We Interrupt This Blog For A Stomach Virus

I look and feel like crap. Believe me, you do not need this visual. So, since I have not been smart enough to have a few article and pictures set back for emergencies, you are going to be graced with pictures of my trip to Tennessee to see my grand babies. I hope to be feeling better tomorrow, till then just enjoy the kiddo’s.DSC_0124This is my first born grand child, Matti B., showing me her crazy leg style.DSC_0119My second born, Huttson, showing me how high he can swing.
DSC_0069Third born, Jett, showing me his lincoln log eating dinosaur.
DSC_0142And the last grand child, Emersyn, who just can’t be still for anything.DSC_0073You’ve already met my photographer niece, Rachel.
DSC_0107And, this is my other niece, AllsionDSC_0088These two had just went down the slide together, and both ended up on their tails. Which they thought was hilarious.DSC_0114I wish I had taken a picture of this play  set my father built for the grand children. It is HUGE! I has the double slide, three swings with a walk over bridge above them, a curly slide, and a section for hanging by your hands. That made no sense, so here is a picture of Matti demonstrating her technique.DSC_0084I hope you enjoyed the pictures. However, I am not going to stay sick just so you can look at more pictures tomorrow, so don’t ask. Haha

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  1. Oh I loved this post, although I’m sorry you were so sick w/the flu! I loved getting to see your grandbabies – precious gifts from God! And your yard & beyond are absolutely gorgeous! Have a blessed beautiful fall day, Tania!

  2. Oh no!! My son had it, my MIL has it now….so scared…washing hands a thousand times a day. I sure hope you recover quickly.

    1. It’s not fun, Stacey. I hope you don’t get it, and that your MIL recovers fast.

  3. Sorry that you’re sick. 🙁 xoxox

  4. Sending a get well soon! Love the pictures of the grandbabies and neices, I have 2 precious grandbabies myself and since I am a director at a preschool, I am blessed to have 31 more little ones to love.

    1. The grandbabies and nieces kind of steal the show. I am feeling better, thanks.

  5. Feel better! You are blessed with beautiful grandkids. I see some fashionistas who take after their grandmother.

  6. Feel better soon! My son & daughter-in-law are busy building their empire! LOL They told us 2017 for baby #1. I didn’t ask…they offered the info.

    1. Thanks Brandye. I am feeling better already. Good luck to your son & daughter-in-law!

  7. Hope you feel better soon. The pictures of the children… too cute. Everyone enjoys seeing children having fun on a special-grandfather-built Jungle Jim. Your dad is very talented. Take care.

    1. Nancy, I have got to find a picture of this swing set. It was something I found on Pinterest, and he decided to make it.

  8. Hope you feel better soon! Your grandchildren and nieces are precious.

  9. Way cute… way way. LOL We have six grandchildren and also very exuberant. Glad you were able to spend time with them. Ours are all so far away from us and I envy you being able to drive to visit them. xo
    Get well soon!!

    1. Thanks Diane. I wish I got to see them more often.