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It is time for day two of the Talbots try-on haul. I had several people message that they loved seeing how the clothes looked on a real person instead of on a model. If you liked yesterday’s looks, then you are going to love today’s. I might have saved the best for last, although I was mesmerized by that cranberry-colored trench coat. Oh my, I thought that coat was gorgeous! I might be a tad partial to red, but I even loved the style and the fit of the coat. There are a couple of items later in this post that is red, and there is also a pair of sneakers. So, hop on in, and let’s get started.
A tan sweater with red writing from TalbotsThis sweater makes me happy. I get to combine my newest obsession of wearing tan and my old obsession with wearing red. I love how the red letters pop off of the sweater; they catch your eye. I wasn’t sure when I bought the top what the words meant. Joie de vivre is French, and it translates to “zest for life” in English. I knew that it was French, and I figured that it wouldn’t be on a sweater if it wasn’t a cute saying. Lol!
Joie De Vivre message on a tan sweater from TalbotsThis is a lightweight sweater, and it will be perfect for the chilly days of spring. I love the way that the sweater fits; it is snug, but it is not tight. This sweater hits slightly below the hips for a flattering look and features ribbing along the cuffs and hemline. The sweater does have a crew neckline, and even though I prefer a v-neck, I still love this sweater. It is machine washable and lay flat to dry. I am wearing a medium which fits practically perfect. If you have a zest for life, then here is the link to the sweater.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a bright red blazerI already styled this Pique knit blazer on Monday with a paisley dress (here), but I wanted to show it to you again since it was part of my large order. I love some of the details about this blazer such as the tortoiseshell looking buttons. The longer length of this jacket is also something that I loved. I am so sick of short jackets, and I think this look is flattering to most people.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a red blazer and a striped topThe jacket is lined with a pretty blue and white stripe print. I am wearing a size 10 in this blazer, and it fits me perfectly. The color that I am wearing is called Bright Apple, but this jacket also comes in Ivory, Black, and Rattan. I originally ordered the jacket to wear with the Joie De Vivre sweater, and you might see that outfit pop up on the blog soon. Here is the link to the jacket.
A navy sweater shell and red jeans are worn by 50 Is Not OldThe navy sweater shell that I am wearing is one that I picked up in the Talbots store and not a part of my large order. I am not sure that this (here) is the same shell, it might be a little longer, but it looks very similar to me. The bright red jeans feature a slim leg that hit at the ankle. I like the color and style of the jeans, but I feel like they are a tiny bit too big for me. I ordered my usual size 10, but I think an 8 might be a better fit.
The back of 50 Is Not Old wearing red jeans and a navy topThis is what the jeans look like from the rear. The jeans have a small amount of spandex in the material, so they have some give to them. I am still trying to get my size down on jeans and pants from Talbots, so it is going to be some trial and error for a while. I think that the length is perfect, and it would look great with flats as well as heels. Here is the link to the jeans, and they are on sale for under 25.00!!!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a navy top and a white pencil skirtY’all, how cute is this white denim skirt??? This pencil skirt is going to be great for all spring and summer, and it will be so versatile. You can wear this skirt with almost every top that I have shown you in both try-on sessions. It will look great with flats and heels, and I also think that it will look great with the shoes that I am showing later in this post.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a white skirt and a navy topThe skirt has a zip and button closure at the waist and a split in the front. This split makes it so much easier to walk without having to take tiny steps. Lol! The skirt hits me right below my knee for a modest look that isn’t frumpy. I am wearing a size 10, which seems to fit me pretty well. Also, the skirt is a thick material, so you can’t see through the material. But, here is a tip; always wear nude colored undergarments. The nude color blends with your skin tone, so it doesn’t shine even if the material is thinner. Of course, you might look like you are going commando, so be prepared for comments. LOL!!! Here is the link to the skirt.
Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a navy top and white crop pantsI have been on the lookout for a new pair of crop pants in white. I like this pair, but they are way too big for me. The size that I ordered is a 10, but the issue might have been that I ordered the curvy style, instead of ordering the regular pair.
White crop pants and a navy top worn by blogger 50 Is Not OldThe little button detail at the ankle was the reason that I loved the pants. I love it when my clothing has a unique feature that makes it different from all the rest. I may have to try and reorder this pair in a smaller size and cross my fingers that they fit. These are thick enough that nothing shows through. I hate it when white clothing shows your undergarments. Here is the link to the crops.
A denim tie front dress worn by a real person instead of a modelThis lightweight denim dress is super cute and flattering. I love the tie-front waist because it helps to create a waistline and draws your eye inward. Plus, it is already tied for you, so you don’t have to try and make the bow all pretty, they have done it for you. This dress zips up the back for easy on and off. This dress hits me right at the knee for a cute and modest look. This has a slight fit and flare style to it, and I think that is flattering. I am wearing a size 12, which is my usual size in dresses, and I think that it fits me perfectly. Here is the link to the dress.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a tie-front denim dress and Sperry sneakersYou don’t see me wearing sneakers often, but I love the style and look of these by Sperry. I love the all-white design and the fact that these are 100% linen.  I really like how the leather laces are knotted so that you don’t have to tie them; these shoes are made to slip on and off easily. I made the mistake of sizing up, and these are way too big for me. I am wearing a 9 1/2 instead of my usual size 9. Just think how cute these will be with shorts or crops this summer when you are off to the lake of just running around town. Here is the link to the shoes.


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  1. I love the try on sessions AND those red pants!

  2. Great try on. I would suggest that you wear a dark (navy, charcoal, or black) bra under the navy tank top (or any dark tops). It would eliminate the “headlight” phenomena! I understand this is a try-on and you may not keep the clothing, but a quick steam-out would also make the clothes look MUCH nicer.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I liked both of your Talbots try-on sessions. I saw a few of these items in the store but didn’t give them a second glance. Seeing them on you made me wish I’d tried them on, particularly the sweater.

    I haven’t been following your blog long, but I’m enjoying it. Thanks for your hard work and the classic but unique outfits you put together.

    1. Elizabeth, I have been guilty of doing the same thing. I do think seeing them on a real person helps a lot.

  4. Nancy Onorato says:

    Tania, just had to say that you’re the BEST. MODEL. EVER!

    1. Lol! I wouldn’t go that far, Nancy!

  5. Thanks. I find this helpful. Can I ask your height? Are you wearing petite or regular? I am 5’4′ and tend to wear regular tops, petite pants and often petite jackets.

    1. Jane, thanks for asking. I should remember to say that I am 5’6″ tall, and I weigh around 155+ at any given time.

  6. I love your try-on sessions – I learn so much! I have a completely different body type, but based on your explanations I can always tell what would work well for me. I am new to Talbots, so these are really helpful. Going for that dress for sure!

    1. yay! I am glad that the sessions are helpful.

  7. Thank you for trying on all those clothes. I love seeing how clothes look on a real lady!!! Could you go into more stores and try on clothes, seriously:) You are a great model! I live in a town with nothing so shopping only happens online:( Have a great Valentines:)

    1. I wish that I had stores around to go into. I am like you, I have no stores in my small town. The nearest shopping is 2 hours away and the nearest big mall is 4 hours away.

  8. I like the denim dress and the white skirt. I have only a couple Talbots items in my closet. I shop there carefully because I feel they aim at a slightly older audience. There is no question on the high quality of their items. What I do own, I like. I have truly enjoyed your try on sessions for Loft, Loft Outlet, & Nordstrom. Really so happy you are showing more of these stores. I totally agree that it helps to see clothes on a real person, particularly because we are the same size. You save me tons of time and frustration. Thank you.

    1. Kathy, I think that they are going away from the older look. I always steered away for that reason also. But, when you see the looks that I’ll be putting together, I think that you will change your mind about them.

  9. I LOVE that jean dress! Thanks for styling that. I might have to hit Talbots this weekend. 🙂

  10. Deborah Broughton says:

    You always make me smile and have fun for a few minutes! And you were right I liked today’s outfits the best! I love the dress, the longer jacket and the capris. I have never been a fan of Talbots but will check it out!

    1. Talbots has ALWAYS been a favorite of Joe’s, and now it is becoming one of my favorites too,

      1. What does Joe like to wear from Talbots?! ; )

  11. I really enjoy your try-on sessions so very much! Question: Do you wear your denim jackets with jeans of the same or similar color together? I feel to “matched-up” so I usually go with a jean color or pants fabric/color that is different from the jacket. just wondering…..

    1. Normally I don’t wear denim in the same color family together. But, I have worn dark jeans with a lighter jean jacket. It is too hard to “match” the denim, so if it is obvious that they aren’t matching, then I feel like it is fine.

  12. this was so much fun, thanks for trying on for us!

    1. Yay! I am glad that you liked it.

  13. I just found your blog while searching for ways to update my style.
    Glad I found you.

    1. Welcome, Vikki!!! You will find this a very welcoming group full of encouraging ladies.

    2. Rebecca Zak says:

      I have started wearing more jewelry & even bought leopard shoes! Thank you for restyling me!

  14. I enjoyed the try on session, too. I have always found that Talbots pants tend to run large. I’m the past, I have sized down on many pairs.

    1. Thanks, Wendy. I am learning that I can wear my normal size in the stretch material, but I need to size down if they are not stretchy.

  15. Lisa Kelleher says:

    Love the denim dress and trainer look. Very on point. Thanks for showing us your latest purchases 🙂 Lisa

    1. I love that dress, it is so flattering.

  16. I really like these try on sessions and also loved it when you summarised your outfits at the end of last month. Thanks Tania

    1. I am thrilled that you like the sessions. I enjoy doing them, and be sure to check out my Instastories for the videos with the outfits.

    2. Sandra Vise says:

      Love these sessions!!!