50 IS NOT OLD | RESTYLING FOR A DIFFERENT LOOK | FASHION OVER 40Yesterday I was talking to my daughter, and we were talking about my upcoming trip to Florida. She was asking questions about how long I was going to be gone and what I was going to be doing. She said, “I know it is an RF training, but tell me who is going to be there.” I started talking about the lady who will be holding the training, and I told her the lady’s story about how she got involved with Rodan + Fields. Ashleigh was interested in the story, especially since the lady was born and raised only about 20 or 30 miles from where I am from originally.
50 IS NOT OLD | RESTYLING FOR A DIFFERENT LOOK | FASHION OVER 40Then, Ashleigh starts asking about all of the people who are going to the training, and asking how I knew them. I couldn’t figure out why she was even interested, especially since she doesn’t know many of them. But, since she has come back from Alaska, she has decided to pick her R+F business back up and start back to work. After I told her who was going and how I knew them, she asked me how they all got to go. She was under the impression that this trip was like my last trip to Mexico. She thought this was a trip that had to be earned, instead of a trip where anyone could attend and receive the training. “What, you mean that I could go on this trip?” I guess you see where this is all going. Lol! After a quick call to the lady hosting the event, I confirmed that there was a bed available for her if she wanted to go and pay the cost of attending. I am thrilled that my daughter will be meeting my Energizer Bunny friend and me in Chattanooga, and then traveling the rest of the way to Florida with us. I can’t wait to spend some time with her, and she was hilarious when she said, “this will be our first mommy/daughter trip in a long time.” Awwwww. That melted my heart. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | RESTYLING FOR A DIFFERENT LOOK | FASHION OVER 40Do you remember this top? This is the top the I wore a couple of days ago in this post. In that post, my outfit is relaxed and casual, but I told you that I loved the versatility of this top because I could wear it for an office attire look. I think that by changing a few clothing choices, this top looks completely different. Be sure to check out the other look, and then head on over to Target and get your own cute top for under $20.00. Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | RESTYLING FOR A DIFFERENT LOOK | FASHION OVER 40Yay!!! I was so happy when I saw that the Gentry earrings were not discontinued and that they were still available in the new Spring catalog. I love the pearl hoops, they are elegant and also look great with jeans. The Lucille bracelet is easy to wear with almost everything. It is gold, cream, and all on an elastic band.
50 IS NOT OLD | RESTYLING FOR A DIFFERENT LOOK | FASHION OVER 40A white jacket adds class and style to everything. I did a post recently (here) about why you need a white jacket, and this outfit is a prime example. It takes a simple top and a pair of pants and makes it something special. I will wear a white jacket all spring and summer, and I bet you will too.

50 IS NOT OLD | RESTYLING FOR A DIFFERENT LOOK | FASHION OVER 40My navy pants are just an old pair that I have had for a while. Navy is a staple in a wardrobe, and it is something that everyone should have. This pair is a pair of Pixie Pants from Old Navy. I know that you have heard me sing the praises of Pixie Pants, and I still think these pants are great. When I buy the chino version of the Pixies, I buy my normal pants size. But, when I buy the stretchy version as I have on today, I will size up at least one size. The link for these pants is here.

Think about me and say a little prayer for us today as we travel. It will be a loooong day.

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  1. Kaye wrote:

    You look cute as ever! Love the top. Enjoy your daughter and friend, and have fun!

    Posted 4.25.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It should be an exciting trip. Lol!

      Posted 4.25.19 Reply
  2. Lori wrote:

    LOVE how you changed the look entirely with just a few simple pieces. Safe travels!!

    Posted 4.25.19 Reply
  3. Johnna wrote:

    I don’t always consider the different ways to wear a top when I buy it. I just like it. But I think I need to. The examples you have given with this one clearly shows how to go from casual to classic by just adding a jacket and perhaps accessories. It’ll be nice for your daughter to join you and have girl time together. I love doing that with mine. After my last driving trip to and from Florida (15 hours each way) I swore I’d only fly the next time I went. Good luck and God bless while you travel. ?

    Posted 4.25.19 Reply
  4. Kerry wrote:

    This outfit is beautiful on you!

    Posted 4.25.19 Reply
  5. Jena wrote:

    Awwwww! Prayers for a fun, safe girls’ trip! What a great outfit. You have a gift for seeing wonderful new ways to put things together, which we’re all so glad you share with us!!!!!

    Posted 4.25.19 Reply
  6. Mary McCoy wrote:

    Tania, When you buy the pixie pants in the stretchy ones, what size do you buy? I think you and I are about the same size. Thanks! I love your outfit.

    Posted 4.25.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Mary, in stretchy Pixie’s, I buy a 12.

      Posted 4.25.19 Reply
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