50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FIVEIt is time to once again hop on the airplane and head back across to the east coast. It has been an exhausting week and I need to go back to work to rest. Lol! Holy Moley, I have eaten everything in site and have probably gained at least 10 pounds. I think I need to start a new blog called “Tania, Tania 2×4.” That works for me on so many levels, gained weight and work in a lumber company. Clever, huh? Haha!50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FIVELet me tell you that it has been a real eye opener for me coming out here to California. I am used to the homestyle cooking of the south where everything is breaded and deep-fried and of course smothered in gravy. Out here it is all grilled, riding bikes, and jogging for everyone. I am going to start exercising as soon as I get home, well maybe starting Monday. I am normally pretty chipper about my age and don’t worry about it much but all these size 2 gorgeous girls out here have really taken their toll on me. I feel older, heavier, and I need my chi back. I bet a few sweet kisses from Beckley and Lucy Lu, (and maybe Joe too) will make me feel better. I think I am just homesick.
50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FIVEThis is the last look in this t-shirt and jeans series. What did you think? Is this something you would like to see again? I changed today’s look by adding a kimono with a gorgeous print and fringe. This kimono is sheer and light weight and it would also make a great beach cover-up.  I bought this kimono on a woman’s club trip to Lynchburg, VA in a little boutique. It is colorful and really adds a little pizzazz to any outfit.

50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FIVEIn looking back at these photos I really wish I had taken off the earrings or the necklaces. I think both of them are just too much and they compete with each other. I put on the earrings first and liked the look but as I was going out the door of the bedroom I spotted these necklaces and grabbed them. I never even thought about the earrings and made the mistake of not looking in the mirror for a final check. Let that be a lesson to each of you, do as I say not as I do. Lol! I have no idea where I got these earrings because I have had them for a long time. I really like them for their color and even though they are metal they are still light-weight.50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FIVEBoho bangles were needed for this look. The kimono has that type vibe and the bangles had turquoise and tassels that go with the look. The Eunice bracelet is always one of my favorite bracelets when I want to wear turquoise. It is a nice heavy bracelet and has lots of tiny rhinestones around each stone. The boho bangles are Bobby, Fiona, Halsey, Liza, Monica, Odette, and SkyeNew party ALERT!!! I closed my last party and opened a new one. I bet you can guess what the name is….www.plunderdesign.com/party/tania5 EVERY purchase (for the rest of March) over $50.00 (excluding tax and shipping) will be getting a 15% off discount check from me.50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, POST FIVEI wanted to make this look dressier so I put on my Michael Kors black pumps. I admit that these shoes are not my most comfortable pair so I only wear them when I know I don’t have a lot of walking to do. I did NOT take them with me to San Diego!!! They tried to walk me to death out there. I really, really need a pedicure and a foot massage but I am going to have to wait until all the blisters heal. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FIVEWhew! I loved this series because it made me really look my closet over and pull out some items that I haven’t worn in a while.If you missed any of the previous t-shirt and jeans posts, go here, here, herehere, and here. Saturday will be the last in this series so be sure to check that one out tomorrow. If you liked this series be sure and let me know. If you LOVED this series then please share my post on FaceBook and Twitter. Also, if you want to see more of these type posts then comment what you would like to see. Do you want to see how I can make sweatpants look stylish? Haha! 50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FIVEHow about a San Diego special? If you purchase a Lash Boost or any regimen as a preferred customer (new or existing) from Wednesday thru Saturday, I will refund you $20.00. I want all of you to be your own walking billboard. Go here to signup as a preferred customer, here to take the solutions tool, and here to place an order.

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  1. Jules wrote:

    Gurl, you know how to rock your style! 🙂 I am a new follower, and I am hooked! I’m 58 and still rocking it, myself! I look forward to seeing more classy looks.

    Posted 2.12.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      WELCOME!!!! I am thrilled to have you become one of the Gurls!

      Posted 2.12.20 Reply
  2. Terry wrote:

    Any chance you’d share the name of the boutique? I’d love to see if they have any more of those kimonos. So pretty!

    Posted 2.16.19 Reply
  3. Jill wrote:

    I really love your style! I like to try & find outfits like the ones you post. Keep styling!
    Happy in South Dakota:)

    Posted 8.10.18 Reply
  4. Thanks so much for that info; I was on their trail and it seemed they might be the brand. I will track it down 🙂

    Posted 5.15.18 Reply
  5. I really like your blog. I’ve been trying to hunt down the bag you are holding, but not finding anything similar. And I can’t find you have referenced it anywhere, but possibly I missed it. Can you divulge the brand? I really like it. Thanks

    Posted 5.15.18 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks so much for following the blog. That is a Dooney & Bourke purse but I have no idea what the name of it might be.

      Posted 5.15.18 Reply
  6. Jerrene wrote:

    I love how you put yourself together. I should have stitch fix look at you and send me that! California gives me the skinny chills too, I need more heft to my frame to get my jobs done. I love your style.

    Posted 3.17.18 Reply
  7. I am new to your blog and just love it! I am great about decorating my house, and designing the seasonal landscaping for my yard, however decorating me…..well not so much. When you went to private school all through high school then become a nurse, I don’t (or have not really put much into my wardrobe). I love ? the necklaces you are wearing with this t-shirt and kimono, however you did not mention the names of them (assuming they are from Plunder). If you would let me know what they are called, I would appreciate that. I am still going through all of your posts, so it is my new found hobby! So, for a while I may ask about your jewelry or an item of clothing so bear with me! How GREAT that your blood runs ORANGE!! My two oldest daughters graduated from UT Knoxville and the youngest is a Junion there!! The middle one lives and works there. Their dad and I Graduated from UT in Memphis……..so GO VOLS for sure! There is nothing like going to good ole Rockey Top!! ??? Knoxville!

    Posted 1.13.18 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Christina, it is so good to hear from a Rockey Top sista! I am glad that you are enjoying the blog. I looked back to see the necklaces and they are both from Plunder. One was a Posse purchase that was only available that month, however, the other one is called the Stevie and it is still available. I hope you keep coming back to visit me and be sure to tell ALL of your friends. Lol!

      Posted 1.13.18 Reply
  8. Gail wrote:

    Any idea where you purchased the lovely kimono? I love that it has a “sleeve look.” Thank you so much!!

    Posted 8.9.17 Reply
  9. hahaha You always look fabulous, But I had to comment! your comment do you want me to make “sweat pants look” made me almost wet my pants! I think I do!!!

    Posted 8.2.17 Reply
  10. Sam Dumont wrote:

    Hi. I’m a 45 yr old mum, in the U.K.,who has spent the last 21 yrs devoted to my sons. With a bit more time for me, I just wanted to say that you are really helping me rediscover my style and put my outfits together with a bit more thought. Thank you so much. Best wishes from Sam.

    Posted 6.12.17 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Sam, that is the very reason I started the blog. We lose our identities as we raise our children, etc. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Posted 6.12.17 Reply
  11. I love this look! I have a similar kimono, but never thought to pair it with jeans!

    Posted 5.20.17 Reply
  12. Mary wrote:

    Love your series. Where do you buy your jeans?

    Posted 5.5.17 Reply
  13. Candice wrote:

    I was wondering if you know what boutique the kimono was purchased at or the brand ?

    Posted 4.3.17 Reply
  14. Patricia Dustin wrote:

    First time checking out your blog. I saw the t shirt, jeans and navy blazer outfit on Pinterest. I am now a follower! Loved the look!

    Posted 4.2.17 Reply
  15. Lisa Allen wrote:

    T-shirt and jeans are my staple!! Thanks for the simple tips to add some flare! I absolutely look forward to what you will share next! You remind me of my mother. (That’s the first reason I was attracted to your posts.) She ALWAYS takes GREAT PRIDE in looking her best…even going to Dollar General. Me, I just go as is. I figure folks will love me, or not love me, regardless. Your blogs, pics and encouraging words make it easy for me to feel able to zap on a bit of flare from my closet – that I wouldn’t have otherwise – or purchase something that can be used multiple ways to add some spark. Get some rest…and huggins from your sweet fur-babies.

    Posted 3.30.17 Reply
  16. Malu Vascones wrote:

    Loving your style, I have a kimono and definitely will copy this pretty outfit! Great ideas!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

    Posted 3.27.17 Reply
  17. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Tania, I loved this post! You really showed us a lot of fun ways to dress up a plain t-shirt & jeans. I really love this one – and I thought the earrings were fabulous! And the necklaces really finish the outfit off nicely as they have all the right colors from the kimono! Even tho your Chi is off because of “perfect Barbie dolls” in California, you are beautiful & stylish & we love you! They’ve got nothing on you – except maybe A LOT of stress & no fun trying to keep that shape! (And my good friend, Mary, who looks like that really gets me off my game too, so I get it!) Enjoy all your kisses from Joe & the babies!

    Posted 3.27.17 Reply
  18. bellsonme wrote:

    This was a great series. I wouldn’t have known what to do with a coral jacket but here you go!

    Imagine being a naturally stocky girl growing up in a place like San Diego. That’s why I’ve spent years trying to hide in my clothes, rather than delight in them. It was helpful to read your comment, although you look just fine by those So Cal standards!

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  19. Lisa wrote:

    Another cute twist to add with the t-shirt and jeans. My favorites are the blazers. The coral really adds the pop of color for spring. As always, the navy blazer is a classic. I would like to see you do another series like this. ~Lisa~

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  20. Michelle wrote:

    I really enjoyed this series. I liked how you made jeans looks so stylish which is something I dont know how to do.

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  21. Kim wrote:

    I clicked on a pinterest link with a picture of you wearing a blue “merci” tee. The link brought me here so I didn’t see the outfit I clicked on and can’t find it (sob). Nevertheless, You are too cute and I love your site! I just started and love it – although I have yet to invest in a good camera. Thanks for being an inspiration!

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  22. I enjoy your blog!

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  23. Kay wrote:

    Enjoyed this series. Like the kimono/jewelry today’s post the best!!

    Posted 3.25.17 Reply
  24. Diana wrote:

    Very dressed up bohemian! =)

    Posted 3.25.17 Reply
  25. Michelle Seeberger wrote:

    I loved this series! Great for traveling! It will good to be home with your babies❤

    Posted 3.25.17 Reply
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