50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT LITTLE BLACK DRESSI have finally found it, the elusive item that has been missing from my wardrobe! I am sure everyone knows that you need a little black dress, aka the LBD, but I am not sure if everyone knows “why” you should have one in your closet. I have been searching for one that was comfortable, dressy but not a cocktail style, casual, and easy to care for.50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT LITTLE BLACK DRESSI found this Bobeau Cold Shoulder LBD at Purple Poppy, a clothing boutique in Cape Cod. I did a post last month and asked for feedback about what “your” favorite dress would be. Someone mentioned an LBD and that made a light bulb go off in my brain. I quickly went to check out the site because I have been searching high and low for one that I like. I am a “color” kind of girl but there are just times when I need to wear a black dress. Here are a couple of reasons that EVERYONE, no matter your age, your height, or your size, needs a black dress.

  1. You can wear a LBD to almost any function and be dressed perfectly.
  2. A LBD is slimming and who doesn’t want to look slimmer?
  3. It is simple. It is elegant. Pull it out and throw on a pair of nice heels and you have an outfit that you can wear anywhere.
  4. Black dresses are sexy. There, I said it! Men love a woman in a black dress!!! Maybe it was that slimming thing I talked about earlier.
  5. Something we don’t like to think about but you need a dress that you can wear to a funeral.
  6. Any color of jewelry will look good with a LBD. Pearls, silver, gold, and colorful!
    50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT LITTLE BLACK DRESS What caught my eye on this dress was the cold shoulder feature. You know I like a unique feature that will set a clothing item apart from all the others. The cold shoulder trend is HOT right now. This opening is perfect for us ladies who are not 20 years old. It is open but it is not too revealing. I also liked that fact that the straps were wide enough that you could wear a normal bra with the dress. Like most of you, I don’t like strapless bras either and with this dress, I wore my normal bra. Was that too much information? Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT LITTLE BLACK DRESS I didn’t list that a LBD never goes out of style. That is true but since this has a cold shoulder feature it does not fall into that category. HOWEVER, the price of this dress makes sure that you will be able to get your wear out of this dress. The price was one of my main concerns. The Bailey 44 Mediancohe Dress is one that you might consider if you are looking for one that will stand the test of time.50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT LITTLE BLACK DRESSThe high-low hem is another trendy feature that will show everyone that you are on top of your fashion game. This high-low hem, however, is not as dramatic as some I have seen and so it is easier to wear. The dress strikes me right above my knee which is perfect for me. I think this dress would work equally as well for those that are more Petite. I normally wear a large and that is what this one is. 50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT LITTLE BLACK DRESSThe flutter sleeves are very feminine. They are flirty, fun, and flowy! The deep scoop neckline elongates your neck giving you a more flattering silhouette. I like all the “f’s” in this dress, flirty, fun, flowy, feminine, and flattering! Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT LITTLE BLACK DRESSBTW, this dress also comes in gray. Purple Poppy sent me both colors for me to choose from. I sent them back an email and told them to bill me for the gray one because I am keeping it too! Haha!

You can have you own LBD with all the “f’s” for yourself AND at a discounted price. When you check out, type in Poppy to receive 10% off. PLUS, if you spend a $100.00 you will receive free shipping. That is a pretty sweet deal. Once you get this dress you need to let me know how you wore it.


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  1. Tania, I do LOVE their clothes. Everything they ask you to wear looks fabulous on you. I am just shocked at how pricey they are. I certainly believe in paying for quality, but some of the top fashion brands are not as expensive. Again, I love their collection. Maybe if you talk to the shop owner again, share this with her and possibly ask why they are so very expensive. Maybe offer a discount for your readers. I do not like to leave negative posts, but I wish I could afford their items.

  2. love this. Going to Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Size 16 age 55 , want to look classy but not be hot. Any ideas.

  3. Thanks Tania for the response on size for that LBD! There is a store here, in Shreveport, La, where I live called LBD that I have never gone to. I guess I better check it out although I really love that dress you modeled! Thanks again!

    Carol Pearce

  4. Lisa Higgins says:

    Even though I have issues about arm size..I tried on a cold shoulder mingled black and white dress. It looked more than ok! My aunt told me to get it! It is the exact same as yours except it has white and black pattern. You are an inspiration!?

    Enjoy Your Blessings!!??

  5. Rebecca Purdie says:

    Love the dress!
    I’m a dress kinda girl.
    You look very pretty as always.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Really like the dress, I am still a little shy about wearing the cold shoulder, I guess if I wear it a couple of times, I would get used to it too. I have a sleeveless LBD and a short sleeve LBD with a pattern in the bottom, (holes). So i think I am set now. Jewelry looks great with this dress. I just got my Sage group from Plunder, very excited.
    Have a great weekend..

  7. Charlcy Green says:

    Love this dress! I recently ordered myself a little black dress with cold shoulders for the same reasons. Parties dances and funerals. Maybe someday I will have a man who wants to see me in an LBD. Thanks for always showing us where we can buy your clothes.

  8. I love this LBD !! and thanks for all the helpful info you always give . I never did an off the shoulder dress or top but this I am going to try . You look Beautiful & love the shoes ! Have a wonderful weekend .

  9. Lovely & those shoes! My SUE necklace arrived safely, I will be wearing it next week! Sorry, I was out of town!

  10. Kristi Tandy says:

    The LBD is cute and dressy at the same time. I love the necklace. What can you tell me about it?

    1. Hi, Kristi! That necklace is stunning! It is the Rosemary necklace from Plunder. The “set” that includes the necklace, the bracelet, and earrings is called the Freesia. You can purchase by going to and typing either Freesia or Rosemary in the search bar.

  11. “F”abulous Tania !!! “F”antastic choice……… You can add fabulous and fantastic to your “f” words. ~Lisa~

  12. Julia Rodriguez says:

    Very “cha cha”! I love the jewelry you chose to wear with it.?

  13. The dress looks great on you. Is that a Plunder necklace?

    1. Hi, Kelly! I can see you wearing this necklace to woman’s club activities! It is the Rosemary necklace from Plunder. The “set” that includes the necklace, the bracelet, and earrings is called the Freesia. You can purchase by going to and typing either Freesia or Rosemary in the search bar.

  14. IT’s perfect! You look great and I am getting one! 🙂

  15. I looked at the website and it doesnt state what material it is made of could you help me with that? Is it machine washable? Thanks – it looks great on you!

    1. Brenda, it was rayon and spandex. It said hand wash and lay flat to dry. I will probably machine wash though. Lol!

  16. Anita patrick says:

    Love the dress. As the cold shoulder style goes out a wrap around the shoulder would be classy. I almost wanted to say a shrug, but not sure the the sleeve. Otherwise it’s a great dress.

  17. I love this dress and you look great in it, Tania! I have been looking for a dress to wear to a wedding and I think this is the dress! I also love your accessories you have paired with it! Could you tell me how it fits? True to size or did you have to buy up or down? It looks like it is very “forgiving”.

    1. Carol, I think it fit true to size. I ordered a large which is what I would normally wear and it fits great.

  18. Hi Tania – I love this LBD!! Things just aren’t as formal as they used to be so this one fits the bill for me. Happy Friday!

  19. Teri Getler Matthews says:

    Wow love the LBD, and of course you look fabulous in it! Will check out poppy when I get a chance….have a great weekend!

  20. Paula Nelson says:

    An F is usually bad in my book (I’m a teacher)—but your Fs are Fabulous. I think I will think of Fs when I am out shopping today! Thanks!
    Paula from Texas

  21. You look fabulous darling!

  22. Hi Tania , I love this dress and your shoes look so feminine and sexy ! I just bought a black cold shoulder top that I was hesitant at first about wearing but now I love it . It’s not too much info about the bra , good to know about the undergarments too ! Have a great weekend 🙂

  23. Great LBD! Love the details and options, not too much info for me, it’s one of the reasons I love to read your posts- you are telling it like it is! ?

  24. You look fabulous but I just can’t stand the cold shoulder look. I just don’t get it. I’d wear off the shoulder but think a hole in a sleeve is weird. Am I the only one?

    1. That was me two years ago, Detta. Now, I absolutely love the look. I think it is very sexy on women. It is like playing peek-a-boo. Hahaha

    2. I agree about the cold shoulder look. It’s like an animal took a bite out of your clothes. It seems so random. But a lot of people seem to love it. To each their own.

    3. No I don’t think you’re the only one Delta (btw love your name!). I think it is a fad that will quickly fade away. I love LBD’s but always keep in mind for long term and classic looks….not a cold shoulder fan

  25. I just ordered this dress! It will be perfect for a party that is during the day and may go into the evening. The cold shoulder trend is so flattering on you – I have to give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing your great finds, Tonia!

    1. I really like that it could be casual and semi-dressy. It is hard to find one that can accomplish both. I hope you like it as much as I did.