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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a white t-shirt and skinny jeans with a striped cardigan and ankle boots

Since everyone seems to enjoy the Hit of Miss blog posts so much, I thought you might also like a new segment called This or That. I’ll show you two outfits, and then you can say which outfit you like best and why. I did this type of post on Instagram the other day, and they seemed to love it.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a white t-shirt and skinny jeans with a striped cardigan and ankle boots from Nordstrom

I try to pay attention to what you like and enjoy to make your time here on my blog fun and entertaining, as well as informative. How To articles are informative, and the Hit or Miss and This or That will be more fun and entertaining. I’ll be interested to see if you like this type of post or if it needs to stay only on Instagram. I know which outfit I prefer, so it will be fun to see who has the same taste as me.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a white t-shirt and skinny jeans with a striped cardigan

I wear the same pair of skinny jeans and jewelry with both outfits. I’m also wearing a v-neck t-shirt in both looks but in different colors. Both outfits are casual, but they give off different vibes. So, let’s get started with the first look.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a white t-shirt with a striped cardigan

A basic white v-neck t-shirt is my base piece. I usually try to buy a new white t-shirt every year since I wear them so much. They will inevitably get dingy or pilly, and since they are affordable, I like a new one or two each year. If possible, a v-neck is my go-to choice, but a scoop neck is a close second. I don’t like my t-shirts to fit too tight, so I always size up and order a large.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a white t-shirt and skinny jeans with a striped cardigan and boots

I’m a huge fan of cardigans and dusters! They hide a lot of flaws (aka belly bulges) and help create a waistline. Your eye assumes where your waist ends, and it guesses WRONG. Lol! Thanks to a cardigan, the mind thinks my waist is way smaller than it is.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing skinny jeans with a striped cardigan and ankle boots

This ribbed duster is super soft and very cozy. The stripes all lineup, and the pocket is even all lined up. I know that is a feature that many of you demand when it comes to your clothing. I’m wearing a medium which fits great. I was afraid that it would be too big, but I like how this fits. The length is 43″ long, so it might be too long for my petite ladies out there. If you want the cardigan but not the horizontal stripes, it is available in blue, green, and gray.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a pair of ankle boots

I bought these suede chunky heel ankle boots early this fall. I’ve worn these boots to death since the neutral color goes with everything. Most people purchase boots in fall to wear them until spring, so the inventory is very picked over at this time of the year, and retailers probably won’t be restocking. There are a few sizes available in this boot, and I’ll link to similar ones. These run TTS.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a navy t-shirt and skinny jeans with a multi-colored striped cardigan and cowboy boots

Now, let’s move on to the next look. This outfit also features a striped cardigan and boots, but the overall look is entirely different. This outfit looks more western, not just because of the boots, and the first outfit looks more casual/everyday.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a navy t-shirt and a multi-colored striped cardigan

Lol! I am sitting here laughing at this photo. I steamed all of the clothing before taking pictures, and I forgot that the steamer leaked water on this navy v-neck t-shirt. You can see two wet spots on the tee that didn’t get completely dried. Haha! I get a lot of messages from ladies asking me for referrals on t-shirts. I usually send them all to J.Crew Factory since I think their tees are nice, not too thick, and not too thin, and the price is appropriate for the quality. I’m wearing a large, and I like the relaxed/vintage fit.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a navy t-shirt and a multi-colored striped cardigan by L.L. Bean

Let’s talk about this gorgeous cardigan. My daughter walked through the room and backed up to get a second look at this cardigan. The website called this a Fairisle pattern, but I thought it had a Southwestern vibe. Either way, I love the colors, and the quality is outstanding. It is heavy without feeling bulky and overwhelming.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing skinny jeans with a multi-colored striped cardigan and cowboy boots

Here is a behind-the-scenes look of the cardigan so that you can see the length and a better look at the pattern. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me great.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing skinny jeans with and cowboy boots

Wearing skinny jeans feels so strange after wearing relaxed and loose-fitting jeans. This pair is one that I bought last year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This was the first time I had ever bought this brand, and I wanted to try them while they were on sale, especially since they were pretty expensive. I am wearing my usual size, and they run true to size. Here are more options that are more affordable.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing cowboy boots

These Junk Gyspy Cowboy Boots are a pair that I bought this fall, and I still love them. I don’t wear them a lot on the blog, but I wear them in private. I love the solid color of these boots with the contrasting stitching. These run true to size, and I’m wearing my usual size 9.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a white t-shirt and skinny jeans with a striped duster and ankle boots

Now, it is time for you to decide, THIS – the casual/everyday look, or THAT – the Southwestern look. Be sure to let me know “why” you like one over the other.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a navy t-shirt and skinny jeans with a multi-colored striped cardigan and cowboy boots by Lane

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  1. I love the green duster. Being 4’11”, I’m always looking for clothing which makes me look taller. I think the duster creates a longer line on you. And I prefer the colors. And the boots! I live in the northwest where there are lot of cowgirls and cowboys. In the 90’s I wore a pair of red suede cowboy boots and loved’em. I love the white in your hair. It shines and looks healthy. TFS.

  2. Cowgirl outfit for me! Hard to choose, since I love the colors in both outfits and would wear both of them. . You look great in both of them! I also would probably be lazy about tucking my jeans in those wonderful western boots and just as often I would wear them under bootcuts.

  3. I love both outfits! Though I would probably wear bootcut jeans with the cowboy boots, but that’s just me. I should probably branch out. My daughter wears them with everything and always looks great!

  4. I ended up getting both of these sweaters, both are beautiful and great quality…the southwest/fair isle one is incredible! Thanks Tania for being my biggest fashion inspiration for several years now!!

  5. THAT is my favorite. I love the Southwestern look and the entire outfit is perfect. And looks great on you. Looking at this sweater makes me think I need to try shrinking one of my old ones a bit…it could be like new again.

  6. Both look great on you. Love colors in long cardigan but would be too long on my fluffier shorter body 😊
    Love the other sweater but boots aren’t my favourite. Bit too cowboy like for me
    Love this game! Thankyou

  7. I’m voting for the first outfit but as usual you look great in both. I love the longer cardigan look, my only issue is what coat to wear over them, still too cold to wear alone out here in Idaho. I also love the length of the 2nd cardigan but it is a little too busy for me and I have to agree with a few of the other gurls, cowboy boots not for me, but those suede booties. Yum!

  8. Hi,
    I am 5’5” and I get swallowed up in those long cardigans. They are not flattering on me and I don’t buy any cardigans which are longer than 30″. That would just go to my upper thigh. I am short waisted with long legs.

  9. They are both great looks though not everyone can pull off the duster! I am going to vote for the “that” look with the cowboy boots. I have some really nice ones I bought in Nashville years ago, that I have hardly worn😒. I put them on and then say, “too much?” I just need to be brave and wear them or take those babies to the consignment shop! Full disclosure, I do live in Florida so full and tall boots just aren’t the norm here, due to our mostly mild weather!

  10. I love both! I would switch out the navy tee with something lighter color. I don’t own any cowboy boots, but they are cute! 💕

  11. Can not get on board with the long dusters. I am 5’2, they swallow me. Love a good cardigan. The length on this one I perfect.. I. One for. Umber 2.

  12. I prefer the casual/everyday look. It looks very comfortable. I wear a very similar outfit. But I also have to say that the sweater in the southwestern look is very pretty.

  13. I love both outfits and would wear either one. If I have to pick though…. oh I cant!!!

    I would wear the duster cardigan with the cowboy boots if left to my own thoughts. Is that too much?

    great post!

  14. My favorite is the shorter sweater with those beautiful cowboy boots. Love them!
    I do not care for the long sweaters. I think they look bulky on everyone that wears them.

  15. I like the duster look. It is more traditional and fits with my style. I love the brown booties. Hoping my size is available

  16. I love them both! I would have the pick the first more casual one though, only because I wouldn’t wear the boots. But I would totally the wear the second look with different boots. Definitely love this, please do it again!!

  17. “This”! I love everything about that outfit. It’s a style and silhouette right up my alley.

    “That” outfit I don’t like nearly as much, though I think it’s the boots that really turn me off (so sorry). I also probably would’ve paired it with a tan T-shirt and not the navy. Or a different color of jeans perhaps.

  18. I love the colors in the duster and think the boots look cute with it. Personally, I’m not a fan of cowboy boots but I like the rest of the other outfit too!

  19. Well dang! I like both outfits equally. I have a pair of Tony Lama western boots that I hardly ever wear, even though they are very comfortable. You get a 💯 on both outfits!

  20. Giddy up .. I’m a cowgirl wannabe & love the western outfit so that’s my choice, but you make it hard to choose This or That when you look so darn cute in both!

  21. I like the “This” – long duster cardigan look. The green and shades of blue look spring-ier. The shorter cardigan has colors that make me think “fall”.

  22. Oh my goodness, I love both of them! If I had to make a choice, I would say “This”. I love a long sweater and see this styled with boots, also.

  23. Love this feature! Thank you for wearing basically the same pieces under the sweaters. That helps a lot.
    I did like the first look better, but strictly my preference.
    What I love no matter what the post is how you show us the back view! Too many blogs do not and it can make or break my choice.

  24. As others have said, both outfits are good and you look great. My personal preference is the shorter cardigan outfit. I’m immediately drawn to navy, so the navy t-shirt got me. I like the colors in the cardigan, and I like brown boots with it—just not western boots for me. I haven’t yet bought into dusters, but the colors are pretty in this one. Thank you for the t-shirt link.

  25. This! I like the duster look and the colors in this one are an interesting combination I haven’t seen very often. Nothing wrong with the other look. The cowboy/southwestern look just isn’t my style.

  26. Not fair, not fair😁. These are both great for different reasons! I would wear both, and you look great!

  27. Love both but think I would wear the second sweater with the darker tee and the booties from the first outfit.
    Thanks for your post!

  28. I like the Southwestern look best. I don’t care for the color olive or horizontal stripes and that duster seems too long. I must say though how perfectly styled both looks are! But of course they would be ’cause that’s what you do!
    I love the junk boots. Very cool! Great with the “feel” of that sweater.
    This new feature IS fun! Hope you continue on the blog!

  29. I love the first ‘this’ sweater, but the length is a deal breaker for a vertically challenged gal! I also like the second sweater, but with the first pair of boots.

  30. I like the colors of the casual/everyday look but I like the length of the western cardigan better. The duster is just a little bit too long for me. Of course, if someone gave me either outfit, I would take them!

  31. Love the 1st look, because I love the green and navy color combination. However, I am too short to wear a long duster. So I would probably wear the 2nd look with different shoes/boots. I don’t think I could rock the cowboy boots, but they look fabulous on you!!

  32. I like the second outfit because the colors in the sweater are beautiful. I think it would be more versatile. (I think the colors in the first sweater are drab and length is a bit over-the-top long. Just my opinion!)

  33. I like both outfits but the first is my favorite. Dusters are so flattering, and wearing one makes me feel very confident and chic. I love the way the blue stripe picks up the color of the jeans!

  34. I’m loving both of these looks on you, but the cowgirl boots/outfit would have to be my favorite. In my house western boots are a staple and it makes sense to wear them here in Kentucky. Junk Gypsy is one of my favorite brands!

  35. Both looks are adorable on you and I like you better in the long cardigan. However, for this girl, long cardigans have become annoying and living in South Texas just too hot. So cowgirl look is the one I like. This is really cute idea and please do more of these.

  36. Would prefer the first one on the whole but for me, as a petite, the length of the duster would not work, prefer it to be either at the hip or knee but do think it looks super cute!

  37. The second sweater is one that I would wear and I’ve had similar ones. I personally don’t care for the boots, but would definitely wear a more plain boot with the outfit. At 5’1″, I love the duster…but…?

  38. You look great in both. I would wear the first one, but the duster would be way to long for me. I would also wear the second one, but without the boots. I love the cardigan.

  39. I like both looks on you but My vote is for number 2. I love the cowboy boots and would like to see them with your duster outfit. I like the green rather than the beige next to your face.

  40. Love both outfits but the duster is my favorite, olive green and navy blue are two of my favorite colors and I love the boots!!

  41. Love the “this” 1st look the best. But the duster would be very long on me. Colors in duster are beautiful.
    “That” ..2nd look did nothing for me. You looked great !!!

  42. I love the duster colours and style on you but on myself I would wear the shorter sweater, both are lovely though

  43. I prefer the first look with the longer cardigan. Even though it’s casual it still has a look of sophistication about it. The bottom one is cute, too, and I’d wear it but of the two, I like the first one best.

  44. Cowboy outfit perfect. Flattering colors and fit. Duster outfit lovely too but with more fitted white tee, or nice white knit top, and a brighter lip as the white washes you out a bit. Two thumbs up on both.

  45. Love the cowboy boots and the shorter sweater. I’m 5’10”, but feel that long sweater is too long. Looks more like a bathrobe. I’m surprised how many of your commenters wouldn’t wear cowboy boots! I guess there’s an age you hit, where you don’t want to step outside the box. Hope I never reach that age!!! Love the ladies of Junk Gypsy!!

  46. I like both looks and would wear them both. But my favorite is the first look with the duster. I like the colors in the duster. I think you look great in both!!

  47. It’s hard to pick one because I would definitely wear both! Maybe the duster outfit, even though the duster would be a little longer than I would want.

  48. Would have to go with the “this”
    Like the recommendation from others who would pair first boots with second outfit

  49. I like the first one better but not too sure on the length of the duster. The second sweater is too busy for me. 😂

  50. I love styling t-shirts with jeans. The southwestern look but with booties would be my pick, although both styles are great!

  51. IMHO the Southwestern rules. I love the western boots and the sweater is perfect with them. I’d wear both of them here in central Ky.

  52. Both looks are great on you. The casual look is more my vibe and I love that duster! I appreciate the recommendation on tshirts. I feel like I am always searching for the “perfect” white tee.

  53. Love the duster look on you, however, I would be more comfortable in the Southwestern outfit but with the low boots you’re wearing in the casual look.

  54. That’s a hard decision. I like them both but I think the one with the shorter cardigan and cowboy boots looks better. The other one is a little plain.

  55. I love the first outfit except for the length of the cardigan. I would wear the cardigan in the second outfit with the first look. That would be a better option fit me.

  56. I love BOTH of them!! They are exactly my style. I haven`t worn my tall boots in a while, I will have to get them out. Thanks for this and that.

  57. I llke the colors and pattern in the duster better (green and blue is a favorite color combo and for my taste, the pattern in the cardigan is too busy) but it’s too long for me. And I prefer the ankle boots to the cowboy boots. So the everyday/casual look gets my THIS vote

  58. I really like both outfits. The first one is more me then the 2nd one. However the cardigan on the 2nd outfit is gorgeous. You wear both of them quite well Tania.

  59. I love the colors of the first one but I’m a little shorter than you and feel dusters overwhelm my frame. I would totally wear the second look but with different boots.

  60. I would wear outfit one with the green sweater if it was shorter. It looks more current than outfit 2. I love the colors in the shorter sweater just not the pattern.

  61. While both outfits look good on you; I prefer #2. While I like the longer cardigans on others, I can’t help but think they give off a “bathrobe vibe” to me.
    Also, I dislike the fact that they frequently brush the floor while sitting.
    …just my opinion

  62. Love both outfits on you. For myself, would go with 2nd outfit with the cowboy boots, because I am on the short side. Also, really enjoyed this article because I have a similar print sweater as #2, and have been struggling to find a whole outfit for it, saved these pictures to my Pinterest for future outfits. Have a wonderful Thursday.

  63. Love the colors of the first, long sweater, but it looks about 5 inches too long for your frame. The second shorter cardigan isn’t as interesting. Doesn’t look as fresh or spring-like. Love these types of posts!

  64. Gosh that’s a tough one! Love them both but like the other shorties on here, the duster would probably be too long for me so I would pick the second look.

  65. I like “that” better than “this”. Being a Texas gurl, you can’t go wrong with the cowboy boots. Also like the shorter sweater. If I wore a duster, I could clean my floors as I walked! Both look great on you and this is a fun post. Thanks!

  66. Love both looks. I too am a big fan of cardigans and dusters. The western look you will see me wearing a lot in the next couple of weeks. That’s our county fair week. We are a small rural county and that’s the dress style for everyone at the fair. My granddaughter is showing a pig for her third year

  67. You can pull it all together..both work for you. Personally I prefer the first one- the color palette appeals to me and although I’m a shorty ..A girl can dream that the sweater would work for me☺️ I like bootie style as well so that may be a draw for my preference. Thanks for another fun insightful segment.

  68. I’m sorry but I don’t care for either outfit. The long green stripped is Way too long. Also, I’m not a fan of the cowboy boot
    (And I live in Texas) and crazy about the sweater either. Sorry, this was a total miss.

  69. I love the first look on you. It does create a lovely, long lean look. I think the green is a great color for you too.

    I am petite and this would probably drag on the ground on me, but I love it on you. The booties are faboo too. Last, this seems more you, more classic.

  70. This is a tough one…both outfits look great on you but I prefer the first one. I love the length and horizontal stripes of the duster and it’s casual, but dressier than the second outfit.

  71. I think both are cute on you! I would definitely add some statement earrings and maybe a long necklace. I probably wouldn’t wear the long cardigan because of height and the direction of the stripes. The second outfit is my favorite because I love western wear. The pattern and length of the cardigan are better for me too. Again, I would add some western silver earrings and probably some silver bracelets or a short but bold western necklace. LOVE your boots!!!!

  72. I like the first outfit with the green with stripes of navy and light blue and small white stripes. I only wear Kelly green but I would actually try this green!! Hands down this was my favorite out of the two!!

  73. I definitely like the first outfit better., the long duster. It would not look good on me because of my height, but it’s a much classier look than the second

  74. I like the colors in the first outfit, but the length of the sweater in the second outfit would be better for me. I like the fit (not length) of the duster better than the chunkier southwestern.

  75. The 2nd outfit looks better on you, but personally, I’m not fond of either sweater due to the strong horizontal pattern. I would never wear a long sweater. BUT, I did just buy those short dune-color booties!

  76. You always look great in your outfits. The first one would be a miss for me. As a petite dusters don’t work for me. I liked the second outfit better.

  77. Both outfits are great and I would probably wear both except for the white t-shirt and the cowboy boots. I would but blue or green with the duster. Love the length as I am tall and I think it would give the illusion of maybe being taller. Could even wear flats. The second is cute – love the sweater but it is more of a statement piece and I would not wear it as often. And I just cannot do cowboy boots. They just don’t work for me. Great post btw!

  78. Love the 2nd outfit! It’s young looking and hip with the cowboy boots! Both outfits look great on you but the 2nd is my favorite!

  79. How about This AND That! Love both looks for different occasions. I live in San Antonio and it is currently rodeo time, so “That” would be great for walking around the rodeo grounds. And I love the duster in “This”!

  80. I can’t decide. I like the first one but think the duster is too long. But you look great in it. I like the second one but think that sweater is a bit busy. I think you look great in both. But for me I would pass on each except for the booties in the first and jeans in the second one.

  81. Hi Tania,
    I love the first look better because it is one of my go to outfits. I love a longer sweater cardigan with jeans and a nice blouse. The booties pull the look together for a casual but elegant look.

  82. I like the first outfit best but you look great in both. I feel the busy pattern in the southwest cardigan would add bulk to my torso. Having said that, the long duster in the first one would be too long for my 5’2 frame but I like the color combinations and simpler appearance.

  83. I like the first outfit best. I am not a fan of patterns, so for me, I am not sure the second cardigan would work. Maybe if it were black with color and black cowboy boots. I do love cowboy boots. You rock them both, but the first look seems to show a more confident you.😊

  84. I like the first outfit the best. Although White isn’t really my color. Washes me out. I would have to find a brighter color tee shirt to wear. Does the sweater come in a different color?

  85. The duster outfit I liked a bit better. Mostly for the colors. The I’d call it Southwest too was super cute tho too and would be cute with booties too. My vote is for the first pick. Have a great day!

  86. I love the first look, the casual/everyday look. I have a couple of long/duster cardigans which I wear all the time; to work and at home and I would wear this one as well, the stripes make this cardigan interesting.
    I would pass on the second look. The cardigan is beautiful but I think the vibrant pattern would overwhelm my petite frame. I like the boots and admire them on other women, but they just not my style.

  87. For me it’s this I love the colour palette the greens and beige and the length of the cardigan and the toe of the boot give you a lovely tall slimming effect 😊

  88. I like both. I would have to choose the fairisle cardigan because of the length. The duster is too long for me but I love the colors and stripes.

  89. Definitely “This”! I tend to dress more conservative or as my BFF says “classic” lol. Love your blog, I look forward to seeing it every morning!

  90. My favorite is “that” I especially love the boots and the shorter sweater. I love the colors of the other one just not the duster length. I also love to wear v necked T-shirt’s and jeans. I always look forward to your posts and your verse at the end 😉❤️

  91. Going with the long cardigan. It’s elongating and more appropriate to this Chicagoan’s lifestyle. SW sweater & western boots is cute but it’s not my style and a bit out of place in my world.

  92. I love my cowboy boots and cardigans so I’m loving that look on you. I’m 5’2″ and can’t wear long dusters so that’s a no for me but I do like the boots that you chose to wear with it. Thanks for sharing!