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The Cutest Summer Graphic Tanks and Tees

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There’s no easier outfit in the world to throw on in the summer than a comfortable graphic tee or tank with your favorite pair of bottoms. You can wear them with denim pants or shorts, white pants, leggings, and even athletic shorts! In fact, one of my favorite ways to wear tees in the summer is tied in a knot over a sundress. If you’re in the market for new tops, you’ll love today’s post because I am sharing a list of the cutest summer graphic tanks and tees.

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The Cutest Summer Graphic Tanks and Tees

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a graphic T-Shirt from Walmart 1
Beatles Graphic Print T-Shirt (Large)

This iconic Beatles photo is perfect for a graphic tee. They sure looked fashionable on their stroll across the street. I normally wear a medium or a large in tops, and I usually order a large in tees. I like them to be slightly oversized. The reason I wear them is for comfort, so I like them to fit relaxed.

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a graphic tee from Walmart4
Rolling Stones Graphic Tee (Large)

Here is another iconic emblem for a rock band. The famous lips and tongue is a fun look for a graphic tee. I like the muted colors of this one, and I threw on a white blazer to elevate the look. I missed the Blondie Graphic Tee when I placed my order. Joe loves Blondie, and often calls me that as a nickname.

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a graphic tee from Walmart5
AC/DC the Band Graphic Tee (Large)

Are you beginning to think I like wearing rock band tees? I think they are fun, and most of these are bands I associate with my younger days. This tee has pretty colors, and looks more feminine. Since it says High Voltage on it, you can say the tee is ELECTRIC! Lol!

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a graphic tee from Walmart8
Nashville Graphic Print T-Shirt (Large) | Denim Jacket (Large)

Finally, a tee that isn’t a rock band. Instead, this is a tee for country music fans. Nashville is known for country music and strolling the streets of Broadway. It is a fun place to live or visit. I threw on a denim jacket with my tee. In case you are wondering, denim on denim (Canadian Tuxedo) is on trend.

This Go Get ‘Em Tiger tee is so fun, isn’t it? It’s one of my very favorite vintage graphic tees to wear. It’s fun and sassy, and I love the pop of bright pink! I’m wearing a classic hoop earring, but you could tie in the pink with your accessories by wearing a pink earring or handbag.

Up next, we have this adorable Good Vibes rainbow tee. I am wearing dark gray, but it comes in a few other cute colors, like this gray leopard. Tell me this is not the quintessential errand-running outfit? It’s comfortable, cute, and full of personality, from the tee to the shoes!

Band tees give off an effortlessly cool vibe. Plus, you’re always bound to get a few comments from people you see out in public who love the same band. Just make sure you know the name of at least one of the band’s songs if you get put on the spot, LOL! This soft and comfy Queen tee comes in several different colors, but I’m wearing the light beige.

While we’re on the topic of Queen, I also love this ticket collage tee from Evereve! It has so many colors you could pull when choosing accessories. Imagine carrying a yellow handbag or a wearing a pink Bermuda short with this!

I thought this bouquet tee from Old Navy was sooo sweet and feminine. Your gardening friends will love this one! It is super inexpensive, so I bet it will sell out quickly!

If you aren’t a fan of big logos or words across your shirt, you can still rock the graphic tee trend by choosing a shirt with a classy all-over pattern. This v-neck tee from Loft has a sweet little doodle print, and it’s soft to the touch and extremely comfortable.

Fourth of July will be here in the blink of an eye, and this gray flag tank will look so cute on Independence Day! Just add a red earring or a red lip, and you’re ready for any cookout or a day at the pool or lake.

Here’s another great option for the Fourth of July! I love the watercolor look on this painted flag crewneck from Talbots. This would be great styled with blue and white gingham pants or a red pair of shorts!

Roses are trending this season, and I talked all about it in this post about how to wear roses on clothing. I knew I had to share this cute rose graphic tee when I saw it, especially since it’s super affordable at under $20!

Here is another Nashville tee. I’ve been to Nashville several times, including this fun trip when some of my favorite blogging friends. Music City is such a blast to visit, especially with all of the country music-themed things to do! I thought this pink and blue tee would be so darling with a pair of white shorts or pants. I just found another cute Nashville one, and I might like it the best of all!

Pickleball is the *it* hobby these days! I know so many of you gurls love to play! If this is you, you need this pickleball champion tee from J.Crew Factory. You could even pair it with one of these sporty skorts!

If you have a summer vacation planned, this would be the perfect top to wear on the plane or car ride! I love the variety of colors in the letters, which allows a variety of bottoms to easily match.

If you love to read, this gorgeous floral book tee is for you! You could also gift it to the bookworm in your life for an upcoming birthday or a just-because gift.

I love the retro feel of this tee! It would be just as cute tied over a coral or orange dress as it would with a pair of dry-fit running shorts. If wearing a tee is part of your day, then make it one with a positive message.

I’m obsessed with this tee that references 1 Corinthians 13:13! It not only looks cute, but serves as a wonderful reminder.

If you are a lake goer, you need this Lake Squad shirt. It would be great for throwing over your swimsuit or wearing around the campfire!

The bright colors in this tropical inspired tank are so fun and happy! If you don’t love to show your arms, you could wear it under a kimono or thin cardigan in any of the pineapple’s colors.

One of the best parts about aging is the grandbabies! If you are living the grandma life, then this tee is for you. If you aren’t a grandma yet, grab it as a gift it to your mom!

Isn’t this such a true statement on this shirt? It takes so little effort to just treat people with kindness, and I think everyone could use this reminder as they go about their day to day routines.

This daisy tee is a great option if you prefer a v-neck over a crewneck. This is a very popular brand, and the quality is always really nice.

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  1. How did you tie the blue AC/DC shirt?

    1. It isn’t tied. I have it pulled through a belt loop to look like it is tied.

  2. I love all the graphic tees! ❤

  3. Meta Guin says:

    Welcome back home to Tennessee. I might just order that Chico’s tee you have on. We aren’t going anywhere for the weekend. Bill tested positive yesterday for Covid. I hope I don’t get it too! I have a surpressed immune system. Enjoy your family!

    1. Oh, no! I hope he feels better soon.

  4. i love that graphic tee! I’m trying to find in plus size!! looks great!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the post and link. My Mom is visiting and didn’t bring enough lightweight tees for our hot Southern weather. I was able to get her a few cute tees at a great price.

  6. Janus Emory says:

    Well congratulations Tania! Such wonderful news. I have a couple of greats myself. Terrific post. I have the women’s Rose Tee and a bunch of others. They are my goto, around the house tops. I also tend toward floral tees, such as, sunflower petals coming off and turning into butterflies. Love that one. Thanks for a great post and don’t let the anticipation get to you, lol Janus

  7. I love graphic tees….. live in them!

  8. sue Koren says:

    Love the dandelion tee!

  9. Wearing my favorite yellow graphic tee today with a big Sunshine with golden rays across it. My other favorite has Summertime across it three times on a sky blue background. Great for our Texas weather!

  10. Susan Mckenzie says:

    You look SO CUTE wearing these tee’s!! I’ve started my own little collection of graphic tee’s. They are so fun!!!

  11. I love graphic tees of sceneries. This year I bought an old Navy tee with a city scenery. So cute.

  12. Jackie N. says:

    Love these tee choices – especially the Nashville and Queen tees! Since I retired from working for the State of NC almost 12 years ago, I’ve grown to love graphic tees and tanks. Thanks for these fun suggestions! And congratulations to your niece & her hubby with their good news!

  13. Ginger Hiller says:

    Congratulations to the family on the impending new addition! So, why did you have to share so many cute graphic tees! 😂😂 I am actually in need of graphic tees, so I’m thrilled with this post. Narrowing down how many I purchase is going to be a challenge. The timing of this post is perfect, so thank you!

  14. Love the t-shirts, they’re fun for everyday casual wear during spring and summer. You look cute in them too. Thanks for the Bible verse reminder.

  15. Congratulations on your family’s new addition?

    Those graphics tees are just the bee’s knees for summer outfits.

  16. * New Baby on the way* Congratulations to your Family! Terrific graphic t’s!

  17. Julie Lozano says:

    Nothing like a great Rolling Stones t shirt! Totally cool!

  18. Cute t shirts. So the funny thing is I went to a shopping center yesterday that has Loft, Old Navy, and J Crew factory and I bought a bunch of t shirts that are on this post. Old Navy had a great sale. J Crew factory also has great graphic t shirts for men. congrats on becoming a great auntie.

  19. Janice Nagle says:

    thanks for petite sizes and sleeves long enough to cover my upper arms! the old navy prices couldn’t be bear! I bought 2!

  20. Joan Bullington says:

    Congrats on the new addition to the family! Love these teas and tanks! Perfect for summer!

    1. Lynda Brown says:

      What a great choice of tees! Sometimes I thought my husband didn’t know my name…he always called me Blondie. Kind of embarrassing when we were out and he’d call BLONDIE across a room. But I’ll surely miss that.

  21. Oh my goodness, I am beside myself! I LOVE my rock band tees! A band tee is going to be this year’s birthday gift to myself. Perfect timing!

    I’m especially loving the Stones tee and the Queen concert tickets one. Thank you for this post!

  22. Stella Gustafson says:

    I am not mad ch of a T-shirt girl except for going to the gym. There is some cute ones you have showed might end up in my cart

  23. Congrats on the new addition! Wow, you really did some shirt shopping for this post! Lots of fun options. 🙂

  24. I’m a big fan of Life is Good tees. They have a great sale going on now. Thanks for including them in the blog.

  25. Dottie Kinnaman says:

    Cute tees! I love a graphic tee!

  26. BARBARA C says:

    I love the book lovers tee and the “be kind” tee. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Nothing says Summer like a graphic tee!

  28. Kimberly Campbell says:

    Love your graphic tees looks. I have Alan Jackson (a couple), Def Leppard, Ghostbuster’s, and Back to the Future tees. They are fun to wear.

  29. Carole from Canada says:

    Congrats are in order for sure 🥳. I love a graphic tshirt and it can be worn with almost anything.

  30. Patti McDonald says:

    Congratulations to all! I love the fun graphic tees! I was inspired from another one of your post on graphic tees and I found a Scooby Doo t-shirt. So fun!!

  31. Awww, nothing sweeter than being a great aunt (except having your own grandkids which I’m waiting on!). My niece just had a baby boy and we are loving getting the baby snuggles.
    This post is perfect for me! I live in tshirts and love a good graphic one. I see several I would like!

  32. What a great selection of graphic t’s!! I am not much of a t-shirt girl but I have the Tennessee one in my cart!😊

  33. Jamie Pannell says:

    I have been looking for some new t-shirts for the summer and these are great! I love all the band tees.
    Congratulations on the addition to your family!

  34. I rarely wear graphic tees but you shared some really cute ones.The book lover tee is my favorite.

  35. Such cute tees. Since I started wearing dresses, I haven’t been wearing many t-shirts. I have many I will wear with skorts, and skirts, if there is somewhere I can’t wear a dress, LOL , like Physical therapy. (working on my back, shows a little to much in a dress.) 😉

  36. Gardeningmama says:

    I think I have to get the book w/flowers one 🙂 gotta say that Lake Squad I thought said Cake Squad! Lol 😉

  37. Hello! I love the graphic tees you have posted. I also like the outfit inspo but I note on the L TK app that the striped tee is listed as costing over $600,000! I have no idea how these apps work but that made me laugh!

    1. Karen, for some reason, it is usually Loft that will show an outrageous price. Obviously, it’s not that price. Lol!

  38. Jeanine Kesey says:

    I feel like Jean shorts and graphic tees are my uniform for summer, I have so many, so I made myself order more adult clothes to wear this summer, especially nice shorts. I am enjoying it! Although I love a great graphic tees. Oliver and Otis is my go to shop for graphic tees. They have cute ones and always great quality. I don’t know them, just a long time customer. Not shamelessly pitching family or anything like that. Lol.

  39. We have a separate large workshop and not once, but twice the door blew open around 2am. ADT called and I couldn’t remember code. Yep, both times the police arrived at the front door. Kind of embarrassing. One of my friends used to do her makeup and hair before bed and wore nice lingerie just in case there was a fire and the fire dept showed up. Now I know why. LOL!!

    1. Yvonne, if I put on my makeup before I went to bed, I’d look like the Joker when I woke up. Lol!

  40. Lol, I’ve forgotten to disarm the house alarm and opened the patio door… what a jolt!!!
    I ordered the the faith, hope, and love tee for my daughter and me. Very cute!

  41. Haha, I’ve done that very thing with the alarm too Tania! Love all the tees!

  42. Good Morning Tania, I Love all the Tees! I would have loved that Vacay one for our upcoming trip to NY. Too late to order now but I may get it anyway! Hey I wondered if you use or have tried the City Beauty Uplifting Serum? The Company sent me literature on it but I already use a medical one so was skeptical. I do like the Lid Lifting Treatment and I feel it’s helping.

    1. Dawn, I’ve not tried the Uplifting serum. I know a lot of my readers use City Beauty, so maybe one of them will comment.