50 Is Not Old | tortoise & hareIt is always nice to visit everyone in Tennessee, but I am really glad to be back home. I haven’t seen Joe in a week. I think he might have forgotten what I look like. He left last Sunday, going on a little golf outing, and came home on Thursday. I left on Thursday and came back on Sunday. But all is good; at least there was someone home every night and we didn’t have to get a “doggie” sitter. If we travel without the dogs, we have a lady come and spend every night at the house. Most people would call this a house sitter, but the house can take care of itself. We want the dogs looked after, and kept company. Lol!50 Is Not Old | tortoise & hareA quick story before we talk about today’s outfit. My brother-in-law, J.D., was of course in Tennessee to watch my sister give her speech. On Saturday we were out getting gas in mom’s vehicle after my granddaughter’s dance recital. J.D. was driving, so he was the one who got to pump the gas. Us women are pretty smart. Haha Anyway, after he had paid for the gas, we went to pull out. A white car pulled out in front of us, and they might have been moving a little slow. So, he fussed a little under his breath about slow-pokes, and don’t they know which way they are going, then he decides to go a different way to hopefully pull out in front of them. No such luck, he is still behind them as we approach a stop light. Luckily the car is turning in a different direction. J.D. then declares that the God’s are smiling down on him. About that time, my mother looks over at the white car, and starts waving frantically. It is her SISTER!!! I thought the entire car was going to lose it. We laughed so hard. Mom couldn’t wait to call her sister to tattle, but they had a bad connection, so he was spared. That is till now. Guess who reads my blog? Hahahaha I just outed him.50 Is Not Old | tortoise & hareI thought I would stay with the blue theme I had going yesterday. Today’s blue is cobalt. This blue flyaway tank top is several years old. I bought it from Old Navy, along with the jean jacket. I didn’t buy them at the same time, but you get the idea. I have worn this jacket several times, here with a graphic t-shirt and here with linen pants.

Blue Tank Top: Chico’s | Racerback | Plus

Jean Jacket: Old Navy | Plus (cropped) | Style & Co50 Is Not Old | tortoise & hareThese white jeans were purchased last year at the end of the summer season. They were on clearance, and I didn’t pay very much for them. Items like this are perfect to pick up on clearance because you know you will wear them for years to come. The cobalt blue faux suede pumps are from Old Navy, and they are several years old. They still look this good because they are not the most comfortable shoe I have ever had on. They are fine for going out to dinner, but not for wearing all day long if you are going to be on your feet.

White Jeans: JC Penny | JAG | Plus

Blue Pumps: Ivanka Trump | Calvin Klein (these are the one’s my sister wore here)50 Is Not Old | tortoise & hareYou guessed it, these are the ones that I ended up wearing to work. The blue ones would have been fine for a couple of hours, but there is no way I could have worn them all day long. This leopard print pair are by Isaac Mizrahi and I bought them at the outlet store in town.

Leopard Print Flats:  Lucky | Dr. Scholl’s | Sam & Libby50 Is Not Old | tortoise & hareI thought the caramel leather Dooney & Bourke satchel looked better with the ballet flats. What do you think?

Caramel Satchel: Similar | Similar | 50 Is Not Old | tortoise & hareMy jewelry is a mixture of Chloe & Isabel and Stella & Dot. The tassel necklace, tassel bracelet, and earrings are Chloe & Isabel. The gold link bracelet is Stella & Dot. If you would like to purchase anything from Chloe & Isabel, please type my name in the Find A Merchandiser slot at the top of the page. 50 Is Not Old | tortoise & hareBefore I forget, remember my speedy brother-in-law that was so impatient on Saturday? He was just as impatient on Sunday as he and my sister were traveling back to Atlanta. This time, instead of my Aunt being the one to slow him down, it was the “police.” LOL!!! Do you think he has learned his lesson?

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  1. You always look so nice, what color nail polish are you wearing? Looks Navy?

    1. Thanks Lisa, for the invitation.

  2. Judy Holland says:

    Bet your Mom and her sister will dine out on this story. Loved the blues.

  3. As always, I live your outfit and your story.

  4. Debbie Grissom says:

    I love all your outfits. You do seem like someone my friends and I would hang out with?

    1. ?Come on down to Grundy, and I’ll take you shopping. Lol!

      1. Debbie Grissom says:

        I live in Tn. I should have visited when you were here??

  5. Love this outfit! I have a few pairs of crop pants, but don’t really like them. I’m going to invest in some ankle pants next time. Dressier!

    Please don’t take this as “mean.” It’s that English teacher in me (plus I worked as a proof-reader for an advertising company.) “Us” and “we” are tricky for lots of people. Just take out the next word, ‘women’ and you’ll clearly hear which is correct: “Us are pretty smart” or “We are pretty smart”! ???

    1. Thanks for the tip Knella. I understand the difference between constructive criticism and someone just wanting to be a smartie-pants. I have actually looked for a program that would check my posts for these type corrections. So far, I haven’t found one.?

  6. I like that you limit the color families in an outfit..I’ve seen bloggers who are wearing five different colors ( shirt, blazer, pants, shoes and bag).It’s not a cohesive look and doesn’t look polished- it’s like to many accessories. You look fantastic.

    1. I don’t like too much going on in an outfit either. It makes my eye go from place to place. You can be noticed for being a little crazy or because you look nice.

  7. I absolutely fell in love with that caramel (or cognac? ;)) satchel! I suppose it is out of stock for now or not for sale anymore 🙁 And with my “luck” if the same were on stock, Dooney & Bourke probably don´t ship to Switzerland 🙁 Sooo sad…
    But you look so young in cobalt blue! I wish my mother had the courage like you to wear bright colours!

  8. MimiG2002 says:

    Please tell me more about the handbag in the first few pictures – I love it!!!
    I’ve pinned many of your outfits, I really like how you mix things up!

    1. The little handbag in the first couple of shots is by Coach. It is VERY old. I traded a Longaberger basket purse for it several years ago. My BFF, Bertha, wanted my Longaberger bag and I wanted her Coach bag. Now we are both happy.

  9. I really love the blue and white together! Also – very random – what color is your nail polish please?

    1. Melesa Garrison says:

      Oh my gosh, I never thought about that, but you do look like her and I’ve always thought she was such a pretty lady!

  10. You just crack me up ? It would be so fun to hang out with you! You look great in this outfit. Blue is definitely your color!

  11. Love this blue on you!

  12. Melanie W. says:

    I haven’t posted for a bit, but I’m still reading every day. Great stories and great outfits…which is the norm for you I think. 😉 So happy your sister made it through her speech…that’s pretty much my worst nightmare!!!

    1. Mine too Melanie. Public speaking is NOT my thing. She did great though!

  13. Your family sounds great, like everyone has much fun!? Love the white and blue..When I first saw your blog I kept thinking you reminded me of someone and now I can’t think of her first name, she is host of the Home and Family show on the Hallmark channel…It will come to me later?

    1. I saw her pictures. That is flattering to me, she is beautiful! Thanks so much?

  14. Ruth Hamel says:

    Traffic slowpokes are God’s way of reminding me to slow down and enjoy life. Slow people only irritate me when I’ve cut my schedule too close or am trying to cram extra things into my schedule. It’s taken me a long time to appreciate this lesson, but it’s better to sit back and enjoy the ride.
    The cobalt blue is such a striking color. It just makes me happy.

    1. I will try to remember that Ruth, the next time I am feeling irritated. Enjoy the ride, I like that!!!

  15. Very pretty outfit! I love your stories?

  16. Love this outfit. Blues definitely are your colors as are mine. Would so wear this and may do so today. Your story was too funny.?

  17. We have a catsitter when we are on Holiday! Lol! Inwoner who is making your pictures everyday. Actually it looks like you have a camera hanging there. I like it that you almost always stand on the same place. It gives it somehow a more personal touch!

    1. I use a tripod Nancy. I don’t have anyone to take my pictures, so I set a tripod up every morning as I leave for work. Take a few pictures, and then out the door to work I go.