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The Best Stylish Boots For Winter Weather

I love to wear stylish boots and booties during the fall and winter months, but sometimes, it’s all about keeping the feet warm. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t be cute! Today, I’m sharing the best stylish boots for winter weather. Emphasis on “stylish”. Lol

I know I just talked about The Best UGG Boots and Less Expensive Lookalikes, but today, I’m singling out snow and water-resistant boots.

This was my go-to look last year whenever the weather got below 10 degrees or if the snow started to fall. Once I get cold, I’m chilled to the bone, and it takes forever for me to warm up. This Down Maxi Winter Coat is AWESOME! It is lightweight but kept me warm as toast. It is still available this year in several colors and comes in Petite and tall. The Squall Insulated Winter Snow Boots are water resistant, keeping my feet dry AND warm. That was a big plus, but the cute fur is what I loved. Lol! Unfortunately, the boots are only available in sizes 9.5 and 10. So, I’ve found other boots that will look stylish (important) and keep your feet warm and happy. (more important)

The Best Stylish Boots For Winter Weather -from Nordstrom

These are from one of my favorite boot brands, UGG. They make stylish and comfy footwear. I like the rugged, waterproof vibe of these. These aren’t the ubiquitous camel-colored UGGs that celebrities are photographed wearing. These are the real deal and will keep your feet warm to -32 degrees. All while looking cute. The Chesnut color looks a lot like the boots I’m wearing above.

Say what you will about Nordstrom, but they carry a lot of cute shoes. These Peu Pisata waterproof boots are fleece-lined for warmth. There is nothing worse than slipping on ice during the winter, so I love that these have a Michelin sole.

How cute are these?! These would look fabulous with skinny jeans or even fleece-lined tights. The cuff looks adorable rolled down, but you can also pull it up for a taller boot. They’d be super cute on cold, rainy days.

The Best Stylish Boots For Winter Weather – From Amazon

Doc Martens is about as cool as it gets! I love lace-up style boots, but for cold and wintery days, these pull-on Chelsea boots are ideal. The fur looks soft and cozy, and the yellow stitch detailing is fun, but they come in many other colors, even vintage taupe vanilla! The panels on the side aren’t just for looks. The elasticized panels help in getting them off and on.

If you’re looking for an easy ankle bootie to wear on cold days but don’t want to spend a fortune, this boot is for you. It has a cozy fleece lining for warmth and a water-resistant upper. These come in brown, black, and a deep red color. Not bad for a boot under $40 dollars.

This two-tone boot looks a lot like the boots I’m wearing. If you’re not a fan, it comes in other colors like black on black or black and grey. This boot doesn’t come in half sizes, so if you want some room for thick socks, go up a size. Rated at -25 degrees, these are waterproof and keep your feet warm.

The Best Stylish Boots For Winter Weather

One of the great things about the cooler weather is the opportunity to go out and enjoy the fall leaves or to invite some people over to sit around the fire pit. These boots would be perfect for either of those options! I’d wear these to one of my son’s football games, too. Anything that required me to be cute and stay warm. They’re styled after hiking boots, but I wouldn’t head off to the mountains with them. I think they’re more cute than functional for that type of activity. Oh, and they come in a bazillion colors and styles.

Here’s another inexpensive ankle boot I found that I thought was cute. It’s similar to the others, but I like the sweater ankle trim. This comes in all of the basic colors but also a very cute pale pink. The reviewers say they are very comfortable and run true to size. Best part? They are under $40 dollars.

The Best Stylish Boots For Winter Weather – Heeled

Finally, for those of you who need warmth but want a fashionable heel, this combat ankle boot should do nicely! They have 4.5 stars, but most everyone says to size up a half size. Available in black, grey, and others and also under $40 dollars. It’s a great deal if you’re looking for a heeled boot.

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  1. Marilyn Norman says:

    I definitely like the hunter boot. And Michelin soles !!! Too bad we don’t have Nordstrom here in Canada !

  2. All so cute ! Thank you ❤️

  3. Deborah Kay says:

    love the Chunky heel combat Boot, wish it had mid calf top,

  4. Such cute boots and reasonable prices!

  5. Susan ann Koren says:

    Love the mid calf snow boots. Add to cart and repeat. ha ha

    1. Lol! I do a lot of “repeat” too.

  6. Great choices for those who live in the snowy north. In Texas we get lots of rainy cold days so I think they all would work for that too. Some sizes not available boohoo

  7. Lisa Tharp says:

    Great boots that are stylish and will keep our feet warm this winter. Perfect for Ohio weather!!

  8. Cute boots. When it snows or there’s ice the whole city shuts down. I wouldn’t have anywhere to go. The Doc Martens are a reasonable price for good quality. I don’t know if I would wear the 13.99 ones in snow. 😊 I’ve had two incidents where shoes fell apart as I was wearing them. The sole came apart. I had the shoes a long time so I didn’t really care except one time I was at work.

  9. The Anjou Femme boots are so cute!!!!

  10. I enjoy your postings very much! Now that you’ve tempted our tastebuds talking about the breakfast casserole, will you kindly post the recipe? Thank you!!!

    1. Hahaha! I will. It is a simple one, so don’t expect anything fancy. I’ll put it in my email tomorrow.

  11. Oh wow, love boots and a great selection here, thank you.

    1. I have cold feet, so keeping them warm in the winter is a priority.

  12. Karrie Knutson says:

    I really like the style with the roll fleece cuff. I agree they would look adorable with leggings or skinny jeans. Not sure how many pairs of boots are too many?

    1. I don’t think there is such a thing as too many. Lol!

  13. I really like the Cliffs by White Mountain Duena boot. They look warm and cozy.

  14. Louise Logan says:

    Very cozy boots!

  15. I hate cold weather but love some of these cute boots!

  16. Combat boots are fun!

  17. I like the Hiking Snow Winter and Duena boots. These styles work best on me because I’m short, and they look comfy enough to wear to work. 🤗