What Was Your Strangest Pet

50 Is Not Old | Strangest PetMost people have owned at least one pet in their life. Some, like my family, have owned several. But, what is the strangest pet you have ever owned? I can’t wait to read all your answers, I bet they are going to be interesting. I am going to tell you about Pierre, my pet skunk.
50 Is Not Old | Strangest PetMy dad, and his best friend, were out riding around one day and they started to smell that all too familiar smell of a skunk. In a few moments they came up on a dead skunk in the road. I’m sure they did the normal gagging, etc., as they were going past. Johnny Van, my dads friend, looked over on the side of the road, and saw some little baby skunks. The skunk that had gotten run over was the mommy, so they turned around, because they knew that the babies would not survive on the side of the road.50 Is Not Old | Strangest PetThey stopped and scooped up the little ones, and put them is a trunk or a tool box. I must have been around 12 or 13 years old when this happened, but I remember them coming home and telling me to come outside and open up the lid. I was a little afraid something was going to jump out, so I lifted the lid slowly. They were adorable, and looked like little kittens. I grabbed one up to cuddle it, and it bit the fire out of my finger. I put it down, none to gently. Lol50 Is Not Old | Strangest PetDaddy took them to the veterinarian and had their scent glands, or sacs removed. Then we kept one, and we gave the rest away. Now, let me just say this, I don’t think skunks make good pets. For one thing, they are nocturnal, so it was always sleeping during the day. You would have thought he would have gotten used to us, we fed him and tried to love on him, but nope he never liked us. Every time we picked him up, you could feel him straining, I think he was trying to spray us. Ungrateful little stinker. Lol!
50 Is Not Old | Strangest PetWe actually would put him on a leash and walk him, like you do a dog. One weekend, we went to campout at the lake, and Daddy and a bunch of men were playing volleyball. One of my cousins was there and saw me walking Pierre, so he yelled at me to come over. He asked if he could hold him, so I picked Pierre up and handed him over. Of course Pierre immediately started straining like always, but this time he pooped all down my cousins bare chest. Hahaha   I still can see him holding Pierre, by the scruff of his neck, off of his chest. He was not a happy camper, but Pierre looked especially pleased with himself. Lol!50 Is Not Old | Strangest PetIt is kind of hard to transition from that story to the outfit I have on. Maybe if it was black and white, it would have been easier. But forging right along, I bought this sweater at the outlet mall from the White House Black Market store. It was on their clearance rack, so I only paid $9.99.  Here is one that I love the cable knit, but it is longer than mine. My jeans are Rockstar mid-rise skinnies from Old Navy. My jewelry is all in silver. I have on the By The Book bracelets that I have worn since I bought them this fall, and they are back in stock. The short necklace is by Monarch Inspirations, and the longer one is by Premier Jewelry. This ankle boots are old and I bought them at Cato’s, but here and here are two similar pairs that I really like.
50 Is Not Old | Strangest PetSome of you have asked for a tutorial/video of my hair and beauty routine. I am trying to learn how to video with my camera and then edit it on my computer. Until then I will tell you about my favorite moisturizer and cleaner. It is the Philosophy brand, and I use the Purity Made Simple 3-n-1 cleanser. I am slightly allergic, well not allergic, but certain smells give me a headache. I like this because it does not smell and does a great job on my face and mascara. I also use Time in a Bottle and Hope In a Jar. These products are wonderful! I was a little skeptical the first time I purchased them, so I bought a small sample pack that has several of the items. I have reordered all of them in the larger versions. I was looking to reorder the Hope In a Jar on QVC and I found a sampler pack that has 6 pieces.  This is a great starter kit if any of you are curious about the brand. I am looking into buying a Rodan and Fields product called Reverse. If any of you have used this, please let me know how it works. At over 175.00, I want a testimony from someone who is not making money from me by selling it to me.

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  1. I loved your skunk story!! How caring and brave of your dad and friend to stop and pick up the motherless babies and take them in…can’t believe they were that mean especially after being babies-just must be in their DNA?
    I really thought your red sweater outfit was too cute! I think red is your color!! You say you don’t like to have your picture taken-well, you would never know, you are quite photogenic and look absolutely comfortable, poised and beautiful.

  2. Enjoy reading what’s up and new with you and fashion. Staying fashionable isn’t always easy. Thank you for your insight

  3. I’m so glad I stumbled onto your site! I’m recovering from ovarian cancer/ chemo and needed this boost to get up and shop my closet!! Really loved your skunk story! We had two ferrets. They are funny but smelly animals. They too are nocturnal, sleep all day in a hammock, play all night. The dog HATED them!

    1. I am so glad you “stumbled” Cris. I hope and pray that you will soon be fully recovered. Join me for some of my wacky stories, that should at lest be good for a laugh.

  4. My dad shared he had skunks as pets when he was a littlle boy. They would take the scent glands out. I thought he was the only one. I love your blog!

    1. They would not be my pet of choice, Lynn. Hahaha

    1. Thanks for the invite Jen! I will try to linkup come Monday.

  5. Christine says:

    Cute story- reminds me of Pepe La Pew!! Remember he was the skunk on the Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner Show (from the 70’s, I was a child of the 70’s). Pepe was so in love with a black cat who had a white stripe down her back. He mauled her with love!! Our strangest pet was a hairless rat named Templeton (named from Charlottes Web’s rat). He was really smart and learned to shoulder ride, come when called, jump from one of us to the other on command! We loved him until the day he almost took my finger off! As he got older he got meaner so we let him outside in the “wild” to find a new home. We lived in the desert of AZ then and I’m sure he was fine.

    I use Philosophy skin care as well as their shower gel/shampoo combinations. I find their scent to be very light. I also use Purity on my skin as well.

    Love your look “gurlfriend”

  6. Lisa Lewis Tyre says:

    That skunk was cool! We got lots of attention walking it around on the leash. 🙂 FWIW, I have some Kathy Van Zeeland and think they run true to size. – Sister

  7. Karen Ward says:

    No weird pet stories but just want to say I have the ON mid-rise rock star skinnies and they are my favorite!! BTW, I live in Chattanooga but travel all over the Southeast, etc. Where in Virginia do you live??

  8. P.S. I want to come for the coffee date too in Tennessee, How far from WV? Tee Hee

  9. Tania, The shoes you had on yesterday, The Kathy Van Zeeland, do they run true to size?

  10. I am loving all the different stories???

  11. Cynthia in IN says:

    Growing up, I had several stray kitties as pets but my unusual pet was two raccoons. The first one was older than me. My parents found the poor little thing in the middle of the road after a flood. In Indiana, they had to have a license to keep a wild animal so they applied for and received the license. She died at the age of 12, presumably of old age. The vet had Dad give her medication but it didn’t work. Then, my cousin’s uncle found three baby raccoons after he ran over the mother in the field with a tractor. He kept one, one died and my Dad took the other one. We still had the outside caged area for the first raccoon so this little girl moved right in! We had a harness for her so she could take walks on a leash and let her run loose in the house for a short time. Both had the same name, Bandit, but Dad had a nickname for them, too, Tuffy. I cannot remember how old this one was when she died but it was more like 8 years. Not as long as the first one. Both were females as they are easier to handle. The males get mean as they get older.

  12. Tania, are you nekkid underneath that sweater? LOL!!!! Just kiddin’ with you, girl!! I grew up on a farm, so we had most any kind of animal – except horses and sheep. My most interesting pet was a feral wolf-dog I rescued several years ago. He became my big baby and I loved him so much. He had to be put down in January 2012 at the age of 6 due to cancer. He would have been 10 years old this coming May. He was gorgeous! My grandmother and her brother used to raise orphaned opossums, raccoons and squirrels. One of the squirrels used to sleep curled up in a ball underneath my grandmother’s neck when she would go to bed. Have you looked at jolynneshane.com? Jolynne uses Rodan and Fields and I think she either sells it or is going to start selling it. Have a great day!!!

  13. I love Philosophy products! However, for my moisturizer I use their, Miracle in a Jar. My daughter who is in college uses their Hope in a Jar, and loves it! I need the extra moisture that Miracle in a Jar provides.
    I like the outfit you’re styling today. It’s very cute!
    As for your pet skunk…… bless your dad for saving those babies! What a sweet , and funny story!

  14. I have that sweater…Bought at the outlets in Fla. 2 weeks ago. I like it. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. My brother had a pet pidgeon. Pepe. My cat eventually ate it. My brother was heat broken. Love your looks!

  15. Loving the red! I am wearing my little suede booties today, and a cowl neck sweater! GMTA. – Daddy was a hunter, and he had beagles. Unfortunately his 3 daughters turned those elite canines into pretty little pets (“dog shows”, the works! Spoiled those dogs – or ruint them! – lol). We had the usual menagerie of turtles, canaries, dyed baby chicks at Easter, and goldfish – the “dime store” pet store pets back in the day! We grew up with a collie that looked just like Lassie! We called her “Babbo”. She is in all our childhood pics!

  16. We used to have a sheep farm, so sometimes the mother sheep (ewe) wouldn’t accept or nurse the lamb(s) she had birthed. The orphaned lambs would become my pets. One in particular, because she was raised inside with the dogs, actually thought she was a dog. She shunned the other sheep and played with the dogs. She passed away 2 years ago, and I still miss her.
    Cute outfit!

  17. Years ago one of my sons begged to get a rat snake!!! He promised he would keep it in an aquarium with a screened lid so it could not slither away. He had to feed it a mouse once a week…which was entertainment for all of his friends. What was I thinking? It wasn’t until a few weeks later he confessed that the snake did escape and in a few days he found it I his warm waterbed. Bye bye, snake, he gave it to a friend… Thank goodness I didn’t know his mother! Not sure if this ties in, but I do like faux snakeskin purses and shoes! Happy day everyone 😉

  18. Your outfit is darling, as always. You have the knack for putting outfits together gurl! I have to mention my favorite-of-all-time face products. The brand is Paula’s Choice, and there are products for every skin type and issue. She is like the Ralph Nader of the cosmetics industry, and has been featured on all sorts of programs and magazines talking about how to evaluate good skin care. I have lovely skin thanks to her, and would suggest to everyone to investigate this brand. She also evaluates the efficacy of many cosmetic lines, and so you know if you choose to pay $$$ for something you know what you’re getting. Knowledge is power, and I like that she gives the tools to evaluate products and how to make intelligent choices. Plus I LOVE, love, love her line. Who doesn’t
    want to look amazing!?

  19. Nothing other than dogs and cats for me (boring gurl here). It’s fun to read about the different pets everyone has had though! 🙂 Now as far as moisturizer, I have found a ‘secret weapon’ that works awesomely well for me…. I use “Simple” brand hydrating moisturizer and I add about 20-30 drops or so of …get ready… Frankincense oil (Doterra Brand) into it and shake it up. It smells like heaven (well more like church..) and on my skin it really does work in minimizing the lines.

  20. We had A baby possum named Pepe And a praying mantis named Perry (he lived in the centerpiece on our dining room table) My oldest sister had long red hair and Pepe liked to climb underneath, at the nape, where he would hang by his tail. He was hiding there once when we went to the store and as we were standing in the checkout line, he poked his face out and looked at the woman behind us! Oh my did she scream! Lol…

  21. Love your skunk story! My son came home from middle school with a hissing cockroach! (He did ask first and I was like, “Uhhhh, o-kay…”) It’s definitely different than having a cuddly cat or boisterous dog around, but the cockroach named Aiden was an easy pet. I never did hear him hiss! Anyway, I follow several fashion bloggers and I must say one of the things I appreciate about you is your clothing comes from places where I actually shop (especially Old Navy!) You put together outfits I would wear too, so I borrow ideas from your combinations to create my own! Thank you!

  22. My Dad brought a baby possum home, I had it for one day before it dug out of it’s cage and we never saw it again.

  23. Lori Coke says:

    I don’t know anything aboit Rhodan and Fields, but if you want simplicity. ….try Nerium. Contact me, I’d love to answer any questions . its one step and that’s my favorite part about it.

  24. I found your blog through a relative, and while I don’t wear too many of the items you showcase, it’s always good to see what the ladies who lunch are wearing these days.

    Oh, and I had an armadillo as a pet. None too cuddley….but once attention getter none the less. Now I wish I had pictures….but photography had just been invented, so I wasn’t sure the trend would take off.

  25. Melanie W. says:

    I love that sweater!!! Super cute! I have had lots of dogs and cats. But the most unusual pets were a baby raccoon and two whitetail fawns. The raccoon wasn’t very nice and liked to bite so once he got a little bigger we brought him to a zoo-like place. The fawns were awesome. I lived on a farm and they would just hang out all summer. One even used to walk into the barn when we were milking cows and just hang out. All three were orphans so we did the best we could with them! Hilarious story about your pet skunk!!! I love his name….it’s perfect lol.

  26. I had a little parakeet named Koby my first year of college. He was so sweet and rode everywhere on my shoulder. My roommate taught him to say “I love you”.

    I tried one of the Rodant & fields lines….think it was the Redefine….and my face did not like it. I’ve never had issues but something caused my face to get a rash all over. It was too harsh for me. I love, love, love Philosopy’s Miracle Worker cream. I also love your daily email. Thanks for the daily dose if humor and inspiration.

  27. I have just found your blog, via Pinterest, and I absolutely love it! I am in Clarksville TN; if you are down this way, I’d love to have coffee and a chat from one fashionista to another!!