Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a matching sweater set in Aqua, white crop pants, gold jewelry from Kendra Scott, and white espadrilles

Almost a year ago, Joe bought a ceramic butter dish that sets out on our counter. My mother has always left the butter out on the counter in a dish or bowl, so I never thought that it was odd. It was just smart in my eyes because the butter was always soft and easy to spread. Joe loves toast in the morning, and he wants his butter to be soft, so ordering this one pound butter container was smart.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing glasses and a matching sweater set in Aqua, white crop pants, gold jewelry from Kendra Scott, and white espadrilles

The container that we ordered isn’t showing, but this one is very similar. I usually keep 2 sticks in the container at a time, and more sticks in the freezer that I can bring out when needed. The other day, we had steaks, and Joe loves to dip his steaks in butter with garlic seasoning from Lowrys. He didn’t use one of the small bowls of butter, so I scooped out the butter and put it over to the side in the container to be used later when I was cooking. Joe came through yesterday and decided to fix him a piece of toast with butter. You see where this is going right? He took a huge bite of his buttered toast, and then gave me a funny look. “Did you put garlic butter in the butter crock?” I smiled and told him that I put it on the side away from all of the other butter, right before I saw him chuck his piece of toast in the trash. Lol! I guess garlic toast for breakfast was a no for him. Hahaha!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a matching sweater set in Aqua from Chicos, and gold jewelry from Kendra Scott

I have always thought that a matching set was so elegant looking. I know that matching anything has been frowned upon in the past, but frowning causes wrinkles, so that will be their payback for being judgemental. Lol! A lot of people associate matching sweater sets with their grandmas or the Golden Girls, but the younger generation is starting to catch on to this super easy and stylish way of dressing. Think Jackie Kennedy, and then mix that with Kendall Jenner, and you have the look that is becoming popular again.

This gorgeous Aqua cardigan and tank were on the Final Sale website, so I quickly took advantage of the savings and ordered it in. I love this color for the spring, but it also looks great in the fall with deep browns. This lightweight V-tank comes in three colors, but each of them is getting very limited in sizes. I also ordered this set in the bright violet color, and it is gorgeous also. I ordered a size 1 in the tank, and I think that it fits perfectly.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a matching sweater set in Aqua, gold jewelry from Kendra Scott and looking to the side

The McKenna necklace in White Abalone is the perfect neutral for almost anything. It has a blue/turquoise sheen to the stone, so I thought that it looked great with my turquoise set. I also added the AVI large hoop earring in gold, a favorite of mine for a while now. Plus, I’m not sure why I felt the need, but I also added the Rue long necklace in gold and a recent purchase, the Layla Gold Long Pendant Necklace in Bronze Veined Teal Magnesite. Try saying that three times really fast. Lol! Last but not least, I added the Beckett gold link bracelet to finish off my look. I truly think that accessories make an outfit.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of white espadrilles and white crop pants from Chicos

You gurls know that I like unique details, and the diamond pattern on these Brigitte Textured Slim Crops really makes these stand out from the rest of the crowd. I never want to “blend in” with everybody else, and you shouldn’t either. I wore these pants with a Silk Ruana the other day, and they looked so elegant with that outfit. I am wearing a size .5 in these pants, and I know that is confusing when you first start purchasing from Chico’s. But, once you get the sizing down pat, it is easy breezy from now on. I usually wear a size 10 from other brands, but I have found that for me, the .5 works best.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a matching sweater set in Aqua, white crop pants, gold jewelry from Kendra Scott

I am still loving these Blue Light Blocking Glasses that I just bought. I am having to get used to having the nose pads since the other pair that I had were just the frame only. I remember having to adjust to nose pads years ago when I wore glasses, and if usually takes a couple of days before you don’t even notice it anymore. The anti-blue light & anti-radiation coated lenses are best used for long hours of computer use to reduce symptoms of eyestrain and maintain natural sleep patterns. These are not prescription or readers, they just block the harmful blue light rays. Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is holding a pair of glasses and wearing a matching sweater set in Aqua, white crop pants, gold jewelry from Kendra Scott, and white espadrilles

The high/low Aqua cardigan that I am wearing is also on final clearance. This is a lightweight, long sleeve cardigan, and it will dress up any outfit. As you can see, I simply shove up the arms in the warmer months, and then I’ll wear them down as it starts to get cooler. I ordered this also in the violet color, and it also comes in three other colors that the tank didn’t come in. And, this cardigan is under $20.00, so quit sitting around, get busy ordering. Lol!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going to available for everyone to shop before you know it. I’ve been creating a checklist for you so that you can get the best items at the best price. Here is a photo of where you can find these articles in the menu. Be sure to read them in order so that you know the best way to shop this sale. I just uploaded my top picks for jeans, and there are a lot of cute picks to choose from.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing in front of a black door and wearing a matching sweater set in Aqua, white crop pants, gold jewelry from Kendra Scott, and white espadrilles

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  1. Jeanne wrote:

    Love this set in Aqua, so pretty. And I too love sweater sets, I think they are great for a quick outfit to dress in, to head out. I wear them with skirts and slacks and the jeans. Great outfit..

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
  2. Janet Williams wrote:

    This is the perfect summer outfit! I have it and love it – on both of us!

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
  3. Darla wrote:

    We bought a butter dish about 6 months ago and have been loving it. Growing up we always had butter in a butter dish until my mother (who was a nurse) decided it was unhealthy. Anyway – ours just hold in 1/4 pound stick and it has been wonderful to have soft butter again! Love the aqua on you!!

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
  4. Reda wrote:

    I love sweater sets.Have never stopped wearing them. I like to add pearls I think it is a classic that will always be in style.

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
  5. Eve wrote:

    I had this forest green sweater set that was cashmere and I just loved it. I always felt like I could wear that to any ritzy place and feel right at home. I’m happy to se them cone back and this set in this color is perfect for you.

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
  6. Nancy M. wrote:

    Beautiful sweater set! I have always loved them too. The tank was sold out, but thrilled I was able to get the cardigan! Aqua is my favorite color. Your whole outfit is gorgeous! I also purchased all 3 necklaces from Kendra Scott. I was feeling a little blue yesterday, but nothing like a little retail therapy to perk you up! Thanks Tania!

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
  7. Lois wrote:

    This is your color!!! Love it!!!

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
  8. annie vanderven wrote:

    glasses look great on you

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
  9. Sharon Neff wrote:

    I LOVE sweater sets so I’m delighted that they are in style again. Because I never stopped wearing them. 😉 It really caught my eye because aqua is one of my favorite colors. I’ve also started using Lash Boost and it’s wonderful!

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
  10. Donna wrote:

    That sweater set looks lovely on you. You look so pretty. Love the glasses too.

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
    • Charlcy wrote:

      I like the look and beautiful color looks great on you! Funny story about the garlic toast. ????

      Posted 8.9.20 Reply
  11. Jayne McLeod wrote:

    such an attractive color and sweater set !

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks! I loved it too!

      Posted 8.6.20 Reply
  12. Liane wrote:

    Oh my goodness sometimes I think we were separated at birth. Other times I realize that we just think alike. Right up to putting garlic butter in the crock. But I had to write because I bought that same butter crock myself only mine doesn’t say butter on it. Clearly you did not read it! Anyway I got mine because we use Kerigold butter which Jo-Lynne tells me comes in stick form where she lives. Here, it just a big slab, I buy at Costco in a 4 pack. We don’t eat bread, even gluten free so it is used primarily for cooking. I did have one slab go rancid on me so I put it back in the refrigerator for now. I think it’s the warm nights. Our AC makes such an infernal racket we shut it off at bedtime and a lot heat seeps out of the walls at night and it’s usually 75 indoors in the morning until I open the windows.

    I just wanted to add, I went to my dermatologist office for an appt and as I was leaving and paying, I noticed some Latisse on a shelf behind the person at the desk. I asked her if she’d heard anything about people’s eyes turning brown from the ingredient and she said hundreds of patients buy this every month and guess what? R+F has the same thing for “way cheaper”. So this is a doctor’s office that prescribes it and says it’s fine. She also said a lot of patients try Latisse and buy R+F to save $$$. So there you go, readers! It’s not bad to use and even if you totally suck at eyeliner I’d recommend it. Tell Tania yea!

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      A lot of dermatology offices will also sell R+F products. And the great thing about Lash Boost is, it doesn’t change your eye color. ????

      Posted 8.6.20 Reply
      • Sue Epling wrote:

        I LOVE sweater sets and this one is really pretty♡ Whats old is now new is really true in the fashion sense!

        Posted 8.11.20 Reply
  13. Sally wrote:

    Love the outfit! Love that aqua sweater set!

    Posted 8.6.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I love Aqua, it is one of my favorite shades of blue. Plus, I love that a sweater sweet tales all of the guesswork away. ????

      Posted 8.6.20 Reply
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