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50 IS NOT OLD WHAT IS A POPCORN SWEATER AND WHY DO YOU NEED ONE | FASHION OVER 40How many of you remember the song by the Clash, “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” That was what I had Alexa playing last night after a meltdown by Emersyn. The schools were off for Election Day here in the county, so Emersyn came over to spend the day with me. We did some errands and played with baby dolls. Then, we made some soup that I call Kissie soup, and she supplied the kisses to sweeten the soup. Some people might call the soup, vegetable beef soup, but they would be smart to call it Kissie soup if they want their kids to eat it.
50 IS NOT OLD WHAT IS A POPCORN SWEATER AND WHY DO YOU NEED ONE | FASHION OVER 40Emersyn called her parents at least 15 times to ask if she could spend the night with me. Every time she called, they told her that she could stay. But, when it came time for her parents to go home, that is when the meltdown started. I have never seen a child that has a harder time making up her mind when it comes to her spending the night with me, or walking the 50 feet to go next door and going home. She cries until she almost makes herself sick, and she is the only one who needs to make the decision. Finally, after 10 minutes or more, she decided to go home with her mom. I put her jacket and her shoes on her, gave her big smooches, and watched them walk across the patio. I watched out the glass door, and I saw that she was having second thoughts before she even reached the gate. All at once, she came running back to me, and I opened the door to let her in. You would think that would have been the end of the story, but you would be wrong. Lol! Once I started to get my pajamas on, she started fretting again. You guessed it, she sent her daddy a text and told him to come and get her. It breaks my heart to see her so torn up about leaving, but it warms my heart that she wants to stay.
50 IS NOT OLD WHAT IS A POPCORN SWEATER AND WHY DO YOU NEED ONE | FASHION OVER 40Have you gotten a popcorn sweater yet? These are the latest rage in sweaters, and part of the reason is that they are so soft and comfortable. I am not sure why this sweater is showing up as raspberry since it is more like a burgundy/wine color. I like how this sweater has a high-low split hem; that makes it easier to hide your rear if you are wearing leggings. This sweater was purchased at a local boutique, but I found it on the manufacturer’s website. Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD WHAT IS A POPCORN SWEATER AND WHY DO YOU NEED ONE | FASHION OVER 40q”There is gold in them there hills,” Yosemite Sam. Lol! I thought that gold accessories would look the best with the burgundy/wine color. The Vienna bridle bit necklace has been a favorite of mine for a long time, and I expect that will continue. And, the Rochelle bracelet (the leopard print) is a neutral that will go with everything!
50 IS NOT OLD WHAT IS A POPCORN SWEATER AND WHY DO YOU NEED ONE | FASHION OVER 40These riding boots are perfect for wearing with skinny jeans, and I will practically live in them this fall and winter. I don’t like wearing socks, and unless my feet are freezing, I refuse to wear them. This pair only has a 1-inch heel, and most people can wear a heel that size. The only thing that I have against this pair is the fact that it doesn’t zip. A boot that has a zipper is much, much easier to put on and take off than one that you have to pull on.

50 IS NOT OLD WHAT IS A POPCORN SWEATER AND WHY DO YOU NEED ONE | FASHION OVER 40I sure hope that skinny jeans never go completely out of style! I love wearing them, and I find them very flattering for almost all body types. I am not sure which pair I am wearing today; I already washed all my jeans before I checked the label. Lol! That is what I get for taking my photos so far in advance.

50 IS NOT OLD WHAT IS A POPCORN SWEATER AND WHY DO YOU NEED ONE | FASHION OVER 40I loved all of your suggestions for upcoming giveaways. I have a few planned for the future, thanks to all of your suggestions. I am going to start the giveaways with one of my favorite Rodan + Fields products. It is the Active Hydration Body Replenish body moisturizer. This ultra-hydrating body moisturizer is for noticeably softer, smoother, and more nourished skin. A breakthrough body moisturizing cream, it delivers immediate and continuous body hydration and helps prevent future moisture loss, resulting in younger-looking, younger-acting skin. This is perfect for the upcoming winter, which can wreak havoc on our skin.

To enter for this giveaway worth $66.00, take the solutions tool (here). The feedback from the solutions tool will give me a better idea of future products to have for a giveaway. If I see a particular product being recommended over and over, then I know that would make a great giveaway in the future.

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  1. Lord, girl, I hope skinny jeans never go out of style either!! Love the look.

  2. I love sweaters with texture and beautiful color for Winter. Raspberry color was just made to go with denim. I’m with you on skinny jeans. Most women have good shaped legs even if the middle body has gone to pot. So to speak! Bet your wine flats would look good with this outfit too. Poor fern! Mine already totally brown.

  3. Hi Tania, I would love the earrings to go with the necklace but can’t find them on the plunder website. Where are they Please???

    1. Diane, those earrings discontinued Plunder jewelry. I try not to wear any of my discontinued items since they can’t be purchased, but sometimes I forget.

  4. I am wondering if you have sources for petites. I love your looks. I am well over 50 but a 2 petite. My choices are limited.

  5. Carolyn h says:

    Hmmmm the link to the consult is not working …

  6. Love the sweater. How’s the fit, did you order your regular size?

  7. I love that sweater! What size are you wearing?

    1. Brenda Lynch says:

      I was wondering the same about the size

      1. Brenda, it is a large.

    2. Jill, I am wearing a large,

  8. Love this! Looks so cozy for cool fall days!

    1. It is perfect for fall, Ann!

  9. Cute sweater!! Thanks for the link, I ordered one in same color!!

    1. Yay! I hope you like it, Cathy!

    2. Cathy, what is the name of the color you ordered? I was trying to figure that out!???

      1. I think the color was called Claret, Pat.

  10. That is YOUR color on the sweater ! Love it❤️❤️❤️?❤️ I could not get the link to work to do the survey….could be that I am on my iPad.

  11. Really like this outfit today!! Looks super comfy and cozy!

    1. That is a great description, Marcia!

  12. Your fern looks so sad in your pictures today Tania!

    1. I know 🙁 It is done for the season. And, my porch looked horrible, sorry. It needs washing again, but it was rainy and cold.

  13. Barbara Wilson says:

    Love that sweater!! I’m with you in hoping that skinny jeans never ever go out of style, especially the pull-on ones!!

    1. I have a confession…I hated skinny jeans when they first became a “thing!” Lol!