Style changes all the time, but we can sometimes get stuck in a style rut where we repeatedly wear the same thing. If you’re finding yourself wearing the same outfit over and over again, it might be time to shake things up a bit.

Why Am I In A Style Rut

You might be wondering WHY you are in a rut, and it can happen for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons I started 50 Is Not Old is because I noticed that women always tend to put others’ style needs in front of their own. When you feel like you don’t have the time or even the desire to spend time creating an outfit, then you will fall back on one that you created previously.

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with life. Children, husbands, aging parents, your career, or household duties can leave you feeling like it is a chore to even get dressed, much less be creative.

You might feel that style is not important or that there is no time for that. How you feel about the way you look on the outside can change your attitude on the inside. When you don’t put time and energy into yourself, you can plunge into a downward spiral, but don’t worry because today, we are going to change all that.

Here are five ways to get out of your fashion rut:

Graphic Tee & Jeans

Black Blazer // Graphic Band Tee // Multi-Strand Bangle Cuff // Quay Sunglasses // Flare Dark Wash Jeans // Quilted Leather Handbag // Black Loafers w/chain //

Experiment With Different Styles To Get Out of A Style Rut

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles together. Different styles and patterns can add character to your outfits and give you a unique look. Try mixing and matching different pieces you normally wouldn’t pair together, like a casual tee with a formal blazer. Just experiment with something new once and a while to add variety to your wardrobe.

Creative Accessories

To Get Out of A Style Rut, Get Creative With Accessories

Accessories are an easy way to make your outfit more interesting and fun. Add sunglasses for a bit of style, or add a pop of color and pattern to your outfit. Invest in a few fun pieces that you can really play with to make your whole outfit pop. Think of them as a “cherry on top” of your outfit to make it special and fun to wear. Plus, if you’re retired, and on a budget, they’re a great way to get more use out of your wardrobe without buying new clothes!

Colorful Fringe Clutch // Cocktail Earrings // Gold Ginkgo Leaf Earrings // Avocado Earrings // Gold Circle Dangle Earrings // Hammered Drop Earrings // Pink & Yellow W/Doorknocker Bag // Multi-Strand Bangle Cuff // Paper Clip Link Necklace // Purple Vegan Leather Clutch // Layered Chunky Chain Necklace // Tiger Faux-Leather Crossbody //

reversible plaid vest

Create a New Outfit to Feel Confident and Get Out of a Style Rut

Wearing something that makes you feel confident and comfortable is the best way to feel good about yourself. If you’re not feeling confident in your outfit, it’s going to show. So choose a piece of clothing that you love because that makes you feel confident. Sometimes just wearing your favorite jeans or putting on your favorite sweater is enough to boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. I have several items that I LOVE, so I will pick one of them and pair it with something I’ve just purchased. This helps me to feel confident in my outfit while I’m adjusting to a new trend.

These Flare Jeans By SPANX are a pair that I feel confident when I’m wearing them. However, I’m not as confident in wearing a vest, so putting the two items together helps me feel better about my outfit choice.

graphic tee w/plaid bag

Add Something New To A Classic Outfit and Get Out of A Style Rut

If you’re feeling a little more daring, try switching up your classic outfit by adding something new. A classic outfit can be simple jeans and a blouse, or a skirt with a striped shirt for work. A “classic” outfit is a base outfit that you can always wear to create a new look. Add a new bag, a fun scarf, or a statement necklace to add interest to your outfit. It’s a great way to experiment with different looks and combinations that you may not have tried before. In this photo, I’m wearing a classic color combination of red and black, a graphic tee, and a plaid handbag. Below are some items that are great for adding fun to a classic look.

Something New

Folk Art Tote // Zebra Oblong Scarf // Blue Kimono // Linen Ruana // Floral Duster // Tiger Stripe Belt // Black Leather Slides // Black Leather Boots // Slingback Pointed Toe Pumps //

Mix High and Low-End Brands

Just because you want to shop on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t shop at places like Nordstrom or Macy’s once in a while! Mixing high and low brands is a great way to expand your wardrobe and play with different styles. Most stores have designer items displayed right up front. You can see all the quality and details that went into each piece of clothing. But usually, behind these items are the store’s own brand items. These are just as high quality and sometimes better quality than higher-end designers because of the lower price point. If you’re looking for unique pieces but still want to buy cheaper items, check out discount sites like Saks Off 5th or Nordstrom Rack! They have lots of brand-name items at discounted prices, and they’re always adding new products every week! I usually shop for handbags, sunglasses, and jewelry at these stores. Some of my favorite stores to shop at are outlets. Banana Republic Factory, Coach Outlet, and J.Crew Factory are a few of my favorites. Have fun shopping and create multiple outfits with your new pieces!


Kurt Geiger Crossbody Bag // Square Sunglasses // Cat Eye Sunglasses // Taupe Crossbody Bag // Chloe Sunglasses // Cultured Pearl Necklace // Pink Handle Satchel // Vince Camuto Crossbody Bag // Gradient Cat Eye Sunglasses // Green Clutch Bag // Black Leather Tote //

Looking stylish can be a challenge, but getting out of a style rut doesn’t have to be a chore. Once you get the hang of being creative with your clothing, I’m sure you’ll feel confident and happy. Plus, you might also find yourself saving money too, and that will make the hubby happy too. Lol!

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  1. Thanks for these suggestions. Sooooo helpful! I like both!! I purchased both!! Im new here and so happy to have found your posts . Thanks again!

  2. I loved this post! Thanks for the reminder that simple changes can help our “style quotient.” I tend to buy pants and cardigans/jackets in core colors, and then add tops and scarves in the accent colors, because they cost less. But I am going to look for colorful shoes and bags too.

  3. Ginger Hiller says:

    What an awesome post, Tania! I have found that creating an outfit around one of my ruanas moves a very simple unfit up a notch or two, and it boosts my confidence. While I shop Nordstrom Rack online a good bit, I don’t like their shipping charges.

    1. Ginger, I agree about the shipping charges. I think it is free it you spend around $80+ dollars.

  4. Where did you buy the black white and red graphic tee. Very cute!

    1. Sharon, it was one of my favorite tees, but the red bleed on the tee when I washed it. It was one I bought a few years ago.

  5. Hello. I can’t say enough about your posts & how they’ve helped me. I turned 60 this year & have felt great even better than I did when I had my 50th & some of that is getting input from your 50 is not old. I’ve always been pretty fashion conscious but was getting lazy & needed some inspiration!! So thank you for what you do & giving me that boost!! I look forward to your posts & it’s now part of my morning routine. I also just love the Christian viewpoints that you include. Have a great Monday!

    1. Linda, thank you so much. It really makes my day to think I’m helping other ladies.