The Best Flattering and Fashionable Black Swimsuits

Gurls, don’t leave me hateful comments; it’s not my fault that swimsuit season is here! I’ll be posting swimsuits and coverups several times over the next few weeks, but I thought I’d start today with the best flattering and fashionable black swimsuits. Black is a classic color; it looks good with a tan, and let’s face it – black suits tend to be slimming. Probably should have led with that, lol. Anyway, I’ve got some great suits for you to see – from sexy to modest. Enjoy!

The Best Flattering and Fashionable Black Swimsuits – Va-Voom

Black swimsuits 8
Mesh One Shoulder Swimsuit (Large) | Black Leopard Kimono (Large) | Oluaki Sandals (Sized up) | Large Hoop Earrings

This is one of my all-time favorite swimsuits! The one-shoulder style is different and so sexy, and the mesh cut-outs show some skin, but not really. Lol! The small strap is removable, but I like the added support. I usually wear a size 12 or a large swimsuit, and this one fits me perfectly.

Black swimsuits9

Even the cutest swimsuit needs a great cover-up! This flowy Black Leopard Kimono is gorgeous! It is a showstopper, and I got a lot of heads turned as I walked by in it. I’m wearing a large, and it is plenty roomy.

Black swimsuits7
2 Piece Ruffle High Waist Swimsuit (Large) | Black and White Kimono | Oluaki Sandals (Sized up) | Large Hoop Earrings

I’m not a 2-piece kind of gurl. I have way too many lumps, bumps, and rolls, plus I have a large scar from gallbladder surgery. But I know some of you love a good 2-piece swimsuit, and this one is fabulous.

Black swimsuits6

The ruffle sleeves add a lot of drama to this swimsuit, and I love the high-waisted bottoms. If I was going to wear a two-piece, this would be the one! Like with the first swimsuit, I added a gorgeous cover-up. The Black and White Kimono is beautiful and could be worn with a pair of white jeans and a black tee for a dramatic outfit.

Black swimsuits5
Texture Square Neck Tankini Swimsuit Top | Chlorine Resistant Texture High Waisted Bikini Swim Bottoms | Black and White Kimono | Oluaki Sandals (Sized up) | Large Hoop Earrings

The black and white design of the Texture Square Neck Tankini and Texture High Waisted Bikini looks so classy and chic. It gives off Marilyn Monroe or Coco Chanel vibes to me, especially paired with an oversized black pair of sunglasses!

Black swimsuits3

Here is a photo of the cute tankini shorts. By the way, my sunglasses are prescription, and they are from Walmart Vision Center.

Black swimsuit 1

The One-Shoulder Keyhole Tankini top is long and has plenty of stretch. I actually like the cut-out, and I think it is a cute detail. The Mid-Waist Swim Bottoms have great coverage, and the crisscross design helps to camouflage tummy issues. I’m wearing a size 12 on the top and bottom, and they both fit great. Here is a floppy hat and the leopard print cover-up.

Va-Va-Voom! I love this swimsuit. It’s got an adorable ruffle at the hem and a plunging neckline that ties up in the back, which is just a chef’s kiss. It also comes with padding for great support. Whether you’re jetting off on a tropical vacation or just lounging by the pool, this swimsuit is the perfect pick. It’s available in sizes XS to XXL.

Hello, Sexy! This one-piece swimsuit with a V-neck and mesh details is a must-have. It’s got that perfect mix of classy and sassy, with a variety of colors and patterns to choose from if you’re not a fan of black. The material is super stretchy and dries quickly, plus it offers great tummy control and a flattering fit. Only $20 dollars!

This little number is all about giving you that hourglass look with its smart ruching and tummy control. Yes, please! Plus, it comes in all the colors of the rainbow (and then some) in addition to the black, so you can pick the perfect one to make your tan pop. The adjustable straps and push-up features are nice, and the crisscross creates a great slimming effect.

The Best Flattering and Fashionable Black Swimsuits – Zippered

Looking for something sporty? This CUPSHE one-piece swimsuit brings a unique touch with its mock neck and zipper design, paired with short sleeves for a sleek look. Made from a blend of nylon and spandex, it promises both comfort and style. Keep the black and add a pop of color with a cute cover-up, or check out the other colors and styles at the link.

Land’s End always comes through! This swimsuit combines sporty vibes with a touch of femininity, thanks to its high neck and zip-front design. This swimwear combines aesthetics and durability with its chlorine-resistant spandex and offers UPF 50 fabric for sun protection, ensuring both longevity and safety. The suit includes a POCKET for essentials, making it practical for beach or pool days.

The Best Flattering and Fashionable Black Swimsuits – Modest

Black swimsuits2
Black Striped Tankini (Size Large) | Foldable Hat | Oluaki Sandals (Sized up) | Large Hoop Earrings

This is another tankini but with a striped trim. It is more flowy and doesn’t fit as tightly. It is so different and you could always wear the pieces separately with a different top or bottom. The bottoms are boy shorts, for a more modest look.

Want something a bit more modest that doesn’t say “Grandma”? This suit is for you! It’s a swim dress that doubles as a one-piece, giving you coverage without sacrificing the fun of a swimsuit. Designed with tummy control in mind, it helps create a flattering silhouette. Plus, the adjustable straps and removable padded bras mean you can customize the fit to feel just right. With a variety of patterns and colors, this swim dress is perfect for those who want to feel confident and cute.

This swim dress from SlenderSuit™ combines elegance with practicality. The design ensures thigh coverage and a flattering shape with its wrap style and crisscross bust detail. Made with firming Slendertex® fabric, it smooths and shapes your figure. Where have you been all my life?! It also comes in a dark plum if you prefer.

The Best Flattering and Fashionable Black Swimsuits – Modest

This is a VERY modest swimsuit and features a knit fabric construction, meaning it’s got both durability and a flattering fit. The design features a back crossover for style, incorporates tummy control for a sleek look, and includes soft cups for added support. If it’s too basic in black for you, good news. It’s available in over 40 other colors and prints!

This swim dress is all about embracing your femininity while staying protected and comfortable. Chlorine-resistant fabric makes it incredibly durable, ensuring it retains its beauty even after many visits to the pool. The design includes a wrap front and tulip hemline, which flatter all body types, and adjustable straps for the perfect fit. Plus, it has built-in coverage and offers UPF 50 sun protection. It’s a lovely choice for those looking to combine style with modest practicality in their swimwear.

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  1. Aimee Spencer says:

    I love the Black Striped Tankini boy shorts set! You look so good in it and it is my style I’d say.
    Never had a Tankini so I’ll try the Medium. I usually wear size 6 one piece.

  2. I ordered the black striped swimsuit and absolutely love it! Can’t wait to wear it!

    1. I’m thrilled that you loved it, too!

  3. These black suits are great! I do think they are slimming.

  4. You look great in all the swimsuits you chose. I especially like the black with the first in your pictures. The leopard coverup looks great too! Thanks for all the great selections to choose from.

  5. Great swimsuits. I love black suits, they are slimming and don’t scream GRANNY!

  6. Thanks for taking one for the team and showing pics of yourself in the swimsuits. So much better than the photoshopped skinny girls in the professional pics!

  7. My first choice is always a black bathing suit and I really like some of these. Also cut coverups.

  8. Jenniffer Groski says:

    I’ve ordered several suits from these posts and love them all.

  9. So many that I like! Pretty kimonos too! Thank you… that’s got to be the hardest search!

  10. Hi Tania:). Thank you for this post. I am going to order the suit with the little skirt. I ordered the floppy hat and I love it!!!! I’ve never worn any hat but a baseball cap. The package with the hat was delivered by someone in a car not a delivery van. It smelled so badly of smoke. The pkg and the hat. I sprayed all of it with Febreeze and so far so good. Has this ever happened to you with Walmart?

    Thank you for your posts!!!

    1. I’m glad you liked the hat. I’ve never had a bad experience with Walmart delivery. They hire out local drivers (kind of like Uber) so you don’t have a Walmart employee doing the deliveries. You can always opt for them to be shipped instead.

      1. Thank you so much!!! Love your posts. You always make me laugh with the stories at the beginning of your email:). Thank you!

  11. OMG, Tania! This was such a favorite post! Thank you I think ($$) because I must have clicked on 10 links beginning with the first pic for the kimono to the second picture where I have the same purse, shoes and a black top like the suit. Maybe the zip up suits aren’t for me (but a girl can dream so it’s ok!), but those were the only ones! Thanks so much!

    1. Yay!!! Jennifer, it is fabulous when a post is a homerun!

  12. Sue koren says:

    Love the cover ups too!

  13. You look great in all the suits you modeled. I’d rather have a root canal than try bathing suits, BUT I need one. I like the one piece swim dress with tummy control. I looked online and they have a huge selections of colors and prints so I will have to try one! Thanks.

    1. I agree, Laura. It isn’t fun trying swimsuits on, but you should try taking photos of them with people all around. 😳

  14. I like the first swimsuit, and it looks great on you, but the link won’t come up.

    1. The link works fine for me. Are you clicking on the red highlighted wording?

  15. Susan Weston says:

    You look great in all of them!

  16. Jayne Finkbohner says:

    No hateful comments from me, i am beyond grateful for you modeling all these different swimsuits and giving us all a clue how they actually fit and look like on! So thanks Tania! You have great legs, so knowing I don’t, I always take that into account!

    1. Jayne, each of us are built different. But, we are all perfect in our own way!

  17. Linda Shearer says:

    The shark salt and pepper are hilarious! Love the first suit looks good on you. Thank You for showing options!

  18. My favorite is the one you’re wearing the floppy hat. It looks like a one piece.

  19. Thank you for a great post! I just ordered a swim dress this week and I love it! Great for swimming with the grandkids!

  20. Lisa Mary Luciano says:

    You prove that 50+ can look classy and beautiful in a swimsuit! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Wow! You filled this post up today with so many great options for us ladies considering a swim suit this summer.
    I loved the two piece one and even though I said I would never be caught in one I actually ordered it to try!

    Thanks for making things so much easier for us by doing the work of combing through Amazon and other places for items you think we would like.

    You look great in all of these suits.
    Love your blog and look forward to reading it each day.

    1. Juliet, this makes me so happy! It is hard to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. It doesn’t matter if you keep the suit, it matters that you are willing to give it a try.

  22. Super cute suits. You look great in all of them.

  23. I wish I had your fabulous legs, I just love these on you! They all look so feminine and pretty. Unfortunately, my thighs are not my favorite body part, so I am a fan of Land’s End swim shorts and tankini tops. Thanks for this post!

  24. Christine Curtis says:

    I usually dread trying on swim suits but your post has inspired me. I am seeing several I would like to try. Thank you for opening that door! You looked great in each of them.

    1. Swimsuits are not fun to wear, but you have fun when wearing them.

  25. Great swim suits to choose from. The kimono cover up is gorgeous.

    My daughter collected rocks and went to rock shows from toddler to college. Of course when she moved to Washington they were all left with me. When we moved my husband said what is in this heavy box??

    1. Lol! I’m sure the movers were confused why there would be a box labeled rocks!

  26. Ginger Hiller says:

    I have collected rocks since I was a little girl. Many years ago when Larry & I were flying home from Las Vegas/Pahrump, we had to buy two very large and sturdy containers to bring all of the rocks we had collected out in the desert. We also have some beautiful geodes from our mine exploration trips in NC & GA. So, I totally get your daughter having a box labeled Rocks! You shared some very pretty swimsuits with us. Because my legs just don’t tan well and I am not good at applying self tanner, my two swimsuits are in colors that compliment my fair skin tone. I definitely want a swimsuit to help camouflage my unwanted, but earned, lumps and rolls.

    1. You and Ashleigh would get along great. She has been wanting a few rocks from other countries, so she might get one or two for her birthday.

  27. Love this!!! The black and white kimono is SO cute!!! Happy Saturday❤❤❤

  28. Great selection of suits! Something for everyone.

  29. Roberta Schwandner says:

    Cute swimwear!

  30. You look great in all of them, so pretty!

  31. Such cute options. The one with the mesh would be fun to take on an anniversary weekend with the hubs! Thanks for trying them on too-you look great in them and it really helps to see them on you.

  32. Linda Dearman says:

    These suits are great. Thanks! Love the one shoulder cut out one! Hmmm….maybe I will order! Lol

  33. Love the mesh swimsuit and kimono.

  34. Annette R says:

    You look absolutely fabulous in All the suits… Thank you for your blog and site it really is a great resource for women! 🥰

    1. Thanks! I truly appreciate that you find my site a great resource.

  35. I have always loved black swimsuits.

  36. I’ve been thinking about trying a swim dress style suit. Those Kimono cover ups are so chic!

  37. Tania, you look amazing in the first black swimsuit! And those shark salt and pepper shakers are absolutely adorable!☺️ I would love a pair of those!

    1. Aren’t they adorable?

    2. Tania you do look great in the one shoulder suit! I love the shirt sleeve sporty one. in my cart!

  38. The black swimwear with the black & white coverups looks so classy! Your skin looks so smooth do u only sunless tan or use a body makeup? I have recently developed white sun spots due to way too much sun over the years & sunless tanner doesn’t cover it so I am thinking of a body makeup/ blurring product would help.

    1. I have those white spots too, and way too many dark spots. I use a sunless tanner.

  39. I love the suits from Lands’ End, they last forever! I had ( or should I say have) a pair of flip flops from there too that must be at least 15 years old that I still wear at our cabin! Great choices, and I love love the leopard kimono cover up.

  40. Mary Kinard says:

    Great swimsuit choices! I personally like the swimdresses.

  41. You look beautiful in all of the swimsuits! Thanks for sharing. I’m a fan of black swimsuits!

  42. These are all cute. Love that leopard kimono!!

  43. Stella Gustafson says:

    tankin and swim dresses that’s my style thanks for the share

  44. Love the leopard kimono with the first swimsuit!

  45. Very cute suits! I love the first one also with the beautiful kimono!

  46. You outdid yourself today Tania!! Such cute swimsuits!!
    I especially like the swim dresses. By the way, you claim you have lumps and bumps- where are they?? You look great in all the suits.

    1. Super cute suits. You look great in all of them.

  47. Tammy Roark says:

    Tania, I love black bathing suits!!! Also, have you been to the serendipity boutique in Bristol Va. it’s the cutest store and the people are so nice.

    1. No, but I need to check it out.

  48. Jan Canapp says:

    Black swim suits are always so classic. Love the one shoulder one. Cute cover ups too. BTW, you look fantastic in all of them.

  49. Tania, such a great post!! I will be kind but shopping for a swimsuit is hard! 😉
    I really like the one shoulder one and it looks great on you!
    I also like the one with the criss cross tummy area, have that one in my cart!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  50. Love these suits, Tania and the coverups. You look great in them. Always love black and white. Thanks for your blog. You make me laugh and you reinforce that over 50 (or more) is not old. I am about to retire from 35 yrs. of teaching. Looking forward to relaxing and shopping for new cute suits to sit by the pool or at the beach 😎. Have a great summer and keep the great ideas flowing. We all have our gifts. Thank you for sharing yours. Would love to see you compile your words of wisdom in a book. I now have time to read them. 😘🙏

  51. Thank you once again for making this terrifying part of summer that much less scary! I actually shared today’s blog with my husband and he was impressed with how much time and effort you put into each posting! Don’t feel like I will need a chef and a personal trainer now for swim suit season!!

    1. Lisa, thanks for sharing with your husband. I’m sure most ladies don’t do that.

  52. I love the first black swimsuit with the one shoulder—looks great on you! And I like the criss cross on the tummy one! Thank you for such a great post even though it is hard to buy a swimsuit!

    1. That one is my favorite!

  53. All great but the first one is the best,