. Joni wrote:

    The Oreo story is too funny. I’m guilty of tossing things in the trash and second guessing my decision; To make sure I don’t go back in, I actually shake the bad stuff out of their container to make sure I don’t go back in! Like others have said, your stories crack me up and show that we are all in this game of life together. Great outfit on you. I love the smaller size scarf you linked in…thanks for always taking the time to show us options. Hopefully Joe got a cookie or two.

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
  10. evegpt wrote:

    Billy just told me he thinks the little Debbie jelly rolls are too sweet. Box is almost empty. LOL
    I always start out with a nice large scarf but eventually I remove it. I can’t say why. I do love the leopard scarf with this dress though. And the boots are perfect. Maybe a smaller one would work for me, I’m short at 5’3″ so I think that is why a large scarf overwhelms me.

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
  11. Jena wrote:

    Can’t wait to hear whether you made Joe hunt for his cookies! Great look!

    Posted 2.29.20 Reply
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