Timeless Jewelry from Brighton to Accessorize Any Outfit

Alright, gurls, listen up! We all know that killer accessories can turn a plain outfit into a head-turner. I’ve always said that an outfit isn’t truly complete for me without adding the cherry on top: jewelry! Just ask Joe. I’ve had to turn the car around before to run back to the house and grab a pair of earrings because I felt naked without them. When it comes to leveling up your style game, I think one of the best things you can do is invest in timeless jewelry that works with any outfit. So when Brighton reached out and asked if I wanted to work together, I immediately said yes! I’ve been a fan of their jewelry for a long time and still have pieces I bought years ago from the brand that have held up beautifully.

The Brighton Difference

You’ve likely heard of Brighton or run across one of their stores in person, maybe even at an airport. But, did you know that the brand has been around for 50 years?! It was originally started as a men’s accessory manufacturer but has expanded into the brand we know it as today.

Brighton is one of the few design houses where the designers sketch each creation by hand and then follow the product from start to finish. Whether it’s the clever use of intricate patterns, carefully selected materials, or the incorporation of signature motifs, each piece tells a unique story. Brighton jewelry is more than accessories; they are works of art that elevate your entire ensemble!

My Favorite Brighton Pieces to Add to Your Collection

One of my favorite things about the brand is truly how versatile their pieces are! While they are focused on timeless design principles, Brighton isn’t afraid to embrace contemporary trends. The brand manages to strike a delicate balance between classic and current, ensuring that your Brighton piece remains relevant and fashionable for years to come. Let’s get into my favorite pieces, and I’ll show you how I styled them on multiple outfits!

Let’s have a moment for this necklace!! The Neptune’s Rings Multiple Row Chain Necklace is a statement piece that I’m all about. I love that it mixes both silver and gold together. The layered chains really add some interest to what could otherwise be a boring, plain outfit. I used it as the base of many looks and switched out the earrings and bracelets to change it up just a bit! You can see how it takes these outfits below to the next level!

One way you could pair the necklace is with these simple Interlok Heirloom Hoop Earrings. I love the mixed metal look and how it ties in with the more elaborate necklace.

For my next look, I decided to switch it up and emphasize the gold on the necklace with my earrings and bracelets.

At under $50, these gold hoops are a must! I love that they are a fun take on such a traditional piece of jewelry. The scrollwork pattern from their Contempo Collection is one of the most popular styles. I’m wearing the medium size in the earrings and find them to be lightweight enough to wear all day.

I decided to accessorize this look even more by adding in some layering on my right arm with the Medallion Link Bracelet and the Medium Hinged Bracelet. They pair perfectly together! Both are part of the Contempo Collection and match the earrings above! I think you could mix and match these with other Brighton pieces or even wear them individually.

While I could have worn the gold with this blue outfit, I like the contrast of the silver with it! I paired the necklace once again with these Interlok Braid Petite Leverback Earrings. The interlocking pattern forms a really cool design and draws some interest up towards my face. Brighton’s more subtle pieces, like these earrings, are perfect for everyday wear. They add some polish to your casual attire, making you feel effortlessly chic as you go about your daily activities.

Minimalist, bold, or somewhere in between – Brighton’s lineup is so diverse you can mix and match to create a look that’s uniquely you. Plus, it makes for a great gift this holiday season! You can add to your collection with new designs each season. All of the pieces I featured are under $200, with many of them being under $100. I have my eye on a few to gift to my mom, sister, and daughter.

I’d love to hear what piece is your favorite that I’m wearing! Do you have any jewelry from Brighton?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love Brighton and have made many purchases from them in the last 20 years – shoes (sandals, loafers, mules), handbags of all sizes, men’s and women’s belts, wallets, jewelry, home accessories, etc. A few pair of shoes are 18 years old and still look great! Amazing quality.

  2. Brighton pieces are so classic, and wear well. I have found some other brands at a similar price point lose the gold plating after a few wearings.

  3. Mischelle fitzsimmons says:

    I love your posts, you are such a sweet lady!

    I have 4 Brighton watches, they make me feel so elegant.

    I like their heart jewelry the best

  4. Love Brighton and have many pieces. Favorite piece from the post is the Contempo bangle.

  5. The jewelry adds just the right touch! Love it!

  6. Cristy Artaz says:

    Brighton has always been a favorite, time to refresh the collection!

  7. Brighten is such a classic. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lori Gorenflo says:

    I love the necklace you are wearing. I have a few Brighton earrings but love their jewelry. Thanks for styling new pieces for us.

  9. I’m a bracelet girl. I love these!

  10. Love the jewelry. Especially the bracelets

  11. I need to go check these out pretty pieces

  12. I love these pieces! I would love to know where you found the pretty pink plaid shawl-jacket? I love love love it!

  13. I love Brighton! I have lots of their stuff. I even have a few purses. Their jewelry holds up wonderfully. I love hearts. So their heart themed jewelry are my favorites. My husband knows coming home with anything from this store is a sure win!

  14. Love the Meridian hinged bangle bracelet! Great brand- holds up well.

  15. Love this jewelry. I have a chunky silver cross I have had for years, still love it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. So happy to see you partnering with Brighton. Great quality and a a good price point too. I have two necklaces, multiple pairs of earrings, a citrus themed glass case, wallets and purses from Brighton that I have had for years. I have gifted pieces from their collections to friends and family. The boy or girl baby picture frames make a great gift for grandparents. I love the dangly braided earrings that you are wearing.

    1. Its sounds like you are a Brighton fan! I have a cross from them that is my favorite. I wear it a lot!

  17. sue koren says:

    Love these classic looks

  18. Teri McGill says:

    Blue is certainly your color.

  19. Susan Weston says:

    Very tasteful selections!

    1. i.love this green coat.

  20. I have worn Brighton jewelry for years and love their style and quality.
    The silver hinged bracelet is my favorite from today’s post.

  21. Great to see you working with Brighton jewelry.

  22. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I have always loved Brighten jewelry and accessories.

  23. I love Brighton! glad you are showcasing them here.

  24. Nice jewelry, all put together very nicely. Have a great day

  25. Love Brighton! I agree they are so pretty and such good quality.

  26. I Have never thought of Brighton before. These pieces are absolutely lovely! Thanks for suggestion!

  27. Stella Gustafson says:

    Thank you sharing this post

  28. I love Brighton jewelry! I have a few pieces, one necklace, several pairs of earrings. Really like the bracelets you styled!

  29. One of my ears wants to close up any time I don’t keep earrings in it. I’ve manually repierced them so many times on the way out the door that I’ve lost count. I’ve quit fighting it. It hurts and is a little disturbing to hear that sound. I would like to be able to throw earrings in everyday again. 🙁

  30. My husband has bought me at least one Brighton set every year. They really have good customer service too. They’ve repaired pieces for free or replaced them as well. Love Brighton!

  31. Oh I love jewelry and I love to accessorize. Those all are beautiful pieces and love the silver and the gold. Great ideas here and love the colors and outfits you are wearing.

  32. Janice Nagle says:

    Brighton Jewelry is new to me. I love jewelry!! I especially live to wear mixed metal, and mix and match my jewelry. I like the Neptune necklace, but was disappointed to find that it was not precious metals. I am allergic to the metals in costume jewelry. BUT.. I love the hinged bangle! It is plated in precious metals! As long as that is what touches my skin, I’m good to go. I’ve been looking for a bracelet just like that! it’s my favorite!

    1. I love the mixed metals. It makes it easy to wear silver and gold at the same time.

  33. LouAnn Norton says:

    I wear Brighton almost exclusively. Everyone knows that about me! I have many pieces I bought 25 years ago and they are still stylish.

  34. Lisa Tharp says:

    Wow! I love the gold hoop earrings! The price point is great, too. I think I’ll be ordering these!

  35. Karen Nau says:

    Absolutely love Brighton items. I, too wear gold jewelry, so I I buy their purses, wallets and hair accessories. Use to be able to buy locally, but happy to see they are online. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Diane Schexnyder says:

    I have some pieces from Brighton that I’ve had forever and they still look great! Love your nail color!!

  37. I love Brighton Jewelry! I just purchased the Meridian Watch Band, I absolutely love their Jewelry. I also have several of their purses, they are very high quality. I buy a piece or two while on vacation to remember my trip.

  38. Maureen C Bowers says:

    Hi Tania,

    I just love Brighton and have worn their jewelry for years. the new pieces you’ve shown are beautiful, thanks for this post.

    Maureen Bowers

  39. My Brighton pieces have lasted FOREVER! Purses included! the shoes are fantastic too! Enjoy your beautiful family❤❤❤

  40. Laura Garrett says:

    I’m also a Brighton girl and have several pieces of jewelry and handbags of theirs. My favorite you’ve shown today are the interlock braid earrings – they’re ones I’d wear everyday for sure. I also love that blue sweater you’re wearing. What a beautiful color! Wishing you a warm and happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your fun-loving bunch!

  41. I love the pieces that are both silver and gold. I like to wear both so adding their bracelets would really pull together the look!

  42. I have never heard of Brighton jewelry. I love this adding it to my Christmas list!

  43. My favorites are the gold pieces since I’m a gold girl. I have a silver necklace and two earrings from Brighton. The store in our mall that carried their jewelry closed a few years ago. I used to love to look at their jewelry.

  44. Jayne Finkbohner says:

    I’m loving the Brighton jewelry! I to have always been a big fan! The silver pieces look beautiful with your blue sweater.
    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy all your family!

  45. And Brighton purses and wallets are the best! I have several Brighton leather purses that I’ve had for over 30 years. I adore them. Such quality in all their offerings❤️

    1. Thanks, Wendy. I’ve not tried their handbags, so I appreciate the heads up.

  46. Very nice pieces. Love the medallion link bracelet. Have a great weekend family gathering.

  47. Tania, love Brighton brand. I have several pieces from decades ago that still look great today.
    Not sure I should thank you for introducing me to HSN this morning 😄
    Placed my first order… so here we go go. 😉
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Lisa E

    1. Lol! Lisa, I love trying new and different retailers.

  48. Brighton is my FAVE! Their product guarantee is top notch, probably because they are such good quality you don’t often need it. Thanks for sharing these.

    1. Kim, I thought of you the whole time I was doing this post. I know you are a FAN!

  49. I love all of these abd adfing a couple to my Christmas list! 😀

  50. I LOVE my Brighton jewelry!! I own many of their pieces. Their twist oval hoop charm earrings are my everyday go to, and I have had them for several years. I would have to say the reindeer rock earrings are my favorite for the holidays!! 😊

    1. Lori, thanks for letting everyone know that you wear and love Brighton jewelry!

      1. I agree with you about leaving the house without my earrings, so I keep a basic pair in my purse. So I’m ready if I forget.

  51. Mandy Richardson says:

    The Contempo Medallion Link Bracelet in gold is my favorite!

  52. Ginger Hiller says:

    I really like the multi strand necklace in the mixed metal. Really, all of the pieces you shared are very pretty.

  53. I absolutely love Brighton jewelry! I have collected quite a few pieces over the years. they are timeless and great quality!

    1. Danette, their jewelry are great timeless pieces that last forever.

  54. The medallion chain link bracelet is pretty

  55. Pam Baker says:

    Gurl I’m with you! If I leave the house without earrings, I’ve been known to make hubby turn around! There was a day when I had to have Brighton EVERYTHING! I think Kendra pulled me away but this post has me missing it!

  56. My Brighton jewelry has held up over the years. I have worn the brand for over 30 years and love it.

  57. I like all the pieces. But the dangle earrings are my favorite.

  58. I have some Brighton pieces and love them.

  59. I love the style of these and also the mixed metal look

  60. I, too, am a Brighton fan and still have and wear pieces from years ago. My favorite piece of all is my charm bracelet. I love the bangles that you’re sporting here – definitely Christmas-gift worthy! 🎁

    P.S. I feel naked without at least one ring on my right hand (wedding ring never comes off), my watch on the left, bracelet on the right, and my earrings – I’ll run back home, too! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

    1. Lol! Cindy, we sound very similar. I love the charm bracelet too, and I’m excited to see the mixed metal jewelry.

  61. Beautiful pieces! I love Brighton.

    1. Me too. I love the mixed metal pieces. That takes the guesswork out of which metal to wear.

  62. These are so pretty and look so well made.

    1. Brighton jewelry is known for exquisite details and quality jewelry.

  63. Love love love the turkey painting! I wear glasses so I do not accessorize much for fear of overdoing it, any suggestions?

    1. Jackie, don’t let glasses deter you. I even bought accessorized reading glasses when I wore contacts. They had crystal on them. Lol!