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50 Is Not Old | A New Way To Put On MakeupWho wouldn’t like to have a new way to put on makeup? I know most of us ladies put on makeup with the intent to make sure we don’t scare anybody throughout the day. I have looked back on some old pictures, and I am not sure that I met that criteria. Lol! There were days when I might have had on a little too much eyeshadow, (think MiMi on the Drew Carey show) or worse yet, I might have looked like Casper. Nothing friendly about THAT look. 50 Is Not Old | A New Way To Put On MakeupAt the end of this post, I am going to share a woman’s worst nightmare. My daughter-in-law bravely let her husband put on her makeup for her. She didn’t tell him what any of the items were, or where he should use them, or how much he should use. I know you are already starting to conjure up a picture in your mind, and you are probably not too far off.50 Is Not Old | A New Way To Put On Makeup

I am giving you fair warning so that you do not spew coffee onto your computer. I am not responsible for any drinks that might hit the keyboard. Haha I will quickly give you some of the details of my outfit, so you can go view the video. I have on a Linea by Louis Dell’Olio top that is a crepe material. I really like the fit, I am wearing a small so remember they run big. The dark gray color might not be something you would think of when it comes to spring, but I really liked the top and it was on sale for $6.00, so I knew I could make it work. It will also work way up into the fall season. QVC didn’t have the top in the color I have on, but there are a couple different colors to choose from.

50 Is Not Old | A New Way To Put On MakeupMy pants are a pair I picked up when we were in Florida this past February, at Van Heusen. I have seen where several readers commented that they never knew Old Navy carried clothing that “we” could wear, that is how I felt about Van Heusen. I always thought they only had men’s clothing. That was a BIG mistake. I love their items. They are a little on the dressy side, think Ann Taylor, Talbots, and Express but I think the prices are really reasonable. Here is a similar pair from JC Penny in a misses & petite, and here is a similar plus pair.

50 Is Not Old | A New Way To Put On MakeupOnce again, the scarf is the scene stealer. If not for the scarf, this outfit would have never came together. I love scarves, because you can see how colors will “go” together that you might not have thought would. Let’s be honest, would any of you have put dark gray and coral together? I wouldn’t have, but when I saw the gray in the scarf then I immediately started looking for a pair of orange pants. Wouldn’t you just know I would have a pair? haha I bought this scarf a couple years ago at Old Navy, but here, here, and here are similar ones that I like.50 Is Not Old | A New Way To Put On Makeup

The studded flats are by Sole Society, and I am so proud of myself for wearing another pair of flats. Here is how I wore this shoes last. I like the studs, they are still popular this year. 50 Is Not Old | A New Way To Put On MakeupHere is a side view for you to see. The top is plenty long to hide your tush area. haha You can see how the pockets are made also. Here is a post where I wore a similar top, but the material is completely different.50 Is Not Old | A New Way To Put On MakeupI hope you enjoyed today’s look. I know you will enjoy the video below.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxN5Xjt0lfw[/embedyt]

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  1. Alison DOlivo says:

    You have great style. Very helpful for us over 55.
    Thank you!!!

  2. Marie Holst says:

    I’ve decided that your blog is dangerous to my wallet! LOL. I’m obsessed with your blog and enjoying it everyday. I admit that I’ve always been a “brand name” snob but you’re helping me step outside the box. I bought the ankle pants in Amanda Coral and black last weekend. I wore a pair yesterday and I’m in LOVE! Last night I ordered two more pairs in fun colors. I teach first grade and I definitely need comfortable, yet stylish/professional outfits. Thank you for giving me a fresh perspective!

    1. That sounds wonderful Marie! I am so glad are finding items you like:)

  3. I would love to see a tutorial on how you tied your scarf! Love it!

  4. Always enjoy your posts …. I enjoy your stories and your outfits give me ideas! I am not so much into “colours” but like the idea of using scarves as inspiration! Enjoyed the video!

  5. The dark gray and coral are great together! I wouldn’t have put them together but it’s awesome! Love the top. Have a great day and thanks for this post!

  6. I’m impressed that you’re son knows about cat eyes & tried to do them!!! Cute video! Love your outfit too!

  7. Marie Holst says:

    Do you have ANY idea how much I love your blog?!? I just discovered it this week! I’m 56 and love buying classic and trendy clothing. My daughter received her undergraduate degree in Apparel, Marketing, Design and Textile from Washington State University. She makes sure I always buy the right clothing and don’t look my age. 🙂 Your blog has opened my world and given me a fresh perspective. I’m purchasing your coral capris and gray combination this weekend. Thank you! Marie

    1. Thank you so much Marie!!! It sounds like your daughter is my kind of girl.?

  8. Oh my heavens!!!! I don’t think he will be working the make up counter at Macy’s or Sephora anytime soon. This is hilarious!

    Great outfit today, I love those colors together!!!

  9. I’m a fairly new reader, but enjoy your blog very much! My children loved seeing your son and his wife’s video of the Whisper game and they will enjoy seeing this one too. ?
    I have two questions: where did you get the handbag in your post? I love it! And 2nd, on the topic of makeup, do you have a recommendation of foundation for “mature” skin? As I just turned 53 I need something different these days. I feel my previous foundation is too heavy. You look so pretty and natural in your makeup. Thank you for your help!

    1. I bought the purse from a gentleman that set up at the craft show we had in November. I use CC Cream with 50+ SPF from It Cosmetics.

  10. I enjoy your posts so much. In addition to having great style, you have a wonderful sense of humor. I always leave with a smile and some much-needed fashion tips…and the “New Way to Apply Makeup” video is just hilarious! What a darling couple! Thanks for sharing!

  11. That video………literally, I just can’t. So funny! Someone said “Rocky Horror?” Your son and daughter-in-law are a hoot!

    Love, love, love grey and coral. I really like that top, but I’m afraid the pockets on it wouldn’t work for me. Hmmm…..okay, I’m obsessing a little over the shoes.

    I’m in purple today, mourning the Purple One. When this country girl went to off to college, Prince’s music was all over the clubs I was not old enough to be in but somehow got in anyway. Oops! One of my best college friends, Mary-Rita, made me hunt all over the place with her for a “raspberry beret.” LOL

    Have a blessed weekend.

  12. I never think of wearing scarves in spring/summer! So classy lookin’! ? Have you done a scarf-tying tutorial, or have a link to one? Thanks!

  13. Hilarious!!!!!!!! OMG what a great sport she is!!!! loved it. and your killing me with the QVC deals!!!!! I must get to those outlet stores!!

  14. Love the color combo- and yep, scarves are great go-to’s for creating new combinations for sure!
    As far as the video- I think your son actually did a pretty good job! OK- the whole eyeliner was a ‘little’ off, but heck, not bad at all for first time! The two of them look like they are a fun couple who truly enjoy each other- and that’s great.

  15. Outfit is perfect!! Love it!! The video…..HILARIOUS!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Kathy Terry says:

    Your son and his wife are adorable, and so sweet together!

  17. Mandy Baker says:

    Love the outfit!!!

  18. I can not stop laughing. My advice: don’t leave the house. And give your husband a hug for trying.

  19. Melesa garrison says:

    Tania, you look adorable as always. This outfit looks like it was made for you. Your son cracks me up! This cute couple had a lot of fun and both were such good sports. I really think he did pretty well…I wouldn’t go out in public and her makeup was funny, but he had things where they should go. The concealer as an overall foundation was pretty funny and the eye shadow was pretty dramatic! Good times 🙂 God Bless

  20. Cathy Shortt says:

    Love those shoes!!!

  21. This outfit looks soo comfy~! I love it, as gray is one of my favorite colors. Your son and daughter in law are a hoot to watch. I sat and watched some of their Youtube videos yesterday. So funny~!!

  22. Love your blog today! Nice to start Friday with a laugh. Always read your latest first thing.

  23. I always forget about the Van Husen store. They have great pieces there and good prices. I once got a $78 bag for $11. I used it to death. Finally had to retire it.

  24. Ruth Robbins says:

    Rocky Horror picture show comes to mind..LOLOLOL Bless his heart, he tried !

    1. And he was really proud of himself, too. Lol!

  25. Hahahaha!! Hubby doing make up. What a hoot. They’re both great sports! p.s. Your outfit is darlin’ too. You look great in scarves. I always think I have too short a neck for scarves. Something always seems off.

    1. If you think your neck is short, then maybe you could try to have the scarf hang or tie really low down.

  26. I love grey and coral together. It’s one of my favorite color combinations. However, I only started wearing the two colors together after I bought a top that was coral with dark grey stripes. I doubt that I would have ever thought of it on my own.
    You look absolutely stunning in this outfit! I love everything about it, from the color combo, to the cut of the pants, and the drape of the top. The scarf is gorgeous, and pulls the outfit together perfectly. The shoes are so pretty, and on point. You look positively radiant!

    1. Thanks Julie. I laughed when I saw the part about the shoes being “on point”, good one. Haha

      1. Lol! They truly are darling! 🙂
        I just now watched the video. Your son and daughter -in-law are adorable! They are SO funny! What a great way to start my day!