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The Best Makeup Removers For Women Over 50

It’s amazing how much time we spend putting on our makeup but how little we spend on taking it off! In my younger days, I was known to wear it to bed, but no more. I don’t want anything to clog my pores and dull my skin. Makeup removers make the process so much easier than soap and water. Take a look at my list of the best makeup removers for women over 50, and if you don’t already have some, add it to your skincare routine!

The Best Makeup Removers For Women Over 50 – 2,400 + Reviews

Clinique is a household name for skincare, and for good reason. They make great products. They’ve been around forever, and I’ve never been disappointed. This Take The Day Off makeup remover is for eyeshadow, lashes, and lips. All of the places that tend where makeup tends to be more difficult to remove. It has over 2,400 reviews over at Ulta and 4.7 stars.

Are you familiar with ELF products? They make a wide variety of items and are VERY affordable. This Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm is just $11 dollars. That’s great, especially since they have 4.7 stars after over 5,000 reviews.

The Best Makeup Removers For Women Over 50 – 15,000 + Reviews

This is a new product for me, but I was excited to see it has organic ingredients. The main ingredient Clean 10 Cleansing Balm 10 Ingredients Makeup Remover is Pearl Barley, which is supposed to “aid in skin brightening, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots, hydrate and nourish the skin, and refine texture.” With over 15,000 reviews, it has a 4.6-star rating!

Cetaphil Gentle Waterproof Makeup Remover is an oldie but a goodie! I’ve used their products since I was a teen. This particular makeup remover is for sensitive skin. It is very popular and affordable. Under $10 dollars, it has almost 18,000 reviews and 4.5 stars.

Traveling over the holidays? These Night Calming Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes are a great option. I love packing these because I don’t have to worry about TSA agents and the size of a bottle or that it will spill inside my luggage. They work great! This product has been reviewed over 25,000 times and has 4.5 stars!

The Best Makeup Removers For Women Over 50 – 40,000 + Reviews

Another great option from Neutrogena! This Neutrogena Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is perfect for people with sensitive eyes. It even works great on waterproof mascara. A LOT of people like this remover. Guess how many reviews? 42,000! Wow. It has 4.7 stars and is under $10 dollars!

This remover from Bioderma is also great for sensitive skin. Its claim to fame is that it uses  H2O Micellar Water. What’s Micellar water? Let’s say it’s gentle, uses a very mild cleaning agent, and originated in France. Oo la la! The reviews are great! With over 47,000 reviews, it has a 4.7-star rating.

Speaking of Micellar water, here’s another version from Garnier. The Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water is for all skin types and is very affordable at $9 dollars. It’s been reviewed a whopping 60,000 times. That’s a LOT of reviews. With a rating of 4.7 stars, I’d say it’s a winner!

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  1. Janice Nagle says:

    Good list of removers at reasonable prices! I’m happy to know about the remover towelettes for traveling. good idea!

  2. I use a couple of these. I’m wanting to try a few others!

  3. Neutrogena one works well

  4. Have been using CeraVe Hydrating Cream to Foam Cleanser for years as it is gentle and removes all make up, even on eyes and lips.
    Enjoy your posts!

  5. This was very helpful. The greasy feeling of many eye makeup removers is so aggravating. I will try the garnier.

  6. Good choices for makeup removers.

  7. Thanks for the face cleaning tips! As I get older my skin is less forgiving. I sleep with oxygen and the areas under my full face mask easily get irritated. Any suggestions?

  8. Julie Hecker says:

    I use the Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover and it’s my favorite. Does a great job and can’t beat the price!

  9. sue koren says:

    I have been using the micellular water and love it!

  10. I love the Neutrogena towelettes when I travel or nights when I’m just too tired to do my normal two cleanse routine. And they really do a great job on eye makeup.

  11. Jacque Abell says:

    I use the Garnier Multicellular water and the Neutrogena oil free for waterproof mascara.

  12. Love Garnier micellar water…works great! Recently tried Farmacy Green Clean melting balm…very nice too, a bit pricy and I will definitely try E.L.F as I like many of their products!

  13. Great choices and great prices!

  14. For years, I used Maybelline’s eye makeup remover. Loved it! But it seems to have been discontinued. So thank you for some good replacement options.

  15. I’ve been happy with E.L.F. products. I haven’t tried the balm, but maybe I will.

  16. I know the Micellar water, is suppose to be the best to use, I haven’t found one, I am happy with. I have never tried any of the above, I will have to check them out. Thanks

  17. I have very sensitive skin and Neutrogena remover has been my go to for ages. I kept the towelettes in my bag for work and take them in carry-on for plane.

  18. I personally like Neutrogena, but will give e.l.f a try.
    Thank you for all the hard work you do for helping us women, so many great posts.
    Enjoy your time with family!

  19. Happy Friday!!! great post. I have been using the Clinique make up remover since I was a teenager. I’m not a fan of micellar water. it’s makes my face sticky and burns my eyes. Want to try the elf balm.

  20. Bonnie Fleming says:

    Thanks so much for this important information. I love your posts and I’m a loyal follower!

  21. I love Elf products. I didn’t know they made a cleansing balm. Thanks. Enjoy your family time.

  22. It’s Clinique Take the Day Off makeup remover for me all the way! I’ve used it for years and will never use anything else 🤩

  23. Stephanie Weeks says:

    Need to try the elf balm

  24. My favorites are Juno and elf! Love the way they melt your makeup off and hydrate. Thanks for a great and useful post!

  25. What a helpful post! Right now Juno and e.l.f. are my favorites, but there are several you listed I want to try!

  26. I have been trying several of the E.L.F. products and have been happy with them. Can’t beat the price point. Have a good weekend Tania.

  27. I use the Clinique one and the Neutrogena eye makeup remover. Love them.

    1. Glad to hear they work for you.

  28. Great post, I’ve used some of these!

  29. I like the idea of the night calming one

  30. Linda Lloyd says:

    I’ve used a lot of makeup removers and I do not have good success with micellar water personally. I find it takes a lot of scrubbing to remove mascara. The Neutrogena works extremely well and if you don’t mind splurging, Lancôme makes the gold standard in makeup remover in my opinion. But I’m going to try some of these other suggestions for sure!

  31. Mary Kinard says:

    I have used the Micellar Cleansing Water and agree that it works great and is also very affordable!

  32. Glada St Clair says:

    I used to like the Ponds makeup removing wipes but I can’t find them anymore. I like this Clinique products they are always good, those wipes are just convenient though.