Welcome to my sunporch. Are you getting sick and tired of these photos yet? I only have a couple more photos taken here, but the rains forced me to be like a Marine, adapt, and overcome! Lol! Today, I am continuing a post about what to wear on a cool and crisp Saturday Fall morning. That post showed a casual outfit, but today, I am showing you a business casual and a dressy look with the same pair of versatile pants.

According to the dictionary, business casual is defined as “a style of clothing that is less formal than traditional business wear, but is still intended to give a professional and businesslike impression.” Business casual is what most workplaces require unless you have a uniform or need to wear a suit. Business casual attire looks polished and put together, and it is appropriate for most situations.

I consider this gorgeous silk Cheetah print poncho more dressy than business casual. You might wear silk to work, but I wouldn’t. Of course, I worked in a hardware company that mixed paint and dealt with contractors. Your job might be a little more boogie than mine was. Lol!

This silk poncho is elegant looking and comfortable at the same time. I love that the sides are stitched so that you don’t have to worry about your sides showing. The colors are gorgeous and perfect for fall, but this is very lightweight and could also be worn in spring and summer. I am wearing the S/M, and it fits me well. It is also available in an L/XL if that is the size that you need.

Here is the back view of the silk poncho, and it shows a great view of the Cheetahs and other designs. You can also see the stitching that goes up the sides if you look closely.

Even though the silk poncho is a showstopper, I still wanted to add a tiny bit of jewelry to my look. The long faux-pearl double-strand necklace is one that you will wear repeatedly. It is simple and elegant, and it looks great with anything. I’m also wearing my AVI gold large hoops for my earrings. I know that you are shocked. Lol!

Now, let’s move on to what I consider business casual. This floral print sweater is gorgeous, and the colors are very feminine. I love the different shades of pink, and the small amount of yellow gives the sweater a lot of visual interest. This is a lightweight knit sweater, perfect for early fall when the temperatures are just starting to get cool.

The neckline is a bateau or a wide scoop, and this is a neckline that works for me. It does help to elongate the neck, but it also helps to create curves. The wide neckline tricks the eye into thinking that your shoulders are wider than they appear, and that makes your waistline appear smaller. If you are an inverted triangle and your shoulders are wider than your hips, then a v-neckline is the better choice for you. I am wearing a size 1 in the sweater, and I see that sizes are already limited. So, I’ll link to some similar ones for you.

Here is how the sweater looks with the pants. These black side-vent pants are great, and I love the Ponte knit material. These pants are so comfortable that you could wear them around the house. The crazy thing is, they look so great that you could wear them to a dressy occasion. Talk about versatile pants!

The Ponte fabric is powered by exclusive So Slimming® Hidden Fit technology that slims and smooths at the tummy. Can I get a huge THANK YOU for this technology? The pants have a slim fit, but they aren’t skinny pants. I am wearing a size 1, and the fit is perfect! These pants come in several colors, and I also bought the Cranberry Spice pair since I think they will look great this fall and winter.

I bought these block heel shoes last year, so they are no longer on the website. The block heel is great for a business casual look since they look professional and are stable to walk in. Here are some similar shoes.

These Tory Burch wedges are a smidge more dressy. The gold double T medallion is eyecatching, and it looks great with the gold print poncho. I love a wedge dress shoe because it is the easiest heel to walk in. For those who don’t do high heels, you might want to try a wedge instead. These run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9.

Which was your favorite look? The dressier poncho, the business casual floral sweater, or the soft and cozy hoodie? I have a hard time deciding between the three.

Let me know your thoughts on puff sleeve tops. Do you love them, hate them, or are you undecided?

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  1. I looked through this post four times on my Samsung phone and still couldn’t find a pic of you in a hoodie. So I guess I’d go with the pretty flower sweater. Having done puff sleeves in the 80s, I’m skipping them this time around. Same reasons others have stated: they seem too young, and don’t work well under jackets and sweaters.

    1. Oops. Was just catching up and saw your earlier post with the hoodie!

      1. I’m glad that you found it!

    2. Oh no, Jena. I’m sorry that you had trouble finding the hoodie look.

  2. I like those side vent pants with the flower sweater. Very pretty on you. I do not like the cheetah poncho on you……too much for your small frame. The sweater is much neater on you.

    1. Rory, thanks for saying I have a small frame. Lol!!!

  3. The business casual floral sweater is my favorite, but I also like the hoodie with the pants. I am not much of a poncho person but it looks cute on you.

    1. I like the sweater and pants look the best. The poncho is too overwhelming and I think maybe aging.
      I don’t like the puffed sleeves this season as I think it’s too little girlie for people my age. 66.
      I like a more tailored look in clothes like the sweater and pants.
      That’s my work look.

      1. Marlene, a sweater and pant does look polished looking, so you can’t go wrong with that style.

    2. I think that business casual is most people’s favorite.

  4. Catherine says:

    I believe you meant “bougie,” not “boogie.” 😂

    1. Lol! I did!!! Hahaha. Thank reminds me of the hanky joke.

      1. Don’t worry, we translated for you!

  5. Kathy Johnston says:

    I love that silk poncho! So unique and elegant! Do think that a camisole or tank is needed under it?

    1. Kathy, a camisole might make you feel more comfortable under the arms. But, if you don’t wave your arms around, you should be fine.

  6. Ginger Hiller says:

    Oh darn, I can’t pick a favorite! The colors in the sweater are so me, but because I don’t wear tops that show my ‘extras’ in my mid section, I would not be self conscious in the poncho. You being in front of the brick wall doesn’t bother me because I’m focusing on your outfits. Have a blessed day!

    1. That is a great thing about the poncho. No lumps or bumps will show!

  7. Love the cheetah poncho on you – you carry it off so well, and the light gold and cream colors are beautiful on you! I enjoyed the three posts, and was surprised to see that you could make the pants look truly casual with the hoodie and then transition to such a dressy look. I am shorter than you with broad shoulders and chest, so I think the poncho would make me look larger than I am. I stay away from most puff sleeves, too – just not flattering for me. Clearly you have to consider your own shape, though, because both styles look fantastic on you! Great posts.

    1. A poncho look is easy to wear, but Petite ladies might find the look more challenging.

  8. Diane Schulert says:

    I love it–absolutely spot on!

  9. Although one would not think of pink as a fall color it certainly is a color I’m seeing this season along. I love the second outfit , top and pants! I am not a fan of the poncho on me because the material overwhelms my frame. The poncho looks lovely on you however.. The third outfit is nice as well. Great post with lots of options. Thank you and have a great day!

    1. Pink is a huge color this year. I have a bunch of it on an order that I can’t wait to style.

  10. I don’t like the puff sleeve look on myself…just can’t do it. I do, however, like the second outfit with the lovely flower top! Thanks for always styling so well!

    1. That sweater is gorgeous in person.