The Best Ballet Flats to Buy This Fall

It’s official – ballet flats are back! Everyone from Katie Holmes to Kendall Jenner and JLo has been photographed wearing this trend lately. For those of you who email and say you can’t wear heels, this post is for you. Today, I’m sharing the best ballet flats to buy this fall. So get ready!

You know I love my heels, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wear flats. I bought these Tory Burch ballet flats years ago, and they still look almost brand new. I love the gold Tory Burch logo against the dark caramel shoe, and they dress up a casual look just a tiny bit. These flats were a splurge for me, so I picked a pair that I thought I would wear a lot.

I’ve tried several cap toe shoes, but this is the first pair that I’ve kept. I love the look and style of these shoes on other people, but I never liked them on me until this pair. Don’t ask me what is the difference because I honestly don’t know. It could be that this style is different from the others, or maybe my taste has changed. 🤷‍♀️

The Best Ballet Flats to Buy This Fall from Amazon

This pair is very similar to the pair I’m wearing above. As you can tell, I love camel and black. I also love camel and white. I pretty much love camel and anything! You have to admit, camel and black are a classic combination. These have a flexible sole and slip-resistant outsole, but let’s be honest, I’m just here for the fabulousness! Oh, and the price. These are just $32 dollars!

I wanted to show these in black because you can never have too many black shoes, but it is hard to see the detailing of the knot.

Here they are in another favorite color of mine, mustard yellow. These are very chic! Y’all, they are only $15 dollars! The reviews say they run true to size, but if you’re between sizes, go up.

These are similar to the black/mustard pair above, but instead of a knot, they have a chic bow detail. I also like the cutout design over the foot. Ballet flats don’t have to be boring. It’s all in the details. These come in a variety of colors and are only $32 dollars.

I love the knot on these and the rounded toe. They would look so good with a nice pair of jeans. They come in a lot of different colors. The reviews say they are comfortable and fit true to size, and they are less than $20 dollars. That’s crazy to me. You can’t go thru Taco Bell nowadays for under $20 dollars!

The Best Ballet Flats to Buy This Fall – Mansur Gavriel

For reference, I wanted to show you an upscale pair of ballet flats. The above are Mansur Gavriel, and they are not $20 dollars. They are Italian Vegetable Leather, whatever that means, and they are $445 dollars. I’m just here to give you options! lol.

The Best Ballet Flats to Buy This Fall from Walmart

These scrunch ballet flats are similar to the Tory Burch pair above but a few hundred dollars less expensive. The gold medallion logo sure must cost a lot. Lol! I think this color might be sold out, but they are still available in black.

These suede ballet flats courtesy of The Pioneer Woman and Walmart are a great fall addition to your wardrobe. The description says these are nude but they look way more mustard in the photograph. The reviews say that these are very comfortable but to size down a size. For $29 dollars I think they are very chic.

Another Pioneer Woman option for those of you who don’t like suede. These also come in black and the embroidery really pops. Again, the reviews are positive and say that they are very comfortable but you will need to size down.

How stylish are these? Walmart has really stepped up their fashion game in the last few years. I’m a big fan of their options and affordability. I love the two-tone colors of these, and I wear pointed toes a lot. I think they elongate the leg and look great with flared or bootcut pants.

Ballet Flats That Are Dressy

I get asked a lot about what to wear instead of heels when you have a fancy event to attend. The choices are huge, but you can still wear flats like this crystal bow pair from Steve Madden.

This pair is also embellished. I think I might like the square embellishment even better than the bow since it is different and looks a little vintage.

Best Ballet Flats From Brands Known For Comfort

Just because a shoe is flat doesn’t mean that it is comfortable. I’ve not tried these flats, but these brands are known for comfort. This pair is by Vionic, and I’m sure you’ve heard of this brand. I love the great neutral color that would go with jeans or dresses.

Here is another pretty ballet flat by a well-known comfort brand, Dr. Scholl’s. The chain detail is a nice touch that adds a little something extra to a black flat.

Ballet flats are back, and I am here for it! What do you think? Will you be adding a new pair to your shoe rack anytime soon?

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  1. I’m headed to Walmart today so I’ll check out those adorable Pioneer Woman Ballet Flats! Thank you for your fantastic content.

    1. Have fun shopping! 😊

  2. Love flats now! I never wore them that often, but my current job requires a LOT of walking (sometimes several miles in a day). i could just wear jeans and t-shirts, but still want to have a little sense of style.

    I’m not used to the sizing for the splice color flats from Walmart. if i wear a 9, what size would i order?


    1. I wear a 9, and they almost always run true to size.

  3. My favorite pair of flats are by Aerosoles and are a fabric weave with red, blue, green, yellow and white threads combined with lots of tan/beige. They are the perfect lightweight-literally-goes-with-everything shoe for spring and summer and oh, so comfortable. I’m looking forward to adding another pair or two of ballet flats to my fall/winter wardrobe.

  4. I wish that I did look good in flats but at 5’1″ I just look cut off at the knees! A small heel is all I ask. Any flats that are for us petites? I am looking for loafers with a block heal at the moment but not the really chunky type.

  5. sue koren says:

    Wish I could wear ballet flats but my feet need more support.

    1. I use inserts for some of my shoes that don’t have enough support. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 😀

  6. Connie Ester says:

    Wonder shoe options for flats☺️ Thank you for sharing all the information and opinions!

  7. So many nice options. The older I get, the less I like high heeled shoes!

  8. I love all the flats! I wear tieks all the time.

  9. I can’t wear heels anymore so I’m thrilled flats are back!

    1. I love to wear flats because most of the time I’m chasing my grandkids. But, due to a lack of any type of arch support in some of them, Vionics are my favorite brand.

  10. Praise the Lord, flats are back!! I am one of those women who has had to give up heels so I am excited to see so many beautiful pairs to choose from!

  11. I love all of those, but my toes don’t like the narrow toe. I try to find flats with a wider toe box.

  12. I have several pairs of flats, ballet flat and loafer type. I haven’t worn them much because I can’t convince myself that I “look right” in them!! I guess I need to get out of my own head and try wearing them (LOL). Thanks for all you do to bring us inspiration!

  13. I have lots of flats that I like but prefer pointed or slightly rounded toes over ballet flats. I’ve tried ballets, but they hit right where my foot bends at the toe, which is uncomfortable. Also, they don’t provide the cushioning or arch support that I like. But the flats that I do have are great and I wear them often. I feel like Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) when I wear them with slim black ankle pants! !

    1. Laura Petrie was VERY stylish! 🙂

  14. Pam Bowling says:

    I do not wear heels. I love flats. I liked the Tory Burch flats and the gray flats, nice feminine details. I agree that the Pioneer Woman flats are chic.

  15. Roberta S says:

    I am so happy to see cute flats. I very rarely wear heels anymore. I loved these shoes.

  16. Your sweet granddaughter had a wise observation – made me chuckle!! What a cutie. Love all these choices and some of my favorites are the Wal-mart flats. Go figure. Thanks!

    1. She’s a character! Glad you found something you like. 😊

  17. Karen Ziegler says:

    Hi……love your site but so many things are unavailable. The two toned flats and the cute sweater that you were
    pictured in.

    1. Karen, that comes with the territory. I can’t control inventory, or how many people but TheProducts I link to.

  18. Jenniffer says:

    I need to find a pair that fit my wide feet!!

  19. Janice Nagle says:

    I love ballet shoes! I have several pair. truthfully, I never stop wearing them. but this season, I will feature them in my wardrobe. thanks for the heads up!

    1. You’re welcome, Janice!

  20. I adore flats! Wear them most of the time. Just received my black and camel pair from Macy’s! Great post! ❤️❤️

  21. Wow those Walmart ones are super cute!

  22. I love the camel and black but they’re sold out. I can only wear the square toe or pointed toe flats. Round toes hurt my big toes for some reason. I love higher heels best since I am short but for every day life I need a flatter shoe

  23. The Flats shown are cute but I need a bit of a heel…½ inch heel makes a difference! Otherwise, Flats and low heels are a great alternative to higher heels (which are getting more and more uncomfortable to wear!).

    1. So many people can’t wear heels, so I’m glad there are cute alternatives. You’re right, though. Even a little heel can make a difference. 🙂

  24. Thank you for sharing so many great options. I wish I could wear flats. Not easy with wide feet 😳

  25. Lisa Tharp says:

    These flat are so cute! Too bad they only come in a medium width. Someone needs to start a shoe company with cute shoes for those of us who wear very narrow widths. LOL!

    1. I wish all shoes came in multiple widths. So many people want wide, too.

  26. Love slip on flats, easy on, easy off. Those grey ones are pretty cute!

  27. Great choices !! Thank you for all your hard work and presenting us with so many varieties!!❤️

  28. What a lovely selection! I was never one to wear flats, always loved my heels, but as I get older I find I appreciate the comfort factor. Thanks for another great post!

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  29. Thanks for the post. I only wear flats, or a very low heel.

  30. I encourage anyone with back or hip issues to try Vionic brand. They were a game changer for me! Don’t give up on them after wearing the first few times as you may feel uncomfortable. I believe the discomfort is from your body finally being aligned in the correct position!
    The picture of Emersyn is adorable, no tricking her by not actually taking off!!

    1. Vionic is one of my favorite show brands now. Glad you’re a fan, too!

  31. I do love flats! I hope the tan and black ones will be back in stock soon. 🙂

  32. What would you say is the difference between a ballet flat & a loafer???

    1. Loafers usually are a different style and have a thicker sole.

  33. Mary Ruth Harden says:

    I think flats are so cute. I only wish I could find narrow shoes.
    Before COVID there were a fair number of choices but not so much now.

  34. I love flats especially with jeans!

  35. Hey Tania have you ever tried Turks ? They are semi expensive Just wanted your opinion.

  36. Deborah Leggett says:

    Love the look of ballet flats! Unfortunately, I need more of an arch than what they offer.
    Love the memories you are making with your Grands!

    1. I’ve been buying inserts to put in some of my shoes that need a little more support. Thanks for reading!

  37. Mary Kinard says:

    Great options for us girls who can no longer wear heels!

  38. Love flats! So many cute choices!

  39. Honestly I’ve never been a fan of ballet flats but they are adorable in these pics.

  40. Love ballet flats. Just bought a new pair

  41. Thank you for sharing all options. They are a great alternative but me being only 5’2″ I gravitate towards something with a heel.

    1. Wear them while you can! 🙂

  42. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Since I no longer wear heels, ballet flats are my go to shoe for most anything.

  43. Definitely one of my obsessions! Happy Wednesday❤

  44. Vegetable leather?! Microwave a potato for to long and create “vegetable leather”. Who knew that there was a market for it.

  45. At MY age, flats are great!

  46. Christal Maria Yowell says:

    I love the chic comfort of a ballet flat, saves the feet while looking nice.

  47. Connie Turner says:

    Thank you Tania. I love ballet flats. So May good choices!

  48. Such comfy shoes, great selection.

  49. I love wearing ballet flats. I’m going to order a couple of the choices shown today.
    Barb B

  50. Anne Marie Westgate says:

    I love that you are highlighting flats! I have saved a few pairs for many years waiting for them to come back! They are a favorite with tights and skirts or dresses for me especially now that I am well over 50 at 72😉

    1. I love it. If you save your favorites they will eventually come back in style! 😍

  51. dana smithmier says:

    i used to own flats in every color but that seems like a lifetime ago!!

  52. I love flats and ballet shoes that is all I can wear. So I am always looking for cute, comfortable flats.
    Thanks for the ideas.

    I am usually in Sketchers or other slip on sneakers.

    1. You’re sure to find something since they are everywhere! Good luck. 😉

  53. Patricia Konze says:

    Live these shoes!

  54. Robin Williams says:

    I guess this means round toes are back in. I can’t help it if I associate them with grannies. Of course, I am a granny, so I guess I can learn to live with it! I do love the two tone pointed toes from Walmart.

    1. My granny wore high heels up until she was 100! 🙂

  55. Would love too wear a flat, but need at least a slight heel and arch support! Had planter fasciitis and heel spurs after having my second daughter 24 years ago! I have had to watch what I wear ever since, especially when I know I will be on my feet a lot! Any recommendations that would fit the bill?

    1. I would try brands like Vionic. They are known for being supportive.

  56. Thank you…..Thank you! I’m super excited to see this post.

  57. I am not a heel lover or wearer unless I have to..love these flats! So cute!

  58. Catherine R says:

    I purchased a pair of ballet flats by Rothy’s a few weeks ago. My daughter told me they were “ in”. Was hoping you would show a pair of them. Have you ever tried them? Supposedly they are washable too.

    1. I have a pair, but they are at my house in Grundy. They are comfortable, and I like that they can be washed.

  59. Nancy Ingalsbe says:

    Flats!! Now you’re talking my language! I went to your Walmart shoe and also found a cute leopard print flat! So cute 😊

    1. Yay, I’m glad you found something fun!

  60. Soooo cute!!!! Thanks. (Even though I’m on a “closet purge”)

  61. Love the ballet flats – they’re a nice alternative to loafers!!!

  62. Karrie Knutson says:

    Thank you for showing some flats from Vionic that have good arch support. For many of us over 50 we need shoes that are better for our feet. I will be purchasing the flats by Vionic.

    1. Vionic is one of my favorites! Enjoy. 😃

  63. I LOVE a nude shoe with the black cap toe! Is it ok to wear them with a patterned top or is it better to stick with solids? Thanks for your help!

    1. You can wear them with both. I have another cap toe shoe that is a sling back, and I’ve worn those with prints and solids.

  64. I love “cute shoes” but my feet don’t agree anymore. I guess from too many years of teaching in heels, my bunions revolt! Ballet flats hit right on the worst spot of my bunion. I hate ugly shoes, but at my age (63) happy feet are important! I look forward to your early morning posts, while I have my coffee. Have a fabulous day!

    1. Foot health is very important! I wish I’d known that when I was younger. 🙂 Have a great week, Teresa!

  65. Thank you Tania for sharing flat shoe options. I love the cap toe shoes.

  66. Rosalind V Funaro says:

    Flats or Heels…. Love them both …but flats are my go-to shoe! Being height-challenged I always wore heels to work, church, etc. As I got older flats were better on my feet and the styles were great. Flats are in so many stylres and look good with any outfit.