50 IS NOT OLD | SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHTThe pictures that I post on the blog are usually edited to the extent that I get rid of the ones that I look like I am going to sneeze. I lighten them because I take them under the porch, so they can sometimes be a little dark. And then I crop them in so you can see some of the details better. My trash file is HUGE. In order to get 7 or 8 photos that I like, I probably trash twice as many. I might have cut off part of my head or my feet, or I am fixing a bra strap, but you get the idea. I have even trashed an entire day’s pictures because they looked terrible. Today’s pictures were sooooo close to being trashed.50 IS NOT OLD | SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHTI know what the problem with the pictures is, but I am not going to tell you. I am going to let you tell me! Today all of you get to be fashion critics, and we will see if all of you pick the same problem that I did. My sister tells me I am just asking for it when I say something like this, but I would rather you know that I am not happy with an outfit, than to think I thought this looked good. I wore this all day long, so now is not the time to decide that is needed tweaking. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHTWhere to even start? Okay, let’s start with the waterfall cardigan. I love a waterfall cardigan because they are so flattering. They nip and tuck where they should, and they fall away giving you a nice silhouette. They can literally take 10 pounds off of you when you wear one. This one is in a sand color and I bought it at Cato last year. 50 IS NOT OLD | SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHTLet’s move on, shall we. I have a couple of Plunder pieces on in pearl and leather. That is two things that you would not think would go together, however, this necklace proves otherwise. The Kimberly necklace is approximately 32″ long. I like that the leather strap lays flat around your neck, I was worried about that when I first order it. I have on the Paige bracelet, the one with the large pearls, and it matches the Olivia necklace that I wore here and here. The leather bracelet, the one hiding behind the fern, is the Kari. I never even meant to order this bracelet, but when I was ordering something else I transposed a number. When I got my confirmation I noticed that it was wrong so I called them to have them change the order. They fixed the error and credited me the difference back on my card. However, when the order arrived, I had BOTH pieces in the box. I called customer service and explained the error and then I told them I would just keep the bracelet and pay for it. That is a pretty sneaky way to get you to buy more items. haha!50 IS NOT OLD | SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHTThe lace trimmed tank top is one that I have worn several times. It is by Umgee and I love this top. I have said before, and probably will again, but I like tank tops in the fall and winter months. You don’t have to worry about the sleeves bunching up and giving you Popeye muscles. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHTThe pants are new. I know you are shocked! I swear it doesn’t seem like I have bought much here lately, except at the overstock store. These came from TJ Maxx, a different kind of overstock store. Haha! They are by Ralph Lauren. When I think of Ralph Lauren clothing, this is exactly what I picture.

50 IS NOT OLD | SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHTThe fringe purse is one I carried in Wednesday’s post, so check out the different look. Before I turn you loose to play fashionista and tell me you opinions on this outfit, I wanted to share with you a picture my mom sent me on Snap Chat. (yes we both have snap chat)50 IS NOT OLD | SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHTThis is my daddy reading my blog. How sweet is this? Since I know he is reading this, I Love You, Daddy?

Everyone, except you fashion bloggers, can now leave me comments about what you liked and what you didn’t like in this outfit. I’ll let you know tomorrow if we agreed. Lol!

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  1. Lynn Lewis wrote:

    I didn’t like the color or weight of the pants with the rest of the outfit. But I loved, loved, loved the rest of it.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  2. I love the camisole; need to find one! I don’t really care for the shoes you chose to go with this outfit (since you asked). ? That’s all I can see!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  3. Diane wrote:

    I love the pants and I love the top and cardigan. I’m not a fan of it together though the lace is a little too long over the pants. the top and cardigan would have looked better with leggings and boots. You’re still adorable and classy though ?

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  4. Caroline wrote:

    Hi Tania, just my opinion but I think the pants are too heavy and baggy for the rest of the outfit. I like them but I think that leggings or something of that sort would compliment your lovely lacy top better but hey, what do I know ?

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  5. Linda wrote:

    The very first thing that stood out was your pants. They were a beautiful color and fit nicely. Maybe they were too casual under all that lace? The color was a little off as the cardigan and purse read like they were kind of grey but the pants were British tan. But you always look great in everything you wear. ?

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  6. Lisa K. wrote:

    Love, love your lace trimmed tank and the cardigan! So pretty. But, the necklace and large pearl bracelet feel too heavy for the delicate tank and cardigan. They kind of over power the outfit. Your new Ralph Lauren pants look great, but don’t love the color of the shoes with the pants.

    I always look forward to your blog and seeing what you’re wearing for the day!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    And you are so right- 50 is not old ?

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  7. FunkyForty wrote:

    Fab guessing game Tania – I would have to go with the trousers – maybe a thinner fabric and def a different colour – but the rest of the outfit is very pretty and I am sure everyone concentrated on the nice bits and only you felt something was not quite right…

    Have you seen my post about the Little White Dress?

    Have a wonderful day.

    xx Yvonne

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  8. LindaBB wrote:

    I agree that the pants are too wide and the fabric too bulky for the rest of the outfit. Slim pants or leggings would probably be a better choice. Perhaps only one necklace??

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  9. Joanne Scantlebury wrote:

    All the colours toned nicely , don’t mind the heavier pants with the lacy camisole. I think a pair of pointy toed lighter shoes may have worked better. It I’d have no problems wearing it.???

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  10. Bernadine Darienzzo wrote:

    The outfit is very pleasing to the eye and the colors work well together. Especially love the camisole… so pretty. Everything works until the pants meet the shoes. Pants would work better with a higher heal; or as the other girls suggested, leggings. I think it would be too much if you rolled the pants up to show the rest of bootie. There is a lot going on on the top, so less is more on the bottom. But you always look adorable!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  11. Kerri wrote:

    Hi Tania I think it’s the pants, they’re a bit long and too wintery for the delicate tank top. I love that you put yourself out for critique everyday. Great job.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  12. Michelle Castagne wrote:

    Since you asked… the lace top looks like a curtain and too heavy on the jewelry. Pants are too heavy for the top and sweater. If you like it then go for it. This is just an opinion.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  13. Gayle wrote:

    I think the pants are to heavy and too loose in the legs. Are they corduroy? Leggings or a slimmer fitting pant or jeans would look better with the flowy tank. I like the color combo. I also like the necklace and could probably stay, but its a little heavy with the leather as well. Or you could wear another top that is not as light and flowy that would coordinate better with the pants and necklace.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  14. Kim Kennedy wrote:

    I like the outfit quite a bit. I think the color of the pants is great with the jewelry. The only thing I see is the is the jack o lanterns! Which I think are adorable ❤️

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  15. Cindy wrote:

    There must be something wrong with me- I can’t see a thing. I love this outfit! <3

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
    • Cindy wrote:

      And that picture of your daddy is the sweetest thing EVER!

      Posted 11.17.16 Reply
      • Pat Coll wrote:

        Yes, how sweet!!!!
        You look great! Only comment is the pants are a warmer color than anything else.

        Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  16. Lainee lazos wrote:

    There is some hair out of place at the top, but you are gorgeous

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  17. Kate wrote:

    The pants are too bulky and the color just okay. I would choose a different, more sleek purse and black skinny pants were worn.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  18. Among The Treasures-Becky and Susan wrote:

    Okay, your Daddy made me tear up. Miss my parents so much. You know I am not afraid to share my opinions. My eyes didn’t know where to land. Colors seemed to fight each other, so maybe change either the pants or sweater to remedy. Necklace was a little heavy for the lightweight tank, now that others have mentioned…
    Are you proud of me? I didn’t say a word about those holey pants yesterday. Love came, just too much distressing that high on the thigh.
    Keep up the good work!!!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  19. Sandi wrote:

    With a longer flowing top I would rather see skinny pants or something not so bulky and heavy looking! You are always so pretty! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  20. Kathy ?? wrote:

    I think it’s the pants, and too much jewelery . Maybe if you had chosen a pair of your old navy pixie pants and not worn the big bauble bracelet. Everything else is fabulous……my opinion of course….lol P.S. I’m in love with ON pixie pants, thank you for introducing them to me. I now have 4 pairs!! ?

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  21. Alice wrote:

    I think the pants are too manly for the feminine lace. Maybe it’s the texture too.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  22. Carla Parham wrote:

    I loved the top half but just didn’t feel that the pants went well with the top.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  23. Connie R. wrote:

    I had no idea all the work you put into your blog to prepare it for us. Thank you for that hard work. I personally think you would look more balance with a fitted shorter top. I am by no means an authority on this. LOL Also more color on top would have made a pop on you. Any blue or deeper tone would have been beautiful with your eyes. Its nice to see you struggle too some days. Makes you more real to us. I feel you are so genuine and that’s why I follow and consider you a friend.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  24. Sandy wrote:

    Great outfit but I think you need a skinny leg with this outfit. The pants are just a little too bulky. Everything else looks good. You put a lot of hard work into your blog and thank you!!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  25. L Zdybel wrote:

    There are so many things going on in this outfit that my fashion “eye” does not know where to settle and is confused. Outfit is weighing you down.
    Can’t wait to hear the new trends for fall/winter.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  26. Tina Petersen wrote:

    I really like everything about this outfit. The color combo, lengths of the tops. The boot choice is good to! You look great!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  27. Julienne wrote:

    Perhaps roll up the bottom of pants to see boots better

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  28. Cathy wrote:

    You are beautiful!

    I agree with most the pants seem to heavy for the lace camisole. And I’m not sure if the tone of the tank is a bit on the light lavender side but it the tones of the tank and pants don’t seem to match.

    Your dad is awesome! It brings back wonderful memories of how my dad supported me in life (and how much I miss him)

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for being an inspiration

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  29. "Z" wrote:

    Love the top and sweater! Pants and necklace to heavy and the color of the pants is the first thing you see, which detracts from the beautiful top. Your smile outshines all of it however 🙂 …
    And most importantly … the tribute to your dad is priceless! I miss mine so very much!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  30. Kathy Loughrie wrote:

    I also like RL clothing but the fit is sometimes off for me…prettier on the hanger than on me! I like the pant color but think leggings or a navy pant would have been a better choice. I like your outfits where the color is closer to your face it brightens your complexion. I like the jewelry. You always look very nice and pulled together so the outfit is really not far off mark. We tend to more critical of ourselves!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  31. Carri wrote:

    Too much beige! We are used to a pop of color from you. I do love those pants, but I would wear them with a sweater and a blanket wrap. You always look good, ‘tho!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  32. Hanka wrote:

    Imho the pants are too bulky and too long. Color is fine. But the lace on your top doesn´t work with the outfit.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  33. Not in love with these pants with this outfit. Leggings and boots would have been my choice!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  34. NANCY SADAUSKIS wrote:

    To me the pants were completely wrong…the color, weight and texture of them added nothing to the outfit.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  35. Brenda wrote:

    I think the pants are too long. But everything else seems fine.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  36. Glenda Braun wrote:

    Like everyone else I think it is the pants. Too heavy.
    Thank you for the hard work.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  37. Mindy wrote:

    Me too! Love the pants but too bulky with the cami and sweater. Definitely slacks in a nice winter white, sand or taupe. Maybe a pair of pixie pants and a nude flat. Love everything else!!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  38. Nancy wrote:

    Your ensemble is out of balance. Normally you have a pop of color that is analagous or complimentary to the others. The colors of the sweater, bag and shoes read gray not tan or beige. Gray would look good with a navy or plum pant. Chocolate would be good with the tan or carmel. However, the weight of the pants you choose and their carmel color imply you are planning to attend a fall football game or other outdoor outing.Not critical, but critiquing, since you requested it.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  39. wrote:

    I actually don’t like the pants very much. I think they make you look older. So, when you are planning on visiting my Fancy Friday linkup tomorrow, do wear something else! Hahaha, you know I kidding right?

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  40. Nancy wrote:

    Not about linking up! Lol.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  41. Konda Nietfeld wrote:

    I don’t care for the color or bulk if the pants with the rest of the outfit. Slimmer pants, maybe in black or navy might look better

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  42. Sue wrote:

    I agree with everyone else. It is the pants. Black straight leg might be better. Velvet is totally ‘in’ right now too.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  43. Tonja wrote:

    I have those exact pants. I love them, but not with your choice of tops. I do, however, love the layered tops. I am gonna get that lacy one. The picture of your sweet daddy looking at your blog, precious!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  44. You always look stylin’! I do agree with some of the others–the cords are too heavy for the rest of the look. I love cords–mane with a plaid shirt or sweater. Thanks for making us think!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  45. Mary Ann Tinsley wrote:

    Proportion is off. The long lace tee cuts you in half. If top had been shorter I think it would have worked. However you always look great. Thanks for posting the “misses” that is what makes you so real!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  46. Pauline wrote:

    LLove the cardigan and the trousers not sure of the top with the lace or the large handbag.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  47. isabella wrote:

    not sure I like the lace tank with the pants, perhaps jeans would be better
    or a different top under the sweater with the pants.
    necklace or bracelet or different style of each

    however all the pieces alone are lovely

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  48. Sheela Goh wrote:

    I really have to be nit-picking, Tania, honestly, in which case, it’s the jeans. Are they corduroy? That tends to really add bulk, and you’re very petite so it does seem as though your lower half is a little puffed up. Aside from that, I am SO in love with your necklace. Granted I’m partial to almost anything with leather and/or spikes but I hate pearls so this is a big one for me 🙂 and yes!! To tanks when layering. I hate hate hate it when sleeves bunch up, and I’ll be pulling and tugging and generally getting irked.

    On the blog today, I’m talking about the hush-hush topic of self-love. Yup. Me, myself and I. I’d love for you to come over and weigh in, and share your thoughts. It’s interesting to note that despite it being the 21st century, and we’re preaching confidence and empowerment, the subject still remains somewhat risque.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  49. Mary wrote:

    As usual, I love it ? Maybe, add a pop of turquoise & lose the jack o lantern ?? Thank you for sharing ~

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  50. Lori wrote:

    In my humble opinion. ….I think a nice pair of black pants would have made this outfit pop. I love the top and sweater combo, may have to purchase the top (cause I love it), and think it’s looks very classy. The pants you have on look very comfortable, just didn’t care for the two together. Love your blig, makes me look at my closet with new eyes.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  51. Teresa wrote:

    I think the outfit needs more color. I think bright navy pants or cardigan would have made this outfit perfect. Just too many neutral shades. I love your blog. Thanks for being a part of my mornings. Coffee and Tania before work! Your blog has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and try some new styles – really enjoy it! Thanks!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  52. June ward wrote:

    I feel like a fitted sweater would have worked with the pants better !I like the color of the boots with the pants .leggings or skinny jeans for the blonde and sweater you chose ?

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  53. You are so pretty that no matter what you wear, you look lovely. I love the way you style outfits. If I had to critique this ensemble, I would say there is too much to look at on your top half. The waterfall hem on the cardigan, the lace and the fringe on the purse give my eye too much to see along with the big bracelet and statement necklace. I love the pants, but would prefer them with a more casual top. Now your daddy is going to be mad at all of us for picking on you.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  54. Cristi Blackwell wrote:

    I love the color of the pants; but, they do not compliment the color of the top, sweater, and boots. The color tones are not in the same family. Please continue to wear the pants with another top. Love the caramel color! You look great in everything you wear!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  55. I think we’re all in agreement here-it’s the pants!!! Everything else is gorgeous.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
    • Shirley wrote:

      Add a pop of color by changing the purse to turquoise or another bright color! When you wear monochromatic colors without a pop of color somewhere, it confuses me! LOL. Love the picture of your sweet daddy! Mine could be his twin in the ball cap, plaid/print shirt & hard-working hands!

      Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  56. Loryl wrote:

    First of all how lucky are you to still have your Mom and Dad around !! That picture of your Daddy reading your blog was priceless. ? The thing that looks off balance to me is the pants. The corduroy fabric is to “heavy ” for the delicate tank and sweater. Perhaps is just the color. They could work in a sand or grey. Everything else is spot on. I love the lace, pearls leather look.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
    • Patti Boatwright wrote:

      Definitely the pants….ditto what everyone aboe said regarding the weight. Gorgeous alone but not with this outfit.

      Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  57. Susan wrote:

    The pants are a little too much with the femine lace and jewelry. Also, the boots don’t quite match the outfit either. But you are still gorgeous as ever!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  58. Melesa Garrison wrote:

    I’m not here to critique, but I just have to say…I love the pic of your Daddy admiring you! How sweet is that?

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  59. Cindee wrote:

    Your Dad reading your blog is the BEST thing I have seen all week.. that is just the sweetest ever! Bless his heart. And I have to say I love your entire outfit except for the pants. Just not feeling them.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  60. Naomi wrote:

    IMHO, the pants are too bulky for the rest of the outfit. Leggings next time! LOVE that your Daddy reads your blog ☺️

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  61. Honestly, I liked it all.. I thought you looked great. People have different opinions because there all different. But I like it all the pants the bold pearl braclet shoes purse.. I like different and not being on the now fashion.. I like being me.. And thats what I got from the outfit.. I would wear it all.. I think you look fabulous. With love Janice new follower.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  62. Jana wrote:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the camera lens is crooked. I am a photography buff and my friend that coaches me tells me often I don’t have the camera level. I just noticed it since there are lines in the brick that go across the pic. Other than that, I kind of love the outfit. It is new colors that I wouldn’t think of putting together but I can see where you tie each element together. And, the pic of your dad just melted my heart. My dad is in heaven and if I wrote a blog he would have read it every day. That pic is just the sweetest!!!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  63. Lynn wrote:

    Tania – you are fabulous no matter what you are wearing!!!! God bless you!!!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  64. Lissa wrote:

    The shoes or boots. That’s what stands out to me.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  65. Brandye wrote:

    As a daddy’s girl, yours reading your blog warms my heart so much!

    I have not read any of the other comments because I didn’t want my opinion clouded. And, this is just my humble opinion.Take it for what it’s worth.Two cents, maybe? I like each of these pieces, just not together. The pants are seem “heavy” for the top. And, I’m not sure that’s the right cardigan for the top, but it could be that the pants are just throwing me off. Does that make sense? Finally, I think the cardigan might be the wrong shade for the pants. But, you know, computer monitors can be off.

    For those pants (which I love), I’d probably go very preppy or western. I’m probably channeling Ralph Lauren vibes from the 80s. LOL All the jewelry is lovely, but I would change according to preppy vs western. Many of those pieces would still work, but maybe not all together if preppy. Thanks for keeping it real with us, your readers, and not being too perfect. That’s why we love you! You are a beauty and a blessing!

    Our school district has been featuring Texas colleges all week, so we’ve been treated to jeans everyday IF we wear a college shirt. I love Baylor University, and jeans, but I’m really kind of over it. I mean, even if I could wear jeans everyday, I wouldn’t. Ha! Today, I’m wearing a tshirt from a KKG mother/daughter event.


    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  66. Kathe wrote:

    I’m giggling to myself because I’m wondering what a man would write about your outfit. Something like “ummm, it looks fine”. Lol We ladies are totally into the details!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
    • Patti Collins wrote:

      Hahaha! So true Kathe!

      Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  67. Debbie wrote:

    First of all, you always look pretty! I kept looking at the outfit,just didn’t look right. I agree with some of the other ladies,the pants look a bit too long and too bulky. Then I thought the top and the pants have two different ” looks” to me. The top half looks airy and ultra girly the pants have more of a pants,blazer and bottom shirt look. Skinny jeans or leggings would be my choice with this look. The other thing to me was lack of a pop of color. Too much beigy brown.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  68. Crystal Tingle wrote:

    It’s so hard to see what is wrong because you can even make “wrong” look great.
    The color of the sweater looks too gray so is not complimentary to the color of the pants.
    Love your blog and I enjoy everyday!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  69. Regina wrote:

    Agreed that the lace top looks too long over regular width pants. I’m shorter than you are, so I often find that tops are often too long for me! (I’m 5′ 4′). It’s lucky that you’re probably a couple inches taller? And you can carry off most tops just fine, regardless of the length. Which reminds me, you’re fortunate you can go sleeveless in the summertime. I am not so lucky – which sadly rules out so many top choices for me! Okay, enough whining! Thanks for sharing your days and fashion with us. You are my favorite fashion blogger ever.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  70. Patti Collins wrote:

    OMG…where to start? LOL
    Too funny. I love the cardi, cami, and jewelry.
    But oh my…those pants. LOL I know they are great pants, just not with this combo. Too loose and too textured.
    I think leggings would have been addorable with this.
    And also, as much as I love this purse, it may have a bit too much going on also with the fringe competing with the necklace and also the lace cami.
    So there you have it….totally just my opinion! hahaha
    Love all your outfits….but you asked for it so couldn’t resist! 🙂

    And I hit “end” to leave my comment before reading anyone else’s so I know it’s 100% my opinion.
    Can’t wait to ready everyone else’s now! hahaha

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  71. Dola Morgan wrote:

    I really love those slacks, but not with this sweater combo. The pants give off a very warm color vibe whereas the sweater has decidedly cool undertones. That makes the boots look a little off. My opinion, obviously. I would love to see this exact outfit with Navy slacks or dark wash jeans.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  72. Nancy wrote:

    I loved everything about this outfit! The color blended perfectly, especially the gorgeous brown tone of the pants. You always look so put together and on trend. You’re an inspiration to help me continue to revamp and update my wardrobe.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  73. Well, you asked for comments. The color of that sweater doesn’t do anything for you. The pants do seem to be the wrong weight and style for the look. I would rethink your hair color. Your hair style is very good and flattering on you. Your hair looks stripy and looks more like a calico cat’s fur. I don’t want to be a mean girl, but I think your hairdresser can do better with your color. Maybe it’s time to stop doing 3 colors. You have good self esteem so I think you can handle the comments! 🙂

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
    • Pat wrote:

      Sharon ~ Tania asked what we thought needed tweaking on her outfit, only. That hair comment was unsolicited, unnecessary and unkind.

      Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  74. Jennifer V wrote:

    Tania, you are so lovely – inside and out!!! I’m no fashion expert, so if you had not said there was something wrong with your outfit, I would have not thought a thing of it. Is it that your shoes should be the same color as your pants? They do seem to match your sweater exactly, so I don’t know. I can’t wait to find out what the answer is!!!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  75. Mary K Havelka wrote:

    OK, since you asked: I agree the pants are too heavy and the necklace seems to bulky with the leather strap.. Love the lace tank and
    waterfall cardigan. My suggestion would be to go with a monochromatic look from top to bottom (pants a dressier
    fabric & lighter hue). So thoughtful of you to let us be style critics. The pic of your dad is priceless!!

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  76. Nancy wrote:

    Since you did ask, I agree the pants are too heavy/bulky with the long lace top. . Not real fond of the necklace (pearls?) with this outfit. I’d have gone with a metal – gold or silver, or even leather, with this. Enjoy your blog very much.

    Posted 11.17.16 Reply
  77. Renee' wrote:

    Love the outfit! All the neutrals work so well together, love the different textures and especially the boots.

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  78. Cynthia wrote:

    I know the struggle Tania. I’m not a fashionista, but I would have worn leggings with the top and sweater and a bulky sweater with the pants. The pants and boots are great together and the top and sweater work well together, but not ALL together. LOL! But sometimes you just go with the flow and carry it off. LOL! Have a great day!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  79. Michelle wrote:

    I am new to your blog/ Pinterest. I don’t know your story very well yet. I was wondering however,did you lose some weight and if so, how much?? (If I may be so forward )

    Posted 11.20.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Michelle, I have not lost any weight. I would love to, but it seems here lately like I am eating everything in site. Lol!

      Posted 11.21.16 Reply
  80. Lynne wrote:

    I love the outfit! The only thing I might change is leave off the bracelet since you already have on the chunky necklace. And I really enjoyed seeing the pic of your Daddy looking at your blog. He must be proud of his girl and that is so sweet.

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply
  81. dina barrett wrote:

    I feel like you just have too much going on with this outfit….if you just took off some pieces. The bracelets could go, and a hand bag that more modest. Just scale it back a bit.
    Where can I find what you really thought about this outfit?
    So sweet that your Dad reads your blog every day….He must be proud!!

    Posted 1.13.17 Reply
  82. Cindy P from Philly PA wrote:

    I love your style (all over pinterest) and I’m starting to read your blog now. Thank you for this!

    Posted 9.20.17 Reply
  83. Both pants and boots are too heavy for test of outfit.

    Posted 11.11.17 Reply
  84. Lucy wrote:

    Beatiful lace top, pants are too heavy, too long, too thick to go with the length and daintyness of the top.

    Posted 3.29.18 Reply
  85. Sue G wrote:

    Change the top but I like everything else! Maybe a tangerine color top would pull more tan out of the sweater – it and the purse seem a little more putty grey color and the pants have a greener hue.

    Posted 4.12.18 Reply
  86. Kathy McClintock wrote:

    Tania, I just love all your outfits, and I think you wear them all well. I enjoy all of them. ? Kathy

    Posted 7.22.18 Reply
  87. LC wrote:

    Ummm, your fern needs a little water?

    Posted 9.3.18 Reply
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