50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTOh my goodness!!! We have a whole bunch of fashionistas that follow this blog. Lol! You gurl’s were so good as your assessment of my outfit yesterday. I actually LOVED all the comments about what you would have done differently. I feel like the proud mama bird watching her baby birdies fly. Haha! This is exactly what you need to be doing with your own outfits before you leave the house daily.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTI had a couple of people message me to see if all the comments were hurting my feelings and my BFF Sandy called and said, “What are you thinking?” “Why did you invite all the criticism?” Here is how I looked at the post, I knew what I didn’t like and I wanted to “test” you gurl’s. If I had thought the outfit looked great and I got that kind of reaction then I might have been upset. Lol! Instead, I was tickled to see your reactions. Yes, the pants were not the right choice. And, I personally did not like the purse with the outfit. I thought all the colors just didn’t jive. What I did like was that the boots matched the cardigan almost exactly. I would have worn skinny blue jeans with this and put a cuff above the booties. I may even do that and post a picture for you to see the difference. Some mentioned the jewelry, but I like the leather and the lace, I would leave it as is. Yep, I definitely see a remake coming soon. Lol! I may make this a new segment on the blog, kind of like the game that used to be on Sesame Street. One of these things doesn’t belong, or maybe a couple of things doesn’t belong. Haha! Anyway, I give you all an “A!”
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTDid you know that you could still be colorful in the Fall? I tend to think of Fall fashion as only camel, navy, gray, burgundy, etc. Who knew that you could wear magenta and baby blue in the Fall? This was one of those outfits that just comes together by accident. Let’s start with the magenta tunic top. This is a LOGO top that I bought at the outlet store early this Spring when they were having a sale to get rid of the stock that was left over from the Winter. All the clothing at the overstock outlet is 12.00, but because it was on sale, I paid 6.00 for this top.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTI don’t think I have worn these earrings before. I actually bought the entire set, necklace, earrings, and bracelet, but I just haven’t found the right outfit to wear them with. The earrings are super cute with the light blue pearls dangles.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTHere is the matching bracelet. I have been carrying this purse a lot here lately. I don’t normally like a black purse, but I go through phases where I that will be all I will carry. Black goes with anything so I don’t have to change purses if I don’t want to. Since the scarf had streaks of black running through it, I thought black accessories would look good. This is a GILI purse from the outlet store.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTThis is another bracelet that I have never worn. It is entwined threads on a gold cuff. The threads are pinks, blues, and a few other colors thrown in. I thought it looked like a Summer bracelet and never thought I would get to wear it this Fall. I am offering 10% off any order over 50.00 (excluding the taxes and shipping) I will send you a check.To place an order for the 10% off with Plunder, go to IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTI recently bought this baby blue duster at a LuLaRoe party that my friend Tiffany had. This is super soft and cozy. I love a duster, but I didn’t get the best pictures. It looked better in real life just walking around.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTDon’t you just love the colors in this scarf? I am going to truth out. This Logo top is that kind of material that tends to cling right to your body and I was not happy that it was “clinging” to my stomach. I decided to hide that fact, so instead of wearing a necklace, I chose this scarf instead. By wearing it long it covers all the bumps that might have made me self-conscious. I bought this scarf at the first of the year at Cato’s.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTI did not want to wear these boots, they are not the pair I had in mind. I wanted to wear my Marc Fisher booties (here) but I couldn’t find them. Am I the only one who misplaces shoes, purses, and jewelry? I looked everywhere and finally gave up and put these on. This is a pair I bought at the first of the year when Belk’s was having a huge clearance. These are by Bandolino, and they are alright, but they are not my favorite.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTI know that you don’t even want to know about these distressed jeans, but I am going to tell you about them anyway. Haha! I bought these last year at Cato’s and I have worn them over and over. These jeans are my most pinned picture on Pinterest.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE YOU DAY BRIGHTI know the boots are too heavy for this outfit, so don’t hassle me about them. Haha Instead concentrate on the elements you DO like and make your own outfit. That is what this blog is all about, not copying my exact look but about taking ideas and making them your own.

I know everyone is not interested in Rodan and Fields, so that is why I post about it at the end of my blog, you can simply choose to skip over anything you don’t want to know about. But, for those of you who are interested in their skincare products, I am giving you a link that you can use to help determine which product would be right for you. Go to

I am offering 10% off any order over 50.00 (excluding the taxes and shipping) I will send you a check. To place and order or look at some of the products, go to

The reason I post about R & F is because I love the products, and I love the results. You have heard me say over and over again that I love a jacket or cardigan because they help hide any lumps and bumps I have. However, my face is the one thing that I cannot hide. It is out there for EVERYONE to see EVERY DAY, and I want to look the best I can.

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  1. Caroline wrote:

    That’s more like it! Haha! ? What gorgeous colours in that scarf, I must try picking out some shades from one of mine.

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  2. Nancy wrote:

    The colors of the scarf are very complementing the shade of your Skin. And that color lipstick looks good on you! Hope to see you today on Fancy Friday linkup!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  3. Debi Enders wrote:

    Thanks again for this blog! I really enjoy your sense of style–and your Sunday posts are pure sunshine! Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I love my Sunday posts the best. Thanks so much for following.

      Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  4. FunkyForty wrote:

    Loving this pale blue duster over the pink Tania – super cool choice!

    Love wearing pink anyway as it gets colder:

    Have a Fabulous Friday!

    xx Yvonne

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  5. ConnieR. wrote:

    Oh I wish I could find a duster in that color. I have lots of winter colors but no pretty colors like yours. Blues are always so striking on you. You are one tough cookie to take all the hype from your styling yesterday! I t was very interesting to read all the comments. Makes me proud to be your little birdie. I face a lot daily as do a lot of your followers but I want you to know your are my bright spot each morning. Never in a million years would I think me at 60 would be reading fashion blogs. I love it!! Connie

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  6. Love the outfit. Did you cut your hair, looks nice.

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  7. Stacia wrote:

    I like the duster! The color is great!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  8. Janet wrote:

    LOVE your use of colour! I just wore magenta yesterday with denim blue. I never thought of paiiring it with baby blue but it works! I am one of the fans/pinners of you in distressed jeans. You look great in them and very hip when wearing them. Very inspiring!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  9. Mary wrote:

    Adorable as always!!! ?

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  10. robjodiefilogomo wrote:

    What a great and unexpected color combo Tania!!
    I think these boots look fabulous—I think most women have a pair like them in their closet and so can relate to this!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  11. Kathy Allen wrote:

    These colours are beautiful together, and they make your face radiant, I really enjoy looking at what you put together.

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  12. Michelle wrote:

    Home run! Never would I have put magenta and baby blue together but it looks great. This is why I need your blog! You really do inspire and educate me 🙂

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
    • Jennifer V wrote:

      My thoughts exactly, Michelle! The magenta and baby blue look great together and I too am inspired and educated by Tania’s blog!!!

      Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  13. Judy Ogle wrote:

    I live in SD, it’s nice to see colors brought into the fall/winter season. Love the bright colors, you do an awesome job!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  14. Susan wrote:

    As usual you look fantastic! I love the duster and all the colors are wonderful. The boots look great too! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  15. Michelle wrote:

    Love the outfit – the bright colors are wonderful. I’ll be holding back some bright colors for winter when I transition my closet. I agree the boots are a bit heavy for the outfit. Love the idea of the scarf to conceal the areas we don’t want to draw attention. Great job today!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  16. Love this look and would never have paired those colors, but they look amazing together. The duster is great and the scarf blends it all. I am stuck wearing ugly black tennis shoes with everything because of bad feet and arthritis. Do you select your outfit the night before and pre-plan your accessories, or decide as you Dress?

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  17. Loryl wrote:

    These colors are just what you need on a gray fall day! Love the look.

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  18. Jacqui Ross wrote:

    Tania, I find you so down to earth and refreshing. I love following your blog and appreciate that you encourage all us “gurls” to be our best……..everyday. Now for the serious stuff. I have looked at the R & F site, took their test to determine what products I need, but I still have some questions. Is there any way for you to contact me at my email address so that I can ask you your opinion. I don’t mind paying money for something that I will see results for. Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you.

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  19. Kathe wrote:

    I’d love to see the different version of yesterday’s outfit! Today’s choice is super cute!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  20. Brandye wrote:

    Color is a love language for me, so I think this is fabulous!

    Have a blessed weekend! XOXO

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  21. Sue wrote:

    I would love it if you would post the nail color you are wearing. Your nails are always so pretty!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  22. Cynthia wrote:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  23. Chris wrote:

    Love this combo! I will try it myself. You rock!

    Posted 11.20.16 Reply
  24. Lori wrote:

    I love the colors of this outfit. You look good in these colors.

    Posted 11.21.16 Reply
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