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The Best Sarongs For The Beach To Buy Now

Like it or not, bathing suit season is upon us! I’ve blogged a lot about bathing suits (see below), but a cover up can make or break your look. Who wants to cover a great suit with a bad T-shirt? Not me! There are a lot of cover up styles, but today, I’m sharing the best sarongs for the beach to buy now. They are a lovely and chic way to elevate any swimsuit.

The Best Sarongs For The Beach To Buy Now

I love this gorgeous sarong from La Blanca! It’s a cool blue color and a breezy boho print that makes it super stylish. You can tie it in different ways—either as a skirt or a dress—so it’s really versatile. Is it me, or does it look like a lovely vase that you’d put on your mantle? The blue and white is a classic.

Here’s another lovely version from La Blanca. By the way, that’s not me modeling it. With the head cut off, I just wanted to make sure you knew, lol. Anyway, like the one above, it can be tied around the hips or worn like a dress. This would look amazing with any of the black swimsuits I recently styled, either on the beach or at the pool.

I love this version in a gorgeous ‘Bezu Night’ color. I’m not sure, but I think Bezu is French for kiss. Just a little fashion blogger detail I thought you might like. It features a soft, breezy pattern that’s perfect for summer. Plus, it’s made from sustainable materials, so you can feel good about wearing it!

If you own a bathing suit in a solid color, this elegant striped sarong would look great as a cover up. You really NEED to click the link and see this material up close. It looks like a gorgeous silk scarf! It’s also a good size at 46″ x 56″ inches.

The Best Sarongs For The Beach To Buy Now – Walmart

Looking for something softer? I love the deep gorgeous colors of this wrap. You’d never know it’s under $20 dollars from Walmart! This is not only pretty, it’s practical. Take it to the beach, then throw it in the wash. If you don’t love the colors, there are a couple of other versions at the link.

The Best Sarongs For The Beach To Buy Now – Amazon

This sarong is made from 100% rayon and comes in a vibrant Black Turquoise color. It features a stunning daisy mandala design that’s perfect for adding a bit of flair to your beachwear. It’s super soft against the skin and wraps comfortably around you, whether you wear it as a dress or a skirt. Plus, it’s versatile enough to double as a beach blanket! Check the link for other colorful variations.

Once you figure out that you like sarongs over traditional cover-ups, it really comes down to print, size, and material—and price, of course. This peacock color is not only really pretty but also generously sized at 67″ x 45″ inches. There are a ton of other options at the link, so you should have no trouble finding one that matches your suit.

Want an even BIGGER sarong? This is a great size—73″ x 44″ inches—and, of course, it comes in many other prints. The description says that it’s rendered in a traditional Indian block print.

My sister went to India and brought back some block-print tablecloths years ago. They were literally designs cut out of wood, and then the material was hand-stamped. I’m guessing these are a mass-produced version of a single design, but either way, they’re lovely.

This lovely chiffon sarong is 71*43.5 inches and is a great way to add a POP of color to a solid-colored suit. It’s one of the least expensive items I’ve shown today, and it comes in over twenty-five different colors. Made of 100% premium polyester, this sarong offers a breathable and silky texture that feels great against the skin.

Let me know in the comments if you’re a fan of the sarong. I think

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  1. Sue koren says:

    I have bought some cute ones on vacation in mexico

  2. Sue koren says:

    I wish they sold more sarongs that matched bathing suits

  3. I love a sarong as it can be worn many different ways and even be used as a cover on a cold airplane!!

  4. Beautiful choices. If I still had a bikini body, I would wear one in a heartbeat!!

  5. Some really beautiful options. Thank you!!

  6. I like the time & true one

  7. Karen Johnson says:

    What a glorious verse today from Ephesians 1:7.
    Every beach sarong in today’s post are absolutely stunning

  8. I’m not sure if I’d like one or not. I’d probably wear it like a dress though. You showed us some very pretty ones.

    1. Thanks! I love all the colorful options.

  9. These sarongs are lovely.
    I had purchased a simple cotton sarong when we were in Figi and I actually wear it with a tank top around the house. It is super comfy and is a nice change from my usual jeans and tee.