50 IS NOT OLD | SWING DRESS AND TIE SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40Hello Friday, my old friend! As I write this, I am still on the road to Florida. My daughter met up with us in Chattanooga and has now taken over the driving responsibilities. I am sitting in the back seat writing on the blog, and they are jamming down to tunes on the radio. A few minutes ago I heard my daughter exclaim, “Oh S***!” I looked up just in time to see a Winnebago, who right beside us on the interstate,” swerving back and forth. He looked like he tilted up on two wheels, and about that time my daughter stomped on the gas. It was a good thing that she did because as soon as we got passed him, he rocked back into the lane that we had been in. WHEW! The highway can be so dangerous, and I am glad that the good Lord was watching over us.
50 IS NOT OLD | SWING DRESS AND TIE SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40Today is Friday with Friends, and you are going to love meeting Paula, or as her little sister calls her, Pooga. Don’t you love little sisters? Lol! When I first saw a picture of Paula, I was shocked, but in a good way. I had read that she had bee married for 32 years and had five grandchildren, which is precisely the same and me. But, when I saw her picture, she looks about 25 years old! I love her frankness and honesty, two qualities that I admire. But, I love her sense of humor the most. It is not every day that you find a blogger who shares more than I do, but I might have finally found one. The fact that she says that she is passionate about cotton underwear and good supportive bras in her “about me” page leads me to that conclusion. Lol! Be sure to check out her blog which is called, Dimples on my what. See, I told you that she had a sense of humor. Haha!
50 IS NOT OLD | SWING DRESS AND TIE SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40I love the simplicity of this dress. I also love the fact that the dress doesn’t touch me anywhere, so you don’t see any lumps or bumps. This is a jersey knit swing dress from Old Navy in an orange/red color called Tamarind. I know that a lot of you might not like having your arms on display in this sleeveless dress, but you can always choose to wear a sweater or a jacket with this if it makes you feel more comfortable. This A-line style dress is flattering and can easily be dressed up or down. I can see wearing this on a casual day with ballet flats, or a cute cardigan and heels will make this dressier for a date night. I am going to start tagging my items with the #versatile so that you know which ones I think can be worn in a lot of different ways. Here is the link to this cute dress which is under $20.00!
50 IS NOT OLD | SWING DRESS AND TIE SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40Today, I am wearing a pair of large gold hoops called Dallin. This pair of hoops are 2.5″ large and have a textured design on them. This is another #versatile item that you can wear with dresses or jeans. The bracelets come as a set, and the name is the Ireland set. You get a silver and a gold bangle that have been antiqued. The necklace is an old one of mine, but the little beads on this one just matched my dress, so I couldn’t help myself, it was the one that I wanted to wear.
50 IS NOT OLD | SWING DRESS AND TIE SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40Have you figured out the star of this outfit? The other day I was shopping online, and I found the cutest shoes. I clicked on the shoes to check them out, and I thought that Joe might have to use a defibrillator on me after I saw the price. I liked the shoes so much that I set out to see if I could find something similar. The Narella sandal by Jessica Simpson was the shoe that I thought looked the most like the Dolce & Gabbana pair. Look at the links and see which shoe you think was the smarter purchase.

50 IS NOT OLD | SWING DRESS AND TIE SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40Be sure to go and tell Paula hello and leave her a comment! In fact, I think that everyone should leave a comment about underwear., wouldn’t that be hilarious? I think that I will comment that I am passionate about red underwear. Lol!!! Here is the link to her blog.

I wanted to thank all of you that have commented or messaged me about my heel. From my symptoms, most of you thought that I might have plantar fasciitis, and that is what I thought might be going on also. But, my heel hurts more on the back on the heel, instead of the bottom of the heel. Either way, I am going to try wearing shoes in the house all the time and start to baby my heel a little. I might even order some inserts to put in the heel area of my shoe. What is a brand that you would recommend?

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  1. Joyce wrote:

    Good Feet arch supports are the best. You have to visit a store and they will customize your arch supports for your specific foot issues. Cute outfit! Enjoy your time in Florida.

    Posted 4.27.19 Reply
  2. Super cute! I bought the jumpsuit in that tamarind color. It’s a great summer color. It’s been a pleasure meeting so many of your friends and becoming yours.


    Posted 4.26.19 Reply
  3. A swing dress can be so comfortable whatever your shape or size x

    Posted 4.26.19 Reply
  4. Roxanne M. Smith wrote:

    Beautiful! The coral is fantastic on you!

    Posted 4.26.19 Reply
  5. Kerry wrote:

    Love the colors together! JcPenney has shoes a lot like those online for $8 Worthington brand! I ordered a few pair. I ordered a pair of hot pink Mules and a tan pair with the cutest bow on top. Check out the sale Tonia!

    Posted 4.26.19 Reply
  6. Tina wrote:

    Hi Tania, you always look super cute! What I’m interested in is lash boost. Do you use it? It noticed your lashes when I zoomed in on the earrings.

    Posted 4.26.19 Reply
  7. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Those shoes definitely rock that outfit & I personally like them better than the DolceGabanna! Sheesh! Who could afford those shoes!? You always manage to look so cute while being comfy! Enjoy your Mother/Daughter road trip!

    Posted 4.26.19 Reply
  8. Julie wrote:

    Gosh I love your blog! I have bought some really cute outfits- thanks to you. You’re funny and not one of those super expensive girls that have clothes that are more than I make! Thanks.

    Posted 4.26.19 Reply
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