Not All Who Wander Are Lost

DSC_0095I want to thank all of you who said a quick prayer for my daughter. Everything went well, and we will once again have a day of traveling. It is approximately 5 hours from my mother’s house, back to Virginia. So, I packed my traveling clothes. Comfy, comfy, comfy!
DSC_0094_2The weather is still unseasonably warm, so I only have on a t-shirt. This will probably be the last day that I will be able to get by with this. I saw in the forecast that the cooler weather will soon be arriving. It is hard to get in the Christmas spirit with it being so warm. I assume those of you who live in warmer climates get used to that. But, to me, it is just weird.
DSC_0091_2I knew I wouldn’t have time to take pictures at mom’s and still get to Knoxville by 9:30, so I took a picture of what I was going to wear before I left. I get a little confused with the whole Central time and Eastern time zones. Knoxville and I are on Eastern time, but my mother is on Central time. It was like an Abbot and Costello play with me telling her what time I need to be up. There was a whole lot of, “my time or your time”, thrown around. I finally said, “I need to leave by 6:30 your time and 7:30 my time”. Lol!DSC_0090I wish the picture did this shirt justice. It is extremely cute! It has rhinestone embellishments that just sparkle. My friend bought this at Maurice’s for me. She said it just reminded  her of something I would like. She knows me too well. I’ve worn these jeans several times, after all ladies, I only have so many pair of pants. I have to wear them over and over, and just try to make them look different with the shirts. The shoes where another gift, (my sister re-gifted them)and they are Chanel. I am not linking to them because they are crazy expensive, and no one needs to be buying them. HahaDSC_0088My jewelry is just some bangles, nothing special, and a watch that one of my friends gave me several years ago. Wow, I have the best friends! I don’t know about you, but I hate it when someone says I bought you this because it looks just like you. Then, you look at whatever it is and think, there is no way on earth I would EVER wear that. Is that what you think I look like? Hahaha  It is kind of like being a parent and your child saying, “My momma said”, and you just hold your breath.

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  1. So glad to hear your daughters lasik went well and she is thrilled!
    Love, love, love your shirt- the phrase always makes me think of my fav’s the Junk Gypsies (love those girls style too!).
    I love how you are showing how you wear the same items differently (your pants)- it makes your blog real and most of us do the same thing. 🙂

  2. Nancy Butler says:

    I love the t-shirt on you. Those necklines are not the greatest for me which might be of my age.

  3. So happy your daughter’s surgery went well! I had cataract surgery three years when I turned sixty-five. It’s nice to be able to see clearly. The tee-shirt is adorable. You have the best friends!

  4. Hey Tania!
    I’m contemplating correcting my vision too, have a consultation this month…very scary!! I’m hoping your daughter’s surgery went well. Would you ask her if she highly recommends it please?
    Oh yea, lol, your outfit of course is very cute perfect for traveling 🙂

    1. Tania, I asked my daughter if she would do it again, and she said absolutely. She can already see so much better.

      1. Awesome!! Thanks for asking! I’m surely looking forward to my consultation now 🙂

  5. Melanie W. says:

    Very cute!!! I would say that 80% of my wardrobe comes from Maurices. 🙂 Always such cute, affordable things there! Glad your daughter’s eye surgery went well. Safe travels back!

    1. Thanks everyone for thinking of my daughter. She is at the doctors office now, getting her eye exam. Then maybe we can get in a little Christmas shopping:)

  6. Patsy Holland says:

    Perfect comfy traveling outfit! You look great. Praise God for your daughter’s successful surgery.

  7. VERy cute shirt on you! And you are right. This weather is just weird this month. Mother Nature is totally confused or drunk!

  8. P.S. I live in AZ and I have been loving our cold front this week (in the 50’s)…..that is crazy chilly for AZ, but sure does feel more like Christmas! I agree, warmth and Christmas don’t go together!

  9. I love that all your outfits have character. So inspiring to me to up my game, lol. I adore that t-shirt. I’ve never heard of Maurice’s, excited to check out another “new” website. Glad all went well with the surgery.

  10. Glad your daughter’s eye surgery went well. I had cataracts removed in 2012. Amazing, the things I could see afterwards!
    This is a cute outfit,comfortable,easy. Love the little tee shirt!
    Wandering,meandering,ambling along is good.
    Ramble on.