Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a floral tunic, dark wash flare jeans, and white ankle boots

My granddaughter comes to visit a lot on the weekends, and she loves to ask “Alexa” to play certain songs. One of her favorites is, “should I stay or should I go.” That song became a favorite because when it comes time to go to bed, this is what she is constantly saying. She wants to spend the night but doesn’t want to go to bed. Then she starts the drama and tears since she can’t make up her mind. That is how I sometimes feel about deciding whether to tuck my shirt in or leave it out.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a navy floral tunic, dark wash flare jeans, and white ankle boots

I remember the first time that I saw someone wearing their shirt untucked, and I was shocked. It looked sloppy and unkempt, especially since the style had always been to tuck in your shirt. Now, an untucked shirt is a norm, but the “tucked” look is trying to make a comeback.

How do you know when to tuck?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion. It is pretty much an anything goes arena now unless you work in a corporate setting with its own rules. Many corporate workplaces might require you to look polished and professional, and a tucked shirt is usually the better option. However, that is not always the case, so you should check to make sure first.

Types of tucks:

Full Tuck

There are three basic types of tucks. The full tuck, as I mentioned earlier, looks more polished and professional. But, for ladies like me who have a flabby tummy, it is not my friend. You want to make sure that the shirt’s material isn’t too bulky; we don’t need any more bulk in that area.

Half Tuck

This is also known as a front tuck, and it is exactly like it sounds. You only tuck the front half of your shirt into your jeans/pants, and the back half of your shirt remains out. This is my favorite way to tuck since it can elongate the look of your legs, but it still can let my flabby belly show. So, you have to decide which you want the most; long legs or no belly showing.

Side Tuck

You hardly ever see me wear a side tuck. It always looks to me like half of your shirt has come untucked or that you missed part of it when you were tucking it in your pants. Lol!

Which tuck with which jeans

The style of your jeans/pants can also play a role in deciding whether you should tuck your shirt. It also depends on the length of the shirt when it comes to making the decision. For the most part, skinny jeans look great with a tucked-in shirt. The tucked shirt helps to balance the skinnier bottom, but I still like an untucked option too. I say, wear the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Most people will tell you to tuck in your shirt with girlfriend or boyfriend jeans. I understand the concept that tucking your shirt in with the fuller bottom helps to create balance. However, with girlfriend and boyfriend jeans, I have extra “bunching” in the belly area because of the looser material, and I am not sure that is a flattering look. (You’ll see what I mean later in this post)

The flared jeans and bootcut jeans look great either way. The more flare to the jeans, the more you might want to consider a front or full tuck. It is all about balance, but if it makes you uncomfortable, go with what you like.

Like any new style or fashion that we try, it might take some getting used to before you feel comfortable. So, try tucking a couple of times before you make your decision. That is how I am feeling about boyfriend jeans…all of the extra material makes me feel sloppy and that my pants look baggy. I bet it won’t be long before wearing something tight will make me feel confined and constricted. Lol! Basically, do what makes YOU happy and feel good.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a floral tunic

This floral cotton pullover blouse has the prettiest color combination. It reminds me of cotton candy, and who doesn’t like cotton candy? I swear that florals aren’t something that I normally gravitate toward, but I love them this year for some reason. Maybe I want it to be spring so badly, and flowers remind me that it is coming.

I like the different floral pattern where the buttons are and around the neckline. I kind of like the length of this blouse, and I think it looks fine untucked. I am wearing a size large in the top, and I think that it fits me great.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing an orchid jean jacket with a floral tunic, dark wash flare jeans, and white ankle boots

I bet that you didn’t see this coming. The jacket sure does add a HUGE pop of color to this outfit.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing an orchid jean jacket with a floral tunic

Okay, I tucked the shirt in since I wanted to show you this orchid classic jean jacket. Because the jacket is slightly shorter than the blouse, I didn’t think it looked good left untucked. This color is one that I’ve been buying a lot this year. I’ve always loved this color, and I seem to be finding it at several different stores.

I am wearing a medium in this jacket, and it fits me fine. I was afraid that it would be too tight, but it actually fits me really well. This is a lighter weight than the classic denim jacket, and it is great for spring. The jacket also comes in white, and a pretty yellow, and both of those would look equally as cute this spring.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a floral tunic, dark wash skinny flare jeans, and white ankle boots

Dark rinse jeans look so nice and polished. They are more dressy than medium or light wash jeans, and a dark rinse is what you should choose if you are wearing jeans for a dressy/casual occasion. I love the skinny flare cut of these jeans, and they fit nicely. They have a sewn-in panel in the tummy region to smooth the midsection, which is a bonus.

I am wearing my usual size 10 in these jeans, so I would say they run true to size. The length is a tad bit long at 33″, so take that into consideration. I prefer my jeans on the longer side to wear heels, and just in case they shrink in the wash.

This is actually one of my favorite jeans. I love the way they feel and the polished look of the jeans. The flare is a perfect size and is flattering to most body types.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing an orchid jean jacket with a navy floral tunic, dark wash flare jeans, and white ankle boots

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  1. Molly M Staggs wrote:

    I understand what you’re saying about the full tuck. I have never felt it was a good look on me (waaayyy before the half tuck was a thing) due to my short waist. I have to say though, the full tuck in this outfit makes your legs look a MILE LONG!

    Posted 3.12.21Reply
  2. Jennifer wrote:

    This jacket really makes the outfit pop! Just beautiful 💕

    Posted 3.6.21Reply
  3. Cara MacNinch wrote:

    I absolutely love the outfit with the tucked in shirt and jacket. You look stunning!

    Posted 3.5.21Reply
  4. Rosella Coleman wrote:

    I really like the front tuck but it never seems to work for me. May need to keep trying. You always look pulled together no matter what you wear.

    Posted 3.4.21Reply
  5. Sue wrote:

    I am a big fan of the untuck look. I do like your suggestion about trying to different looks with different bottoms.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  6. Sandy wrote:

    I am very short waisted so no tucking for me even when I would love too. I love the floral top!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  7. Pat wrote:

    Love the dark jeans with the floral top!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  8. Phyllis Robertson wrote:

    I think the shirt looks better tucked in with a jacket but untucked on its own.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  9. Kim wrote:

    I love the front tuck look!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  10. Lori Liechty wrote:

    I love the pink jacket with the dark jeans!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  11. Penny Jo wrote:

    I always have the dilemma of should I or shouldn’t I tuck my shirt. I usually go with the half tuck…too much tummy in my opinion to go with full tuck. I really love the bright jacket. Cute cute cute.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  12. Linda S wrote:

    Love the outfit – I’m definitely ready for spring too ! Tell Joe Happy birthday from us and thanks for sharing his gifts !

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  13. Sharolyn wrote:

    I still prefer my tops untucked. You look great either way. Me, not so much.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  14. Bernie wrote:

    I love the whole outfit, even the white booties. Maybe because I’m shortwaisted, I like the look of the blouse untucked with jacket.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  15. Kim wrote:

    I like the look of the half tuck but every time I try it on me I don’t like it. Mostly because of my middle age belly flab.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  16. Josie wrote:

    Hi! Thank you for the helpful article. I am personally an “untuck” gal. I love your blogs. Great day.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  17. Deb wrote:

    I think the full tuck is the neatest look bit I do like the half tuck…

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  18. Pelk wrote:

    This is good info! Another question I have is if the bell sleeves popular in recent years is “OUT” or “still ok”

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Bell sleeves, especially the really wide ones like from the 60s, are trending right now. You are in luck!

      Posted 3.3.21Reply
  19. Nancy M. wrote:

    It’s funny how our eyes get used to seeing things a certain way, like the current untuck fashion. When you see tucked in now, it doesn’t look right because we’re not used to it. I love your look with the untucked shirt!
    And that orchid jacket is such a beautiful color!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  20. Isabel wrote:

    Pretty top, I like it untuck.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  21. Gina Ryals wrote:

    The bright colors look great on you. I’m not much of a shirt tuck kind of gal because of my muffin top so if I do it, I actually find a side half tuck works pretty well. Happy hump day!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  22. Diane S. wrote:

    Love the pink jacket! And those jeans look good on you,…do you think they would work for an Apple shape? That is what I am,…lastly, YAY FOR JOE’S BIRTHDAY!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  23. Joy M. wrote:

    This outfit looks so good on you. I think the top looks better on you than the model on the website. Love it with the dark wash jeans and with the jacket. Makes you look so tall and slender. Hope you are having a good hump day!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  24. Paula Norvell wrote:

    I love the combination of the floral and the gorgeous pink. My first time commenting, but I’ve been reading your blog and enjoying the fashion ever since I discovered it.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  25. Sherry wrote:

    The blouse is pretty! I like the jacket too, but I would probably wear it with a white jacket. You are definitely braver with color than I am. 🙂

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  26. Judy wrote:

    I love the jacket, it looks so feminine in that color!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  27. Doris wrote:

    Love the jeans, might just have to add them to my cart! They would work for office attire for me. Thanks for the “to tuck or not to tuck” suggestions today.
    Have a great day!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  28. sue koren wrote:

    Such a pretty blouse!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  29. Mary wrote:

    I love the jacket, but unfortunately not available in my size.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  30. Melanie wrote:

    To tuck or not to tuck…that is the quandary! Thanks for the ideas!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  31. Paige wrote:

    I like the top and the jacket. I don’t know whether I’d tuck it or not. I’m with you, the 1/2 tuck sometimes makes my stomach too visible, but untucked ends up making my legs look even shorter than they are…dilemmas!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  32. Kelly Novak Montano wrote:

    I don’t tuck anymore…at all. I love the looks, it’s me not the clothing…..hehehehe.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  33. Robin Staley wrote:

    I like the half tuck or french tuck. You look great in whatever you wear. I tend to wear solids and either black or navy!!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  34. Chris wrote:

    I liked the version tucked with the jacket best. You could wear that almost anywhere!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  35. Penny wrote:

    Your jacket and top go together so well! Nice outfit for this time of Winter-into-Spring.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  36. Janet H wrote:

    Cute top. Unfortunately not available in my size. With the jacket it is perfect for spring.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  37. Cindy P wrote:

    I love this printed blouse and like the henley neckline with that print. One thing about a print like this is if it’s a cotton and tends to wrinkle you don’t notice it near as much as if it were a solid.

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
  38. Beth wrote:

    I’m on the no tuck team – I’m very short waisted & tucking shirts in just accentuates it. You look great either way & I love that shade of pink on you!

    Posted 3.3.21Reply
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