50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS PART ONEI am glad you gurls are looking forward to this series. I don’t normally do a lot of casual clothing so this is a little out of my comfort zone. It is kind of funny how I have waited until I am in my fifties to push my self out of my safe little bubble. You would think that I would just be settling down into a routine but instead I am expanding and growing. Just don’t anybody ask me to do any public speaking, I am not quite ready to be pushed that far yet. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS PART ONEHere is a traveling tip for you. There are four of us that made the trip to San Diego for the SMMW convention. Three of us are women and you can be sure we brought plenty of clothes. When you have four people PLUS all of our luggage a normal vehicle won’t hold everything so you have a couple alternatives. You can either schedule a van for every one or two cars and getting two cars is cheaper. We went with the two cars route. Here is the tip, make sure you have two different people schedule the cars. We didn’t do that and Uber thought it was a mistake on our part. One car showed up and we loaded two people in that car with the luggage and almost left. My sister decided to go back and check to see how much longer it would be before the next car showed up. Uber had CANCELLED the other car!!! There was no way that two more people plus luggage were ever going to fit in the car we were in, so they ended up having to drive. The parking fees are going to be crazy high but there weren’t any Uber cars available at that time in the morning. We all finally made to the airport in plenty of time. One of us, and I am not going to say which one, had to open their suitcase and take shoes out and put in the carry on because they were 11 pounds overweight. Just wait until we are coming home. I think we have decided to buy another suitcase for all the purchases. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS PART ONEI am glad everyone is looking forward to this series. Yesterday’s post was showing you a basic outfit with a t-shirt and jeans and the remaining posts this week will show you how to take this simple outfit and make it look different. Today I added a vest. This is a cute vest with lots of colors and an interesting print. This vest I purchased at Belk’s and it is by Crown and Ivy. The great thing about the vest is that it also adds some warmth. Spring is a crazy time of the year where it can be cool in the morning and scorching hot in the afternoon. Layering makes it easy to keep you comfortable.50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS PART ONEThis is one of my favorite sets from Plunder. Changing your accessories is an easy and inexpensive way to change your look. The necklace is called Rosalie and the blue and pink accents along with the pearls just match this look. The matching dangle earrings are called Margaret. The long necklace with my initial is the Destiny. It is my go-to necklace anytime I want to wear gold.50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS PART ONEI actually only picked a couple of bracelets, shocker right? The Broedrick is the pink magnetic bangle bracelet and the Roxie is the spring colored cuff. Honestly, this cuff has not grown on me yet, it is just ok, not one of my favorites. I am not even sure which one of the boho bangles I have on. I closed my last party and opened a new one. I bet you can guess what the name is….www.plunderdesign.com/party/tania4 EVERY purchase (for the rest of March) over $50.00 (excluding tax and shipping) will be getting a 15% off discount check from me.50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS PART ONEHave you ever seen me in tennis shoes? Not the cute Converse style but the normal running and playing style? It is not my normal look, not even on the weekends. These shoes are probably 4 or more years old and they still look brand new. Lol! My sister insisted that I bring a pair with me to San Diego, I think she is going to try to give me a heart attack. If something happens to me you’ll know what the problem was. This pair is by Asics and this is the brand my daughter likes because they fit her narrow foot.  50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS PART ONEYou knew I would take the opportunity to carry my pink leather Vera Bradley tote. I love, love, love this purse! I can’t believe how versatile it is, I would never have believed how much I carry it. I think pink is like a leopard prit, it is a neutral and goes with everything. Lol! This is the medium size Ella tote, can you believe there is one larger than this? 50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS PART ONECasual and comfortable but still stylish. That is how I would describe this look. Accessories is what makes the outfit so go to your closet and see what you have that you can use to change a normal outfit you wear. Adding a scarf, necklace, purse, or jacket will make a HUGE difference. Just wait to see what I have in store for you tomorrow.

Some of you have emailed me about why I even bother with Rodan + Fields so I have thought about that and decided to share “my” story with you.

I started with Rodan and Fields back in March of 2016. I had watched my friend post about the products and her terrific results. But she “sold” the product so I couldn’t help but wonder if the products were really “that” good or was she just being a salesperson. After about two months of watching her another friend of mine, one that did not sell the products, posted on FaceBook how happy she was that she had tried Rodan and Fields and she even did a before and after picture. That was all I needed to give me the nudge I needed.

After a couple of weeks, I started to see results. I had tried many, many different products in the past but I would soon give up on them because I never saw any changes. I was THRILLED! For the first time ever I was actually taking care of my face. But, I was starting to run out of the regimen and I needed to reorder. My products had lasted me almost 3 months! I wanted to purchase them at the best possible price so I called my friend out of the blue and told her I wanted to signup. I explained to her that I had NO interest in selling the products because I was not a salesperson. I only wanted to be able to purchase for my personal use.

Fantastic!!! I now would be able to use two Regimens instead of just the one. Soon I started getting comments like, “what are you doing different? Your face is glowing.” “Have you changed your lighting because you seem to be glowing?” “Did you change your makeup? You are just glowing!” It actually took me a while to understand what they were talking about. I hadn’t changed anything, EXCEPT that I was now using Rodan and Fields. Talk about a light bulb moment. I didn’t think anyone was noticing.

Now I feel like it is my responsibility to tell EVERYONE! I know some of you will think the same thing I did, that I am only trying to “sell” you something. That is not the case. I started my blog, www.50isnotold.com because I wanted to help ladies after the age of 40 have more confidence about themselves. I chose the fashion avenue to help them look the best they could and not become frumpy. Why would I not tell them about something I LOVE that could help them with their face, the one thing they could not hide or cover up?

I am getting closer and closer to hitting the email subscribers 5000 mark!!! Once we hit the magic number I will be having a giveaway! I am going broke with giveaways!

PLEASE take the time to signup. Also, if you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol! The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. Diane wrote:

    Love the out fit

    Posted 4.18.17 Reply
  2. Dana Cull wrote:

    I LOVE that purse! Nothing like a roomy purse, especially traveling, You can get ANYTHING in there. PS I bought your sister’s book today! I can’t wait to read it!

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  3. Cindy wrote:

    How can I order something from plunder?

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  4. Jeanne wrote:

    Love the outfit! I never thought of wearing a vest, I like the color and boldness, I may start looking at them.
    Hope you are having fun, now that you have made it and ALL your luggage to the hotel. LOL 😉

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  5. Evelyn wrote:

    I am the same way – if I wear tennis shoes they are converse, unless I am actually going on a fitness walk! When I do wear them with jeans or shorts for some random reason (like travel!) it feels and looks very unnatural to me!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  6. Michelle Seeberger wrote:

    Your outfits are so cute! Tania, you rock casual too. Hope you are having a blast in San Diego!???

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  7. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Tania, I can’t believe you’re in tennis shoes but yet the match your outfut! I’m glad you’ll be comfortable in all that walking. I have not been able to tell a difference in my face while using the Rodan &Fields, but I can certainly tell a difference in your eyelashes! They look like butterfly wings on your eyes! So beautiful! And lucky that it worked like that! Enjoy San Diego!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  8. Diana wrote:

    Love the whole outfit and look. Still could not bring myself to wear the tennis shoes even after seeing you ‘jazz’ them up. Even when powerwalking, I wear skeechers slip ons – just can’t do the ties! Haven’t work ‘real’ tennis shoes since I played tennis regularly. Way too many comfy, fashionable shoes. Guess that makes me a tennis shoe snob?!?

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
    • Lynne wrote:

      Diana, I would give anything to wear pretty shoes every day but can’t due to Plantar Fasciitis. It hurts to walk much with anything except my tennis shoes with the orthotic inserts in them. About the only time I wear pretty shoes is to church. So it made my day when I saw Tania modeling this outfit with actual tennis shoes. I have the same ones. Count your blessings you have good feet ☺

      Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  9. Sally Bauman wrote:

    Question about your t shirt…do you usually wear a shaping type of camisole under the white t shirt? I have an upper roll just above my belly button and I am always conscious of it showing when I wear white so I avoid it as much as possible. Do you suggest to wear something over top to hide it more than just wearing the t shirt?

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  10. Nora wrote:

    Love the whole outfit, that bag since I been looking at your blog I had my eye on it maybe it is time to get one. Love when you do outfits like this can’t wait what will be next.

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  11. Great outfit! I love wearing vests to work, the pockets carry my phone, lipstick & tissues. I can’t wear sneakers anywhere but to the gym. I had a funny thing happen, I was traveling with my BFF and when the airlines weighed my luggage on the return flight they said it was overweight. I told them that couldn’t be right. I opened the bag and found my BFF’s hair-dryer, electric rollers & shoes in my bag! She had put them in when I wasn’t in the room. I was so mad at 1st but, then couldn’t stop laughing. We provided a good laugh for everyone in line with us………..

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  12. Cute outfit! Love the vest and handbag!


    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  13. Lynne wrote:

    I often wear my tennis shoes with jeans because of feet problems. This is a cute outfit and looks good on you. Thanks for showing us how to dress us tennis shoes and t shirts with jewelry and vests!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  14. Brenda wrote:

    Love your outfit today!!! I am super excited, I decided to browse through the Plunder catalog (i should not do that)
    lol I am a bracelet fenatic and when I spotted the “Brenda” bracelet with one of my favorite verses on it, I squealed out loud. So I wanted to say “thank you” for sharing Plunder with your readers!! Im going to get that bracelet ordered, and a couple of others as well. Shhhh, dont tell my hubby 🙂

    Have a great day!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  15. Debbie wrote:

    Love the whole outfit! You look super cute!!!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  16. Sandy wrote:

    I have the larger version, remember! Have a great time!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  17. Anita wrote:

    I have been in love with that pink tote since it first showed up on your blog! I was thinking I wouldn’t get much use out of it but since you called it a neutral it just may be time to add it to my wardrobe.

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  18. janice a tobin wrote:

    I enjoy your blog and have gotten a lot of nice style ideas. I do wish you would post pictures of the back of outfits, though. I have often found that what I love from the front, I am unsure of whether it looks right from the back. It might be reassuring to see that it looks the same way on you also. I realize no-one wants to focus on their backside (haha) however it is easier to judge a look on someone else than in the mirror. Thanks!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  19. robjodiefilogomo wrote:

    I do love the idea of vests and i even have a couple! Now I just have to remember to wear them. haha!!
    Buying a suitcase is what i’d consider a necessity—it’s important to have enough clothes–:)

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  20. Cathy wrote:

    This is such a pretty color combo! The vest really takes the whole outfit up a notch. I’ve been looking at that color tote for a long time; now I might just have to buy it!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  21. Janet wrote:

    I can’t believe how much I like this vest with your t-shirt and jeans! I don’t even like vests on me usually but I would wear this. I’ve never even seen one with a pattern like this. I can’t wait to wear warm weather clothes. It is supposed to reach 50F today but only 25F tomorrow. Argh!!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  22. Lisa wrote:

    Fushcia is a great color. A vest is a good add on staple piece. I am not a t-shirt or tennis shoe girl either. You can rock anything Tania. I did buy a printed t-shirt yesterday with my verse on it…Mark 9:23. It is a straight cut, which I am not fond of because I prefer the women’s cut. I bought it because of the meaning of the scripture…..and of course, it says the word BELIEVE. I know you all are going to have a blast….you may need two extra suitcases to bring home. ~Lisa~

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  23. FunkyForty wrote:

    Isn’t it fabulous being in your 50’s. I remember a friend of mine once telling me it’s the best time for Women according to studies and hey look at you – living proof of simply rocking it!!!

    Love this outfit it’s super cute.
    LOL Yvonne

    http://www.funkyforty.com (PS: am now also 50+)

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  24. Rena wrote:

    A vest is a great add the basic tee and jeans combo. Your trip sounds like it will be fun as well as educational. I hope you’ll have some tips to share from what you’ve learned.


    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  25. Have a great Thuesday!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  26. Caroline wrote:

    Haha! I agree!!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  27. Caroline wrote:

    That’s a great vest, it really changes the look of the outfit!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  28. Linda wrote:

    Another great casual look! Love the cute vest and love the pink tote!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  29. sherigirl wrote:

    Love all your posts! You know what I find hard to do, is to wear jewelry (except maybe small hoops and a watch or maybe a small casual bracelet) when I wear tennis shoes. It feels weird, like I don’t know how to dress myself or something. LOL! But you rock it!!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
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