What To Wear For Valentines Day

50 Is Not Old | Valentine's Day 2016What do you wear for Valentine’s Day? Do you go out, or just stay at home? I think this dress would be perfect for a date night out on the town. This year though, I think we are staying home, and I am going to cook my husband a nice dinner. I will not be wearing this dress while I cook. LOL! 50 Is Not Old | Valentine's Day 2016I bought this dress in Orlando at the White House Black Market outlet store. This was on the clearance rack, (I always check the clearance rack) for only 9.99. SCORE!!! I wan’t sure how I would like the ribbed section around my middle. I wanted to show you how the dress looked with no jacket or belt. I added a vintage seed pearl necklace (one of my favorites), a vintage seed pearl bracelet, and a vintage purse. I am rocking it “old style.” Haha50 Is Not Old | Valentine's Day 2016I just had to show you a close-up of this necklace, it is so beautiful. This is as close to my necklace as I could find. You can’t see through my hair, but I have on a pair of Chloe & Isabel earrings. I was putting these on the other morning, and I dropped one of them onto my tile floor. I was devastated when I looked down, and the long crystal had broken. I took both parts to work, and one of my friends glued it back for me. You can’t even see where it was broken.  50 Is Not Old | Valentine's Day 2016I should have taken a picture of the back of these hose, they have the old-timey seam up the back. I put on my Michael Kors black pumps, and that completed my outfit. When I came through to take my picture, my husband wanted to know where I was going. I think he thought I was a little overdressed for work. Haha50 Is Not Old | Valentine's Day 2016I took my picture, then threw on this short Joan Rivers jacket. The pearl details are wonderful on this jacket. I have only worn this a few times. It seems to over shadow everything I put it on with, and I end up taking if off. However, I love it with this dress. I think I might try it with a pair of jeans and a tucked in shirt next time.50 Is Not Old | Valentine's Day 2016It even looks good with the vintage pearl jewelry. Look closely at the bracelet. I bought it at the vintage fashion show, after I had to enter into a bidding war, and I love it. Look at the clasp in the picture above and below. 50 Is Not Old | Valentine's Day 2016This is the closure. I like that it looks great on both sides, sometimes bracelets tend to turn around on my arm. This one would look great no matter what side was showing.50 Is Not Old | Valentine's Day 2016I changed the pumps for these Marc Fisher ankle boots. I have worn these boots all fall and winter, I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. There is actually a term for this, it is called cost-per-wear. You take the price you paid for an item, and divided that by the number of times it has been worn. 50 Is Not Old | Valentine's Day 2016Now we are down to what I wore to work. I kept on the dress (to my husbands shock), but took off the pearls. I thought the pumps and the ankle boots were just a little too dressy for the lumber company. So, I added my black micro-suede over the knee boots. Don’t get me wrong, the others were sharper looking, but these were more practical for the 25 degree weather we are having. Here is a nice pair, and here is a more price friendly pair.50 Is Not Old | Valentine's Day 2016I bought this snow leopard coat years ago, but I could count on one hand the number of times it has been worn. I like the coat, but it is too light for an outside type coat, and too heavy for a wear-all-day coat. I took the plunge and wore the coat over the dress all day, and I only had ONE hot flash. I am going to blame that on the coat and not my age. Haha  Here is a similar coat from Dollhouse, and here is a poncho that is perfect.

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  1. On fleek, as always!

  2. You look beautiful in red. The different pairings of shoes, jackets, and accessories all compliment the dress, but I especially like the snow leopard coat with the suede boots.
    I, too, read your blog post while I drink my coffee; it’s a good way to begin my day.
    Enjoy your weekend, Tania!

    1. Thanks Coco. The coat and OTK boots were very warm and comfortable, especially for work.

  3. I love that dress and the color of course. I have so much trouble finding a dress because I have small shoulders. I just love the dress with the accessories and the jackets you styled it with. I like the booties best. Well, we are having a Valentine’s Party and my husband is really into it. He went out and actually bought more decorations. Sweet! So I am going to finish this post and figure out what I am going to wear. I have lots of red so I just have to put an outfit together. Wear that dress to church on Sunday! Wish I had time to tell you about my strange pets. My Mom was raised on a farm and she LOVES animals so we had all kinds of critters even in the city,

    1. I am thinking about wearing the dress to church this Sunday. I was hoping to wear the booties with it, but if it keeps up this snow it will be the OTK boots again. I hope you have fun at your Valentine’s Party. ??

  4. I’ve just discovered your blog and love your style and energy! I’m having a problem subscribing to receive daily via email. I’ve tried entering my email several times and each time it says my email address has opted out to receive email subscriptions?! I subscribe to other blogs and have never had this problem.

    1. Penny, I will try to see if I can find out the problem.

  5. The red dress you picked is a perfect wardrobe staple- love love love the snow leopard jacket and boots with it, yet the pearl trimmed blazer and the vibe that gives off is just as stunning!
    I have no honey this year for Valentines day, so I guess I will just dress in some sort of red casual outfit and troll the supermarket looking for a divorced/single man in the produce department! HA!

  6. Another great outfit inspiration. Everyone should own a red dress. And what a steal! I am wearing my red and pearls today. I got the Premier Girls Best Friend necklace and have been experimenting with the 30 ways to wear it. Taking it on a trip in a week to Vegas. May be the only necklace I take, this will be a packing challenge for me. I’m having a blast reading your blog daily. God Bless You!

  7. Sorry…. just checked for typos. Should have been Nancy Reagan. Oops!

  8. Love the red dress! What a great price too! Red definitely is a power color. Nancy Regan often wore red, due to this well known fact. If you would wear that outfit on a date night, I’d go with the heels. SOOO classy! I love your jewelry, absolutely stunning!
    My husband and I eat out often. But this year he has planned a weekend get a way. He told me he’s kidnapping me! Ha!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Florida outlets have such great finds! You look great in red! Sweater dresses are my go to during the winter at work-I often wear a silk tshirt under them because my room is chilly. I also check your blog every morning – coffee and Tania!

  10. A girl can never go wrong when she’s wearing a red dress. It does a lot for the attitude in a good way. xo

  11. Love the way you styled the dress with such a different approach. Very chic. BTW-your hair color(s) are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  12. That red dress was a score!! You look great in it! I love your fashion sense and your positive, upbeat attitude about life. I can’t wait to read your blog every morning!

  13. Great dress, and styled so many fabulous ways! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. Love that you’ve shown how versatile one dress can be! Looking grrrrrr-eat with either jacket ? ….and who wouda thunk changing footwear would make such a difference?! I’m planning to experiment more with my closet??? ? Enjoy your romantic dinner w/hubby???⭐️

  15. Love this dress! Red is my favorite color! Love the jacket, too!

  16. I love your blog. I read a few, but yours has become my favorite. You look great, but you also look real. Like some classy lady I might see in town. I also love that your clothes come from places I can actually afford to shop. I can splurge every once in a while, but I try to have a conscious about how much I spend on clothes. That being said, I don’t want to look cheap either, lol. Thanks for giving us such great options

    1. That’s how I feel too, Kathy. I want to look nice, but I don’t want to go broke trying to achieve the look. Especially, when there are other options out there. But, at the same time, I don’t want to be known for that “cheap” blogger. Haha Thanks for not saying, “like some classy OLD lady” Lol!!!!

  17. Red is your color…you look stunning in this dress. It is a keeper and I love the shorter jacket with it!

  18. Wow! Red definitely is a fabulous color on you. That dress rocks with the boots. I think that Joan Rivers jacket would look great with a white tee and jeans, minimal jewelry. Let the jacket be the focus and shine. We’ve been married 43 years and usually celebrate Valentine’s Day at home too. Why fight a crowd. Plenty of other days to celebrate our love.

    1. Your right Michele! Joe and I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage this fall. Going out to dinner is not something that we do often. We choose to bring the food back to the house, if we do eat out. Home is way more comfortable and cozy. Have fun celebrating.

  19. Hey Tan,
    You know I’m not normally a commenter, but wanted you to know that you are my morning coffee read. Just want to let your readers to know that you look just as good in a pair of sweats and tee and that you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the out, but I think they’re finding that out. I am so proud of you and you’re blog! Loving the Marc Fisher ankle boots–what size are they??? Lol

    1. Now I am scared, Nese. I thought you only liked my posts on FaceBook out of politeness, I never dreamed you actually read them. I’ll have to be nice now, and not tell any family secrets. Hahaha

  20. So perfect for Valentines! I love all the pearl accents. They add so much class to an outfit and now we can wear them casual with jeans if we want to! I have a feeling you want be the only one cooking on Valentines Day. Why fight the crowds! I am working but plan to enjoy with my husband and celebrate afterwards. Red is definitely a power color. Hope you feel pretty and powerful today! I am wearing a red scarf myself to bring on the power of love!
    Enjoy your day.

  21. So perfect for Valentines! I love all the pearl accents. They add so much class to an outfit and now we can wear them casual with jeans if we want to! I have a feeling you want be the only one cooking on Valentines Day. Why fight the crowds! I am working but plan to enjoy with my husband afterwards. Red is definitely a power color. Hope you feel pretty and powerful today! I am wearing a red scarf myself to bring on the power of love!

    1. Connie, I was reading about the color red, and it is the POWER color! Men will wear a tie this color to show their power, I just choose lipstick. Haha

  22. I think you look great in the red dress, I would definitely wear it! I think you are so cute and love reading your blog!

  23. You look terrific in a dress! Red is a great color on you! The vintage pearl necklace is very pretty as is the bracelet. I like all your shoe choices, but I would go for the knee high black boots over the heels…I love the look of heels but I can’t imagine standing and working in them all day. Have a great Friday!

    1. Debbie, I do occasionally wear high heels to work, but I sit at a desk most of the time.

  24. Love the red! I hardly ever buy dresses any more & I haven’t worn hose in years! I love the classy touch from the pearls. It’s a really nice, dressy outfit. I borrowed some of my mom’s pearl jewelry to wear to church recently. I like the different looks you can give the dress by simply changing a few accessories. Love the snow leopard print on the coat!

    1. Thanks Stacia, I love the vintage pearls. Jewelry from family members is so special, I treasure the pieces I have.