50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40I just got a message from some of the people who are in charge of planning the class reunion from my high school. I thought that they had sent it to the wrong person when I opened it up and it said something about a 40th reunion. That couldn’t have been meant for me since I only graduated like 10 years ago. Lol! Truly, that is how I feel. Do you gurls know what I mean? I don’t even feel like I am 40 much less that I have been out of high school for 40 years!
50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40Here is another terrible thing about that message. It was saying that everyone needed to update their addresses so they could send out invitations. I saw several people had responded with their new addresses but guess what? I didn’t recognize many of the names of the people commenting. I can’t remember who I went to school with!!! I bet that most of you were like me and had a small amount of friends that you ran around with and half of them were in different graduating classes. There were about 15 people that I was close to in my class and maybe around 30 more that I was friends with. I would guess that I knew most of the others at that time but I can’t remember anything about them now. How can that be? How can you be so close to people and then be total strangers years later? I haven’t lived in Livingston for over 30 years so I never “run into” anyone and if it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t know what anyone looks like now. I am undecided if I will make the trip to go to the reunion. Have any of you had this happen to you and what did you do?

50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40Do you know what deja vu means? According to Wikipedia, it is the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. In this case, it would be the very recent past. Do you recognize this shirt? If not, then look back at this post that I just did and see if it looks familiar. I am seriously having a crush on light blue this year. Blue is already the largest section in my closet and I have noticed that I am buying a lot of light blue this year. My sweater I had on yesterday was light blue also. The ruched sleeve top is by Halogen. I received the black top with silver metallic stripes in my Trunk Club shipment and then I exchanged it for this light blue one. I just want you to go back and forth from this post to the one here and see how color plays such a role in the way that we look.50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40I am back in my pearls again. Today’s look is more of a “statement” look than any I have worn this week. This is BIG and BOLD and is meant to draw attention. The Natalie necklace looks heavier than it really is. The silver link chain must be hollow. Don’t get me wrong, this is heavy, but it is not near as heavy as you would imagine it to be. This necklace has matching earrings but I chose to wear the Mera earrings instead. They are a 1″ stud that is covered with seed pearls. 50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40You can barely see the matching bracelet to the Natalie necklace stick out from under these adorable sleeves. This bracelet is adjustable up to 11″. I haven’t mentioned my Kate Spade purse in a long time and that is because I haven’t been carrying it much this winter. I really love the deep dark blue color of this bag and I like that it has a lot of different sections. This was the very first Kate Spade purse that I ever bought and it was because I won a Nordstrom gift certificate from a Rodan + Fields challenge that a friend of mine was doing. I couldn’t decide whether to buy something practical or splurge and get something that I thought was outrageous. I settled on the outrageous thinking that I wouldn’t carry the purse very often because of the color. WRONG!!! I carried this so much at the end of summer and early fall that I am surprised it is not worn out. Lesson learned…….so for the outrageous every now and again.

50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40Scroll quickly past this shot. I am linking to my white pumps. I am beyond excited to finally get my hand on a pair since I tried all last year and could not find them. The white pump is everywhere when you see pictures of the movie stars and it is going to be a staple for the spring and summer months coming up. Mine are from Nine West and I ordered my normal size. They were snug but after I wore them for a little while they stretched out to be the perfect fit. I am afraid if I had ordered a larger size that they might have ended up being too large. 50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40

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  1. I love the striped shirt! The blue just brightens up the face I think. As for the reunion, I’ve never bothered. Like you, I moved away and didn’t have further contact so that door is shut and no point in opening it. I did hear a couple of people I went to school with had passed away a few years ago so that convinced me not to look up any more!

  2. Hi Tania….I actually ordered that same shirt 2wks ago from Nordstrom. Love it! I, like you, love the light blue. Love the jewelry with it…I don’t go to my reunions anymore. I’ve been out of school 41yrs. After you exchange the “how are you, how many children, grandchildren, and all those other pleasantries, you feel like ,ok, so what else? Like nothing in common! LOL!

    • Tania Reply

      I know, Celeste, I love this top. The black was striking but just not the color for me. I like the blue much better! I know what you mean about having nothing in common. I was so excited to talk to someone that I was great friends with when I was young but it only took a few minutes for me to start thinking, “I have nothing to say and we have nothing in common anymore.” Plus, I can’t remember half of what we even did way back then. Lol!

  3. You look fabulous in both shirts, but the light blue is definitely your color! Love today’s top and the one you had on yesterday’s post. My family moved to another town the summer before my senior year, so I didn’t really make a lot of close friends at the new school. Therefore, I’ve never gone to any of my class reunions.

  4. You are making me want to shop for spring clothes!!!! I wear a lot of blue but usually it’s navy…maybe I will gravitate toward the lighter blue this year as this color really does look good on you. I am curious, do you wear pumps or heels to go to work when you put them with these outfits? My feet would be killing me by the end of the day as I just don’t do heels well anymore…LOL I graduated in a class of 32 so yes, I knew everyone in my class but after my 10 year I told my hubby I would never make him attend one of my class reunions again and I’m only 40 min. from my home town. I agree with Celeste that after all the small talk(and did they really care) you have nothing in common to talk about so nope, don’t do reunions.

    • Tania Reply

      I do wear my pumps and high heels to work but I sit at a desk all day long so I don’t do a lot of walking.

  5. Go to your reunion. There’s a saying that when you look back you will regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did do.

  6. Love your outfit! The stripes and sleeves are great. I see what you meant when you said that spring tops would be shorter this year several posts ago. I don’t do reunions. I see a few friends I went to school with but life has moved on and I’m not going in that direction (backwards), I’m moving forward. Best…Kathy

    • Tania Reply

      I told you, the tops are going boxy and shorter. Just a sign of the times. Lol! I like moving forward also except when it comes to aging and I like going backward with that! LOL!!!!

  7. I love your style, but you have caused me to shop more lately. LOL This morning on the news I heard that perms are coming back, Yikes! Have fun at your 40 year reunion. I attended mine a few years ago and didn’t recognize several of my classmates.

  8. Blue is your color and statement sleeves are flattering on you!

  9. Your outfit makes me YEARN for spring. Yesterday we woke up to snow and black ice. I’m still wearing sweaters and boots. Yes, blue is your color!!

    • Tania Reply

      We had a blizzard looking mess yesterday and then in 4 or 5 hours, everything had melted.

  10. Linda Bunger Reply

    Love the top and it looks great on you!
    My 50th (ouch) reunion is in May. I haven’t attended any of my reunions. I keep in touch with two high-school friends.

    Sure wish we were having cooler weather. It was 80° yesterday and expecting the same today. Too warm, too soon!!

  11. Attended my 40th reunion this past August. Fun times and was glad I went! Loving the top and the color! Where are the pants from? I am in need of a pair of white pants for summer.

    • Tania Reply

      Ann, I am sure that I would have fun if I went, we will just have to wait and see. I didn’t link to any white pants since they were the very same pair that I had on in yesterday’s post. Look back at it and you will find the links.

  12. Angie Whitley Reply

    LOVE this outfit on you! Blue is definitely your color. My 40th high school reunion is coming up soon and I actually enjoy going! My class is not the norm because we meet every.5. years!! I live a couple hours away from my hometown and don’t make it to all the reunions but it’s fun when I do. Over the years, the stereotypes have been broken down and the class clown is talking to valedictorian and the snobby cheerleader is dancing (yes, we still dance!) with the redneck farmer! If you’ve never been I think you should go – we all know you have something AWESOME to wear!!

  13. Hi. Light blue definitely your color and this outfit screams Spring. I can’t wait until it’s nice enough to wear clothes like this. Still too cold here for that. But the idea is there for when warm weather arrives. As for reunions, I haven’t attended any of mine even though I enjoyed school and had many friends. But after so much time, unless you’ve kept in touch, it just didn’t feel like something I wanted to do since I’d moved away. Like some others said, after first few basic questions what is there to say. Life moves on and so had I. But if you decide to go I hope you have good time and maybe reconnect with old friends. ?

    • Tania Reply

      No, I haven’t kept in touch with hardly anyone. I see some FB posts occasionally but that is about all.

  14. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Yes, you definitely look better in blue! I had not gone to a class reunion in years. I went back to my 40th and had a great time. I will probably go back to more of them. Good to connect with classmates. Fun to see what everyone is doing and it does seem like everyone is on the same playing field at this time of life. Farmers, doctors, sales person, homemaker, cheerleaders, prom queen, star quarterback, roofer, engineer, factory worker….we are all just 60+ year olds having a good time.

  15. No doubt about it…you look so much prettier, softer, and rested in the light blue versus the black. Black isn’t my friend either although I do believe it is slimming. You look lovely in your blue.

  16. My high school graduating class had its 50th reunion last fall, but I didn’t go for two reasons. One, my husband and I were in Ireland during that time on a wonderful three-week trip, and, secondly, I can’t be old enough to have graduated high school FIFTY years ago! There were only 33 people in my graduating class, and I wasn’t close friends with any of them, plus after I left for college, I didn’t live in my hometown again.

  17. I love this top! I went to my 50th high school reunion and was glad I did. My husband and I had to travel from New Mexico to Colorado but we stayed with our daughter and family so that was an added treat. I got an email that there will be a 55th reunion in August but I don’t know if we’ll go.

  18. Tania you look so pretty in the light blue color!! So fresh and springy!! I pinned this one and the one from the other day of the Purple Poppy embroidery top. Love how pearls just elevate the look. You look fabulous and you should really try to attend the reunion!! Have a great week! Carla

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