Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black dress from Talbots which is the perfect choice for most occasionsI wore this dress to church last Sunday, and it reminded me of why I like a little black dress. As I walked through the hall, Joe immediately told me how nice that I looked. Who doesn’t love a compliment, especially if it is coming from your husband? I said, thank you, and then I started on about getting my shoes on and gathering up my stuff to leave. But, he wouldn’t let the conversation die. “Where did you get the dress?” “I like the way that fits you.” I had to smile because I knew that he was going to love my answer.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black dress and a red blazer from Talbots which is the perfect choice for most occasionsJoe has always been a button-down shirt (either blue or white), a pair of khaki pants, and a penny loafer wearing kind of guy. In other words, he likes a preppy/classic style of dressing. However, I have always been one to embrace all kinds of styles, and I have never stuck with one style of dressing for very long. That never kept him from trying to get me to dress as he wanted. Every time that he had to go on an extended trip, he would try to shop at this particular store and buy me clothing. “It is timeless, and it is classic” was what he would tell me. At that period in my life, I equated timeless and classic as being stuffy and frumpy looking. I have evolved since then, and I have come to embrace timeless and classic styles, and also embrace his favorite store. He couldn’t be happier!!!Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black dress and a red blazer from Talbots I know that you are probably sick of seeing me wearing this bright apple red Pique knit blazer from Talbots. For some reason, I can’t help myself; I swear that it seems to go with everything. Lol! I love the way that this blazer fits and also the length of the blazer. The shorter blazers have been in style for a long time, so I hope that seeing the longer ones in the store means that they are back in vogue. Here is the link to this blazer, but I will also link to a few more options at different price points.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black dress from Talbots and black pumpsNow for this beautiful black dress. This, too, is from Talbots, which is the store that Joe loves. He smiled from ear to ear when I told him where the dress was from, and he might have muttered something about, “I told you so,” under his breath. Lol! When I was ordering my last try-on session, I found this dress under the clearance section. It was a final sale, which meant that I couldn’t return it if it didn’t fit. But, I was willing to take the gamble because I loved the dress so much. I ordered my usual size 12, and as you can see, it fits me great. I will probably have the dressed hemmed to a few inches above my knee because that is the length that I prefer. Here is the link to the dress, but it is very limited in size. So, I’ll find others that I think you will like.

Before I link to other dresses, I want to give you a few reasons why you should consider having a black dress in your closet. I did a post on this back in 2017 (here), and I even did a series (here) where I styled a black dress differently every day. Let’s be honest; a little black dress is elegant and classy, and it is almost always the perfect choice for any occasion. They are almost always the perfect choice for any function, and you never have to wonder if you look appropriate when you are wearing one. They take the guesswork out of, “what should I wear?” If you are in a hurry, this is a perfect choice. Just remember, when in doubt…wear black. Also, men seem to be drawn to a little black dress like flies. It could be because black is slimming, or maybe it sends off a sexy vibe that they can’t resist. Lol! Throw your shoulders back, put on some red lipstick, and strut your stuff. You will feel glamorous and like a million bucks!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black dress from Talbots and carrying a red blazerYou know that I am a high-heel wearing pump kind of girl. However, I am starting to feel like I am in a rut and that I need to start branching out in my selections. So, in the next week or so, I am going to start ordering in some different shoe styles to show all you. Be sure to comment on what your favorite brand is, and also why you love them. Comfort, style, price, etc., is what I need to know.

The pumps that I am wearing are several years old, and they are by Coach. I found these at a local store on a discount shelf, and I grabbed them as quickly as possible. Lol! Here are several different styles for you to choose from.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a little black dress from Talbots with a red blazer which is the perfect choice for most occasionsI hope that you enjoyed today’s look and that it gave you a few good reasons to consider adding a black dress to your wardrobe. Be sure to leave your comment on the shoe brand that you are currently loving and why.

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  1. Jennifer wrote:

    Some of my favorite shoe brands are Steve Madden, Lucky Brand, Gianni Bini, and Skechers.

    Posted 2.25.20 Reply
  2. Christine Falk wrote:

    I love that black dress on you and the red blazer paired with it is perfect! I know you mentioned in the past that you avoided red when you were younger but you definitely should keep wearing it! My favorite shoe brand is Sole Society. Nordstrom does sell a lot of the brand but I typically buy straight off the website. They have such fun styles. I usually buy one or two pair a season. I look forward to seeing the new shoes you’ll be modeling!

    Posted 2.25.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I love Sole SOciety also. I have a couple of their shoes, and I wear them a lot.

      Posted 2.25.20 Reply
  3. evegpt wrote:

    Mukluk are my fav brand right now. Haha. It’s cold so I’m hanging around home & they make cute sweater booties. I love you in this LBD. It’s perfect. When I was trying to figure out how to dress, I admired Jackie o and I’d ask myself, “Would Jackie wear this?” before I would buy something. I’ve changed my style since then moved to casual chic. I’m just not the sophisticated or elegant type.

    Posted 2.24.20 Reply
  4. Jeanne wrote:

    Love the look and the dress. Not sure you should shorten the length that much. Maybe just an inch or two, but not 2-3 inches above the knee. Too short for that dress (in my opinion).?

    Posted 2.24.20 Reply
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