50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FOURDoes everyone know about Murphy’s Law? It is an old adage that says, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” I bet many of you can relate to that message. There are days when it seems like nothing can go wrong and then there are those days when nothing can go right. In my case, it is more a matter of something going wrong while Joe and I both are out of town. 50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FOURYou might have heard me mention my two little dogs before. Beckley is 12 years old and Lucy Lu was a stray but the veterinarians think she is around 2 or 3. Beckley is a full bloodied Yorkshire Terrier and Lucy Lu is a Yorkie mix. I have been struggling ever since we added Lucy to our home with managing their potty habits. Beckley was easy and I had it down to a science, however, Lucy has been a pure nightmare. My hope was that Beckley would teach Lucy how it was done but instead, Lucy has been a bad influence. I started noticing that Beckley was drinking a lot of water lately but Lucy was always drinking so I thought that was also a learned habit. On Tuesday though, Beckley started acting sick so we had my son, Joseph, take him to the vet’s office. Turns out that Beckley is now diabetic. Poor Beckley is now going to have two insulin shots a day and poor Joseph is going to have to be the shot giver until we get back in town. I am not sure which is unhappier, Beckley or Joseph.
50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FOURI can’t believe this is day 4 of this t-shirt and jeans series. Most of you have let me know that you are enjoying this series because it has given you so many ideas that you will be able to incorporate into your own life. Dressing nicely does not have to be difficult or elaborate. There are times when a simple outfit can make the biggest impact and I think this outfit is one of those times. Once again, I am adding a classic item to the outfit, one that you will be able to get lots and lots of wear from. The denim, or blue-jean jacket, is a must-have for every wardrobe. This style jacket is relatively inexpensive and can be worn casually or dressy. One of the most fun looks is to take an obvious dressy look (think chiffon skirt) and add a denim jacket to the look. Try it, I think you will be surprised at the result. This denim jacket is from Old Navy and is the medium shade. 50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FOURMy look is casual so I wanted to keep the jewelry casual also. The earrings are ball and chain links with added rhinestones for sparkle. These earrings are called Kasia.50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FOURThe ball and chain link necklace is the Nellie. I really like this necklace for several reasons. I like the very ornate cross and the antiqued turquoise color. It also has attached a LARGE rhinestone, a feather, and a hang tag that says, “Have Mercy.” Do you remember my have mercy man photo? If not then you need to check that out, you can thank me later. Lol! I have a slew (bunch) of boho bracelets on. In fact, I have on every one that Plunder has because I LOVE these! I heard they might be retiring but I hope not, they are really my go-to bracelets when I am wearing something casual. The Queenie bracelet is a wrap bracelet that is metal plates and roses. You can also wear this bracelet as a choker but I have never done that yet. New party ALERT!!! I closed my last party and opened a new one. I bet you can guess what the name is….www.plunderdesign.com/party/tania5 EVERY purchase (for the rest of March) over $50.00 (excluding tax and shipping) will be getting a 15% off discount check from me.I50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FOURThese Marc Fisher boots have become a favorite because of the dipped front design. That one little detail helps the look when you are wearing skinny jeans and dresses by elongating your legs. It keeps the look from being cut off.
50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FOURIf you missed any of the previous t-shirt and jeans posts, go here, here, here, and here. Saturday will be the last in this series so be sure to check that one out tomorrow. I wonder what will be everyone’s favorite look. I can’t wait for all the comments on Saturday’s post to let me know your thoughts.Here is a picture of my Becky Boo. He is feeling a little better and Joe is now home so I know that will make him happy.
50 IS NOT OLD | T-SHIRT AND JEANS SERIES, PART FOURHow about a San Diego special? If you purchase a Lash Boost or any regimen as a preferred customer (new or existing) from Wednesday thru Saturday, I will refund you $20.00. I want all of you to be your own walking billboard. Go here to signup as a preferred customer, here to take the solutions tool, and here to place an order.

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  1. Meg wrote:

    Hi I am in the UK and love your outfits and how you coordinated your colours and style.

    Posted 9.8.18 Reply
  2. Rebecca wrote:

    Poor Beckley, it hurts my heart to hear he’s not well. I hope he’s doing much better by now though. We have a little Yorkie too; his name is Reece and he turned 7 last October. He is something else for sure. We were never able to get him fully housebroken for some reason so feel your pain. Sometimes he’ll go to the door and will turn and look but he won’t make a sound; it’s a hello I’m standing here, don’t you see me, I need out look and he doesn’t wait long at all. Other times he won’t even go to the door. Thank goodness we found doggy “underwear” on the internet as they saved me sanity for those times when we’re not home. Our vet says it’s not unusual with the smaller breeds to have housebreaking issues. The other issue we have is that Reece is really susceptible to pancreatitis. We never gave him a lot of treats to begin with but the few we’d give him on occasion had to be cut out. Now maybe once a month or so he’ll get a greenie and that’s it.

    Posted 3.27.17 Reply
  3. Elaine Cross wrote:

    Have MERCY!!! John Stamos has ALWAYS been my….. well, have mercy. He has aged soooo well and I appreciate the TBT (throw back Thursday) link since I wasn’t following you when you posted your Have Mercy!! Made my day. I have only been following you a short while but I copy and paste your pics into a word doc and now I have a reference of all your outfits when I want to look at them. You may have something similar where you have all your pics to reference but I just love your style, your ability to put economical outfits together that anyone can afford, and your blog is so fun to read. Hope your fur babies are feeling better.

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
    • Elaine Cross wrote:

      ….and my favorite Jeans series is the pink and navy vest. I still have such a hard time wearing tennis shoes and feeling dressed up. I guess I need to embrace it because at 56 my feet certainly feel better in tennis shoes!

      Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  4. bonnie wrote:

    I love the dogs! But, I have a problem with denim jackets. I love the look, but they are so stiff. Just not comfortable.

    Posted 3.25.17 Reply
  5. Ann Rentsch wrote:

    The Texas Tuxedo look.

    Posted 3.25.17 Reply
  6. Gerry Martens wrote:

    Thanks for the tee shirt & jeans series, lots of cute ideas!

    Posted 3.25.17 Reply
  7. Betty wrote:

    I have loved your Jeans and T-shirt posts too!!! Is there a “rule” about wearing denim on denim? As in lighter on top and darker denim on the bottom?? Todays look is great! Poor Beckley….hope the injections help!

    Posted 3.25.17 Reply
  8. Pat Coll wrote:

    This looks beautiful. I love series on making everyday clothing just a little dressier. Everyone seems to accept too casual looks and you look amazing. Good luck with your pup.

    Posted 3.25.17 Reply
  9. Nancy wrote:

    Oh dearest Becky. I hope the injections will help! I wore denim on denim last week. I likemit, Unisex to think it was awfull! Funny how our taste in clothing changes!

    Posted 3.25.17 Reply
  10. I have loved your Jeans and T Shirts Posts! The doggie is adorable and I can’t believe we live so close to each other! I love the way you work your business into your blog. It’s charming and non-salesy. Love it!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  11. Rebecca Purdie wrote:

    Your lashes are popping Tania!!!!
    You go girl!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  12. We had a full blooded Yorkie too. Lost him to congestive heart failure last May. They are the BEST dogs. We miss our fur baby?

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  13. Jeanne wrote:

    Prayers for Beckley, and hope Becky Boo, does better in the potty training. I had basically the same outfit, but…red tshirt, and sketchers. I love this series, comfy is great.. 😉
    Glad your son was there to help the pups. Have a good weekend.

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  14. Glenda Braun wrote:

    So sorry to hear about Beckley. I am a diabetic too.

    I too have always thought demin on demin was too much but you look cute.

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  15. Linda C. Collins wrote:

    i have only recently discovered and subscribed to your website. I love, love, love it. I love the style of clothes you wear and promote. I am a very young 64, retired with a very busy life. I’ve saved numerous posts on Pintrest. Keep up the amazing blogs Tania. Thanks.
    Linda C.

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  16. Joyce wrote:

    Hi Tania, I am enjoying this series. Just wanted to let you know that when i try to reach your site from google. It says this site might be hacked!! When I click on it using my tablet I get a lot of popups and today with my laptop when I went to 50 is not old, it went right to a warning that I had a Zeus Virus and to call Microsoft etc. I didn’t call the number because I thought it might be a scam. I just did a virus scan on my own. Just wondered if anyone else had been having any problems with this. I am accessing this through the email link.

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Joyce, thanks so much for letting me know that this was an issue. I ran protection software and nothing showed up on my end so I contacted my hosting company and they couldn’t find anything either. But because I want to make absolutely sure that my site is secure I upgraded everything with the hosting company and my site will now be secure like banking and other companies, where you have to input your credit card information. Google has been contacted and they will take off the warning, although they said it might take several days (like molasses) to go through all their channels. Again, thanks for letting me know.

      Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  17. Gerri Brown wrote:

    Prayers for your fur baby❤

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  18. Cindy wrote:

    Enjoyed this series! Poor Beckley…but Joseph will be a good nurse

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  19. Rhonda Morgan wrote:

    Sorry about Beckley, I have a 9 year old pug name Ellie Mae that was diagnosed diabetic last year and she also gets 2 shots a day but she does great with them and every few months she has to spend a whole day at the vet which she hates so they can check her levels and make adjustments if needed.

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  20. Cute look! I usually wear white denim jeans with a blue denim jacket or vice versa. Once I tried a white denim jacket with white jeans, it wasn’t a good look. Almost looked like a pants suit. Sorry about your dog. I have a 14 year old Lhasa Apso named Lucy. It isn’t easy dealing with a senior dog and little dogs live a long time.

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  21. Charlcy Green wrote:

    I’m so sorry about your poor Beckley! It is tough when our doggies are sick, especially if you’re not there to take care of her! Perhaps crate them when you’re gone so Lucy Lu will learn not to pee! I love this outfit & the blue D&B purse sets it off too!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  22. Linda wrote:

    Another winner! Love the jean jacket with the cuffs turned back. I have learned so much from this series. It’s hard to pick a favorite!

    Sorry your sweet doggie isn’t feeling well. I bet having you home will make a big difference.

    Safe travels tomorrow!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  23. Susan Stancliff wrote:

    I have been hesitant to wear a jean jacket with blue jeans but the different colors look good. I hope your puppy baby feels better soon. Those fur babies and certainly family members.

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  24. Brenda wrote:

    Looking cute as always. So sorry to hear about Beckley. Our little guy has been diabetic for 8 years now, with injections twice a day. I cook all his food so that I can control what goes in there. Keep an “eye on his eyes”…they are prone to developing blindness and glaucoma (could result in needing the eye removed…yuck). Our guy went blind and we shelled out a ton of money for laser surgery. The things we do!! He also has high blood pressure and is also on meds for that now. Just stay on top of it, be cautious in what you are feeding him (most treats are out) and be proactive. Good luck!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  25. robjodiefilogomo wrote:

    I always wonder if it’s too much denim on denim to wear a jacket with my jeans like this! But it seems to be fabulous on you Tania!!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
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