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A bright apple red blazer and a spring paisley dress worn by Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not OldI hate to sound like an “old dog” who doesn’t like learning new tricks, but you can start calling me Rover. Most of you have heard the term, “bigger is better,” but how about, “updated is better?” There is a reason that you might have not heard the last term, and that would be because updated is not always better. It is newer, but not necessarily better. Do you remember when Coke did some kind of an updated version and everyone lost their minds? Lol! Coke had to quickly can the updated version.
A bright red blazer and a blue paisley spring dress worn by Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not OldYesterday, I got a notice that I needed to update my software on my computer. It’s better they said! Well, that remains to be seen, but the short term has been disastrous for me. The way that I have been using to import and edit my photos has been a program called iPhotos. But, guess what? They discontinued that program, and I can’t access it to get my photos off of it. So, I am going to have to figure out another way to edit my photos. Today, I will be eyeballs deep in learning how to use LightRoom, which I have had for years, but refused to learn. For the present post, ignore how some of my photos look like I have recently been to the beach and gotten a tan. And, please overlook the photos that look like a vampire just sucked the last drop of blood from my veins. Let’s hope that I still have some hair on my head by the end of the day. Lol!
A bright apple red blazer and a paisley dress worn with a cross necklace by Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not OldI thought that I was finished showing you red outfits, but I must have been mistaken. Since my other photos have disappeared until I can figure out how to get them back, I had to take some new photos today. This is what I wore to church, so I decided to go ahead and show you the outfit, even if it did involve wearing more red. The other day I mentioned that I placed a huge order from Talbots, and this red blazer and dress were part of that shipment. I love the longer length blazer, yay for that, and I loved the pique knit material. The fit was exceptional, and I thought that it looked perfect. I ordered a size 10, and I was worried about the fit being too small for me. Even when I put the blazer over a sweater (you’ll see that look later) it still fit me fine, just a little tighter. Here is the link to this gorgeous bright apple red blazer.
A red blazer and a blue paisley dress perfect for spring worn by Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not OldIn case you were wondering, my cross necklace (which is turned over in this picture) is a vintage find that I bought years ago at a vintage fashion show. I loved how the necklace sat perfectly in the opening of the scoop neckline since it wouldn’t have shown up well against the pattern of the dress. I also added a pair of large pearls studs and a textured gold bangle that was also in my Talbots order.

My neutral-colored shoes are a pair that I have had for a while. I wanted people to look at the dress and the blazer, so I didn’t wear shoes that would call attention to my feet. I could have worn a pair of black, red, blue, or cream-colored shoes also, it is up to you to decide on the look that you want to create.

A bright apple red blazer and a paisley dress perfect for spring styled by Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old

You will love this paisley dress with the two-tiered ruffles. Winter is long, and I am already longing to start wearing spring style clothing. So, I have started ordering clothing that will work for now, and also for spring and summer. This dress is a perfect example of how that can work. This dress is sleeveless, so it will be great for summer, but for now and early spring I will add a blazer or a cardigan to keep me warm. The material is so nice in this dress. It is a heavyweight material of cotton, modal, and spandex that feels good against your skin. This is a pullover style, so there are no zippers to have to fool with, and the deep scoop neckline is flattering and easy to pull over your head.

I ordered a size large, and it fits good, just a tiny bit large under the arms. However, I wouldn’t want to order any smaller since then it would probably show any rolls on my back. Come on ladies, we all have them. Lol! Also, the tie belt that comes with the dress makes it easy to cinch up the dress and helps to show off your curves. Here is the link to the dress.Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old with her granddaughter in a valentines day dress My granddaughter went to church with me, and she agreed to take a photo with me. But, I only got one photo because she said it was too cold, and then she ran back inside. She tried to photobomb me as Joe has done in the past, but she must not have been quick enough.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a heart gray sweater

I don’t wear false eyelashes, my mascara is They’re Real by Benefit, and the reason that my lashes are so long is that I use Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields. I have a Valentine’s special that is still running until midnight on the 14th, so if you are interested in getting longer looking, fuller looking, and darker looking lashes at a $20.00 dollar discount, then read on.

Add Lash Boost to your Valentine list, and I’ll reimburse you $20.00 as long as the purchase is made as a Preferred Customer. You can be a new or existing customer; this is my little Valentine’s gift from me. Here is the link to Lash Boost, and your reimbursement can be by PayPal, Venmo, or by check. Step 1, go to the website and put Lash Boost in your cart. Step 2, go to your shopping cart to checkout. For Step 3, be sure to check the box that says JOIN PC PERKS. Step 4, fill out your billing and shipping info and continue the checkout process. You are done!!! I’ll be sending out all of the reimbursement money once the special is over.

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  1. Sue Epling says:

    I love your outfit!! I’ve always loved longer dresses with a jacket. Your granddaughter is absolutely precious-♡

  2. you look fabulous! I can’t stand doing updates for that very reason. Good luck to you! Don’t they know you are a fashion blogger and not an IT expert!

  3. Love this look. We use any excuse to have a singing and a dinner in the fellowship hall so long dresses like this are just wonderful for that. They are so comfortable. I confess I wear knee highs under long dresses. Don’t tell. Granddaughter is so cute! Budding little fashionista?

  4. Such a pretty dress on you! Loving the print and the blazer looks fantastic. Your granddaughter is so cute in her pretty dress as well!

  5. Sweet picture of you with your beautiful granddaughter! Love the color combination of dress and blazer.

    1. I love taking photos with her! Her dress ended up matching mine also.

  6. good luck with your software today!!

    1. Thanks, Mary. I am getting ready to start watching tutorials. UGH!

    1. I love wearing red but I didn’t mean to wear it again so soon. Lol!