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The Best Winter Makeup Must Haves For Women Over 50

Gurls, winter is officially here, and it’s time to rethink our makeup routine. The cold air, windy days, and gas heat can take a toll, and your makeup can look dry and cracked. No one wants to look like a raisin in holiday photos! Today, I’m sharing the best winter makeup must-haves for women over 50. Get your makeup bag ready!

You’ve heard me mention many times that I have extremely dry skin. I am always in search of products to help, and some of them make the condition better, but it never goes away. This is what I’ve been using, and it does a great job.

The Best Winter Makeup Must Haves For Women Over 50 – Skincare

Let’s start with some eye cream. I don’t know about you, but my crow’s feet start to feel dry and sore after a day in the winter air. There are a ton of expensive products I could have chosen, but CereVe is tried and true. This is a great eye cream at a low price point.

I LOVE these eye masks. They help reduce bags and puffiness, as well as moisturize. For an added bonus, keep in the fridge so that they’re nice and cool. I’m not the only one who’s a fan. These Grace & Stella masks have a 4.7-star rating and have been reviewed over 19,000 times!

Makeup isn’t going to look smooth on dry and cracked skin! Is ruddy skin ever a good look? This cream is formulated to help reduce redness overnight. It’s fragrance-free and made for sensitive skin. Cetaphil is another household name. This cream has over 19,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating!

The Best Winter Makeup Must Haves For Women Over 50 – Make-Up Products

After all of the moisturizing, but BEFORE the foundation, you must wear primer. Gurls, primer is a must-have! My granddaughter just bought this primer yesterday. E.L.F products are inexpensive, and they make several primers, but I love that this is hydrating. The reviews are great, as to be expected. If you haven’t used a primer before, you’re in for a treat. The foundation goes on so much smoother!

Some foundations can feel powdery, even though they’re liquid. They are great for certain circumstances, but not if you suffer from dry skin. This lightweight foundation from Neutrogena sounds perfect! It helps dry skin by boosting hydration with a lightweight water gel formula. Plus, it features hyaluronic acid, an ingredient known for its skin-plumping properties!

Lips get cracked and dry, too! I can’t be the only one who goes to bed with a lip mask on, can I? Guess what’s special about this Revlon lipstick? That’s right. It’s moisturizing! There are ten different colors at the link, and of course, the ratings are great. And it won’t break the bank!

The Best Winter Makeup Must Haves For Women Over 50

Here’s another e.l.f product that I like. This is called their “Putty” blush, but I’d call it cream to powder, lol. It is infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E to hydrate, nourish, and moisturize the skin. Yes, please! It’s available in 6 shades and is under $10 dollars!

Your hair gets dry in the winter, so it makes sense that your eyelashes can as well. Here’s another great product from Neutrogena. Winter is ALL about getting moisture back into your skin. This mascara is enriched with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Keratin for dry or brittle lashes. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to lose any more than I have already.

This skin mist can be used as a primer, but I’d use it as a finishing spray. It gives a nice refreshing bit of hydration and glow on the face and can be used throughout the day. Does your makeup look dry after a few hours? Give it a spritz. Going on a plane and feel like your skin is dry? Give it a spritz!

This is a great time to go through your makeup bag. Throw away anything dried or outdated, and get some winter hydrating products!

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  1. Julie Hecker says:

    Great post! I’m going to have to try the Cetaphil for redness.

  2. Great post and alway enjoy whatever you have to say!! Happy New Year!! 🎆

  3. I need to try the LaRoche product for dry skin.

  4. Jennifer Steadman says:

    Thanks for the great product reviews

  5. My dermatologist recommended the Laroche Posay line of skin care for my 68 year old skin as well as that of my 18 year old granddaughter. She said it is one of the purest formulations for sensitive skin. It has made such a difference in both of our skin. I’ll never be without.

    1. My dermatologist recommended these products to me as well and I’m over 60. I really like them! I also use some high end products along with it

  6. Joanne Bernard says:

    I am a mother and recent grandmother at 53 and your posts have inspired me to keep up with trends and not fall into the old grandma look!!! Thank you!!!

  7. Elizabeth Middleton says:

    I have followed you for several years and always am uplifted, encouraged and refreshed by your posts. May the Lord give you every grace and blessing!

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you are still enjoying my blog. 😊

  8. I’ve never tried any under eye masks, but need to consider.

  9. Patt Dyal says:

    Just purchased the red jean jacket and the ELF primer. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  10. Krista Preston says:

    I’m looking fora new mascara, thanks for the suggestion

  11. Winter makes my skin so dry, thanks for these recommendations!

  12. Love E.L.F. products, especially the great prices. Also love CeraVe products—they’re so great for my dry skin!

  13. Thanks for the suggestions. I agree about primer being important. It makes a big difference.

  14. Cera Ve is a go to brand that I have used for years. Affordable and works well for me.
    The E.L.F Putty Blush looks interesting, might have to give that a try.

    Tania, your granddaughter is so pretty and looks happy to be spending time with you.

  15. My skin is very dry and my daughter who is a dermatologist, gave me a sample of La Roche Posay to try. It is wonderful and it’s the only lotion I use now ~ year round.

    1. It is wonderful and thick!

  16. Thank you for this great post filled with so many affordable things!!! Enjoy your family!!! Happy Friday ❤️❤️❤️

  17. My skin is oily (even at 52), but my daughter is quite dry. She’s extremely holistic with her choices. I sent her a pic of the La Roche-Posay since it said “fragrance free.” I’m sure she’ll research it fully, but she was excited about it.

  18. Virginia Dodds says:

    I tried the La Roche-Posay Triple Moisturizing Cream. The product was fine, but it was so thick that once the center had gone up the tube, the rest of the cream could not be pumped out. I was very disappointed in the design. Perhaps it would have been better to have a screw cap instead of a pump.

      1. Tania, thanks for letting us know. I’ve cut tubes in half and put bottles upside down for years. I didn’t know such a thing existed. That’s why I like blogs and YouTube videos. I’m definitely ordering soon.

      2. I had never heard of that Great Idea! Tania your the best! My God richly bless you for helping so many

  19. Tania, love your posts! want to see more of your beautiful kitty..

  20. I’m saving this post! My New Year’s resolution is to use up as many of my products as I can before purchasing any more- I am easily influenced!😂

  21. I have never been disappointed with Neutrogena products. I’m not trying to advertise for them. they just work.

  22. Phyllis P says:

    I wear the lip mask every night as well.

  23. Christy M says:

    Glad to see 2 of my favorite products. I use the ELF power grip primer. I’ve also used
    ELF s Putty Blush.

  24. Pam Bowling says:

    Thanks for listing all the great and helpful products. I am always in search of beneficial makeup products.

  25. You have included some great affordable options here. My tried and true lotion is Lubriderm, but I plan to try the Laroche Posey the next time I run out.

  26. This is a great post! What a special time with your granddaughter. I know how much fun you’re having!

    1. Linda Pitts says:

      The Elf blush and Neutrogena foundation look great! Thank you for sharing! I am ordering! You are giving me inspiration to become my best self again after a long term debilitating illness. I’ve bought new clothes, lost some weight…need to lose more, and am trying to not be old and frumpy hiding in baggy sweatshirts and sweat pants in my retirement. I’m still looking for the perfect jeans to disguise my fat belly. Thank you for sharing your shopping savvy inspirations!

      1. I love that you are putting yourself as a priority!

  27. Louise Logan says:

    Love Cera vie!!!

  28. Thanks for the suggestions to help combat dry skin. I’ll definitely be giving them a try.

  29. Linda Shearer says:

    Thank You for posting these! My skin is extremely dry and my body moisturizer is not cutting it on my legs. The moisturizer by la rocha posey is already in my cart!

  30. I like the idea of the redness relief night cream.